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20 Reviews on “Radium Medical Aesthetics”

  • Vicky
    12 months ago

    Prior to seeing Dr Siew, I’ve gone to several aesthetic clinics to treat a host of skins issues, some very bad ones, for some years. It was a painful long journey that had plagued me for more than 2 decades, especially severe acne scarrings.

    Apart from being highly-skilled at his craft, Dr Siew stood out among all the doctors I’ve seen: genuine, honest, no display of fanfare whatsoever (those fake “niceness”) plus he’s a kind man. – I mean, genuinely kind.

    I’m thankful to have found an excellent and kind doctor. Thank you very much, Dr Siew for everything you’ve done to help me.

  • Ria
    4 years ago

    I’m a foreigner who was looking for a local derma to have my monthly facial cleaning. Stumbled upon this clinic back in May this year and decided to try. Didn’t know it was going to be the worst decision of my life.

    Some backstory, I’ve tried one derma before this and wasn’t completely satisfied as I’ve been getting a breakout during that time of the month (which I never get before I moved to sg and when I was with my original derma in my home country). So I came in to Radium with just one huge pimple, had a consultation, was recommended a new skincare regimen, and their facial cleaning.

    I actually liked my first facial so I decided to purchase the package. Although after a few weeks using their skincare regimen, I noticed I’ve been breaking out like crazy! Never in my entire life have I experienced this kind of breakout, huge painful zits started on my chin, then to my jaw (WHICH IS REALLY NEW I NEVER HAD PIMPLES ON MY JAW) then to my forehead and eventually started on my cheeks! Although I did tell myself to still give it a try. I was also assured by the aesthetician that it is normal to breakout first few weeks.

    But my skin is really telling me something is wrong and it is having a reaction. During my third facial, the doctor actually said that it is a bad reaction and recommended me another product to apply and tweaked my regimen a bit.

    So then of course I listened and tried it. But didn’t really help to be honest. That’s when I decided to stop going to this clinic and refund the package I bought. Imagine I came in with just one huge zit and I’m left with TONS of huge painful zits?!?! It really affected my self esteem and social life.

    Decided to just go back to my original derma in my home country, I fly in once a month thankfully just a 4hr flight away. They were horrified with what happened to my face as I actually left my country with flawless skin thanks to my original derma. So yea I’ve been taken care of, back to my original skincare regimen and facial cleaning. Now my skin is under control.

    What bothers me now are the few acne scars I’ve gotten from Radium. So yes I haven’t really gotten over that mess as I am reminded of my wrong move whenever I look in the mirror!

    I do hope it will eventually go away with laser treatment with my derma now. Moral of the story: Don’t trust your skin with just anyone, and if you find something that works for you, just stick with it.

  • Reiko Natsume
    5 years ago

    Please don’t go to this place, it’s awful:
    1. My friends and I literally called 7 times during their business hour, no one ever answered the phone.
    2. They never responded on WhatsApp or email.
    3. The doctors are careless and they kept pressuring us to buy products that we didn’t need.
    4. Customers service is totally horrible.
    5. The price is unreasonably higher than other clinics even using the same products. Like Vline and Botox.
    6. Other five stars comments were probably wrote by their employees.

  • Joyce Leong
    5 years ago

    I have been a patient of Dr Siew’s when he was still working in another clinic before he opened his own practice. Being an animal lover, I’ll admit i first went to him because he is the founder of SOSD.

    With so many ads advertising cheaper aesthetics treatments nowadays, have i ever been tempted to switch doctor? The answer is an astounding NO.

    Reason being Dr Siew is a very sincere and genuine doctor as well as individual. He always gives his honest opinion and realistic expectations of what can and cannot be achieved. He does not promise the sky and only to disappoint later on. This is something i personally value very much. He never upsells/crosssells any treatment which he deems unnecessary. There was once i asked him if i should do a particular treatment. He said “no la, no need la.” This is so refreshing coming from an aesthetics doctor!

    Dr Siew also does not stinge on his laser treatments. He is meticulous and detailed. As compared to another doctor who treated me when Dr Siew was on leave (this was at the previous clinic), she practically spent less than a minute on my face and left!!

    Nurses at Radium are friendly and helpful but yet know to keep quiet when u are not in a particularly chatty mood.

    So.. is Radium (or Dr Siew for that matter) the cheapest? No way. Is he the best? Absolutely YES!!!! but yes, it will be good if they can be slightly cheaper.. haha!

  • kim ht
    5 years ago

    decent experience

  • none of your fuggin biz
    5 years ago

    A phone query led me to this conclusion: non-transparent pricing and doctors not available – for until 1 month later! Absolutely ridiculous. They don’t let you in on how much it costs per syringe/cc for a specific filler range (talk about pricing transparency…); and then, when you enquire about an appointment with the chief practitioner, he won’t be available until an ENTIRE MONTH LATER. oh god, really, won’t be worth my time.

  • Sary Anny
    5 years ago

    Very satisfied with the results & services in Radium, 5-Star experience with reasonable prices. My first visit to consult with Dr Siew. He addressed my concerns and only recommended the treatment with very natural contour to enhance the face features. I took the Under Eye Filler, reducing early wrinkles and hollow spaces under my eyes. He is very attentive and skillful in what he does. Highly recommended!

  • Wong Jackie
    5 years ago

    I had nose thread lift done by Dr Siew previously and very happy with the outcome. When I have my acne outbreak recently, I consulted Dr Siew and decided to undergo the Agnes treatment. Did the first session today and keeping fingers and toes crossed that this will be the fix for my problematic oily acne-prone skin. Dr Siew and the clinic staff are professional, ethical and friendly. The prices are reasonable and Dr Siew gives pragmatic advice. This is my go-to place for medical aesthetic treatments. Highly recommended.

  • 查爾斯
    5 years ago

    My experience at Radium is great. Doctor is patient and experienced. Nurses here are very friendly and able to answer my queries especially Nurse Rachelle.

    I feel at ease letting them handle my treatments. Highly recommended!

  • TJ G
    5 years ago

    Came here for my first consultation. Dr Edmund is very knowledgeable and patient in explaining my condition and the various treatments suitable for me. Nurse Rachelle is extremely friendly and helpful with any queries that I had. Great first experience here.

  • cyssie chan
    5 years ago

    Dr Siew is such a caring and charming doctor!! He listens to his patient’s needs and only recommend what is really needed to be done instead of hard selling to his patients! He is so knowledgeable and skillful in what he does that you can rest assure that he will help you acheive your beauty goal in the most natural way!! Absolutely 5 stars for his staffs and services in his clinic!!!

  • Ruby Gloom
    5 years ago

    During my A level exams in 2017, I came down with chickenpox. After that , my skin went into meltdown. Not only did I have to contend with chickenpox scars , acne growth went into overdrive !
    Then, I started uni. Hostel life fuelled by a poor diet and late nights exacerbated my skin’s condition.

    At this point , my mother marched me off to Radium after her cat feeder group tipped her off about a dermatologist who loves dogs: Dr Siew. What’s the connection between an animal lover being a good doctor ? I think empathy is the kernel of a good doctor.Compassion and humility enhances medical skills. A person who champions the voiceless and innocent animals will be equally, if not more, solicitous about the welfare of his fellow human beings.

    Typically , acne sufferers hope for optimum results from skin treatments, in the shortest time possible and at minimum cost. It’s a bonus if there’s no hard sell. Sounds too ideal and unrealistic to ask for in profit driven Spore ? Could a profitable clinic ever be ethical ? I’m delighted to say an emphatic YES ! I experienced, firsthand, this rare blend of ethics and genuine concern for patients.
    As a student with a modest budget, I was naturally concerned about cost. Right from the start , the therapists, Rachelle Dr Siew and Dr Phua put me at ease. Not a single attempt of hard selling. Just an honest assessment of my skin and only treatments that will help my skin.
    I’ve just finished my 1st cycle and there’s already a marked improvement in my skin. I’m on the Acne Clear programme. For home care , I’m using their in house Liberty range. Do not hesitate to seek help at Radium !

    Update: 18th Oct
    After waxing my upper lip at a waxing parlour , it became very inflamed. I felt a burning sensation. The waxing parlour did not return my calls. I did not have an appointment and it was already 5pm. Out of desperation, I called Radium. They told me to come immediately and Dr Edmond Phua attended to me. And did not charge me for this ! Surreal ! I’m grateful to Dr Phua for seeing me without a prior appointment and for patiently clarifying any doubts about which products to use. You really feel their care and concern !

  • 呵呵
    5 years ago

    The nurse is very kind! Dr. siew is very patient and very professional! The whole course of treatment is not painful at all, the effect is very satisfactory! thank you all!

  • Huiying Wang
    5 years ago

    Always a joy to come to doc siew’s clinic. Nurses are not pushy. Doc siew genuinely cares about providing results and not selling services you do not need. I enquired on botox, but doc siew did not think I needed that. That’s an ethical doctor. Highly recommended.

  • Wei Shen Lim
    5 years ago

    I love the Radium red carpet facial!

  • Belle Ong
    6 years ago

    What I like about Dual Yellow Laser is, the process is fast and effective!

    Dr Siew examined my skin carefully before the treatment starts. The laser was performed evenly on my face with extra focus on my pigmentation. It was gentle and comfortable.

    My skin actually looks whiter and brighter right after the treatment! It was amazing!

  • Christopher Kok
    6 years ago

    My first experience with Radium Medical is awesome. With having good examining by Professional advise from Doctor. It let me understand and which is the treatment that will helps to improve my face complexion.
    The staffs at Radium is friendly and helpful. They will explained before applying products or begin the treatment on me.
    I have revisit Radium clinic for Facial treatment a few times.
    Because i feel great and good to be treated my wellness by professional team members.
    Highly recommended!

  • Ho Min Yun
    6 years ago

    My experience with Radium Medical Aesthetics was comfortable and good. Dr. Siew was knowledgeable in his field and able to answer all of my queries. A lot of effort was put in to ensure that there was minimal pain during the procedure. Dr. Siew was professional and re-assuring during the whole procedure.

    The results were great. It definitely gave me a boost of self-confidence. Thank you Dr. Siew and his team!

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