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117 Reviews on “Halley Medical Aesthetics”

  • Amelia D
    2 years ago

    Unfortunately, I wasted my money here. I had done the same treatment at a couple of other clinics prior to coming to Singapore and always felt more confident about how the treatment was being carried out and saw MUCH better, more visible end results.

    The doctor here tried to up-sell me by telling me about additional problems he noticed that needed treating which felt unprofessional and in the end I left feeling worse about myself overall rather than better. Not what you come to an aesthetic clinic for!

    Feels like there is some great sales and marketing going on here. Just be aware that many of the positive reviewers haven’t left many other reviews!

  • wsl 2804
    2 years ago

    Nice doctor and staff

  • Lenny Sudiana
    2 years ago

    Dr & Staff is helpful and friendly. Definitely my first choice.

  • Jocelyn Tay
    2 years ago

    Very nice and friendly staff. I am very impressed with the service provided by Mandy on my second treatment. She is very attentive and will show extra care and concern during treatment to make sure that I don’t feel any discomfort. She is very friendly and I enjoyed the session each time with her as my therapist. She does not hard sell the treatment or products but when asked, she will give suggestions or alternate treatments. She makes me feel very comfortable and has always shown a very warm and smiley face on every time I see her.

  • ボーダーコリー
    2 years ago

    It was first time for the treatment and stuff are very friendly. It was very comfortable treatment.

  • Wensi Chen
    2 years ago

    Did fractional CO2 laser for the first time about a month ago and suffered from a bad rash (had to be on both oral and topical steroid and the rash lasted for more than a week) on most of my face where the laser was done. Doctor was very defensive when I went back to see him and thinks that it is very unlikely to be because of his treatment, more likely to be because of my lifestyle/products I use/some underlying health conditions I don’t know. Consulted another doctor who gave a different opinion though but well, different doctors can have different clinical judgement am I right?

    Wanted to schedule another appointment 2-3 weeks after the onset of the rash because my skin integrity looks and feels worse than before the laser but the doctor wanted to charge me for consultation. There is nothing wrong I guess, since it’s his clinic and his rules. Also, I want to highlight that a few months ago, someone else left a review saying that most of the good reviews left on this page has only 1 review. Wish I saw that earlier.

    TLDR – if you decide to proceed with this clinic, pray that it goes well.

  • S S
    2 years ago

    Not the usual asthetics doctors around. Having visited several clinics for treatments around and more often than not, doctors would ask which treatment i wanted and did what was requested. Dr. Terence is different, in a good way though, after accessing my features he suggested what i needed and being very upfront about it, options were given, price was transparent. Most importantly, im impressed by his keen eye for asthetics – diagnosis and suggestions which no doctor has given me before, and of cos, results were excellent. i got lucky!

  • Ong Jia Ying
    2 years ago

    I have tried pico laser for my pigmentations at Halley Medical aesthetics. There is no downtime for the treatment. My skin become brighter and my pigmentations become lighter. Thank you for the staff and Dr. really appreciate it!

  • Meng Cassie
    2 years ago

    Dr Terence and his staffs are very professional and friendly. Have been visiting the clinic regularly for last few years. Excellent service!

  • Melissa Cheng
    2 years ago

    Doctor and assistants are very patient and allowed me to understand what to expect. Procedure was comfortable.

  • _L Y_
    2 years ago

    Staff been quite helpful. I will recommend these place to those who would like to try go for face treatment and facial.

  • Renu Mohan
    2 years ago

    Halley medical aesthetics have done a really good job with my lip fillers! I am quite happy!

  • Emily Qian
    2 years ago

    Dr Tan and his team have always been very professional and each treatment always achieves great results. A very satisfied and happy customer!

  • Emily
    2 years ago

    First time customer here, talked to them over the phone and they were very polite and nice. Met dr mark Lim and he made me feel very comfortable with the procedures. The receptionist, Doris also had a warm personality and was very nice as well. Prices are also very transparent. Will definitely return again, thank you Halley aesthetics!

  • Mike
    2 years ago

    Great! Beside of the friendly and experienced staff you get a first class treatment to feel and look better. Everyone is listen what you want and they suggest the right procedure. The prices are reasonable and the doctor takes time (huge difference compared to others) for you. Make yourself a picture- you won’t regret. On TOP you will like the outcome of the treatment!

  • NK Nishii
    2 years ago

    The doctor was very pushy. Staffs were unprofessional, they don’t even have the basic knowledge.

  • 刘晔
    2 years ago

    Good service. Doctors is very patient.

  • Ben M
    2 years ago

    Excellent service and brilliant results. Thank you!

  • Silke Marsh
    2 years ago

    Very helpful and thorough experience where they provide you with lots of options.

  • Gabriel Guanchao WANG
    2 years ago

    Excellent service and very friendly doctor! Would highly recommend!

  • vivi stan acc
    2 years ago

    very friendly and gentle staff! skin feels a lot better and more hydrated immediately after treatment. thank you so much to mandy who was my esthetician!

  • Matt Roystone
    2 years ago

    Excellent service! Adlyn took great care of me. Dr Mark is very experienced.

  • Che Lewer
    2 years ago

    The team are professional, attentive and friendly. Dr Tan is very experienced in his area of expertise and customises the treatment according to your needs. A great experience, I will be back.

  • HuiFenhannah Zhang
    2 years ago

    Staffs were nice and friendly. Dr Tan and staffs took good care of me during all my procedures. Transparent with pricing, only recommends what I need and not unnecessary things. Am happy with the procedures done with Dr Tan.

  • Chris Ferruzzi
    2 years ago

    Always an amazing experience here! Have been coming regularly for 3 years. Dr. Tan and staff are super friendly and personable, not to mention skilled and very professional. 5 stars all the way, and I would highly recommend:)

  • Jennifer Atkinson
    2 years ago

    The staff at Halley Aesthetics was very kind and helpful. I was very nervous for my first treatment and they talked me through it and made me feel at ease. They were also very helpful with sharing after care tips and products. Very happy with my experience today.

  • georgie embert
    2 years ago

    I came here for a chin filler and was really really nervous about getting any aesthetic procedures done but the staff here made me feel super welcomed and comfortable. There was absolutely no hard selling which I really appreciated and their prices are very transparent. There was a lady (I’m so sorry I don’t remember her name) who assess my face and recommended the procedures to be done as well as explaining the different product and prices. Dr Lim was very professional, he listened to my concerns and assessed my face to suggest which filler would be best. Overall I am extremely satisfied and happy with my new chin! Thank you!

  • cecilia columna
    3 years ago

    Dr. Tan of Halley Medical Aesthetics is very accomodating. He patiently listened and answered all of my questions. Never felt rushed on my appointment and He’s very friendly as well. Staff were all pleasant too.

  • Ang Family
    3 years ago

    Visited Dr Tan abt a year ago after reading several online good reviews for Ultherapy and never regretted my decision! Dr Tan has been extremely patient and offered several useful tips for skincare. Took up their weight loss program and lost a few kgs (I didn’t exercise!) over a couple of months. Am satisfied with the results and will definitely recommend the clinic to my friends.

  • Rachel Daisy Cheong
    3 years ago

    Overall experience is good. Dr. Tan is very patient and friendly.

  • Dawn Quah
    3 years ago

    Mandy provided excellent service- ipl and vitamin c serum iontophoresis. She was very professional and friendly.

  • Jorina Choy
    3 years ago

    I have been relying on Halley for my beauty treatments for several years now. Mandy is a fantastic therapist who knows my skin well and makes every facial a luxurious experience. And Dr Tan is knowledgeable and provides excellent suggestions for my aesthetic treatments.

  • Norzanariah Mohamed Said
    3 years ago
  • Nicole Tan
    3 years ago

    Acne scar lasers at Dr Terrence are effective as promised, and his clinic assistants, Doris and Rebecca, are highly attentive during my treatments. I feel well taken care of in Halley and highly recommend their services 🙂

  • Angeline Lai
    3 years ago

    I am very please with the services thus far, have been here for couple of various treatment. Thumbs up for the good service attitude and non pushy sales.

  • Cassie Victor
    3 years ago

    I would highly recommend Dr Terence, I’ve been to a few aesthetic clinics, nothing comes close to the work he does. I would say that he is fantastic in what he does. Thanks Dr Terrence Tan!

  • K W
    3 years ago

    Friendly staffs, good & comfortable environment. Visible result after the treatment.

  • G.
    3 years ago

    Highly recommend the Hifu treatment with great results – reduced fine lines, firmer skin, looking so much younger! Rebecca is awesome and knew exactly how to carefully treat my sensitive skin.

  • Hongda Huang
    3 years ago

    I’ve been around various aesthetic clinics in Singapore China Korea and Taiwan, mostly for fillers and anti aging treatments. Love Halley for its awesome and transparent pricing, good service and of course Dr Terence Tan who never fails to help me achieve my desired look in the most cost efficient way. He has a fine sense of proportion, aesthetics and treatments are always near pain free due to his skill.

  • Ivy Tan
    3 years ago

    I have been visiting the clinic regularly since 2015.
    Happy with the results and treatments done by Dr Tan and enjoy the facial/body treatments handled by Rebecca.
    Nice ambience and friendly staffs.

  • Koh Mun ling
    3 years ago

    Have been going to Halley for years! Great service by therapist and nice ambience!

  • Louanna Tessensohn
    3 years ago

    Great experience. Dr Terence is informative and concise in his treatment and advice. The staff are absolutely lovely as well.

  • 佛說阿彌陀經Wang
    3 years ago
  • Yuen Leong
    3 years ago

    I had Exills facial treatment at Halley. Rebecca patiently explained to me the procedure and effects. She also checked w me periodically to ensure I was comfortable during the treatment. My face looked so refreshed, ready for cny. Overall, I am very pleased with the service and the treatment. Thanks Halley!

  • L L
    3 years ago

    Five stars for comfort and transparency! Also, thank you ladies for the warm hospitality and special shoutout to the lovely Doris!

  • Sijia (=
    3 years ago

    Nice experience. The doctor and staff are very friendly and will explain the procedures before carrying out the treatment. Highly recommended:)

  • Jasmine Ang
    3 years ago

    Did a couple of different treatments at Halley and is very satisfied with the results. The skincare product range they offer is fantastic as well!

  • --
    3 years ago

    Dr Terence tan is a very patient doctor, he is a very meticulous doctor. I did my stretch Marks treatment here. Signed 6 sessions and see slight improvement in the stretch Mark’s appearance even though not totally gone, but a little improvement is a good start rather than not doing anything to my stretch Marks. He will gradually increase the intensity of the treatment for every visit and ask how is the recovery rate of the skin after each session before he begin a new session. Price is reasonable and affordable. Dr Terence usually wont leave any spot undone, he will always ask the patient if he miss any spot before ending the session. I did picosure laser for my whole body stretch marks ( upper breast, hips , inner arms, inner thigh, back arms, buttock, calves, lower back) , numbing take about 20min, another 30 to 40 min for the treatment. Once every 2 month for the treatment. You might need to buy depigmentation cream and recovery cream to speed up recovery. The nurse is also very friendly and respectful. They have quite a number of japanese nurse here though which is special and cater to their japanese customer! Thanks to dr terence and their nurses in the clinic 🙂 this is my honest review.

  • Mandy k
    3 years ago

    feel like Halley is out there to take your $ by telling you, you need this and that so you need to spend more

  • Joanne Leong
    3 years ago

    I love their picosure treatment. My pigmentation have lightened after the second session and my pores have redured significantly. The girls are very warm and friendly.

  • Joyce Chee
    3 years ago

    I did the skin rejuvenation facial today. Therapist was very knowledgeable and professional.

  • Susan Chee
    3 years ago

    Staff extremely professional. My visits are always satisfactory.

  • Chia Sze Chen
    3 years ago

    I’m very pleased with my Picosure experience at Halley Medical! =)

  • Mrs Grey
    3 years ago

    Had my 2nd nose filler done by Dr Terence Tan. Very satisfied with the result! Higher & sharper nose bridge without making me look like avatar. Dr Tan is very experienced & skillful. He is not pushy and only recommend treatments that you need. Will definitely come back for other services! Highly recommended!

  • Alexandria Lam
    3 years ago

    am surprised with all these 1-star reviews that were posted in the same day. This is obviously is a plank from some other competitors trying to tarnish the reputation of such a good clinic.
    I usually do not post review, but i must said Dr Tan and the Halley staff are professional and helpful. Dr Tan and his staff never hard sell any treatment and products. When I had my first treatment done at Halley, i told him about my concerns and budget, he explained in detail what should be done, and recommended me the best treatment within my budget and yes, he did a good job on my nose. And even since then, i have been visiting the clinic for all my aesthetic treatments. My hubby went there for his tatttoo removal too. The result speaks louder than words. now my friends also go to Halley for their aesthetic fix. Though we have to wait for our turns when we are at the clinic (this can only many people go to Halley for treatment), we are well entertained and served by the staff. And Dr Tan never rush to finish our treatment, he is still as attentive and make sure he performed a full and good treatment for us.
    So, for those who wish to believe all the rubbish reviews, you need to take a trip to Halley and experience yourself.

    I give a 5-star to Dr Tan and the staff at Halley. Keep up the good work!

  • Ng Winnie
    3 years ago

    I did Coolsculpting in this Clinic, i lose 4cm on my waist for 1st treatment. Was mentioned It took some time to see the effect. Treatment was done in a personal room. Staffs and doctor Tan were good and attentive. Overall experience was great.

  • joy t
    3 years ago

    did a carbon laser peel and went home with red dots all over face thought it will disappear after a few hours but it did not disappear.
    I have friends who did carbon laser peel and have no downtime and I thought carbon laser peel have no downtime.
    now need to use makeup to cover I’m so sad
    doctor didn’t warn about downtime that last will last for few days

  • Olivia Tan
    3 years ago

    My face look so much brighter after an IPL session with them. Treatment is comfortable and affordable. Staff are friendly and not pushy for sales. Thank you Halley

  • Siu Lai C
    3 years ago

    Have been visiting Halley for few years, from Hifu to facial, I am happy with their service. Love the convenient location and comfortable environment. They have various of machines like IPL, RF…. and charged in reasonable price. Mandy is very patience, courteous, professional and never hard selling. Highly recommended.

  • linda t
    3 years ago

    all the 5 star review is by their own staff or paid bloggers don’t believe this clinic

  • liew 610
    3 years ago

    Not recommended. I feel the doctor only personally service high value customers or people who can promote their services like bloggers. I went for 12 sessions of Coolsculpting & was sold another 12 sessions of Exilis which was highly recommended for optimum results. In total, I’ve spent about $14k & I’m into 10th month now. Regretfully, I am exactly the same as when I started, even though my exercise regime (3-4 times a week) & diet has been unchanged.
    Right from start, I had informed the staff that my concern is my belly area & I want to look trim in my exercise wear. I am not so concerned with weight loss. However, about a month after I started my sessions & seeing no results, they offered me weight loss pills so that I can see results faster. I was a bit taken back cos they do not seem to be sharing my concerns & quick to offer shortcuts to see results. I was willing to wait a long time for the Coolsculpting treatments to show results. Through my sessions, I saw the doctor only when I did my Coolsculpting. His assistant would first draw out areas on my body where the doctor will put on the applicators. One time when I did my flanks, his assistant drew in such a way that I felt was wrong. When the doctor came in to check (as usual looking busy all the time), he took a quick look & said ‘ looks great!’ & wanted to start the procedure. At this time, I questioned the doctor why must the applicators be horizontally placed? Can it be placed diagonally to maximise the suction of fats on my flanks? Then, he agreed & redrew the whole area that he agreed was better. When I asked him why did he approve the first drawing by his staff, he replied back that different people have different preferences! This is totally nonsensical! He is supposed to be the expert in this area not me! From then on, I know the this is a doctor who does not really care too much about his customers’ concerns. His staff is also not very competent as I have come across one who did exilis for me & caused much pain until I had to insist another more competent staff to take over.
    I have learned from this expensive experience to be wary of those aesthetic clinics that engages a lot of bloggers to promote their services.

  • vanessa ang
    3 years ago

    worst aesthetics clinic I have ever been to
    trust the bad review
    before that I don’t trust the bad review but now I believe it
    is just full of paid adverts and paid bloggers

  • Elizabeth Wu
    3 years ago

    I experienced meticulous care, attentive listening to my questions and very professional service from Dr Terence Tan and his team. Highly recommended aesthetic clinic for all your treatment needs!

  • Daprayer -
    3 years ago

    I did CoolSculpting with Dr Terence Tan at Halley Medical Aesthetics 3 months ago. Overall, my weight, BMI, body fat % and waist circumference has decreased. Most significant of which is the reduction of my waist circumference – a difference of 7cm (almost 3 inches) with minimal effort on my end! I’ll recommend visiting Dr Tan to see how CoolSculpting can help you if you have stubborn fats you would like to lose 🙂

  • Yukie Imai Ogasawara
    3 years ago

    Don’t recommend.

  • Debi Kitto
    4 years ago

    My names Deborah and I had recently gone to tiffany yang for my under eye filler and there was no difference in the result. I went to her n showed her my eyes and after a long discussion she was unable to xplain and I walked out from Der. I was very upset as I wasted a good amount of money and I had to get it fixed so I was on the look for a good experienced doc and I came across Halley clinic I went to the clinic . I loved the happy smiling staff and meeting doc terence was a pleasure .he carefully listened to me and suggested me to go for fillers so he could mend the areas that were not good and my husband watched the whole process of how Dr terence worked his way with the canulla distracting me from the pain like a doctor does to the kids hehe it was sweet. After fillers were done we were so impressed my husband couldn’t belive how good Dr was… I thank doctor terence from my heart for making me smile and forget ma past experience. And yes I definitely will only get all ma future procedures from halley clinic only. And guys I am not a payed client so this review is 100% genuine . and I highly recommend this clinic per my experience.

  • fatin r
    4 years ago

    late post of review
    did laser and ipl few months ago and the result was bad
    they did deserve to be 1 star clinic

  • Irene Soh
    4 years ago

    Been a customer of Halley Medical Aesthetics since 2016. Would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable aesthetic doctor. Dr Terence was always patient and would thoroughly explain the procedures that I’m considering. He would honestly point out the pro and cons of the procedures and put me at ease. I’m delighted with the high level of professionalism from dr Terence and his staff. Highly recommend!!

  • HL Hu
    4 years ago

    I really envy those who was fortunate enough having good experiences with the clinic. Mine was nothing close to pleasant. Just sharing here..

    Everything seems like a show. A doctor who stages himself well in terms of publicity. Big exposure whenever u google anything on aesthetics, with all the bloggers’ reviews (sponsored maybe?), articulated interviews and stuffs, you can see they spend quite a heap on the A&P.
    You know such overwhelming exposures might sometime seem a little staged. There are a handful of equal or better qualified Doctors who are behind curtains humbly practicing in the name of care and interest of the patients. Less the dazzling flashlights.

    Not exactly cheap, only less expensive than the high end ones. Been seeking treatments with them faithfully for 2-3 years but was discarded like dirt. A man who did not honour his words and the assistants winced cowardly in denial upon a kind confrontation only in seeking nothing but the truth.

    Yes, they lied. Saying no agreement I mentioned was made, when I even double confirmed with them the day before they called reminding of my appointment. They refuse to let me clarify with the assistant who called, whom was off on that day of my appointment. An obvious act to bury ‘the gun that murders’. Utterly mortified and a strange sense of ‘betrayal’, they definitely succeed in making me feel like a shrewd customer making a scene. I was not yelling or anything, just hoping to speak to the person who called me and assured me the agreement was still intact.
    I left in awe with the biggest disbelief of my life.

    I know my review would drown in the oceans of the 5-stars reviews out here. But just wanna let my small voice be heard..
    For those who might have suffered the same in silence… you are not alone.

  • Keane Lam
    4 years ago

    this is my first time to an aesthetics clinic. friendly staff. The doctor is very patient with me and answered all my questions. Great experience!

  • Alicia Tan
    4 years ago

    Was concerned about my pigmentation issues and went in to the clinic with zero expectations. Like that there was no hard sell and I opted for the pico laser, which worked! Gone for two sessions and looking forward to my last one.

  • Marcus Goh
    4 years ago

    Loved my entire experience, and the front desk were so polite and friendly! They answered all my queries patiently and were super professional! Will definitely recommend my friends!

  • Maybeline Sim
    4 years ago

    Dr Tan is very friendly and knowledgeable. Clinic is also located right in town so it makes lunch time visits convenient.

  • Amanda Seng
    4 years ago

    Great experience with Halley Aesthetics, happy with my coolsculpting results after just 1 session, looking forward to my next session!

  • Cynthia Ho
    4 years ago

    Disappointing.. Eventhough pricing is slightly cheaper than other doc for filler, but there is no touch up during review!? I was told by doc during review to purchase another tube for the unsymmetrical outcome done which i seen it after i got home that day! U mean Double pricing for 1 issue?! Felt so……

  • Klessis Lee Vlogger
    4 years ago

    Very personalised and professional service that makes the whole experience very enjoyable.

  • Ju Ann
    4 years ago

    I have been to Halley Medical Aesthetics on various occasions for different treatments and I am very happy with the results! Thank you Dr Terence Tan and his kind team at Halley.

  • Dennis Loh
    4 years ago

    Thanks for helping me achieve great skin 🙂

  • Bradly Willy
    4 years ago

    Great service, happy with the results, definitely achieved a smaller and tighter abdomen!

  • Xinyi Soh
    4 years ago

    Friendly doctor who patiently answered all the questions I had before I decide on any treatment!

  • Maria Christine Asuncion
    5 years ago

    Great service! 🙂

  • Simone Lew
    5 years ago

    Friendly and experienced doctor!

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