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25 Reviews on “Natureland - ION Orchard (Premium)”

  • Rex
    10 months ago

    The massage technique is very professional and the environment of the store is very relaxing. I highly recommend everyone to come and relax

  • Saifon
    1 year ago

    Excellent great service for body massage
    Counter staff are friendly good service
    The ginger tea is nice don’t forget to drink the tea

  • Kim Kok Lee
    1 year ago

    I took the 60mins full body massage at $60+ the masseur is strong and able to relieve my pain in the back. I would recommend you to this place if you are in the area.

  • Dominique Nelson
    1 year ago

    Had a body scrub and 1 hour massage with Tina. She was very good and fell great after!

  • S Y
    1 year ago

    Masseuse fell asleep multiple times while massaging me. First half of the massage was still okay, good pressure. And then when it came to the legs where consistent tempo is used, the massage kept pausing, until I move my leg or sniff loudly or clear my throat and she will apply pressure again. Initially thought she was using phone but no, both her hands were on me. Mind you, she covered my eyes with towel therefore I couldn’t see what’s going on. As it was a prenatal massage, the second half was the other side of my body and the pressure was much lower than the first. Very disappointing. This is only a 90min session including changing time (which I don’t understand why they took more than 10minutes to come back and shortchange our duration because we arrived early!!) so I cannot imagine if I took 120min massage instead, I think she would sleep beside me already -.-

    How I caught her sleeping: while she was massaging my neck&head with no towel over my eyes already, again the pressure paused and I opened my eyes. Clear enough her eyes were closed and I said “Are you okay?” And she opened her eyes and replied “ya”. After that she act like nothing happened and applied painful pressure to my shoulders. YA FINALLY AWAKE RIGHT. Pretty sure the other masseuse in the room knows this is going on as well and that she heard us, as my partner heard me loud and clear and asked me what happened after the session.

    Okay, we are all human and we get tired. But you know your limit and if you cannot serve, don’t work. Take the day off. Don’t short-change use who HAVE TO PAY FOR SERVICE BEFORE THE SESSION. I have been to other massage parlours before and they charge AFTER, not before. So you know we already pay for your service, atleast have the decency to stay awake? This is really disgusting behaviour falling asleep while massaging. You are the one who should ask me if I’m okay, if the pressure is okay. But end up I get annoyed when I’m the one who should be relaxed and sleeping. Buck up, please. And for the other staff who knows this is going on, please whistle-blow and stop this from happening again. Losing a bad sheep is better than losing the company’s good name.

  • 아이스라떼
    1 year ago

    Massage is okay…

    맛사지 무난…

  • L w
    1 year ago

    Visited Natureland ION coz seen many positive reviews. The place is clean and cozy. The masseur assigned is average. But met the worst ever receptionist with bad attitude n services. This definitely discouraged customers coming back?.

  • Fashionista Loves
    1 year ago

    awesome good service !!! second time visiting!!!

  • cal
    1 year ago

    massage room was reali dim but i could see a speck/particle on the bed, brushed it off with my finger..not sure wat was dat though. had requested for a therapist with bigger strength, the therapist’s fingers basically got not much strength to massage my super stiff shoulder and back, hence she changed to use her elbow instead. her massage was average. do not think i will come bk to dis outlet in future.

  • Charis
    1 year ago

    Very clean and they have great masseuse!

  • Moritz Adler
    1 year ago

    Staff is super bad, just the worst. They never ask what you want and will just do whatever they want. Sometimes you get lucky but oftentimes they’ll just treat you like a piece of meat. No talking at all and most don’t speak any English.

    No health assessment of any kind. Rooms are super cold. Would not recommend at all – you’ll get better treatments almost anywhere in Singapore.

  • Light and Might
    1 year ago

    No difference since they changed to premium branding, just like MBS. On the contrary, receptionist service dropped drastically. After supporting them since their opening, Natureland is unfortunately not worth the premium tag any further.

  • Chalia WB
    1 year ago

    I was there with my girlfriend yesterday, and we had a 120 minute full body massage. The masseuses were friendly but my oh my, the massage is killing me. The entire 2 hours, I was basically telling her to be gentler and I think I said it more than 10 times. I kinda understand she may have good intention to help me with the knots or soreness but she made it worse. Towards the end, I could feel her nails scratching my skin to the point I asked her to stop. My friend on the other hand said that hers was less experienced and because of that she didn’t have a good massage either.

    This was our first and will be our last. I checked the reviews before going and when I saw one of the comments about the bad experience and nails, I thought that must be a stretch to experience that. Little did I expect to experience that myself.

    The environment was good, the actual massage service sucks.

  • novem chea
    1 year ago

    Great massuer. Always best choice for a much needed massage.

  • yong可欣
    1 year ago

    I have enjoyed my massage so much ! Tq Natureland ION ! Their massuer are skilful and knowledgeable , I have been working for long hours and I have a very bad back pain , the massuer help me alot to release my body ache ! Receptionist are helpful , as I ask them which massage I need , they suggest a suitable services for me ! Good job guys !!! Definitely will come back again !!!

  • Leila Fonglin
    1 year ago

    Clean place to relax. Good service and the massage was very good.

  • SY
    2 years ago

    Came here on Wednesday with husband. He had body therapy while I had pre-natal massage.

    We were placed in a couple room and instructions was clear… what to do and what to change into.

    My masseuse, Cecilia, was very careful and thoughtful throughout the entire session. Knowing that I’ve had a bad experience with body massage before, she listened to my request when I asked for her to apply lesser strength. Cecilia was able to apply consistent strength and I felt so comfortable throughout the whole session.

    She would be the main factor for me to consider signing up their membership!

  • Ernest Yeo
    2 years ago

    Not as good as the other outlet

  • Hannah Ng
    2 years ago

    Did a body therapy at the ION orchard outlet with Tina today, and walked out feeling relaxed and lighter! The masseurs I visited at other places usually would not be able to execute soft/gentle strength throughout the session, but Tina really make sure the knots and spots are really pressed well, while not putting me in pain. Highly recommend, and would go back again soon!

  • Kel Kel
    2 years ago

    Always loved the zen feel and the cleanliness!

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