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25 Reviews on “Healing Touch - Orchard Centrepoint”

  • T Saka
    1 year ago

    Visited April 22nd. Massage teacher Alice had a ridiculous skill.

    Accurately find my bad points and concentrate attacks! I’ve found a good masseuse after a long time! I can hardly speak English, but there is no problem with broken Chinese. I want to go every week! By the way, VISA can be used as of 22/4.



  • vanessa constantino
    2 years ago

    Took my tourist relatives today and they enjoyed the massage experience very much. Very clean! Superb service. Satisfied customers and highly recommended to try. 🙂

  • Sun Xue
    2 years ago

    Nice outlet newly renovated! Relaxing experience

  • Jun Kai Ng
    2 years ago

    Wasted and disappointing trip. The place is poorly managed.

    Decided to try out a different branch given that I was near the area. Had an email confirmation the day before.

    On date itself, I was rejected by the masseurs despite showing the email confirmation. I understand that there were no receptionists, but the place was empty (no customers).

    Had to knock on every door, before being rudely chased out with no reasonable explanation. I was told by the masseurs they will only entertain customers at 7+. My appointment was at 6.

    Showed the email confirmation but was told it didn’t matter lol. Asked me to call and reschedule. Can’t imagine why this happened.

    What a trip.

  • Cliffton Chong
    2 years ago

    Let me preface this review by saying that I went to another Healing Touch outlet in the past and absolutely loved their Deep Tissue massage. My back aches really did disappear for a couple of weeks and I tried other massage brands but that was still the best my wife and I had in Singapore.

    Unfortunately, we chose this outlet as it was the most convenient with a couple room and we thoroughly regret our decision. Firstly, they didn’t have a receptionist (which didn’t bother us much, but would come into play later).

    Secondly, we should have seen this big red flag when we asked them if we could specify the massage we wanted as we did not do so when we booked over the phone. The therapist mentioned that the massages are all the same, just the amount of pressure put in. If you see the Healing Touch website, you’ll see at least 9 different types listed there. The therapist obviously did not know what she was talking about, and later on, it became clear she did not know what she was doing as well.

    During the massage, she constantly used her elbows, forearms and knuckles to massage, which was entirely different from my previous experience. Also, the Deep Tissue massage is described as “reducing inflammation through slow and deep movements” on their website, while the therapist was rubbing as though she was trying to start a campfire.

    This caused three major issues. Firstly, she couldn’t spot any of my tight spots as she was frantically rubbing my back with her forearms and paid entirely no attention to them. Secondly, it caused bone on bone grinding in many areas, including on my shins, forearms and she was even using her knuckles and elbows on my head. You will see on google reviews that they say that mild bruising is normal, but not when it is caused from bone to bone grinding. That is in no way normal or reasonable to expect from a massage. Thirdly, instead of using her hands when doing some stretches, she continued using her elbows, which were biting into me each time.

    I did ask her to go lighter in pressure but there’s nothing much you can do when the therapist is using her forearms and elbows to start a fire on all your muscles and bones.

    When we were about to leave, they told us a different amount to pay than what we were communicated with a different person on WhatsApp. The person on WhatsApp called us when we were on the way to dinner to transfer an additional amount as we didn’t pay enough, even though we paid what the therapist said.

    I believe that if you check the reviews, you’ll see that some other people had the same experience I did, while other lucky few didn’t. My wife had a different experience and massage than I did and even commented that her therapist gave weird looks over to my therapist. Even her massage was not as good as our previous massage in the other outlet.

    Just avoid this outlet, plain and simple.

  • Jared
    2 years ago

    Do not go to this branch. The massage was bad for both me and my wife. My masseuse was massaging me so furiously it felt like my skin was being rubbed off. My wife was being elbowed so much she was bruised after the massage.

    Definitely the worst massage experience.

  • Vincent H.
    2 years ago

    Massages here are great for those who love deep kneading as the massage therapists are very strong. If you’re like me who prefers it less intense, they do respond and adjust if you mention it during the session. Massages I’ve tried are Asian Fusion, 4PTension Relief and Bo Jin Orthopaedic. I’ve come here on and off for a number of years now and one thing that hasn’t changed is the warmth of the front-desk staff and therapists. Zero hardselling, always genuinely asking how you are and taking good care of you. I once bought a package and then didn’t renew due to my finances at the time but the service provided after was still kind and professional as opposed to other places that judge you according to the tiers of service you can afford. Always happy to support their business and I hope they’ll be around for a long time. Special shout-out to therapist Jasmine who did my Bo Jin massage today. She is warm, caring and super good at what she does. My migraine is gone and I’ll sleep well tonight ?

  • Yuchen L
    2 years ago

    Went in for a couples massage. Both masseuse were strong but the massage itself was very fast paced, which isn’t conducive to relaxation. We asked for it to be slower but it didn’t feel like they understood

  • seagate loh
    2 years ago

    During covid period, you will need booking to get a session. The price is slight steep but they have their skill based on my 1 time visit.

  • Zack Keng
    3 years ago

    Went there for Thai fusion massage. To me it was too painful ?

  • Liwei
    3 years ago

    Visited this place back in November for spa retreat. We were given a couple room so my husband and I could share the same room while doing our massage. I personally preferred light massages so the pressure is a tad too much for me. If you are someone who loves deep tissue massage then you can consider this place.

    It would have been great if they have a toilet within their unit hence it is relatively inconvenient having to walk a distance to use the toilet located in the shopping mall. The mall itself is pretty rundown as well.

  • Rose Ashari
    3 years ago

    Good service!

  • L Loy
    3 years ago

    4.5 star for the great 4P tension relief massage and masseur. 3 star for the unfriendly looking receptionists. Location is at a pretty run down shopping centre.

  • Htar Htar
    3 years ago

    Clean & good service

  • Satish Srivastava
    3 years ago

    Had a deep tissue massage and it was simply great..! Very professional and experienced staff.

  • Elke Jamil
    4 years ago

    Take customer service serious. They do a very good massage.

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