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  • WeiQiang Sim
    1 year ago

    I have been in this store for a long time.

    Every service attitude towards them is very friendly.

    My massage was LiLy.

    As an I.T, I spend most of my working hours sitting in front of the computer.

    often sore waist and shoulders

    LiLy’s technique is very good and powerful.

    我在这间店 很久了。

    对她们 每个 服务态度 都很友善。


    做为 I.T 大多数 工作时间 都坐在电脑面前。

    经常 腰 和 肩膀 酸

    LiLy 的手法很好 也有力度的。

  • John Soo
    1 year ago

    I was with Pretty Relax Spa when they were operating in a smaller unit about 7 years ago. Lily was my masseuse from day 1 when I went there. Her massage skill is superb! My back was relieved from aching and stiffness. Over the years, the shop expanded and recruited more staffs, however, Lily is still my best.

  • Simon Leong
    1 year ago

    Beauticians and Masseuses are professional and skillful. Try it and you know. ?

  • Jong Sze yee
    2 years ago

    I have my nail, facial and body massge here, all services are professional, and they are very friendly.

  • Christine YL
    2 years ago

    I been a client of pretty relax for over 7yrs, them have professional and knowledgeable. Easy to know which part of my body pain and helped me to realised pain. Highly recommend massage therapy at here. Sometime I doing pedicure & manicure here too. Staff is friendly

  • Jeremy Yap
    2 years ago

    Nice and relaxing place. Clean environment. Friendly staff.

  • 喜乐安康CS
    2 years ago

    Professional and good service. Room is very clean and well maintained . Highly recommended

  • Cheng Hai Tan
    2 years ago

    The massage service is very professional.

  • Seng Wee Lee
    2 years ago

    Professional, prices are reasonable. Will come back again. ?

  • WeiQiang Sim
    2 years ago

    I went there for Medicure, pedicure and foot spa service.

    Erica did a fantastic job.

    She is friendly, polite and professional.

  • Yumi Lam
    2 years ago

    The beautician Erica is really attentive and very comfortable when washing face?? The service is also very good. She is also a Malaysian girl ~ the service is really nice, you can support Erica

    Erica美容师洗脸真的超用心也很舒服??服务也非常好。她也是个马来西亚小妹~服务真的很nice 大家可以去支持erica美容师哦

  • 刘怡婷
    2 years ago

    The Erica technician is super comfortable to wash your face, and the massage takes a long time, and the squeezing is completely painless~ It will also let you know your skin condition and teach you how to maintain your skin?

    Erica技师洗脸超舒服 洗脸按摩时间也久 挤压完全不痛~还会让你了解你皮肤状况教你保养皮肤?

  • Yuki li
    2 years ago

    Very professional massage technique. Recently, due to work fatigue, my shoulders and neck are very painful and it is difficult to fall asleep. After one press, it has improved a lot. The technician will share the theoretical knowledge of the body with me while pressing. The environment is clean and tidy, and the service is warm ❤️. Recommended ?

    很专业的按摩手法 最近因工作疲劳 肩颈很痛 难以入睡 按了一次后就改善很多 技师会边按边和我分享身体理论知识 ?环境干净整齐 服务又热情❤️。值得推荐?

  • Vinnie Kwong
    2 years ago

    A very satisfying experience ? I did a body massage, painted nails, the nails are very firm and the color is very like ❤️ The technicians are very professional and patient, and the environment is very comfortable. Will come again next time

    非常满意的一次体验 ? 做了身体按摩,指甲彩绘,指甲非常坚固 颜色也很喜欢❤️ 技师都非常专业有耐心,环境也很舒服。 下次还会过来光顾的

  • Guihong Lin
    2 years ago

    Comfortable environment, very experienced in massage, professional massage techniques


  • Tan Moh Huat
    2 years ago

    I just had a session with Amy. Very professional. Each aching point is cured!!! Highly recommended. Thanks Amy

  • Yiiklee Lam
    2 years ago

    I feel good ?? The service attitude of the technicians is very professional

    感觉良好 ??技师服务态度 都很专业

  • Tina
    2 years ago

    Good experience. Nice and comfort environment and good service

  • Shane Goh
    2 years ago

    Served with excellent customer service. Masseue have good massage skills 9/10. Will definitely come again

  • Debbie Woon
    2 years ago

    They charge $34 for no colour varnish ! Was not transparent about pricing service. Which other nail spa offers mani/pedi without color nail varnish ?

    Absurd practice no integrity

    Pedicurist service staff Della was professional tho.


    Range of colours , very limited.

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