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  • Michael TeoGC
    2 months ago

    Very professional massage & staff very polite

  • Tedy Bear
    4 months ago

    (The person who massaged me was Jenny. Her massage was as caring as a girlfriend, which made me feel at ease. If you want a massage, I highly recommend Jenny.)


  • Kevin
    1 year ago

    (It was my first time to visit that day, and Tiffany entertained me. Tiffany is probably the youngest in the store, she has a sweet smile, she is pretty, and she is always smiling. The massage technique is very good and the strength is enough. At the beginning, I was a little skeptical and didn’t know how good she was, but she felt really comfortable when she started massaging💆. I particularly enjoyed her pressing the shoulders and neck, her strength was very good. It’s worth giving Tiffany a commendation. It’s rare that someone so young has such good massage techniques. Keep up the good work👍👍👍💯)

    那天我是第一次光顾,是Tiffany 招待我的。Tiffany应该是店里最年轻的了,笑容甜美,人又漂亮,一直笑嘻嘻的。按摩手法很到位,力度也够。开始时还会有些怀疑不知道她的实力如何,但她开始按摩💆时真的很舒服。特別享受她按肩颈的时候,力度拿捏得很好。值得给Tiffany 一个表扬,很少这么年轻,按摩手法这么到位的。加油👍👍👍💯

  • Vijay Murugesan
    1 year ago


  • Alan Tan
    1 year ago

    After few sleepless nights due to neck ache, I decided to get myself a good nice massage.

    Was attended by this pretty and young lady Tiffany during this visit. She is very patient and understand which areas are causing my neck ache. Her massage is skillful and applied adequate strength to the points. She is also a very cheerful lady with great smile and attitude. Lastly I also tried her ear picking which I was shock at the amount of ear wax I had accumulated.

    Probably the youngest and definitely the most pretty staff (from my point of view) in this outlet, I am very happy that I am attended by her. Great customer service, excellent strength and technique, good personality with great looks. Well Done.👍

    Overall a great and wonderful visit. Btw my neck is not aching now, thanks to Tiffany. Would definitely return for more session.

  • Li wen H
    1 year ago

    Not very professional. Not trained well. They keep talking to one another during the massage session and I can’t relax

  • Jonas Yuan
    1 year ago

    I’ve an issue with my left hand due to injury but very fortunate to meet Michelle, a highly professional masseur with great skill and friendly attitude. She patiently message my left hand and after many rounds finally cure my injury. Many thanks to Michelle and highly recommended her to everyone.

  • Chris Loh
    1 year ago

    Went for my backaches and greeted by Michelle – 米尔, whom i was assigned to. She was very experienced and proffesional, and also cure my backaches. Highly recommend for this masseur. 😊

  • Min Yu
    1 year ago

    It’s a good place for massage and really recommended for the good service and attitude of the masseuse

  • shi han Cao
    1 year ago

    In the past few days, my back is sore and my cervical spine hurts. After being introduced, I came to Imperial Wellness Spa. Today, I happened to meet the beautiful massager Cici. She was proficient in her skills and professional. The massage process was careful, very patient, and the whole process was very relaxed and satisfied! Thank you for your massage service. The massage skills are great. After the massage, I feel comfortable, which easily relieves the pressure. I will definitely come back next time.

  • Xiao Fang
    1 year ago

    (I have been to this massage place. The technique is very good and the service attitude is also very good👍I will take my friends with me next time)


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