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22 Reviews on “Zen Beauty - Novena Square 2”

  • VC
    1 year ago

    Be very careful with any packages you sign up for here. So many conditions not stated up front and you will find yourself having to top up money or credit can’t be used for some services. Too dishonest!

    1 year ago

    Really sucks qiqi bad sevice, the attitude is really bad, I want to cancel the package

    真的太烂了 qiqi bad sevice 态度真的不好 我要退配套

  • Feather Raining
    1 year ago

    I have never experienced this kind of anger. Qiqi loses his temper with me. His attitude is very bad, but his nails are so-so.

    没有受过这种气 qiqi 对我乱发脾气 态度非常不好 指甲做的却一般般

  • Bit Lol
    1 year ago

    I didn’t expect qiqi’s technique to be so poor. The New Year’s nails are messed up

    我没有想到 qiqi的技术这么差 新年的指甲乱做

  • 莫范
    1 year ago

    I am really disappointed in this zen. Why is there only one manicurist named Qiqi? I want to change it. It sucks.

    我真的彻底对这个zen失望 怎么只有一个 叫qiqi的美甲师吗 我想换人 这么烂

  • Tan YX
    1 year ago

    Past experiences here were good until today. Manager Vivian removed the dead skin for me for my hands. I’ve tried quite some manicure services over the years and kind of know how it’d be. Whether the person is skilled enough when cutting my cuticles. The experience today wasn’t fantastic. Cuticles weren’t cut till very clean compared to my past encounters there, Manager was very pushy in asking to sign up for packages, when I rejected her she continued asking me to sign for eyebrows packages when I’ve already said I don’t like to sign packages. I hope people in this line understand that customers don’t mind you trying to push your sales, but don’t overdo it please. It’d drive customers away. If customers are happy with your services, over time they may sign the packages even without you asking. If a customer rejects your offer, don’t be so pushy. And fyi not sure if it was because I refused to sign a package, they were supposed to pain a base and top coat for my nails. They were sticky and looked like they haven’t been used for a long time. When they painted onto my nails, there were clumps of the sticky coat and the coating was not smooth I asked to remove it. Don’t think I want to go back in future anymore.

  • lai Phui Ying
    1 year ago

    I buying an eyebrow package with zen beauty at novena square.

    That time they having a roadshow, n they told me the package is only $200++ which I think the price is quite reasonable .So I buy the package from them. I make appointment with them on oct 2022. When I go in the beauty shop, the people call Elisa came and hard sell me with their package. This is my first time doing eyebrow threading. They ask me did I do research about eyebrow threading that I like. I say no. End up they told me they having the 6D eyebrow which is suitable for first time do customer and it looks very natural. This package need to top up additional $500++. I reject few times but they keep on hard sell to me. End up I buy the package from them and include one touch up session which will expired three months later(jan2023). After that I go home do research and found out there is a lot of beauty shop which is cheaper and is 6D eyebrow threading also. I feel like I was being cheated. Recently I am pregnant and I ask them whether I can extend the touch up period until I deliver. They say this touch up is FOC and can’t extend unless I buy a new package from them then they can extend the package to me. I was so angry and I would not recommend anyone to go this shop.

  • peh lena
    1 year ago

    Their eyebrow embroidery is superb. Look for Elyssa. She really knows her craft well.

  • Michelle Tan
    2 years ago

    Purchased the aqua head spa promo on their website and was quite a good deal – overall experience was very relaxing – the head spa is done entirely on a massage chair tucked away in a quiet, private & calming room. Sheryl’s massaging skills were good that I almost dozed off. Am extremely pleased that she (& Kit as well) wasn’t too chatty, pushy or trying to upsell any services – I’d recommend asking for Sheryl – will return next time as they provide many other services from head to toe!

  • Paulina Rolek
    2 years ago

    I left this salon with terrible nails. They can’t even do a manicure. They apologized to me but took the money.

  • siti fatina rusli
    2 years ago

    Please avoid this place at all cost . They are not very honest on the pricing . I called them up for a wash ,blow and simple hairstyling . They told me the price should be $48 . However after they wash my hair and apply the mousse on my hair . One of the girl came to my asking if I knew the price . And I said yes it’s $48 . And she said “who told you” for this service you need to pay $78 not $48 because we put hair mousse . I’m like what …. I was advised the price should be $48 . And she said it’s okay we will charge you for short hair which $68 .

    It is still a lot !!!

    I ended up paying $68 instead of $48 .

    Please and please avoid this place . You can way better salon and treatment service with this price .

  • Andria Kok
    2 years ago

    Lie down for 70min for eye lashes perm and resulted in straight eyelashes which looked exactly like my original lashes. Asking for gradient medicure, the medicurist gave me patches nail. Try to fix appointment 3 weeks ahead and no chance to get a desire ( weekday) slot.

  • Anna Jose
    2 years ago

    I got a massage from Frankie. He is very good with massage – just knows where I need it! He was also very kind to accept me just before closing, so he stayed late. Thank you very much

  • Christina Tan
    2 years ago

    thks Pauline for her patient and professionalism for introducing what I need and advise what treatments to do for my hair and scalp condition as well as her four seasons summer treatment I enjoy the aqua head spa done by lena as well.

  • Lim MinMin
    2 years ago

    Ronald has great customer service, very detailed, recommend him?

  • Joel Tan
    2 years ago

    Really good service from Ronald!

  • sureerat lim
    2 years ago

    Did hair therapy and hair colouring service with zen beauty the services here is excellent and i was treated well and staff are very professional. Especially their hairstylist Keno he is very meticulous and particular when styling and cutting hair for me. I highly recommend to get him to cut and style for you! overall Im very happy with the service here.

  • Cyborg Chan
    2 years ago

    Ronald is very professional for all hair services.

  • Poonam Singh
    2 years ago

    Worst place ever. Never buy package from these people . First of all they will not have appointments and if you do manage to get one then service is horrible and staff rude . They will charge extra for everything and won’t even clean or massage for pedicure. Total rip off.

  • Bobby Yap
    2 years ago

    Mr Ronald, provide a very good service and he had a great skill in hair styling.

  • Jade Yap
    2 years ago

    Ronald good service good skill very friendly

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