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  • Sarah Mae Li
    2 weeks ago

    Caren was lovely, was my first time and even thought i was pretty stressed she still made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Would recommend!

  • Jessica618 Wang
    3 weeks ago

    (As a beautician who has followed Xing Dao Medical Aesthetics for 5 years, I feel like I am a true fan 😄! ! The professionalism of the team is unquestionable. The doctors have more than 20 years of work experience and are careful and considerate. Personally, I think it is a conscientious medical beauty clinic in Singapore. It is customized according to personal skin. Even if you ask for unnecessary procedures, the doctor will wave you away (my personal experience). The doctor will only help you choose treatments that are suitable for your skin, and will not forcefully recommend packages. My skin, which had various problems at the beginning, has improved to a smooth, firm and healthy state. I sincerely thank the team for their efforts🙏🙏❤️❤️)

    作为一个跟了星岛医美5年的美容者, 感觉自己是个不折不扣的忠实粉丝了 😄 !! 团队的专业度是不容置疑的,医生拥有二十多年的工作经验, 细心又贴心。 个人认为在坡县真的是一家良心的医美诊所了, 根据个人皮肤量身定制,不必要的项目就算你喊着要做, 医生也会对你摆手No 的(本人的亲身经历),医生只会帮你选择适合你皮肤的项目,更不会强推配套。我的皮肤从刚开始各种问题,也改善到光滑紧致健康的状态,真心感谢团队的努力🙏🙏❤️❤️

  • Sai Ram80
    4 weeks ago

    Came for treatment, like the service.

    My consultant ruby was good in advising for the skin treatments

  • Tasmiya Baig
    4 weeks ago

    The service was very good.

  • jech2022
    4 weeks ago

    Very professional staff and were all super helpful. They were able to answer my concerns and I can tell they are all very knowledgeable. Establishment was clean and comfy, no complaints. 10/10 would recommend

  • ss chen
    4 weeks ago

    (I am a regular customer of the clinic. I really like the doctor’s technique and the director’s service attitude. Everyone is very professional here and the clinic feels very comfortable. Everyone can come and experience it.)


  • Windx Tang
    4 weeks ago

    I’m a new client with XD Aesthetics. But i really like their products & professional service. Esp Ms Guo , she’s very polite and appropriate treatment is recommended according to my skin problem. She is not only knowledgeable in all the Skincare products, and she can also advise me on which kind of skincare treatment that most suited me. I will surely come back to look for her on my next visit. Highly recommended. Very good attentive services from XD Aesthetics 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Rachel Stephen
    4 weeks ago

    Appreciate the time and care taken by Winnie to cleanse my face. I have a lot of acne and congestion which Winnie has expertise to clear. Hope to come back again! Thank you!

  • Wong Nick
    4 weeks ago

    Excellent services and great ambience. Winnie has very good skills and provides professional beauty services. Shirley the manager is very polite and courteous.

  • Coco liu
    4 weeks ago

    (I really like the service of doctor sau. I bought the pico laser from the website on sale for $88. Although the price is cheap, the doctor carefully explained the different effects of each laser. For $88 I have experienced three types of lasers and hope that my skin will become beautiful. Thank you to the doctor’s assistant who is also very attentive. The head of the clinic skin analysis and testing is more accurate and the service process is perfect. It is a wonderful experience. Everyone can experience it.)

    很喜欢doctor sau的服务 从网站购买的pico laser 促销$88 虽然价格便宜 但是医生很用心的为我讲解每个激光头不同的效果$88 体验了三种激光 期待皮肤变美美 谢谢医生的助理也很细心 院长的皮肤分析和测试更是精准 完美的服务流程 非常好的体验 大家可以去体验下

  • Coco
    4 weeks ago

    (This is a comfortable environment, and the service is perfect from the moment you enter the store, especially the service of the clinic head. The clinic head is a very patient person, answers every question seriously, and is very experienced. Several friends have done treatments in this clinic, and with very good reviews)


  • IPS
    1 month ago

    Bad customer service, keeps on pushing their services to their consumers even though its very clear that don’ want already. Maybe it is their job, but please their attitude change when said don’t want is just making people feel uncomfortable 😕.

  • Erin Ng
    1 month ago

    very terrible experience, please dont go.

    Upon purchasing a fave bundle, the staff pulled me into a consultation room and attempted to pressure me into upgrading for half an hour. They insisted that without upgrading, I wouldn’t see any results, and even suggested that I couldn’t complain later because they had supposedly fulfilled their duty by being honest. She simply took a pen and paper and started her whole performance, without any actual scientific evidences or whatnot.

    It turns out that the normal and upgraded versions were identical machines under the same program. Furthermore, the room was unhygienic, with visible white fur and stains, and even a stray piece of jeans in the corner. The staff even walked in and chatted during my treatment, when i was half naked and eyes covered. It’s a disgrace to label themselves as a clinic.

  • st
    1 month ago

    seamless booking. good location located near Orchard MRT. calm and clean interior. caren was skilled and gave me a really comfortable facial; I enjoyed the process. thanks caren! 🙂

  • FE
    1 month ago

    Very calming environment from first step in. Was served by Ruby, who is experienced and gentle in her service Spot on assessment on my skin issues. She is also very passionate abt her craft, ensuring that I’m informed about possible treatment options.

  • Suelic Phoung
    1 month ago

    staff and Doctor was very friendly . Highly recommended. Will definitely return back

  • cloub
    1 month ago

    Bought a facial voucher from fave, served by Ruby who was very professional in her service. Didn’t feel shortchanged or pressure to top up anything, like how typical beauty salons sales tactics will be to say your face condition to be sooo bad you neeeeed to top up for better treatments. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 it’s 2024 guys. Rubys sincere and genuine service made me feel like this is a astute institute and she’s a great hire. While she delivered a full suite of service as per voucher, she also gently introduced the clinic and company, services they provided and to come back whenever I’m ready or feel like doing a treatment. Appreciate the great service and experience. Highly recommend.

  • Anthony Wong
    1 month ago

    Love the attentiveness and professionalism of Shirley. Highly recommend her for your aesthetic needs.

  • Koo Desmond
    1 month ago

    The therapists are skilful and the customer services are fantastic

    Note : The customer manager is friendly and very experienced and politely to the customers 5 stars for the services

  • Yeoyeo Yeo
    1 month ago

    Ruby, she is very friendly and kind. i would like to appreciate the way she handle the customer. It is very ethical and professional

  • Gary Pang JunCong
    1 month ago

    Great services and the staffs here are very helping !

  • Vandy Huixing
    1 month ago

    My skin was cured here and now my skin condition is very good! I really like Shirley’s service!

  • Jackal Yeo
    1 month ago

    I was so pleased with the service , They went above and beyond to my expectations “I was very impressed staff Ruby

  • Angel Chia
    1 month ago

    Shirley very kind and friendly and takes good care of my skin

  • PastelxKawaii 64
    1 month ago

    Ruby was very nice and patient

  • Song Kim Foh
    1 month ago

    Professional and good service

  • Janet Lee
    1 month ago

    professional and good service

  • Teng Teng
    1 month ago

    Sandy, the clinic assistant, is friendly and patient in explaining the details. Generally happy with the team’s service.

  • xuanne liew
    1 month ago

    Very professional and good service

  • wong xuer
    2 months ago

    Nice environment , and very good services!

  • Aaron
    2 months ago

    Very good service by Ruby!

    2 months ago

    (Very good and trustworthy)


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