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98 Reviews on “Freia Medical”

  • Steve A
    2 years ago

    As with most males that are having issues with there hair I did some research , I just wanted to know what was the best treatment and who was the best to carry this out. The Suggestion was Dr Ma and his team at Freia.
    So I went ahead. I was a little anxious leading up to and on the day of the Surgery , but was very well looked after. The surgery can be a little painful but was well and truly worth it , almost 12 months have passed now and I can say it was money very well spent. I am very happy with the result !

    Don’t dilly dally around , just go straight to the best.
    Would recommend Freia for your Hair Loss treatment.

  • Yen Lin Chung
    2 years ago

    Really delighted with the results of my treatment for pigmentation with Dr Toby. Fantastic service from the staff who are very responsive and helpful as well. 🙂

  • JIN Chua
    2 years ago

    One of my greatest decision to have selected freia for my transplant. I have recommended my friends to them and will not hesitate to recommend more.

  • E S
    2 years ago

    Wonderful service and great value for the aesthetic treatments done in Freia. The staffs are always friendly and warm, they care for the clients and never hard sell anything. I have done several aesthetic treatments at Freia, Dr Toby and the Freia team always recommend the most suitable and value for money treatments for me. Thank you Dr Toby and Freia team!

  • Darren Lee
    2 years ago

    Achieved great results. Dr Ma and his team did a great job!

  • Lucrecia Tam
    2 years ago

    I am very pleased with my treatments at Freia medical. I felt very comfortable with Dr Toby performing the ultherapy treatment on my face recently. The prep ahead of the procedure is effective, aimed at minimising pain. The team really understand the treatments providing necessary comfort and support. I have done this therapy before at other establishments but I felt more comfortable and cared for with Dr Toby.

  • ZoeTrent73 Neo
    2 years ago

    Dr Toby is very professional and all the staff at Freia made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease while doing treatments.

  • ezprenza seto
    2 years ago

    Lovely place with great service and very professional. With Dr Toby, you’ll be in safe hands. He planned my three months treatment towards my wedding. I’ve significantly better skin ( reduced scars, smaller pores and lesser acne). Felt so much more confident now!

  • Mia Dao
    2 years ago

    Always attentive service. Dr Toby is great and has a very warm personality! All the recommended treatments are efficient, so I am very happy.

  • R Gerard
    2 years ago

    (04/07) When for a consultation last night. Dr Ma and his team were professional , especially Alice who answered all my questions prior to my first face-to-face consultation. During the consultation Dr Ma was calm, caring and sensitive towards my insecurities! I was very nervous and I felt at ease during the consultation. Post consultation there wasn’t any hard selling which I truly appreciate. So far I am very impressed. Will be getting the transplant in a few weeks and I believe it will go well.. will update this

    (22/10) 3months post my surgery and I must say that there is indeed a lot of progress in my hair growth! I am also truly impressed with Dr Ma and his team! They always made me feel welcome and that I matters. Dr Ma is a sincere and patient doctor. During the surgery he was very delicate and understanding, he makes my feelings and opinions a priority! Can’t wait for the next few months where more growth will occur. Have already recommended some of my friends! .. next update in 3 months

  • Dianna Khoo
    2 years ago

    Had issues with sun spots and Dr Toby attended to my concerns by ensuring my expectations are reasonable. Great service and treatment by both Doctor and staff alike. Highly recommended !

  • amy lim
    2 years ago

    I got introduced to freia medical after being a frequent customer at freia aesthetics. I was a bit wary of lasers after recently having a picosure session that was set too strong for my skin, giving me some scars and white spots.

    Dr Toby set me at ease right from the consultation and I booked in for my first yellow laser session a couple days later. Before the procedure, Dr Toby sensed my nervousness and spent some time talking to me, making jokes to make me feel comfortable.

    The whole yellow laser process was painless and there was no downtime. The next day my skin was glowing and smooth. Since then I have done 2 more sessions, and my skin is better almost back to normal. We are now starting Profhilo and I can’t wait to see how my skin improves after the sessions are done!

    I am putting my trust in Dr Toby and definetely would recommend to anyone to come in for a consultation to see how he can help with your concerns.

  • Irene Tay
    2 years ago

    Love how my skin looks and feels after the laser treatment. Thanks Dr Toby. And love the great service by the staff at Freia.

  • Iris Desiree Sioson
    2 years ago

    I’ve been going to Freia Aesthetics for a couple of facials and have been buying most of my skincare products from them.
    When I broke out earlier this year (during the circuit breaker period), I scheduled a seasion with Dr Toby because it didn’t seem like my skincare was working anymore. He made some changes and my skin really improved A LOT in a couple of months. Today, I also did pico laser at the clinic and I can’t wait to see the results. Dr Toby explained that he advised against this the last time because my skin was not ready. But this is good for my skin after my skin has improved. Goes to show he wouldnt just recommend whatever is their newest procedure.
    Definitely 5 stars for Dr Toby and the Freia Medical team!

  • J W
    2 years ago

    Wonderful and caring nurses, great knowledgeable doctors. Serene does amazing SMP work. Highly recommended!

  • Maria Lee-Phan
    2 years ago

    Friendly staff & professional Dr Tolby also gave great recommendations on essential treatment depending on your skin type. I feel completely comfortable and do not feel pressured by services recommended or to get a package.

  • Princess Teddy
    2 years ago

    I can’t speak highly enough about the whole process from consultation to treatment to followup at Freia Medical. The staff is amazing and every visit is delightful. Dr. Toby Hui’s dedicated approach and professionalism impressed me lots. Above all, he has good listening ears and keen eyes for beauty. He has perfected the skill of combining science and art. I have absolute trust in him and the staff and I am extremely pleased with the results of my treatments in good hands. Definitely recommend checking them out!

  • Magic Mamba
    2 years ago

    ’m really glad I made the right decision by choosing Freia Medical and Dr. Ma

    The entire process went really smoothly without any hiccups. The staff there are all very pleasant and exceptionally knowledgeable on the process & procedures that they offer.

    Rescheduling an appointment, or having a burning question you need an answer to in the middle of the night regarding your procedure, is as simple as dropping a WhatsApp message.

    The outcome of my procedure was everything I’ve hope for and more. In conclusion, I highly recommend Freia Medical if budget isn’t an issue for you.

  • Trisha Mazumder
    2 years ago

    With Freia, you are not just buying a facial you are buying an experience.
    Cozy comfortable setting and a warm welcoming staff is what makes Freia a place I will keep going back to.
    A huge list of facials to choose from and an extremely knoweldgeble staff makes this a perfect experience.
    They are not there to sell you the most expensive facial on the menu they are there to sell you the best facial suitable for your skin.

    Every time I have had a facial with Freia I have walked away with glowing skin and a little more knowledge regarding skincare.
    A speacial shoutout to Yuffy for being detailed and thorough while treating my skin. Her patience and attention to detail is outstanding.

    Will I go back there? Hell yes!

  • Betesuku Clemence
    2 years ago

    This was my 1st time going to Freia (and my 1st time doing a facial ever!). The whole team made me feel comfortable. The facial (by Kelly) was an amazing experience. Will definetly comeback !

  • Kishan Bahadur
    2 years ago

    Dr Ma handle his patient very well and humble and the admin assist also very well

  • Tng Patrick
    2 years ago

    Great service ! Thank you very much for the dedicated work to Dr Ma & team !!

  • J L
    2 years ago

    I had SMP done at Freia and could not have asked for a better result. It was very natural and everyone (other than myself) found it indistinguishable from real hair follicles, even at close range.

    Serene, Dr Harold and the rest of their team were very professional and provided me with an extremely pleasant experience. I highly recommend them to anyone who might be considering SMP.

  • Mohd Farhan
    2 years ago

    Definitely would recommend Dr Ma and his team for the good job done! I am very glad that I have rendered service from Freia and would recommend to everyone.

  • G CW
    2 years ago

    Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value
    Dr Ma works wonders and the results were excellent! The hair transplant truly was a good investment and has allowed me to regain my confidence. Thank you once again Freia Medical!

  • Maghendran PJ
    2 years ago

    Positive: Professionalism, Quality
    Thanks alot to Doctor Harold and his team for the professionalism and service they rendered for my hair transplant surgery.
    I am so happy with the hair growth i have achieved in 9 months due to dr harold ‘s craftsmanship.
    I will surely recommend anyone to approach dr harold and team , and your hair woes will surely be over

  • W Y Quah
    3 years ago

    I am glad to know that Dr Ma is concerned and has reached out to me personally to solve my problems and my unhappiness and how we can move forward to solve my issue.

    As a customer, you will feel safe in his hands and do not need to worry that he will not take care of your problems.

  • Daisy
    3 years ago

    Amazing experience with Dr Toby. I felt comfortable telling him what are my concern for my skin or face conditions and Dr Toby will examine and then explain in detail what he planned to do and how it is going to help me. He is patient and honest and his entire team always make sure that i felt comfortable during the entire procedure. Without hesitation, i highky recommend him.

  • victor lian
    3 years ago

    Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

  • Marlie Marcie
    3 years ago

    The facial treatment at Freia has thoroughly improve my face complexion! Thank you Freia

  • Marie Soh
    3 years ago

    Everything about Freia never fails to impress me. From the relaxing calm environment, to the impressive range of high quality treatments with the best service rendered.

    I’ve done many facials and treatments at different establishments, but none of them can compare to Freia. They are truly the best of the best. No hard selling, no pushy sales, you can feel how genuinely they care for every client that comes through their doors. Recommending what they know is best for each client, no cookie cutter service.

    They always made sure I felt comfortable and catered each treatment to my needs, whether if it’s a simple facial or a more elaborate medical treatment. One thing consistent is that I always leave with glowing skin and feeling rejuvenated.

    Now even after 2 kids, Freia has got my hormonal post pregnancy skin to the next level. I’m very satisfied with their services and highly recommend them to everyone.

  • C C
    3 years ago

    Excellent team at Freia Medical who helped me through all four sessions of scalp micropigmentation. Special thanks to Serene who patiently “designed” the look and Mavis, Queenie and Yizhen who assisted. I’m very pleased with the results so far and would recommend the team for their professionalism.

  • D
    3 years ago

    Wonderful FUE done in the hands of Dr Ma and his team. This is my 2nd FUE done to top up grafts to fix a previously poorly done FUE performed by a highly recommended doctor from overseas which was lacking in density. Absolutely surprised at the skills of Dr Ma. Not only was the operation painless, the aftercare was also minimal compared to the first. Crusts formed were also minimal and all dropped off within a week’s time which means there was minimal bleeding and all the grafts healed perfectly. There were no complications after the surgery and it was a breeze in the park during the healing process. It’s been 10 months since the surgery and seems like almost all the hair grew out. Dr Ma has fixed my poor density issue. Absolutely recommended to do your FUE with Dr Ma if you are considering FUE as everything is well taken care of. Only negative side is doing FUE in Singapore is not cheap but you will not regret it.

  • Janel cheong
    3 years ago

    Very helpful. Not pushy and very friendly service! Staffs r all very patience in answering queries.. Dr Ma is the first and only doctor that manage to help me with my prolonged hair loss problem that has been troubling me since teenage years! I can finally go out without styling or putting wig! Really grateful!

  • Paul Martin
    3 years ago

    Dr. Ma, Serene, Mavis and the rest of the team are all very professional and provided excellent no-pressure advise throughout. The results of the SMP for hair camouflage are excellent. Even better than expected.

    The cost was also the same or less than other much less refined and professional clinics around. Patient care in terms of pain managment and after treatment care is clearly very important to all of the team. Thanks again.

  • Jack Liew
    3 years ago

    Dr Ma and his team has been very patient and professional throughout and the results has been a real positive and life changing experience.

  • Illyas Lim Effandi
    3 years ago

    Dr Ma is very knowledgable and his staff at Freia are very friendly. I had a great experience.

  • Dion Xavier
    3 years ago

    Dr Ma and his team were great – the whole process was super easy and comfortable. I am very happy with the results! Would highly recommend

  • Christine Toh
    3 years ago

    Great service and very knowledgeable staff. There was no hard sell from them at all. I’m fact, they were very quick to address any questions that I have. I’m looking forward to the facial treatment that I have booked

  • h yeo
    3 years ago

    Had an FUE transplant done at Freia Medical about a year ago. The operation was by Dr.Ma, who was professional throughout the process, and the results are great. The staff team here are also friendly and assisting! Thanks once again!

  • Marvin Harvest
    3 years ago

    My first time learn about Freia is from Facebook post and their advertising “think hair and think Dr Ma”. I clicked the link and visited the website, found it’s a professional medical clinic not as other hair salons. I went through the website and learned that they can provide professional solutions for hair loss, which is a headache problem troubled me over past 10 years. I gave them a phone call and made an appointment to see the doctor. Dr ma is very professional and patient to answer all my questions. He analyzed my hair loss situation and suggested to do hair Transplant (the only effective way to deal with large area hair loss). I accepted his suggestion and made an appointment to do the surgery right away. Thanks for dr Ma skillful technique and Freia team professional support, the whole surgery run very smoothly although it lasted nearly 12 hours (a big project I must say). Now one year past after the hair Transplant and the result is amazing. Dr ma plays magic and makes my head full of hair again. This makes me look 10 years younger as compared to my previous bald appearance. Yes, it’s costly as it is a big surgery anyway. It’s worth of doing it and only the guys having severe hair loss problem can tell the bitterness. The confidence brought back from the hair Transplant process valued the money. Again, thanks to dr Ma and his nice team members ‘ help, hope more people can benefit from their hair Transplant treatment.
    All the best.
    Mavin Yin

  • Patrick Plantenberg
    3 years ago

    Professional and top service! The staff is super friendly and I would recommend Freia anytime!

  • Dawn Lim
    3 years ago

    It has been 9 years since I first started treatments for my skin problems at Freia from East Coast premises to the current one at Wisma, and by Dr Ma then now Dr Tony. No matter where and who, I can always count on the consistent all rounded comfort, care and excellent service at Freia. And not to forget the very important assisting staff there, the angels of Freia. Definitely a top notch aesthetic medical service I would highly recommend.

  • Sam S Sanjay
    3 years ago

    Excellent Doctor and very helpful team

  • Stephanie Owen
    3 years ago

    As an expat in Singapore I worried about what quality of treatment I’d be able to get here. Dr. Ma and his staff completely alleviated my concerns and delivered truly amazing results. His team was also extremely kind and gentle during the sessions which eased my anxiety about the procedures.
    I would go back to Singapore just for treatment – highly recommended!

  • BOON
    3 years ago

    Kudos to Dr Ma & Team! I will give Excellent grade to their service level. My experience at Freia was fantastic and positive. Dr Ma is someone who will sincerely and truthfully provide valuable advice to his patients. Till date, i am at the 5th mth mark of hair transplant post-ops, and i am really delighted and happy with my outcome. My hairline is no longer as high as before and the “empty-spot” is filled with hair now. Hope the density will continue to increase over the next few mths. Trust me, staff at Freia will make you feel like you are being treated as a “top tier” customer in terms of their service. Cheers to Dr Ma and Team…

  • Mingjian Wei
    4 years ago

    Dr Ma is extremely well-skilled and he shows a great deal of care for his patients. He also has an excellent and professional team of staff.

  • JWL Dropbox
    4 years ago

    Highly recommend Dr Ma and his team. They are warm and patient, taking the time to explain and guide me through the whole process. The session was painless and the results are remarkable. They’re discreet and understanding and were attentive during the most crucial healing period after the procedure. I have regained my confidence and positive outlook and will highly recommend Dr Ma and his team for anyone with the same issue that I had.

    Thanks Dr Ma and team! You have made a difference in my life.

  • Michael Dawson
    4 years ago

    I got my hair transplant done here as the reviews seemed good. But all – please don’t go here. They will treat you like cattle. They charged arbitrary fees after the transplant without informing beforehand and didn’t bother to explain about post-op care (which is the most important). Not sure how they have a review of 4 stars.

  • Naman Jain
    4 years ago

    The hair transplant was well below expected. A lot of the hairs fell out and never regrew. On top of that the transplanted hairs were in the wrong direction.

  • Adam Osman
    4 years ago

    The hair transplant performed by Dr Harold Ma was the best investment I ever made. It’s honestly made me feel like a new man.

    Dr Ma was extremely patient and knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable in taking this big leap. The frequent post-procedure consultations managed my expectations, especially in the initial 3 months.

    It’s been a life-changing experience. Thank you, Dr Ma!

  • Seth Adams
    4 years ago

    An easy recommendation to make. From my initial consultation with Dr. Ma, both he and his entire staff were informative, helpful and kind. I had a lot of questions and had done a lot of research before choosing them, including consulting a beauty editor for a local magazine. There was excellent care taken all the way through to my follow ups. Yes, it’s not inexpensive, but the care and professionalism is worth the cost.

  • Desmond Quah
    4 years ago

    Dr Harold Ma is very friendly and helpful. He addresses my concerns in a most profound and professional manner. The results are definitely as he has explained and what I expected. His medical team is also worthy of mention as they are also very helpful to my needs as a patient. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who has issues that need to be addressed. Cheers!!!

  • Steve Robinson
    4 years ago

    Extremely professional. Doctor Harold is a magician. I was worried about the results but I shouldn’t have been. Quite remarkable. The whole process was calm and relaxed with his staff being very helpful and informative. I flew from Dubai to be treated here upon recommendation and it was certainly worth it. Do not hesitate, it works and you are in the hands of a skilled professional.

  • Indy S.
    4 years ago

    Had a fantastic experience with Dr. Ma and his team. You can rest assured that you will be very well taken care of. Dr. Ma is involved throughout the entire process. I’m thankful I chose Freia for this life changing decision. Keep up the awesome work Dr. Ma and team!

  • Robin Watts
    4 years ago

    Hair transplant with absolutely no results. They are good with business and marketing though.

  • janssen tan
    4 years ago

    Hair transplant FUE result was much better than expected. Hair growth was very fast. Procedure by Dr Harold Ma was painless and recovery was quick. Personally, I do not believe in applying or taking medication for hair growth. Hair transplant was my only option, and I am glad I went for Dr Ma’s FUE.

  • Jon Keith Guo
    4 years ago

    Dr Ma and his team at Freia Medical are truly professional, you will be well taken care of from the 1st time you stepped into his clinic.

    Dr Ma is a fantastic doctor, what I like most about him is that you can feel he is truly genuine, he made me felt that he was more concerned about my hair than me.

    I will strongly recommend Dr Ma and his team to anyone who has the thought of hair transplant in their mind.

  • Daniel Gerard
    4 years ago

    5 stars are too few. Dr. Ma and his incredible staff far exceed expectations in every way. Unbelievable experience from start to finish.

  • Ryan Loi
    4 years ago

    Dr. Ma and team is excellent. Highly recommended.

  • Steve Tan
    4 years ago

    Dr Ma has performed almost a miracle on my hair. The result is very dramatic. I did not expect to gain my hair back. But Dr Ma has given a whole new set of hair.

  • Jagdev Singh
    4 years ago

    Very professional and helpful staff. Doctor Ma is very knowledgeable and shows concern for every patient. Highly recommend.

  • Steph Steph
    4 years ago

    No results, easily better options out there

  • Kelvin Ng
    4 years ago

    Friendly and did a great job…. highly recommended to engage the clinic for their procedure.

  • Francois Dubrulle
    4 years ago

    I have much appreciated professionalism of Dr Ma and his team. If you seek for lasting results, along with being guaranteed of a great service, go for it

  • Ng Frankie
    4 years ago

    The result is very good, I got my hair back
    I must say thank Dr Ma, to anyone who want
    to get their hair back again I strongly recommend Dr Ma.

  • Maryalice Moreton
    4 years ago

    An excellent hair transplant surgeon helmed by a professional doctor who cares about his work and patient results.

  • Melvin Seet
    4 years ago

    Dr Ma and team have been amazing throughout my journey of having the FUE hair transplant done (about 1800 grafts for my case). From pre procedure evaluation to actual procedure and the post evaluation, Dr Ma and team ensured I was comfortable throughout the process. His team of hair technicians and service staff are exremely professional as well and constantly catered to my needs. Just an example would be the fact that due to the long procedure of 9 to 10 hours, they had a nice lunch menu provided which was delivered right up to me during the break between procedure.

    Dr Ma is always very assuring and it was quite amazing that the whole process was totally painless, although i was fully awake (local anaesthesia) and was in fact quite a pleasant experience in the surgical room with nice warm comforters and bed. Down time post op was also minimal as the grafts and the area where hair grafts were harvested healed within a couple of days. The only thing is that you have to have a cropped hairstyle during a few months as the procedure required shaving of hair at the area where grafts are harvested.

    For anyone who has grappled with hair loss in any form, I would highly recommend Dr Ma as it certainly changed my life in a very tangible sense. Don’t bother wasting time with the so called retail hair restorers (non medical doctors) you see in shopping malls. Just a one time procedure with Dr Ma and most should be back to retaining your crowning glory in less than a year. Besides fixing my receding hairline, Dr Ma has also restored a nasty bald patch at the back of my head due to a botched hair transplant procedure in a local restructured hospital many years back. I am now back to swimming and exercising confidently without fear of exposing the bald batches on my head.

    Thank you Dr Ma and team once again and I am really grateful not just for your amazing services but also giving me back the confidence to do the things I’ve missed out doing for so many years.

  • Matt Matt
    4 years ago

    5 figures spent, so much time and effort, gone through the pain of surgery and gotten zero results.

  • Sandy Lim
    4 years ago

    Really happy with the results that I’ve experienced.

  • Joe Joe
    4 years ago

    Worst hair transplant!

  • JayJ
    5 years ago

    Hair transplant result wasn’t as expected. Overpriced.

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