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50 Reviews on “8 Medical Aesthetic Clinic (Somerset)”

  • Shalynn
    4 months ago

    Terrible service ! I had to wait 1 hour for my facial

    ( spent half the time waiting fir Recep to search what’s going on n then the other half of the time was spent on her fumbling to explain diff between oxygen facial n hydration facial . If she could explain I wouldn’t hv minded but her ans was diff machines n diff serum ?!)

    Supposed to hv a consult with the doc at 12.30 after my 1 hour wait , I was then told the doctor will be about 15 mins late as well … I left ! This was at the Cathy branch . Poor staff training and irresponsible

  • Yu Kee
    4 months ago

    8 asethetic tells lies… They promise to give me 2 complimentary and arrange my session on 8 June but end up they break their promise. Please do not go to their store. They are all lies

  • Shi mei
    1 year ago

    Came for the facial for the first time to try their iglow skin for 2 session is $30 . Advise to go for growth factor instead of iglow skin facial as my skin is sensitive and dehydration .
    Service is good and I can see the redness of my cheek area is reduce for one session and sign the package for 5 session instead of 10 session as the package is expensive . 10 session for $3.8k
    without GST included make me think twice first.

  • shirley shi
    2 years ago

    I had very bad experience with them, my skin even more worse after I spent SGD$3k, my skin become sensitive, pigmentations darker…… they always have own excuses. I have before and after face photos to show you guys that how my face worse after their treatment.

  • cheryl alexander soh
    2 years ago

    i have been undergoing a tattoo removal laser treatment here for the past 7 months and honestly the results are great and better than i expected. i still have another 4 more sessions to go before the end result! i believe anyone who comes here would know that they are in good hands, staffs are very polite and provide really great service! very happy that i found this aesthetic clinic!

  • Emile Law
    2 years ago

    Appreciate the excellent services and result outcomes.

  • Chris Koh
    2 years ago

    Dr n staffs friendly n they don’t hard sell.

  • Nur Aisyah
    2 years ago

    I will like to say a big thanks to Dr. Wu, Dawn & Hazel for their professional service rendered.
    The experienced by far was the best. I had acne removal treatment for a total of 6 sessions & it works wonders. I am overly happy with my face now.
    Highly-recommended & thank you for all the staff located in Cuppage!

  • Hidayah Hamid
    2 years ago

    Hazel and Doctor are very friendly. Good service!

  • Reece Low
    2 years ago

    Providing good services and workers there are friendly.

  • John Lee
    2 years ago

    Very good experience. Very good results.

  • Sarah Shuyi Lim
    2 years ago

    My 3rd visit here and I’ve got to say, I’ve started to see results after my second visit without changing my diet much! Look for Dawn, she tells it to you straight what can be done and what can’t be done. Highly recommended.

  • Gerald Tan
    2 years ago

    Dr Jiwei Wu was professional although young. I did fillers for under eye darkness and he spaced it out between two different sessions 2 weeks apart so I got the best balanced results for both eyes. However, the first treatment showed no improvement in dark circles under my left eye so maybe the filler wasn’t injected properly or something else…

  • Thricia Borlas
    2 years ago

    Scam. Hard selling staffs. I got a facial package worth 2,000++ but my skin became super sensitive now I am experiencing dry and sensitive patches just like ezcema. They keep on calling me asking me to schedule my next appointment, how can I schedule another appointment if I still have ezcema-like patches on my face? I told them a couple of times that i cannot just anyhow visit them, as if they will refund my money. I consulted a different dermatologist and was advised to stay away from any harsh chemicals or procedures.

  • Gillian Sim
    2 years ago

    I just bought my second set of Luminous program as I saw results from my first set. My oil seeds and white spots on my face reduced greatly. Rebecca who is my therapist has been patiently explaining the benefits of Luminous program and now I have reaped the benefits. Thx Rebecca

  • Shiela marie Quek
    2 years ago

    Worst facial! The only medical clinic that caused me skin allergy!

    Some more, they are very pushy! They wont let you go unless you give them any amount, and S$20.00 may do! Lol

    Don’t be fooled by their promotions.

  • Choy L Tang
    2 years ago

    Saw the $27 PRO-COLLAGEN EYE RENEWAL Therapy, went to the Somerset branch at Cuppage Road. Appointment at 7pm, went into their office and waited in the lobby for 15 minutes no one there to attend to me.

    This promotional first trial is a scam. The first thing she said to me was this $27 trial only included the collagen mask, not treatment or therapy per said. She talked me into top up of $48 for detox therapy which has machine treatment for eyes.
    Since I was there, I gave it a try, although I was still unhappy about the false ad claiming $27 for eyes “therapy”.
    The so called therapy with $48 top up, made me paying a total of $75, it’s not the promotion first trial, the treatment was short and simple, machine treatment on both my eyes areas were less than 5 mins. It’s like a down-graded eyes therapy.

    I came out with a more puffy eyes, and the beautician kept bluffing that my eyes looked better. Seriously, I never thought she can BS as if she was blind, my eye bags were there, and underneath the eyes bags were the huge puffiness! They are worse than before!

  • Charlene Teo
    2 years ago

    How did they manage to buy so many good reviews?
    Beware of this company!

  • Huiping Liu
    2 years ago

    Provide professional and good services. Staff explanation of the treatment package is clear but only thing is that the price is too expensive.

  • PM Yeo
    3 years ago

    Have a 1cm keloid on my face for a year due to post acne scratching and constant picking. Finally submitted and decided to get professional help. 1st visit was given promo price and gotten a minute amt of steroid, it doesn’t help after 2mths. Called up the clinic again and was ask to return for another visit and they are kind enough to offer promo price again. This time round a higher dosage of steroid was administered and to my surprise the keloid came off in a week. Very good experience, should have visited them earlier and save the unsightly keliod on my face for a year.

  • Laura Hill
    3 years ago

    I really regret doing Coolsculpting in this place . I thought they are professional . I end up paying 2275 bucks for Coolsculpting . (Total 3)Still got 2 seesion to go was in.pothole. I didn’t realised, When the councillor didn’t brief the session and assessment properly . Were so keen on dealing the sale. But they were disappointing . My treatment was not done properly ! . No measurement and marking were taken . And it was a mess .is so unlevel . The meditician having trouble also getting back the Coolsculpting machine as it was pause halfway I try to get refund . And it was so so difficult to get them to talk in the fone. Please don’t go here .. to do ure fat freeze as it is unsafe. Due to lack of knowledge and they don’t even inform of the risk. There IS! It’s call PAH. Where instead of losing fat u gain lumps of fats . It’s called paradoxical adipose hyperplasia . And they have the Audicity not to tell me.. after few weeks . The om Karen’ . Says sorry I can’t give refund . But we can improvise ur treatment . Ok la fair enuff . But when I wanna ask some doubt and call .. what’s app. She avoid and i Guess something amiss . Very unsafe this company , I hope u all think twice .

  • Jingwen
    3 years ago

    The back acne treatment is effective and i can see the improvement after a few treatments. The person in charged, Rin is professional and friendly. She will take care of you very well throughout the treatment. Highly recommended!

  • Charlotte yeo
    3 years ago

    Was recommended by my friend for my pigmentation issues. The doctor is amazing! I had prior removal treatments with no results but this doctor evaluated my pigments in detail and was very upfront about my treatment. He customized my treatment for each session to what was needed and doesn’t use a one size fits all approach. Overall, I really had a great experience here and am grateful that my pigments are all gone. Thank you.

  • wei li cheo
    3 years ago

    I had my tattoo for quite some time now and decided to go with 8 medical to remove it after trying their trial. My first visit was an excellent experience. At first I was quite nervous about it but doctor wu took his time to explain everything to me. The whole process of it all was very assuring and their pricing is very practical. They are very clean, professional and efficient over here too. Karen and her team are also really nice and they make it very easy to schedule my appointments every time. Thank you guys for making my experience so pleasant.

  • Valerie seah
    3 years ago

    I decided to treat my pigment problems with 8 Medical. My experience was very good so far. The staff was professional, experienced and very informative. They will really take the time to explain to you the procedure, get to know you more and understand your goals for treatment, and answer all your questions and concerns.

  • Amelia Hong
    3 years ago

    Their service and results are great. I’d highly recommend 8 Medical Aesthetic Clinic to anyone looking for pigmentation removal treatment. My doc was super patient and friendly. He is also fair priced and most importantly does his job well and get results

  • Pearl Cheo
    3 years ago

    Just went for my vanquish fat removal trial this afternoon. I must say the girls and the doc are super nice and down-to-earth. Feels very relaxing and cozy. Their price also reasonable compared to other clinics. Overall very pleased with the whole experience. Thank you guys!

  • Rachel Khoo
    3 years ago

    I tried their vanquish treatment. They were very meticulous and took time to explain the procedure to me and the whole process was very comfortable. It’s been 3 weeks after my treatment and I have seen improvements. I would recommend this.

  • gold dust
    3 years ago

    Did my pigmentation treatment here. The result is really good. Cos I tried a few places previously but not much results. My pigmentation is almost gone now. The nurses and doctor is very friendly and professional too. I would recommend this clinic.

  • Jie Ying Teng
    3 years ago

    I have gone for 2 facial treatments so far and I must say that my skin condition has improved. I had really really dry skin that produces sebum but I feel that after going for the facial it has improved. My makeup lasts longer without melting or sliding off now. I would like to compliment Rin, my beautician, for being so gentle and meticulous during the session. Also kudos to Jerlyn who gave such a thorough explanation of the various treatments that were available and recommended the most suitable one for me. Thanks ladies!

  • String Lyn
    3 years ago

    Saw improvement on my face condition with Rin(beautician) and Jerlyn (consultant )simply over a period of 3 months. Do share with them on your skin conditions and let the professional team to zoom in and nailed down based on your skin conditions.
    Service was great.

  • Karmela Quintan
    3 years ago

    went for acne laser treatment but the lady kept insisting on upselling me products rather that giving me information about my skin condition and the treatment that they are giving me. At the end of the treatment, they mentioned that my face will be red, however did not give or discuss more information why it will become red and what i have to do and how long will this last. when the point they couldn’t upsell me i felt that their service become really bad. now my face is highly inflammed and itchy. sent them a message about what to do they just gave me a holding message.

  • Jess Koh
    3 years ago

    Had a great experience with their service and results. Currently doing my pigmentation treatments there. The nurses and doctor are very friendly every time I visit. If you want reasonable price and good results, can give them a try.

  • Koh Brenda
    3 years ago

    consultant told me to stop skin doctor and do facial as the medication taken is not good. went for 2 trials before deciding to sign up a package with them. To get people to sign a package, of course they will give you the best service. after signing up, the consultant force me to buy their product which i didnt to as I realised everytime I finish a facial, my face get more worst. complaint once, got transferred to another outlet. they even changed my treatment. 2nd time doing dpl trt, went home with a swollen face. they tell you extracting of pimples is painless? thats so wrong. next day, the areas they squeeze out my pimples get worst. seen their skin doctor, she also ask me eat pills. wont that bring me to square one. now i demand for full refund, no one reply. what a “wonderful” service.

    3 years ago

    Really amazed by the results… The dark spot on my cheek lightened a lot. I don’t need to waste time to apply so much concealer and powder now. And although when I went there during evening time and the clinic was quite busy, the nurses and doctor was very welcoming and cheerful. Going back for another session 3 weeks later. Can’t wait for the spot to be gone! -Guo yuan

  • Madelyn lim
    3 years ago

    Had my pigmentation treated here. The staffs and doctor are always super warm and professional. If you are in need to have your pigmentation removed, this is a place to go! Thanks doc!

  • Maurice Cheong
    3 years ago

    I tried their vanquish fat removal facebook promotion. Surprisingly it was very comfortable. Just felt hot on the area but no pain. Very happy with results as well. Thank you to the wonderful nurses there (:

  • Maggie Yee
    3 years ago

    Horrible experience with them. Just walked out of the clinic. Advertised rejuran trial at 480 plus gst and I asked specifically if it’s manual method and they said they have manual and injection gun if I want. When I got there they told me 699 is manual method and 480 is injection gun. What a scam. Don’t ever go there. There are hidden costs under their advertisements and purpose just to lure u in . They are not honest upfront. To be clear I went to the one at orchard building. Grange road. No wonder it was so easy to get appointments.. bad business

    To add during consultation dr david deng already said injection gun is not recommended as there is wastage. Manual is better even though there would be more swelling. So why then do they advertise 480 for injection gun when clearly everyone who have consulted the doctor would prefer manual method .

    What a scam this shop is.

  • Anne Olsen
    3 years ago

    I have been visiting this clinic for my hyperpigmentation issues. I had a very positive experience so far. My dark spots are almost gone, and the doctor and nurses are very friendly.

  • Chow Jeannie
    3 years ago

    I just wanted to give a HUGE thumbs up to Jerlyn & Rin. My experience thus far has been amazing!
    Jerlyn (Beauty Advisor) is very friendly & knowledgeable. She does not hard sell and she is very thorough on the explaination of The Cool Crystal Treatment for my sensitive skin.
    Rin (Beautician) is amazing and she explained every step as she worked on my face. She is wonderful and her service was exceptional. My RED, ITCHY, PEELING skin improved after the fist treatment. I am very happy with the result.

  • Oo Mn
    3 years ago

    What i had tried was their Facial. Turn up for the $27 Hydra Radiance Booster,consultant did a skin analysing for me and recommended me a Growth factor facial which cost $128 without gst. After trying, I had reservation on signing the package. As usual, from a 10 times package ,she reduced it to 5 times. Even use a testimony discount to lure me. I refused then offered a 3 times package. I standed firm.Finally able to shake off after half an hour of “consultation “

  • Melissa Teo
    3 years ago

    Saw their vanquish fat melting trial on fb and decided to give it a go. All I can say is i’m truly impressed with the results. Staffs and doctor very nice too. Thank you.

  • li xian yeow
    3 years ago

    I have completed my 4th session a month back and seeing the results really makes it all worth it. Their price is very reasonable too. The clinic staffs are very attentive and dr wu take the time to explain everything to me. Thank you so much dr wu for treating my pigmentation. Am very happy with the results. My skin is looking so much nicer now and I don’t need to cover up my pigmentation every time I go out.

  • Sarah Lim
    3 years ago

    great treatment and professional team!

  • Mansoor Ali
    5 years ago

    Best Aesthetic services

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