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  • CharraJayne
    10 months ago

    Staff here keep hardselling.

  • Angel Loh
    10 months ago

    Had my massage today..it is so good and relaxing… the massage by Wei Ping very good & nice help me relieve my pains..highly recommend..

  • J L
    10 months ago

    Lousy services, lousy messue (is China aunty with spec) with lousy hands kill. Wasted my time and money go to do this 1st trial full body massage. I never had this kind of worse massage in my life.

  • Angeline Soh
    11 months ago

    Had my massage yesterday..it is so good and relaxing… the massage auntie very good & nice help me relieve my pains..highly recommend..

  • Gary Tan KC
    11 months ago

    Experience masseur, knowledgeable in massaging body condition

  • Ivy
    11 months ago

    Hard selling and if you not add on there will any how do. I hrs keep hard selling. Non stop talking pressured you to top up other treatment . Total not worst it pay $100 over Please avoid this places

  • Cher Chua
    11 months ago

    Wei ping is nice and professional. She will guide u

  • Cecilia Yow
    11 months ago

    Super lousy service , they can cancel your appointment When you reach there, give you a lot nonsense excuse

  • Qiaoru Huang
    11 months ago

    Good service and help relieve pain and stress from body. Feel relaxed after massage by Wei Ping

  • Du XM
    11 months ago

    One day I passed by this shop, was attracted by the Chinese herbs smell, and the promoter name Grace is so aggressive and wants you to buy the first trial immediately (to close deal), which I did come back after my dinner. Then, in the actual massage day, 5 mins after entering the room, the masseur kept hard selling on adding $68 to special massage bla bla which is good for you…

    Then after the massage, the hard selling tactic comes… they kept hard selling and don’t let you go… with a $3xxx package to sign. Luckily, was sober enough and reject many many times even they kept insisting and hard selling….


    Please.. if can, avoid this shop..

  • manqiong tang
    1 year ago

    I visited spacio nex outlet do body massage,the therapist chunxia is very professional and good skills,thanks for her service ?

  • bobo island
    1 year ago

    I hope I read this message before I signed up their new outlet package in Midview City.

    I was attracted by the $38 first trial and after that my nightmare start. I did mention to them my facial package would need to share with my friends(as we worked together in Midview) and we would need to have the facial together. The reception mentioned to me, its no issue because was only THAT particular day they dont have 2 beauticians. But real case is, they only got 1 beautician at that outlet, some more the person who did facial for us, was super hardselling for other products and not interested to do the facial. I do not want to continue with her.

    I requested to change to other outlet, it doesn’t help the case. They actually don’t have any persons could do facial for us for 2 persons at same timing, I have been trying to book this booking for more than 3 months, and could not believe actually they don’t have 2 beauticians for all their outlets for their same timing. I would consider its a misleading deal and see if I can report to CASE and get a refund.
    otherwise, my 1 year facial package will be ended in no time and I will lost $1k in this case.
    Dont trust them by they have many outlets, I could not believe Singapore still have this kind of shop nowadays and can survive!

  • Jeannette Ong
    1 year ago

    Worst massage parlour, you cannot get through their hotline and the China massague kept hardsell me higher price packages during the treatment. After I rejected her, She not only use one finger pressure to press me til my neck and back shoulder hurts even after 1 week later and even insulted me sarcastically. Please do not go. Go at your own risk.

  • Kwon vicky
    1 year ago

    Such a hard sales places, scare to go back again.

  • KH Ye
    1 year ago

    First experience today, the worst service i face.

    Never come again.

  • Yukie
    2 years ago

    Had one of my worst experience here.

    No wonder why many people complains…

    You’ll see when you go….

    Room was dirty and the staff didn’t clean the machine property.

  • Ms S
    2 years ago

    A very bad experience with Spacio Nex. Firstly, the staff was very hard selling. She did not even touch my face, but had already suggested how I needed a new package. Told her no, she continued on the topic, and was in and out seeking manager approver to give me a better discount. Told her not interested, finally she stopped the topic but showed some attitude. Basically the facial supposed to be an hour, the waiting time and mask time took 40 mins, she only handled my face for a mere 15 mins. Why would I pay for such service might as well I put mask at home. Seriously, this is a joke! Unfortunately, I have signed up a package, the subsequent visit to the branch is not any better, feedback the first to the manager, don’t see any improvement, just stop the hard selling but service and attitude are pretty much remain unprofessional. Spacio, If you are good, you don’t need to hard sell, we will come back and visit again and again.

  • J Y
    2 years ago

    (My mom told me after trying their massage

    “Even if they offered me a free massage, I will not go back! How is this called a massage by just touching me??? Cupping for 20 minutes ?” The sheets were also dirty! !)


    “她们送我免费的按摩我也不会再回去! 这样子摸摸我叫做按摩??? 拔罐20分钟?” 床单也很脏!!

  • Shenee Lee
    2 years ago

    EXTREMLY TERRIBLE SERIVCE. TLDR: Please avoid therapist Genie & maybe just this whole place.

    Signed up for a 10x package last year as the previous beautician that served me was a nice lady and isn’t too pushy. Stopped going for a year due to my pregnancy and I am just astonished and how terrible this place has become.

    Hard selling is essential for this industry, and I understand that but asking to “upgrade treatment” from existing package at least 10x in an hour? That’s ridiculous. Every “upgrade” is at least 2-3x worth of sessions so even after getting me to buy package is not enough? Even when the session ended, she still mentioned “i help you change your package to this one la”. Excuse me? I’m pretty sure I rejected you at least 10 times.

    During the session beautician Genie recommended another treatment that will exhaust 2 sessions of my actual package. She mentioned that my skin is very sensitive, but I still have acne spots so I should do peeling to help. After the session when I got home I realized there was a chemical burn on my face, I feedbacked to their Whatsapp only to receive “I will let the manager know” but did not get back to me on the day itself. A day after they called me to tell me “Not to apply anything on the affected area except Aloe Vera gel” and I questioned on why it was not advice immediately to no avail. The 2nd day I got another call to tell me this mark on my face is just a “frosting” on my face and I should apply moisturizer and hydrating serum (err what happen to can only apply Aloe Vera gel and nothing else?) and it’s very common but the burn mark is obvious with dry black scabs visible as time pasts. I have had burnt my face lightly before hence I recognize these marks.

    Overall, very unhappy with how they have handled the situation with initial reply of being slow and both times they called me to say contradicting things which dipped my confidence in them further. Requested for refund of the remaining sessions not exhausted only to get replied with “there’s basically nothing to refund you”. Just extremely disappointment with a place I once trusted.

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