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  • Arthi Devi Singh
    1 year ago

    Thanks to Lily for taking time to spend your expertise and knowledge with my current toenail conditions. The treatment was done very well.

    However, they are too hard selling. Each visit is all about buying the package and adding new treatments or products to existing.

    Wish that their focus is on doing their basics (classic pedi and mani) well.

  • Angela Chin
    1 year ago

    This is my 2nd visit, requested for the regular mani/pedi without nail polish. Was surprised when manicurist said I had toenail fungus and recommended their treatment, which i had to top up as it is not in the package i sign up for. When paying up, I was told i will need multiple sessions for that treatment, to which I declined. It is a doctor I should go to if my condition doesn’t get cleared. Seriously, can you tell which toe has the so-called fungus? Giving 3 stars since they are really well-staffed and each customer had 2 staff attending to us, which I am appreciative as save us time.

  • A Lim
    1 year ago

    Friendly service. They do ask you to top up etc but all in good manners and if you don’t want they won’t turn black face. Been with them for nearly 6 years now.

  • Melissa Hie
    1 year ago

    Since we’ve been working from home, I go here mostly for pedicure. $40 for classic pedicure, but $33 if you sign a package! I have always been happy with the service.

  • Mohamed Yusuf Mohamed Ashraf
    1 year ago
  • Debbie Lam
    1 year ago

    Super not happy with my experience here.

    My nail tech tried to hard sell me different services the entire time I was getting my nails done. I asked for a classic mani, and my nail tech kept trying to sell me a gel mani and a nail treatment instead. I repeatedly said no, but the nail tech kept telling me how bad and dry and thin my nails were, and that I need nail treatments, which made me uncomfortable and unable to relax.

    The massage and cuticle care was rushed, the nail tech gave me an attitude when I asked her to repaint a nail that smudged. She also took a picture of my nails without asking for permission. I paid $60 for a simple mani and left feeling so dissatisfied with the poor customer service. Also their gel soak-off wasn’t even a soak-off. They just quickly drilled off the gel, and didn’t remove all of it properly or safely. This was one of the worst experiences I ever had at a nail salon.

  • Normila Binte Mohamed Taib
    1 year ago

    They did pretty decent express nails for me

  • Jasmine Kaur
    1 year ago

    This is the best nails salon ever. Manicurists are extremely warm and friendly. Just signed my second package with them.

    Especially love Annie and Maggie.

  • Alesha Faye
    1 year ago

    We went for an impromptu pedicure spa and the service of Concept Nailz Spa is really amazing. The ladies were all extremely attentive to customers – they are Vietnamese and so polite – they did a hot towel wrap for our pedicure spa. They all spoke English well

    The spa itself is so clean and contemporary look and feel with 7 massage chairs in total.

    Highly recommended if you’re tired of bad service from other places. 5⭐️

  • Aditi Sodhi
    1 year ago

    I have been frequenting this nail salon on and off for a few years and heard good reviews from friends then finally signed on as a package.

    Unfortunately, my last service here was a gelish mani (something I’ve done several times at different nail salons but first time here). When i went back for removal a few weeks ago, the lady performing the service seemed in a rush, didn’t sit down and hence was unbalanced on her feet so she ended up grinding down most of the nails quite a bit to the extend they were very painful for a few weeks whenever i was typing (which is 8 hours of the day in my job).

    I went back today for my usual classic mani/pedi and gave this feedback to the lady (different one) doing the service and she casually said that it’s my nails that are weak and thin and i should do a treatment for them.

    Personally,i was very disheartened. I politely told her it’s not my first time and I’d like it if they took some responsibility for it. I am hoping yhe owner will see the review and advice staff to take feedback from customers in constructive way. Maybe it is Sunday and busy at the salon which is why the tone of delivery was so sharp.

    I still want to give rating 3 because they do have good product and perform general services well. Place is very neat and clean.

  • Ling Koh
    1 year ago

    The gellish manicure is not very lasting these days, likes to sell you packages.

  • Danessa Foo
    2 years ago

    I’ve been coming to this salon for 2 years on-and-off before I signed a package with them. Their service is always tip-top and the ladies are always very polite and friendly. They have a wide range of colours and types of products to suit your needs & wants. Be prepared to wait if you walk-in during the weekday evenings and especially on weekends without making a prior appointment; that’s how busy they can get.

    I especially enjoy it when Cindy and Annie do my gel mani-pedi. They remember my preferences and make suggestions on what’s new & trending.

  • Rosella Pang
    2 years ago

    I went to Concept for their eyeliner embroidery services and it was HORRIBLE. Anyone considering using their services, don’t. Please, I urge the managers to buy better materials and better train your staff. Firstly, numbing cream was applied to my eyes and it burned so much I cried. I then asked for different numbing cream and to know what the brand is. The embroiderer, Kelly, didn’t know and later when I looked at the bottle packaging it was a brand less generic product probably bought cheaply. THIS IS DANGEROUS: buying cheap medication that goes onto people’s eyelids, an incredible sensitive area that has a the potential to go into their eyes, can cause permanent damage to the eyes and caused extreme swelling which it did in my case. Next, Kelly started the embroidery and it caused searing pain on my eyelids. This is not surprising considering they used cheap numbing cream. I was in so much pain I told her I wanted to leave she said that was no possible. Then I asked her to change the numbing cream because at this point the pain was unbearable. I started involuntarily crying because I wasn’t properly numbed and Kelly didn’t stop. It was then I noticed that people started coming into the treatment room and heard laughter. 3 STAFF MEMBERS CAME IN AND LAUGHED AT ME CRYING. How disgusting, you all should be ashamed. I then asked to leave again even tried taking the cotton pads out of my eyes. Kelly then handed me a mirror and showed the horrible job she did to this point, with both my eyes being uneven and half done with my inner eye completely not embroidered. She asked for one more try to do it and I said fine because at this point I looked like a clown with the half embroidery. Before she started again, i asked her to close the curtains to the treatment room because I could hear staff members coming in and laughing and commenting which is UTTERLY HUMILIATING.It was again ten minutes of burning pain before I told her the numbing cream effect completely wore off and it’s intolerably painful. Kelly said she can’t give me anymore numbing cream because it causes more swelling but obviously that’s a lie. She then asked me to contribute without numbing cream. SHE ASKED ME TO LET HER PUT NEEDLES ON MY EYES WITHOUT NUMBING CREAM. I stopped her, and immediately got up to leave. I stopped because my eyes have been crying so much that my vision is blurry and they were beet red. Then Kelly had the guts to asked me for a photo of my embroidery because somehow she’s not ashamed. At this point I was so angry I told her straight that she did a horrible job and that I deserve a partial compensation if not get a full refund. SHE LAUGHED IN MY FACE AND LEFT. I went out of the treatment room which every staff member turned to stare at my puffy red eyes still gleaming with tears and snicker or outright laigh. IT WAS THE MOST HUMILIATING EXPERIENCE AND EVERY STAFF MEMBER, ESPECIALLY KELLY, SHOULD BE ASHAMED TO TAKE PLEASURE IN A CUSTOMER’S PAIN. This absolute trainwreck of eyeliner embroidery cost me 299 dollars!!!!! Almost 300 dollars for staff to laugh at me crying, for getting needles electronically inserted into my eyes with cheap numbing cream, to cry and beg them to stop multiple times without any effect. I have audio recording of the whole experience(including staff members coming in and laughing and me crying and telling Kelly to stop) and a picture of my eyes right after the embroidery that will be reported as unfair practices under Consumer Protection Act. To any potential consumers, NEVER VISIT THEM PLEASE YOUR HEALTH AND WELL-BEING TAKES PRIORITY. I’m writing all this to warn any and all potential consumers that Concept Nailz Spa at City Square Mall does not care about their customers and to just please go somewhere else.

  • Sylvia Knoss
    2 years ago

    I booked an appointment by very short notice for a full pedi. Unfortunately I was running out of time and changed my mind for an express pedi. This was not an issue at all. I was very professionally served. The lady (Sally) discussed with me how I can treat my nails better in the future. The polish was very professionally done! I do live in Bangkok and we do have great nail spas. But this spa is really professional! I would like to see Sally there! I am frequently in Singapore. And even the service is more expensive here compare to Bangkok I will come back!

  • Patricia Kou
    2 years ago

    When I was doing pedicure in this shop, the staff accidentally caused bleeding when she trimmed the dead skin. She didn’t apologize immediately, but pretended not to know and continued to trim until she found out that I realized, then she apologized. I called for other staff, but there was no compensation. I have a shooting tonight and have to wear transparent high heels. The band aid on my toe looks very ugly! Overall a very unpleasant experience!

    我在该店做美足 店员修剪死皮时不慎致出血 她并没有第一时间道歉 而是装作没事人一样继续修剪 直到我发现以后她才很无奈的道歉 我将其他店员喊来也没有任何补偿措施 我今天晚上有拍摄 需要穿着透明高跟鞋 脚趾上贴着创可贴非常难看!总之这是一次非常不好的体验!

  • swapna Pillai
    2 years ago

    Great service by the team in this shop. I got my gel mani and pedi done today and my 14 year old
    Got her first experience of classic mani and pedi. The staff was very well mannered and engaging. Thank you team for the great service!

  • GM Ashley
    2 years ago

    Professional nail care, excellent customer service and very spacious for customers to comfortably enjoy their Mani/Pedi.

  • Esttee Tan
    2 years ago

    Very good service and very clean cuticle cutting. Very professional

  • Mani Ramahsamy
    2 years ago

    This is the first time I had ever reviewed on a nail spa service. I had a excellent pedicure + callus treatment session done by Jade. Jade is very professional and this is the first time I had ever signed a package.

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