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12 Reviews on “Ladies Bella - Bedok”

  • Lucas Francis
    2 months ago

    Had a fantastic service with Sally, would definitely come back again. 👍👍

  • yenching p
    4 months ago

    Was having a great time and wanted to return however after I showed the fave voucher I bought, the other lady(the big and old one) accused me of not saying I have a fave voucher when I booked the appointment. I’m not a new user of fave, and I understand some places have priority for members, so I always make sure to say it. She raised her voice and kept repeating that I said otherwise, basically was trying to pick a fight, insisting that I was the one at fault. So unprofessional, so rude, so disrespectful! I think the lady doing my nails was embarrassed by her behaviour as well.

  • Maya Ng
    4 months ago

    I cant even describe the experience here. One thing for sure just dont try anything here. Even after doing mistakes they are still try to sell package, if I were her I rather did my job than doing nonsense.

    Updates my skin suddenly reacts sensitively to the cream applied.This is worrying

  • Thị Thu Trần
    1 year ago

    Good customer service, many nail colors to choose from

  • fel1011
    1 year ago

    If there is a choice, I would have given a 0 Star.

    Before entering the shop, I saw a poster stating that CDC VOUCHER is accepted in this shop.

    During the session, 2 of them 1 Vietnam national and an Indian Lady was persisted in hard selling their Packages to me which I had denied their packages.

    During payment I mentioned to them that I would like to use the CDC voucher for payment, to my surprise they told me today(24Dec22) consider a festive season they do not accept the CDC Voucher as Payment and mentioned that they had taken down the CDC Voucher Poster on their front Door which is totally a lie.

    I don’t see anywhere in the CDC Website that Voucher are not available for use during Festive day.

    I have proceed to make a report on LadiesBella and will never enter this shop ever now I understand why their shops is empty.

  • Samantha Pinto
    1 year ago

    Worst ever!!

  • Samantha Pinto
    1 year ago

    I got a voucher on fave where I got 3 sessions on pedicure. The 1st session was great but the last 2 sessions were horrible. I felt like if you don’t buy what they try to sell you just get a crappie service. Today was my last session and for the first time in a pedicure I was never given a moisturising massage. Never again, extremely disappointed!

  • Geraldine Yap
    1 year ago

    This was my first visit to this shop and it will be my last too. At the beginning, me & my mum were served by young Vietnamese ladies. They are very patient and friendly, they provide us with good service until another lady staff who came to work at a later time, she seems to be the senior staff or maybe the lady boss. She’s the one who answered my call for my appointment. That day when I was on the call with her, she suggested me not to purchase Fave voucher but pay cash at the counter, it will be the same price & said – let them earn abit (in chinese).

    But I did not take her advice but purchase Fave voucher instead. When I saw her today, she asked if I purchase Fave voucher, I told her I did. She said in nasty tone, I told you not to purchase right? I kept quiet and didn’t look at her. At that moment, I asked my manicurist how much will my mum’s classic pedicure be? As I only purchase mine for classic mani+pedi for SGD18.52 and she said classic pedi will be SGD35. So I told in that case, I purchase the same voucher for my mum which is cheaper, don’t need manicure as my mum doesn’t want and manicurist suggested to sign package which will be cheaper for 10 sessions at SGD280 which I am not keen and rejected her offer.

    The senior staff/lady boss heard and she started to top coat on my mum’s pedicure, from her body language I can see she is not welcoming us anymore as we did not want sign up the package. At that time, my pedicure was done was blowing that hot air thingy for about 2 mins. This senior staff/lady boss came over & remove the machine from my feet, I told her I just started drying up the nails she says it should be fine – just don’t let anyone step on my feet. She seems like chasing us out the shop.

    So I stood up and wanna settle the bill, I shown her my Fave voucher and she asked me to fill up my particulars together with my mum’s – NRIC & contact number in a booklet. I took awhile to purchase mum’s Fave voucher and she continue to say in a nasty tone, you haven’t buy the voucher right? Why don’t just pay at the counter? I ignored her and just show her the voucher and left as soon as possible. Before I left, I thanked both manicurists who did a good service earlier.

    Overall, I felt like entering a con shop – at first the service was quite alright once I did not want to sign their package, the service immediately changed. I was shocked, maybe they are foreigners and they just want business, no money no talk. To be frank, the quality of their nail polish doesn’t look good – my manicure doesn’t last a full day. I will not recommend to patronizing them until you wanna a risk at your own expense.

  • lina mustamin
    2 years ago

    Becareful of the con ladies , if u dont take the package they offer , i did express medicure for $15 as promotion and they charged me another $10 for removing my previous gel , I agree to pay another $10 for removing the previous gel. the staff (Tin) tried to persuade me to do the pedicure as well for total $60 plus , I rejected, then another collegues spoke in their language and use the calculator and gave the sign the hand at the month to be quiet (to impress me that a good offer that cant be heared by other customers right and left), showed me from the calculator that the price only $45 for both insteaf of $60 plus ,and they kept saying they gave me good price . And then Tin didnt stop persuading me to sign packages, I kept rejected. when paid, I got shock, they force me to pay $65 insteaf of $45, the $20 for removing my previous gel . And the friendly laddies become tiger, so fierce. Never go and fall to their trap with good promotion , they are so hungry to eat u up. They are from vietnam that suppose to be friendly not to con people in singapore. Seem they are experiences to con people , change lady to physcho , when I made noise, one lady quickly walked out (bathroom) so another lady will say she didnt know how much the original price that her collegue gave me. I prefer to give zero or negative review

  • Siti D
    3 years ago

    Actually worth ZERO STAR! I’ve been patronising them for about a year, first few months at Far East Plaza, and the rest till last month at Bedok. Staff are friendly at both outlets. The one at Far East (Jennifer) did a great job and was not pushy with the package. But I took it up as it was affordable and Jennifer was not pushy at all. I then continued at Bedok. The main staff (I forgot her name) at Bedok also did a neat finish to my nails, and friendly, not too pushy also, flexible with payment. However my recent visit in Nov 2020 left me feeling extremely upset and betrayed as a regular customer. Firstly, mixed up of time schedules. I scheduled for 4pm but apparently someone mixed up all the bookings so I had to return at 5pm. Also, another regular customer had to return after more than an hour due to a mix up of her booking. Staff didn’t apologise to me instantly btw. My patience was further tested by their new staff later on. She was the one who did my nails and tbh was not as great as the main staff. To make things worse, she kept on pushing me to take up a new package. I was only left with two more sessions for my current package and she was very very persistent!! Like, I couldn’t leave my seat if I do not take it up. I had no choice but to pay $40 deposit so I could leave in “peace”. When I reached home, I called them up to complain and hoped to get my deposit returned. The main staff apologized as new staff was just doing her job. She advised me to call their boss. So, I did that. And guess what the boss said to me? “It’s your money with you, You can not give to my staff what. Now you give, sorry no return your money.” Easy for her to say. She did not seem to believe when I described her staff as very pushy and persistent. Kept blaming it on me. So, this place doesn’t deserve any stars, HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED. You go at your own risk.

  • Nicole
    3 years ago

    Manicurist was friendly and pleasant but the gel manicure was the worst I have ever had. Had to ask at the end to fix dry skin and poorly cut cuticles. too pushy with selling packages despite clearly saying I’m not interested.

  • hann 66
    3 years ago

    Visited last week for a mani and pedi session. dont ever patronise them unless you are ready to leave with a package. staffs there will make you feel uncomfortable by asking you to sign their package throughout the session. even after you rejected them they wont stop, they will take turns to psycho you to buy their packagae!!!

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