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32 Reviews on “SG Face”

  • Mikalya
    6 days ago

    Great service and advice

  • Andy Yap
    3 months ago

    Great product selection by lady boss. Knowledgeable and good extractions by the team! Awesome

  • Chew
    4 months ago

    Solid extraction by lady boss. Products are good

  • Ming Yi
    2 years ago

    Great value facial treatment. I see results after every treatment. Extractions are done comfortably and well

  • MY
    3 years ago

    Very good location, the therapist is generous with the products… Products they carry can tell is very good from the scent, feeling and results. I am happy with my facials at this place

  • Debbie Lak
    3 years ago

    I do not normally leave reviews but this place deserves it. Run by a small group of ladies who are respectful and good at what they do. Price point is very reasonable and affordable for the products used.
    I used to have acne breakouts but now my face is 70-80% cleared up after about 4 sessions and after using the SOS kit. Keep it up! ??

  • Cheewee Poh
    3 years ago

    I had a good experience at SGFACE. My therapist is patient and professional. I had occasional acne breakouts and always did their acne treatment which was of a pretty reasonable price point compared to my past salon. For at home care, Michelle recommended me ampoules and powdered products for my acne which helps with the outbreaks. The price point for the products are reasonable (i think a i bought a few ampoules and some acne solution for less than $100?) and i do see an improvement in my skin overall condition. I was previously at a salon which sold packages for 2k+, it was too pricey in the long run so i’m glad i found an alternative.

    3 years ago

    Came to SG Face twice and really enjoyed the experience . Face feels clean and soft after bot6 treatments. Will visit again

  • Gee Kaaay
    3 years ago

    (5 star reviews are given because there’s free eye treatment if you do so)

    Place is clean and tidy. Always punctual in attending to customers. Facial done at a slow and calm pace.

    Poor customer service – once you sign a package with them, they don’t follow up with your monthly appointments even if you don’t go for many months. But before you sign package, they will call/message a million times. I have been to other facial packages and they always send multiple reminders to book the next appointment if I haven’t.

    Standard dropped a lot!! So please go to this shop at your own risk. Initially signed a package with them because beauticians were good in doing the facial and they had different types of facial according to your skin type. As time goes by, felt like they were doing for the sake of doing without even asking/explaining how is my skin doing. My face feels good for 3-5 days and then it will be back to normal. Asked them to recommend skincare products but they always ask me to google myself and buy from drugstore instead. So, I was quite appalled and wonder if their line of skincare products are even good and if they are really professionals.

    On recent occasions, extraction was super painful and felt like injecting into your skin. Left so many scars on my face which I didn’t have before and simply said it will fade by itself when it wasn’t the case. There was even scratch-like scarrings on my face because of the pressure used. Not sure if the right instruments are used.

    Generous amount of mask was applied to my face but it was left there for super long until pressure was used to remove it as mask hardened. There is one beautician that was super unprofessional and didn’t even know how to massage in circular motion. Her massage techniques were weird and abrupt. It ended up being painful instead of calming.

    I’ve learn not to trust reviews as they may have strings attached. Advise all to take a few trial/alacarte sessions before you sign package cos things might change like my experience with this shop.

    Update(Feb 2021)
    It’s funny how they rebut negative comments straightaway and play victim instead of trying to improve their services. I think what matters more here is to improvise on your services instead of trying to find out who are the customers leaving a bad review. Of course, I did patronise your spa if not how would I have known that customers who give 5 star reviews will be given a free eye treatment.

    Anyway, anyone who is planning to go here please beware unless you want to have bruises on your face. Some beauticians here don’t seem to be qualified and skilled in what they are doing so don’t be fooled by the welcoming ambience.

  • Tracy Ye
    4 years ago

    They have some good products.
    But have had better beauticians who listened to what you didn’t want (ie: masks covering entire eyes). Repeatedly doing it, and yes it matters to customers.

  • Tay Derrick
    4 years ago

    Had my first facial here, was a pleasant experience for me. Quality of products used feels really good and nourishing. Really affordable as well for a facial. Great ambience as well.

  • Fiona Hutama
    4 years ago

    Posting this in hope to save some of your faces.

    I booked their deep cleansing which was around $58 and once I got there, there was no greeting of any sort, they just asked for my name and literraly said, “Go inside to the room’. Once I am in the room the therapist told me because of my sensitive skin I need to do a different treatment which costs about double and it is a promo price. I asked what’s the non-promo price and she right away mentioned a package.

    Since it was my first time there (and I felt like I was being made to spend more without much education/ explanation), I told the therapist I will stick with my original booking. She then proceed with a very painful extraction etc for 1 hour and at the end my face was very red.

    I asked her and the therapist response was “well i told you that you have a sensitive face” and when I asked, “will it go away?” the response was, “maybe, some of it”. It was super curt and shows that they don’t care at all.

    I am super disappointed, mainly because the lack of care to customer’s skin, considering they are a facial place. It’s been over 2 months now and my face is still bruised. So please be careful what you are getting yourself info. IF you are still booking for a treatment, ASK a lot of questions at the beggining and push on for answers, esp on the after effect.

  • Su Ying Wong
    4 years ago

    Expert in acne problem and every facial is worth the process of deep cleansing the face then a cooling mask on top!

  • Calista Chen
    4 years ago

    I love their collagen facial the most. Deep cleansing would be fine and sufficient for normal skin imo. If you want something more pampering, definitely recommend their collagen facial.

  • Jacinta Liew
    4 years ago


    The location is very convenient and the price is fair

  • Derek Choo
    4 years ago

    Pros: Facials and treatments are of pretty good value and large variety. The therapist who served me was pretty skilled and nice to chat to. My girlfriend and i enjoy spending our weekends here.

    Cons: Hard to book an appointment on weekends. No couple rooms, only individual rooms

  • WT Chin
    4 years ago

    Pros: Long facial duration, think I was there for around 2 hours? Overall process was relaxing (except the extraction). Also they were pretty generous with the products / mask.

    Cons: The only end result you’ll expect from a facial is better looking skin. I do not mind the redness immediately following extraction, but I greatly mind that the redness turned into dark marks. There are now uncountable little dark spots on my face – each one a mark caused by pressure applied using the extraction tool.

    Also, my nose and chin are literally PEELING like tissue paper – it is really gross. This is a direct result of the scraping done during extraction and is still the case even though I have applied moisturiser.

    Lastly, while I appreciate that there was totally no selling during the facial, the number of times I had to decline getting the package during payment was unpalatable.

  • Nur Syafiqah Manaf
    4 years ago

    My beautician is very gentle, she’s soft and she’s patient. I’ve oily skin, easily breakouts. A lot of bumps on my forehead. Went to different kinds of facial but nothing change. Only after i started having treatments with SG Face, my face getting better after a year. Highly recommended for those who like to go for a facial where it’s affordable. All in all, ?!

  • Ha Wai Wai
    4 years ago

    Good. Not pushy at all.

  • Zhiqiang
    4 years ago

    Definitely a place to go for facials. On top of the high quality products used, the service was really good as well. Michelle was very experienced in both her advice and her treatment. My skin was cleared of many, if not all of blackheads after the extraction that she did. Michelle and her staff are warm, friendly, and not very pushy, only recommending what they think is best for my skin.

  • Emmely Janssen
    4 years ago

    Great facial at SG Face, my skin always looks fresh and bright after the treatment.

  • Cali Chan
    4 years ago

    I’ve been visiting SG Face for facial for a few years now and wouldn’t have thought of visiting elsewhere. I know I can trust the professionalism of the therapists there and my skin is in good hands.

  • Yan Ling H.
    4 years ago

    Always feel excited to be there for me-time. Thanks for making me feel relaxed and all good after every facial session!

  • waichan yap
    4 years ago

    Accessible and reasonably price. First-time customers get 50% off facial treatments. Package prices are considerably low for the location, just signed a package with them. Lift is right outside Holland V MRT exit. There are also hand sanitizers and Infrared thermometer at the counter

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