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  • Ke Yi Lim
    1 year ago

    Apple did a good job with my nails, she was careful and meticulous. Classic gel mani is $48, with ext+gel removal and additional overlay the total came up to $100.

    Thank you for the good service 🙂

  • Ying Boholst
    1 year ago

    Friendly Jing-jing ? I really like my eyelash lifting! Highly recommended ❤️

  • Kenny Choy
    1 year ago

    Good service and patient worker 🙂

  • ayoco vivian nathasha awuku
    1 year ago

    Jung-Jung was great, she was fast and did it really really nice, nails still look amazing.

  • allena lim
    1 year ago

    great experience here, Apple was professional and helpful in choosing a suitable color and shape for my nails. She was gentle and patient as well! will definitely be back (:

  • Emily Lim
    1 year ago

    Great service here, no hard selling, everything was done meticulously and efficiently !

  • Elena Yuferova
    1 year ago

    Very good service by Apple!

  • Anna Santhiyagu
    1 year ago

    Jingjing gave a very good facial treatment. Satisfied.

  • Wan Afdillah Mohammed
    1 year ago

    Welldone my ingrown toenail no more pain…Very good and very kind person

  • Venus, Xinyu Wang
    1 year ago

    Used to like to go to this salon to get my nails done but it was super great disappointment yesterday over the phone attended by Monica.

    2 days ago, I had called them up around 7pm and requested to know how many sessions do my package still have, I was told they will message me around 830pm after attending to their clients, so fine, I waited. I did not receive any message nor call, so fine, I called them up yesterday which is the next day to request to know again, the excuse given was that they were very busy so hence they did not message me. I wasn’t upset nor angry as I can totally understand customer service line can be tiring, so I waited.I did not receive my updates after a whopping 1hr and 9minutes so I text again to remind again. I only received the updates after 2.5hrs plus the updates over the voice message and the text message is different. Fine, so I requested for Monica to call me back but as I’m at work, my phone was on mute and I did not hear my phone ringing.

    Anyway to cut this review short, I called up their mobile number again last night and Monica was the 1 who answered.

    I asked if should I want to get my manicure done, which date and day will be preferred etc. I also informed her I have gel manicure done on my nails and she informed me there’s a charge of $10 to have it removed. I told her other nails salon don’t even charge me this extra charges to have my previous gel polish removed which is not done by them, her reply in Mandarin was: ‘$10 only ma’, so I told her $10 can feed me a meal. So she was unhappy and told me since other salons don’t charge me, then go to them instead!

    Is this the right attitude in customer service line? Plus I still have so many sessions left with them which include the hand mask!

    I’m really super speechless in regards to this salon! So tell me, since I still have so many sessions left, how am I to use it??????!!!!!!!! Stupid me for giving in to their hard selling previously!!!

  • Hhhjjj Lim
    1 year ago

    Come here to experience mud moxibustion, it’s very good, mud moxibustion after pulling the tendons, it’s very comfortable, and the effect can be seen immediately, thank you Jingjing

    来这边体验泥灸, 很不错, 拨了筋后再泥灸, 很舒服,马上看得出效果, 谢谢晶晶

  • Sheng Zhong
    1 year ago

    I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the beauty and wellness services at M2 and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. The attention to detail and level of care provided by the staff was exceptional. From the soothing ambience to the skilled practitioners, everything about the experience exuded a sense of luxury and relaxation.

    The beauty treatments left my skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and the wellness services helped me to destress and unwind. I particularly enjoyed massage therapy, which was both therapeutic and invigorating.

    Overall, I highly recommend M2 to anyone looking for top-notch beauty and wellness services. The professionalism and expertise of the staff, coupled with the comfortable setting, make for an unparalleled experience.

  • Danelle Malunao
    1 year ago

    apple did a great job with my pedicure including the foot scrub that takes your dead skin! thank you!

  • Khin Myat Noe
    1 year ago

    Apple did my nails very pretty… really do love her patience and work.

    5/5 ⭐️ for her.

  • Charlotte M
    1 year ago

    Good nail service, Apple was very concentrated and detailed.

  • khairun nissa
    1 year ago

    I like the turnout of my toe nails ?

  • creamsicle s
    1 year ago

    The Pedi itself looks good and they took a short notice booking, but the actual experience had constant hard selling (it was like being trapped in a sales room) and at some point the pedicurist randomly took a photo of my toes without asking or explaining why, probs because one of my nails had an issue but it was super uncomfortable ? I have an ingrown nail issue on my big toe, and they were trying to resolve it which hurt like mad (WAY MORE than any pedicurist I’ve been to before) but I thought it had just gotten really bad and they were doing their job. Well 2 days later my feet are infected, super inflamed and painful with pus and I have to go on antibiotics. So sadly I cannot recommend

  • Zavior K
    1 year ago

    Good place for manicure service. Did the classic manicure. Jing Jing service is top notch.

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