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21 Reviews on “Healing Touch - Fort Canning”

  • Bob Teo
    1 year ago

    Did the deep tissue here and the session was very professional and well done. The masseuse asked if I had any issues and I shared with her on my left back pain. She focused on that area to try to make it better. Overall great place, value for money for sure!

  • Annithaa Pandiapp (Nita)
    2 years ago

    Finally I got my time to go for body massage at Healing Touch (Fort Canning). This time I choose the Bojin Massage as I had been with my lower back pain and stiff neck shoulder. Belinda was really knowledgeable and skillful. She knows what is she doing. The best massage and i can feel my body is very light and relaxing now. And not to forget Finah at the counter welcomes with a bright smile which I personally feels so good. This is how welcoming should be. Thanks guys❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Xenia Meier
    2 years ago

    This was one of the best massages I had in a long time – Belina was able to release a lot of tension in my neck and I felt amazing afterward. Definitely coming back!!

  • Pete Francis
    2 years ago

    A favourite for many years. Always a quality, authentic massage

  • Yuki Chong
    2 years ago

    Very interesting.

  • J L
    2 years ago

    Very very bad experience. This is the first time I experienced and saw a masseuse massaging with gloves on. She applied way too much oil and there was not much pressure despite this being deep tissue massage.

    There was so much oil used that my clothes were soaked with oil after the massage. I did not feel relieved or got any deep tissue massaged. Disappointed!!!!!!!

  • Josephine Chong
    2 years ago

    Solid massage

  • Giang Nguyen
    2 years ago

    I had a really bad experience here. For your information, I am a person with visually impairment.

    The receptionist asked me to wait when I came. After a while, she came back and said that they cannot provide services for me because I cannot undress myself. That is a

    Weirdest reason I have heard when I live in Singapore.

    I tried to persuade them and then they asked me for waiting again. The receptionist came back the second time and provide another reason for not giving me their services. They mentioned that I cannot scan QR code and fill in the safe entry form. However, I am the one who using my phone in front of them and obviously they can see that.

    I really surprise how rude they are and I was shock because of their discrimination. For sure I will never come back to this branch.

    I have read a lot of good information about Healing Touch but this experience made me feel really frustrated.

  • Sophie Jiang
    2 years ago

    I love the facial service in this branch. I have facial points in healing touch. And this branch is among the best. The beautician is nice and patient

  • Poon IG
    2 years ago

    I’ve been to several HT outlets and this is unfortunately one of the poorer performing ones given our general experience with HT has been positive. Both my wife and I found the masseuse to be of mediocre standard, my wife swapped out her masseuse in the middle of the session- the second one was better but not superb either. technique wasn’t superb, slightly rough, place was noisy, didn’t feel relaxing enough to fall asleep like we usually would.

  • X Z Seng
    2 years ago

    Came in for a deep tissue massage with my wife, couple room. It was painful but decent to relieve my aching joints. Good point, the one massaging managed to focus on my chronic aching joints without even me mentioning it. Truly wonderful. Everyone has their own opinion but the good outweighs the bad. I’m. Goodhob healing touch and the one messaging

  • Andy C
    3 years ago

    Been using Healing Touch for awhile now, got an e-mail notification that my credits are expiring soon.

    Call in to check how much credits am I left with, lady on phone replied, “not enough for 1 session”.

    Bit rude?

  • Serena
    3 years ago

    Always good. Too bad my regular massuer is no longer there.

  • Kenneth Koh
    3 years ago

    Not bad. Pleasant environment.

  • Aveline Bongiovi
    3 years ago

    The massage I had was ok.

    I was a bit disappointed by the fact that I could hear everything that was happening in the massage room next to mine (people talking etc.) It was pretty annoying.

  • Cindy Pelou
    3 years ago

    Even though the lady that massaged me was nice, the massage itself was nothing but disappointment. I don’t like strong massages but she was barely pressing her fingers. She finished earlier, so I had… eyebrows massages… Not head, not face, eyebrows only, for 10 minutes…

    The place is clean though, personnel is nice, and respect well the security mesures, so I give it a 2nd star

    I wouldn’t recommend this specific place, maybe try another healing touch salon?

  • Andrew Chong
    3 years ago

    Nice ambience and massage. Been a member for quite sometimes and still loving it. Recommended

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