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  • Jeanette Tan
    1 year ago

    Kym was patient and attentive. I enjoyed my session very much.

  • Janet Tan
    1 year ago

    KYM and SHARON

  • Hui Ming Lim
    1 year ago

    I had my mani pedi gel nails service done at United Square outlet. The manicurists are extremely pushy and constantly push forward add-on more services. Even though I have rejected the nail masks add- on service, the manicurist will move on to the next sales pitch.

    What is extremely unethical was that the manicurist will inform you that “because your nails are dry, I’m adding a layer of protection.” She did not highlight on the price nor highlight it is an additional add-on service. It was just a layer of plain base coat that she painted once on my nails, that any nail salon offers. I only realized it was chargeable at $28 when i paid the bill. I urge that i didn’t request for a nail mask or the protection coat. How can a nail mask be comparable as a base coat. She stammered that this is the price, even though the service description was not within the system,.

    Initially, i agreed to add on a foot spa, even for a premium footage at $68, there was no proper soaking, spa salt or massage. The entire service for soak off, gel manicure, gel pedicure and foot spa were all completed within 40mins.

    Towards the end of the service, the manicurist claims that my corner of the middle toe nail has chipped. It was just a little chip at the corner which i told her to trim off the chip. She claimed that it shouldn’t be done and she can help to fix it. She just place a layer of gel over the corner but charged me at S$18, probably the equivalent of a hand nail extension for the description was “extension hand”. There was no highlight or permission seek for the service fee of $18.

    The attached receipt is the price paid, excluding the gel manicure and pedicure package that I have.

    I encourage all customers at United Square outlet who had the same experience to come forward with their pushy and unreasonable billing experience

  • Joanne Ong
    1 year ago

    Lisa is service is excellent! G558.

  • Jacqueline Quek
    1 year ago

    Thanks to Sharon and Kym for the professionalism and care!

  • Theresa Lee
    1 year ago

    Kym and Lisa are very good! Thank you for the delish manicure and pedicure.

  • Amanda Na
    1 year ago

    Well done Kym!


  • yen ching Tan
    1 year ago

    Sharon is very nice and friendly who is patient and gave ample time without rushing when comes to selection of mail colours. Like the nail colour she recommended! ❤️

  • Zoe Joanne Tan
    1 year ago

    Went to united square for the first time yesterday. Kym is very friendly and did an amazing job with my gel mani & pedi. I was done in about an hour. Will try popping by during lunch 2 day. Thanks Lym!

  • Huiyuan Han
    1 year ago

    Hard sell on everything – packages, add on services. It is downright annoying. Every session turns out to be a lot of expensive than it should really be. Would not recommend this place to anyone.

  • Laura Steel
    1 year ago

    Possibly the worst customer experience I’ve come across at a nail salon.

    I rang to get directions (as it was a little hard to find) and the first person I spoke to was really unhelpful and kept repeating the address. The second person was more helpful and managed to find it after that.

    I come in and sit down and then wait for 25 minutes before I’m seen to. I asked for a Classic Pedi and Express Mani, two different colours. The first colour they put on my toes wasn’t the one I asked for, and they tried to put another colour on my hands and when I asked again for the colour I wanted, they just said ‘don’t have’. The next colour I chose – ‘don’t have’. Finally they find a colour and then it takes a full 45 minutes – not very ‘express’

    Then to dry, they said I could use a fan for ‘quick dry’ and I said okay – turns out I’m still there for 15 minutes and they are still not dry, by which point I’m late for my next thing.

    When I came to paying, they tried to charge me and extra $20 for a Classic Mani (which I didn’t ask for) and another $8 for the ‘quick dry’ fan thing! The lady who did my nails was so rude about it! She didn’t say it was extra and stormed off in a huff when I questioned it. The lady at the desk finally agreed to the (correct) price and I left as fast as I could.

    Overall, they did a good enough job, albeit not the neatest! I’m happy with the colour and shape anyway. Definitely not the relaxing experience I was hoping for, and safe to say, never going back!

  • Aarez
    1 year ago

    I did pedicure and foot massage with Lisa. She did very well.

  • Kochu Ma
    1 year ago

    Lisa & Kym wonderful service. Good job ladies .

  • Peipei Chua
    1 year ago

    Satisfied with Kym and Jennise


  • Amanda Seet
    1 year ago

    Enjoy coming here. Pleasant experience with friendly staff. Ask for Kym.

  • Jessie
    1 year ago

    KYM and Sharon take their time and honestly treat each nail individual and the results are just perfect. Especially thanks

    KYM for providing such an attentive and immaculate service!

  • Michelle Tan
    1 year ago

    Kym and Sharon from United Square do the best Mani Pedis. I’ve tried so many other places but they are still the longest lasting. Fast, efficient and enduring.

  • Lidya Salim
    1 year ago

    Had a foot reflexology with Kym here and love it! Was surprised that a nail salon beautician also does a pretty good job at reflexology. Will come back and find her again 🙂

  • Grace Chan
    1 year ago

    Lisa awesome nail service!

  • Lee Hwee Hoe
    1 year ago

    Kym is very helpful!

  • Amber Guo
    1 year ago

    Did a one time manicure and pedicure. Manicurist Kym and Amy were v polite and experienced. Kym did a great job with the soak off and gel polish removal. Amy allowed me to change the nail colour with much kindness. Foot scrub and dead skin removal was inclusive but quick dry polish were nt. Overallpleasant experience!

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