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20 Reviews on “Masego The Safari Spa - Jurong SAFRA”

  • chandramouli iyer
    1 year ago

    Totally unprofessional and uncouth!

    signed up for 90mins massage+ warm compress + foot soak and came out with a totally stressed up self. All thanks to Stella , lady at the reception.

    While I signed up for the above, all that I ended up getting was a 60 mins full body massage and a handful of justification on how this 60mins massage was infact 90mins that includes full body + warm compress + foot soak.

    When asked, she lectures me saying no other customer dared question her on this and therefore I should not be asking one as well.

    Wonder how these bunch of jokers have b***s to be in the service industry with this kind of temperament.

    Highly disappointed and burn of money that includes taking a cab to and fro.

    Few of my friends were waiting for my feedback before getting one for themselves and obviously my feedback is NO GO!!!!!!

  • Yayafaizal Faizal
    1 year ago
  • sarinah salleh
    1 year ago

    Very rude staff answering the phone call enquiries.

  • Guang Chao
    2 years ago

    Not as good as it looks

  • Vannie Ng
    2 years ago

    I bought this package from Mdada at a reasonable price and the agreed location was supposed to be at chinatown. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, they have moved to Masego at Jurong Safra. I must say, it has not been easy to book an appointment as their slots are filled quickly. Their appointment booking process still rely on a notebook whom anyone and everyone in their team can access. Some of masseuse are transferred from Chinatown and their skills are amazing (two stars) Nothing to hide, this is the only reason why I’m still travelling such a long journey down for my appointment.

    As their appointment slots open up a month before, I have previously booked an appointment for 2 on 20 August 2022. Due to changes in my schedule and knowing that I will be travelling, I called up Masego on 27 July 2022 at 2.44pm to inform them that I will need to cancel and book another appointment in Sept. The next available slot would be on 17 Sept at 2.30pm. All settled.

    To my amaze, I received a call from Stella on 20 August 2022 and was questioned if I’m in Malaysia??? I told her I am currently overseas and immediately she jumped into conclusion blaming me why did I not inform the team and due to the lack of communication, there are 2 vacancies to be filled. I told her that I have updated the team previously and if they did not update their manual book, how can they push the blame to the customer?

    Her attitude was uncalled for despite telling her she should check with her team on this. She then informed that she will have to look for alternatives to get the slots filled.

    To the management, appreciate if you can get your facts right before jumping the gun on customer. It’s unfair that we received such a call from a disgruntled staff when I’m away. Why should customer be penalised for the inefficiency in your operations process?

  • Kanna Chida
    2 years ago

    Made an appt over phone for 515pm. Reached on time and paid for my slot. Only to find that there is no one available to do the massage.

    Why would you accept the booking if there is no one available for that time slot?

    This is a waste of ones time.

    Also agree that the sales staff are super pushy. Why would I sign a package for 10 sessions when the first session can’t even be done properly.

  • Ng RI3212
    2 years ago

    The center is currently under renovation. Call the number and the one pick up was a man . Make appointment today but when arrive then realize the center is currently renovation. The lady incharge say they are still not ready to take in customer. The telephone was redirected to China town branch. This reflect poor communication and when call back, the man even challenge to call his boss . This is disappointing and bad experience.

  • Raymond Lim
    3 years ago

    Good service. Every pressure is to the right point

  • Sharifah Ayob
    3 years ago

    90 mins of torture. Not coming back. Asked for a Swedish massage but end up having those deep tissue kind of thing which is extremely painful to me.

  • Li Ping Foxy
    3 years ago

    Environment was very good, spacious.

    All the therapist’s service are good.

    The only minus point is the Sales Staff super pushy on signing package .

  • Umaira Rosli
    3 years ago

    Sales person approached me on August so I bought 2 vouchers but till now i haven’t go for the treatments. Called them several times, either no answer, rude customer service or fully booked. So my appointment will be on December instead. Kept telling me “fully booked” but in the first place, you shouldn’t promote if you cant handle the traffic. Very unprofessional. Shall wait till December to see if it’s worth the wait.

    Updated: Went on Dec, reception lady tried to hard sell us. Initially, was given a few choices, facial/back body massage/slimming massage etc but the reception lady didn’t gave us a choice! Had to follow what she suggested but we chose not to add on despite her repeating. However, the lady who massaged me was nice and skilful. Didnt talked much but my friend’s masseuse tried to manipulate my friend to sign up for a package. Overall, I don’t recommend this place but it’s worth a try if you get a nice masseuse. ?✌?

  • Teo Benedict
    3 years ago

    Signed up for a 1.5hrs spa package for aromatherapy but turn out I am given just normal massage without aromatherapy. Masseus gave very hard massage and only can speak Chinese as she’s from china. Alot of pinching and squeezing not sure what kind of massage. Package says herbal footbath but I was given a sea salt foot bath. Package say I will be given ginger tea but I was given Lipton tea. I guess because the price was less then 50 bucks so I already expected alot of cutting corners. furthermore, the customer beside my tent keep talking loudly with his masseus, spoil the whole ambience totally cannot relax. Really you pay more you get better service.

  • Carlson Chong
    3 years ago


  • Eric Siew
    3 years ago

    Good spa massage centre

  • Stephen Lim
    3 years ago

    Dear Sir/Madam

    We had signed up a couple of Packages since Jaslyn times. Her services were excellent and awesome beyond comparison.

    However since she was transferred to Jurong Point Mary Chia your current services had deteriorated tremendously from bad to worst

    We usually go in a family of either 3 to 4 pax. We gave you an advance booking of at least 3 to 6 weeks to confirmed the date, time and optional for masseuses preferred.

    Could understand due COVID 19, it a trying time.

    Unfortunately many a time, we had endure the bad sevice occur to us as time and again we had to change for another time slot given another at least 4 weeks of deferment of waiting time.

    Not only this had happened to us. Recently we booked for this coming Saturday 14th November that was after a deferment. Your staff told us Allan had high blood pressure so we couldn’t have 3 pax but only 2 pax available for massage

    Many a time we heard of your excuses like masseuses had an accident, operation, went back to Malaysia or had resigned lastly was Allan had high blood pressure.

    We had given your great and well known establishment full support for many years.

    Now your service really suck.

    We are sick of your excuses. Seriously we can accept reasonable excuses but not always.

    Please advised

  • Nur Qomariyah
    3 years ago

    A guy approached me and gave me a anniversary promotion for $30 which had 3 to 4 free treatment and told me that it expires until next year febuary 2021. who wouldn’t take this chance to get such a good promotion, so i did sign up for it and paid it
    , and yes when i did call for booking an appointment, 1st their english was very poor. 2nd they told me the expire date due to last month, but good thing they still let me have my treatment, but when my appointment timing comes, i couldn’t make it because i felt sick and slept the whole day, i called them and told them if i can postpone my appointment, they sounded very unhappy and told me very unprofessional like “you should have told us earlier, a lot people want to come” I told them i was sorry about it politely, then they told me that this month and next month is fully book, and November schedule hasn’t been out yet, they then told me if i want to book an appointment i need to call next month. I am very sorry but this is very poor service, I have work in beauty service line for almost 2 years, and my point of view is, that is very unprofessional. You should have take note of my novemver appointment instead of asking the customer to call them next month instead, which shows that you are not helping this customer to book an advance booking. I already pay my $30 and haven’t even get to do the treatment and I’m very upset the way they treat me. Doesn’t mean the customer who paid less for promotion or cheap treatment, you can treat us differently, this shows that you are not professional. I will not recommend anyone to go to this place. Thank you.

  • Goh Xin Ting Michelle
    3 years ago

    Massage was done with much force. Didn’t check if the force is alright. Throughout the 90mins, I felt pain. Even have blue black bruises. 🙁

  • Seamus
    3 years ago

    Very calming ambience with individual safari tents for each person. Pictures speaks a thousand words so look through the pictures I’ve posted. As for the massage, I took a 1.5hr foot massage. Skills of the masseuse was good and smooth when transitioning to different pressure points on my foot. Overall nice experience.

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