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  • Sophie Inez Azhar
    3 weeks ago

    Went in for Botox and lip fillers. The process was excruciatingly painful. The Botox was alright but the lip fillers was extremely painful. The worst part is that they completely botched my lips, leaving me with duck lips. A red flag should be when the doctor said the first time you do lip fillers, you are not going to be satisfied with the result. The doctor poked and prodded my lips multiple times and left me swollen for 1.5 weeks. The fillers are uneven and overfilled on the top. I still have a big lump of filler on the underside of my lip. I have texted them and they said to dissolve it with no cost. I don’t trust their services anymore. I’m waiting for the filler to dissolve completely and will never go back again. They put numbing cream on my lips but made me wait 1 hour, go through a long consultation and made me wait again before even injecting anything, by the time the numbing wore off. I had high hopes for this place but to my dismay. It was such a disappointment.

  • rthx
    2 months ago

    Doctor’s skills are highly questionable.

    Did under eye fillers to alleviate my eyebag condition on 17th November with a female locum doctor. Don’t think she’s trained well because to this date (end Feb), I still have very obvious bulges under my eyes. Consulted other doctors who said she must have injected too superficially.

    Did a top up a few weeks after the first jab and had to see another new baby doc dude who suggested that I massage my eye area to force the fillers to migrate and spread out more evenly. He also said he wouldn’t recommend injecting the rest of the unused 0.3cc into my lips as it might overdo it?? – a very odd thing to say cos I definitely can add to my lower lips.

    Anyway am sad that the fillers are affecting my appearance. These photos were taken in end jan and end Feb. Paid to rejuvenate my peepers but ended up looking worse and doubly aged.

    Yes it was a promo where I paid $300++ for 1cc but if under eye fillers aren’t your doctor’s forte you shouldn’t even promote it for the sake of lead generation. Just stick to simple Botox or lasers or skinboosters.

    So people, think twice. Do you really want an amateur to do your treatments for you?

  • Aifen Cheng
    2 months ago

    Angie is very professional and patient. She is not pushy and does my facial massage well. She is concerned about my pigmentation and pores. I feel very comfortable as we shared a lot of common interest!

  • Shirley Cheng
    2 months ago

    Snow is experienced and gentle with her service. She is excellent🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Maribel Jimenez
    2 months ago

    Very bad service , all they care is sell you the package .. after sales service is very disappointing

  • Rohani Ariffin
    2 months ago

    Snow is a great therapist. The environment is comfortable & staff are friendly. Carine provided a clear explanation to me about the treatment. A great experience. Will be back!

  • Dom Lee
    2 months ago

    Love her service- Angie lee

  • Patricia Teo
    2 months ago

    First time visit and was served by Jovoin and Grenell. Great service from the ladies and they were very patient in replying my queries on the after treatment care for the face. Looking forward to my next visit to receive such great service and care to my face.

  • Calvin Lin
    2 months ago

    Angie – nice service and very welcoming! Highly recommend to visit!

  • shandi mak
    2 months ago

    I’m always looking forward to my facial session as, it’s always so relaxing. I like to recommend beauticians sally as, she always so smiling and she always make the facial enjoyable.

  • Aireen Lapid
    2 months ago

    I will recommend Angie she’s really good in handling patient, very accomading,friendly I gave her 5 star.Definely I will comeback .

  • Suk ting Lie
    3 months ago

    I very like my aesthetician Angie 🙂 she is very caring of my skin and very skillful . Because of her , I very hardworking to visit to do my facial. My face is very growth and very clean . Every time visit I very enjoying my facial of her did for me. Thanks Angie . U did very well.

    3 months ago

    Thank you Angie for your good service.

    Very Good skill, knowledgeable and caring, she always teach me how to take care of my skin. She is very patience and details, I respect for her professional.

    Honestly, If no meet Angie in IVI, I will never consider to sign my second package.

    Highly recommended.

    P/S: I sign my second and third package with IVI just because I’m hardly to meet a very satisfying beauticianist.

    Once again, thanks Angie.

  • Venus Venus
    3 months ago

    Angie is very good service and explained very detailed about the fat freeze. Very love that she is very caring aesthetician.

  • Anna Surio
    3 months ago

    Angie is the best … excellent customer service… she gives her best effort to reassure and meets the expectation of her clients… keep up the good work… very satisfied customer here☺️

  • Bank Landy
    3 months ago

    With pei leng i know that my skin is in good hands

    I appreciate that her advice is targeted and addresse my concern well

    The Facial treatment has really shown up great results 👍🏻

  • Blinky Kc
    3 months ago

    Pei Ling n Jovorn very friendly n pei ling very experience.. caring n heart warming.. Jovorn is very friendly n caring too.. all well done.. kudos!! Keep all hard work up.. cheers!!

  • Qyshah
    3 months ago

    Jovorn is such a nice n sweet lady. Excellent customer service!!

  • Jay Singam
    3 months ago

    I have been visiting IVI, my face had very bad breakouts n pigmentation.i was so upset as everyone who sees me keep asking me about my face. The consultant Angie did a great job. She was very concerned about my face n took so much trouble to make me happy. I am really grateful n amazed by her skill. After the treatment I went with confidence. Thank you once again.

  • Lung Sin Jong
    3 months ago

    Good service from Snow, would definitely come again.

  • Foong Sok Fun
    3 months ago

    (Angie is very responsible, approachable, experienced, professional and attentive. I always ask her to serve me because I feel reassured that she is a very professional beautician.👍👏🏻)

    Angie 是一个很尽责,很平易近人很有经验 很专业也很细心我每次上来都要他为我服务,因为我很放心,他是一位很专业的美容师.👍👏🏻

  • Nicho Chai
    3 months ago

    I had an outstanding experience at IVI provided by the aesthetician. The level of professionalism, attention to detail and skillful execution truly exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Sally (beauty therapist) and Jorvan (Manager)for delivering exceptional service, making my visit truly enjoyable.

  • kavita rathore
    3 months ago

    Like the service and interaction with Jovan and Snow. They are very polite and nice and very good service.

  • Michelle
    4 months ago

    I felt very comfortable during the facial, thank you Sally for your patient and professional service, I will recommend Sally as your beautician.And the consultant Jorvon also no hard selling their package ,very relaxed throughout the conversation.

  • Ria Simon
    4 months ago

    I want to express my sincere gratitude to Angie for outstanding treatment she provided. Your skillfull hands and attention to detail truly made a difference.

    I am not only feeling refreshed and rejuvinated but notice a remarkable difference in the relaxation of my face. Your expertise and commitment to excellence are truly commendable. Thank you again for the great job I will truly recommemd you to my friends. I look forward to my next visit and experiencing your exceptional service again.

    4 months ago

    They are reliable, honestly and operate with integrity.

    Pei Leng always take the time to answer any question I may have, and provide me with all the option available.

    Great experiences👍

  • Michelle Tan
    4 months ago

    (Great experience! Aesthetic pei leng is very patient and the service is great! Will give professional advice. Friends who want to beautify, lose weight and become beautiful, this is trustworthy👍🏻)

    很棒的体验! Aesthetic pei leng 很有耐心,服务很好!会给出专业的建议,想来美容,减肥一直要变美的朋友们,这边值得信赖👍🏻

  • Jessica Khew
    5 months ago

    Do my Pico Laser in Orchard outlet Dr. Ong a good and professional doctor.

    Doctor will arrange your treatment based on your personal skin condition.

  • Clerry Farm
    5 months ago

    I’d advise against it entirely. The service is downright rude and unprofessional, definitely not living up to what it claims to be!

    I tried out this BB foundation treatment at IVI Aesthetic – Orchard, it was hands down the worst and most unprofessional experience ever. They didn’t bother explaining the facial procedure, and there was zero facial analysis before they jumped into the treatment. I filled out a form, answered a few basic questions, and boom, straight to the treatment room I went.

    The whole thing, from walking in to walking out, took about 50 minutes, which is nowhere near what they were promoting. And after the facial, they asked me to chill in a room for a post-treatment analysis. Well, surprise! – there was no analysis. They didn’t even bother showing me the before-and-after pictures they took, just hit me with a casual “See the difference? So you wanna sign up or not?” in the most rude and unpleasant way.

    Out of the blue, they started pushing PICO laser thing on me. I told them I had tried it before and didn’t find it effective, but without any explanation from me yet, the staff labeled it as a “CHEAP” pico laser. Seriously? The whole experience was just embarrassing and low end, and it’s pretty clear that IVI Aesthetic lacks standards and has some seriously subpar staff who can’t even handle basic customer service and conducting herself with full of emotions.

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