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  • Evon Hoermi
    4 weeks ago

    Giving 3 star because first my first visit I had a good experience and dr Nicole is skilful and knowledgeable

    Visited the second time and the experience with the consultant is terrible and affected my mood on the overall experience

    Had quite a wait for almost an hour before my turn. Numbing cream was applied on my face but during cleansing I think it got into my eyes hence the therapist had to wipe my eyes which spread the numbing cream until my eyelid as she uses the same cloth / water that use to clean my face. My eyelid was numb as a result.

    Due to the long wait the numb effectiveness worn off during my rejuran treatment – I did fractional laser first before rejuran injection . Hence during rejuran injection it was alot more painful as I could feel the needles piercing through my skin at the surface

    The consultant was very very pushy which I do not appreciate. I asked the consultant about what can the $200 voucher in the account be used for and aft she knew I had the voucher she keep on asking me to sign up package and subtly “threaten” that my voucher will expire if I don’t renew on that day. When questioned when the voucher will expire, she refused to tell me and even try to quote an example from another customer saying they used to have customer wanting to sign up package but ended up the voucher expired.

    1. The consultant pressured me during when I was waiting for to clean the numbing cream,

    2. after my procedure (the person who help me clean tried to sales talk but not so bad)

    3 after the procedure when I was signing off both the consultant and the therapist standing in front of me trying to persuade me to sign up / saying my voucher will expire and dodge my question on the expiry

    I felt cornered at that point of time that I had to head straight to the door

    It is quite an unpleasant if you can imagine

    Pls reflect on this because this is not how sales work nowadays. The more customers are being pressured the more they would not sign up or recommend others to come.

  • Venetia Lee
    1 month ago

    Once you sign a package with them, they don’t care about providing service at all. Sign at your own risk.

  • Carmen K.
    2 months ago

    Clinic’s location is convenient, the doctor’s are experienced

  • C M
    2 months ago

    Shorter waiting time compares to others branches.

    Service: Dysport /Botox

  • K F
    2 months ago

    Great service and value

  • yong xuan
    2 months ago

    Had a very pleasant experience on my Dysport treatment with Dr Nicole, staff was really helpful as well!

  • Micheal R
    3 months ago

    Good service. Short waiting time. Doctors have good knowledge and can answer questions when asked. Staffs are friendly too.

  • Jaslin Toon
    3 months ago

    (The doctors and nurses are really serious and attentive. After several treatments, my face became super clear. The most important thing is that the pores before have become smaller! Nor any hardsell. Super satisfied and recommend everyone to try it!)


  • Shi Shi
    3 months ago

    Great services from doctors and staffs

  • Rebecca Cuenca
    3 months ago

    Very good service and top notch doctor! Would highly recommend for best value treatments!

  • Hello Bye
    4 months ago

    Tried booking appointment slot as an existing customer after paying for the package two days back. there was no response via the hotline 97108808(WhatsApp and call) despite multiple messages sent.

    Got a friend of mine to text as a new customer for the same appointment day and she received a response immediately via WhatsApp.

    Please think twice before committing to any packages

  • Sin ming Tan
    4 months ago

    Excellent service and customer oriented!

  • susana sinardinata
    4 months ago

    Love the service n attention given by the doctor n the therapist

  • AM
    4 months ago

    Great experience at clinic. Friendly staff 👍👍

  • Felicity
    5 months ago

    (I like to have treatments at Raffle, especially their PICO. The skin is very clean and the pores become very fine. I love it so much😍)

    我喜欢在Raffle 进行护理 ,尤其是他家的PICO 做了皮肤很干净和 毛孔变得很细腻 我超爱的😍

  • B Wong
    5 months ago

    Pro – prices are fairly competitive and I believe it’s because they do their business by the volume.

    No complaints about treatment service.

    Con – you will be subjected to hard selling.

    Insisted that I need to purchase on the spot since GST will increase in 2024 (this is despite the fact that the clinic does not charge for GST).

    Nevertheless, I gave in and signed up for the package but I hope never to be subjected to this kind of stress in subsequent sessions.

    Staff had no mercy in criticizing my skin condition. It could be factual in their opinion but I think it’s uncalled for. This is not part of good customer service.

    A customer should decide what’s his own skin concerns afterall these are all elective treatments. If it’s not a problem to me, why should it be a problem to the staff.

    Understand that everyone wants to meet their KPI and do their job but it doesn’t hurt to be kind with words.

    Objectively, this is still a good clinic so I’m giving 3 stars.

  • qianrou chu
    5 months ago

    The staff are very friendly and helpful .thanks for the good service .will come back again.

  • E0868 Lim
    5 months ago

    Doctors and therapists are friendly and competent. Location is convenient and clinic is cozy

  • Ice Poh
    5 months ago

    Good place for quick rejuvenation

  • Tayra Zhang
    5 months ago

    The place is clean and comfortable, the service there is very helpful and warm.

  • Weiqian Tan
    5 months ago

    Go for pico laser on sat, Dr Wendy and assistant explain to me well the treatment and after results.

    Both are patient and attentive, highly recommended

  • S
    6 months ago

    Love Dr Nicole from this branch.! She’s extremely patient and very informative.

  • Cheryl Sin
    6 months ago

    Newest outlet in the CBD area. Cosy and nice ambience. Staff and doctors are friendly and professional!

  • ivy Shi
    6 months ago

    Very good service,staff very friendly!

  • Y C
    6 months ago

    Professional and prompt service by the doctor and staff. Good promotion prices for different treatments from time to time.

  • Yang Sin Yee
    7 months ago

    Staff are friendly and recommendations of packages are suitable for my skin condition.

  • Jasmin
    8 months ago

    staff good service ,dr very professional !sure visit next time!

  • Yeekang Lee
    8 months ago

    (I like their service. The doctor Dr. Pris is very attentive and explains clearly. He will arrange the next treatment that needs to be done. Highly recommended.)

    喜欢她们家的服务,医生Dr.Pris 很细心,解释很清楚,会安排好下一次需要做什么treatment,非常推荐

  • Jeanette T
    9 months ago

    Love the service here and the location is convenient!

  • Joan Tan
    9 months ago

    The Dr and therapists were incredibly friendly and professional, and the clinic itself had a clean and modern aesthetic. I’m thrilled with the results of my treatment. Highly recommended!

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