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  • Gwass Hoppah
    2 months ago

    Great firm Thai massage, my new go-to in Singapore….

  • Ahmad Zulkarnain
    2 months ago

    The best massage for muscle relief

  • t t
    4 months ago

    (It was my first time to have a Thai massage.

    The massage was so relaxing that the 60 minutes felt like it flew by.

    She massaged various parts of my body with her elbows and knees, and used her body to stretch my whole body, which felt really good.

    I thought it was similar to Japanese chiropractic. I used to go to a chiropractor once a month in Japan, so I’m thinking of going here for a Thai massage once a month as well.

    It was $70 for 60 minutes.

    It’s about the same as a chiropractor in Japan, so I think I can continue to get massages!

    The ginger tea at the end of the massage was also delicious.)








  • Bridie F
    5 months ago

    Thankyou for an excellent, restorative massage. My masseuse was strong and skilled and kind. There were some impressive stretches that I didn’t realise my body could do! Highly recommend.

  • Rigoniman
    5 months ago

    Best massage in Singapore

    Wow did we love this place. Three of us (two men and a woman) came past on a Saturday afternoon and each had a one hour Thai massage, the price was $70 each. The provide a private room to get changed and a locker. The lady had her own private room and the two blokes shared a room.

    The massage was amazing, probably the best I’ve had in a long time. The staff were friendly and super respectful.

    We here traveling SE Asia for the next month and thought I’d have to Thailand to get this standard. Amazing!!!

  • 黄圆圈
    6 months ago

    (One day I went in and the air conditioner was not turned on.

    The boss lady probably doesn’t have money to pay the electricity bill.

    The masseuses inside all had frowned faces and seemed very dissatisfied. The massage techniques were terrible and they felt like they were pressing randomly. The charges were too high.

    I won’t come to this massage parlor again even if I don’t have to pay for it! It’s really unlucky)





  • Thamonwan Tanpradit
    6 months ago

    The worst experience. The masseur was wearing gloves the whole foot massage session and she refused to take it off as she claimed that she was allergic to the oil. It was very uncomfortable. Her technique is very off. My whole body was in a lot of pain after the session with her. The customer service there is also terrible. There is no compensation after this horrible experience. Nothing but an apology. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go as the price is considered high for such small and old place. The aircon was making a lot of noise too.

  • Desmond D
    6 months ago

    Worst massage ever, masseur was wearing gloves to massage the whole session. Zero techniques, whole body ache even more after the massage. Bad customer service too. Scam place

  • Samuel Leong (lawlzlolx)
    7 months ago

    When I first got into the place, the aircon felt like it was off. I was already sweating like mad from the hot weather. The massage was very very harsh, despite the massage therapist asking if it was ok, I told her to use less strength but it was still too harsh. After I was done my body was so tense and even more fatigued it felt like my body was physically pushed to the limit. I left the place sweaty, tired and even more sore after, I couldn’t leave right after even if I wanted due to how uncomfortable I felt, every step I took felt like death especially in my lower back.. The next day my body felt even worse I had to stretch on my own to ease the soreness and pain.

  • David Ting
    7 months ago

    “I had a Thai massage with oil, and the masseuse provided an excellent full-body massage. The place was very clean, and I felt comfortable throughout the session. It’s a great option for couples or families, and there was no inappropriate behavior.”

  • Celestine Song
    8 months ago

    The massage here is good but the receptionist/cashier is terrible. Called to make an appointment for husband and I, and the person over the phone (I assume the receptionist/cashier was the one) asked if we needed a couple room. I said yes and she noted it.

    Upon arrival 10 mins prior to our appointment, the receptionist started talking about having to chase another customer out of the couple room. Seemed like there was some confusion and they allowed someone else to use the room.

    She then requested for payment from us and charged us $20 for the use of couple room. It was clearly not communicated over the phone that the use of couple room comes with additional charges. And honestly having been to so many spas, I’ve not been charged for the use of couple room before. In response to me saying that we don’t need a couple room if it comes with extra charges, receptionist said “no lor. No choice already. We even chased out another customer for you”. We didn’t bother to argue because I really needed the massage but just want to warn others about the lack of price transparency at this place. The bad business practice and poor attitude of the receptionist is a great shame to this place with very good masseurs, who are also very very polite. Only giving two stars because of them.

  • dylan loh
    8 months ago

    I went with my wife yesterday evening as my wife was having body aching and need a good massage.. unfortunately our usual massage place was fully booked and we need urgently to seek new place. From the internet indeed I found here and the massage was very nice and my wife too recovered from her bodyache.

    Highly recommend!!

  • Jerold Tan
    8 months ago

    Took the 60mins back and shoulder massage because my neck was giving me problems. Saw the countless good reviews and I avoided booking on their website so I called the hotline to book an appointment at 11:45AM. When I reached, the counter lady said my booking is 11AM and that I am late. She also reminded me to inform them if I am late otherwise tardiness would eat into my massage timing (i.e 45mins late). I was really furious, the counter and person who accepted my booking are different people so they probably didn’t communicate, how is that my fault as a customer? I am on time as far as I am concerned.

    The changing room is communal, so there might be someone changing inside if you walk in. The spa robe provided has no buttons which I think is ridiculous, at least a string to wrap around would suffice to keep the robe in place. Massage area is a common room with a few mattresses laid on the floor. There are no curtains to keep it more private. I really don’t want to see another half naked customer even if it is the same gender. A curtain would definitely be helpful. Airconditioning is pretty weak, you probably have to walk to this massage place and arrive sweaty.

    My massage therapist was Jade, I opted for a 60mins Thai back and shoulder massage. Having experienced Thai massage in Thailand, I don’t believe this is in any way a Thai massage. However I would like to compliment that Jade is skillful masseur and focused on areas where I needed relief. This is probably the only reason why I give my review a 2/5 because Jade’s massage made up for my poor experience.

  • Terence Khoo
    10 months ago

    Went with the missus for a foot and shoulder rub. Decent service and congealed ambience. Will come again.

  • Craig D
    10 months ago

    Very consistent – all therapists trained exceptionally well. Have been going for years and not one bad experience. Plus ginger tea at the end is a must.

  • Roslan Mohamad
    11 months ago

    Good experience ,good method and proper technique of massage. Well serve by Malaysian therapist Sera . Good place for a proper massage. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • MJ Chai
    11 months ago

    No Aircon when we did our massage there

  • Laura
    12 months ago

    One word. Incredible. The girls are traditionally trained and very strong. I am so grateful for their knowledge because holy moly…I am transformed now…lol. Highly recommended.

  • Stephanie Dryfhout
    12 months ago

    I got the 60 minute neck, back and shoulder Thai massage and it was absolutely amazing along with the service and really nice people. 100% would recommend 🤩

    1 year ago

    My first time here. Very professional staff, reasonably priced and relaxing massage.. Esther was my massuer and she is a dynamite… Go for it people

  • Kaela Lee
    1 year ago

    I am a Singaporean and would typically not even try a massage locally but a friend brought me here to try the Thai massage and I have been coming here. I have been here 3 times in the last 6 months and every visit is consistent. Their masseuse are very professional and polite. Tina was my masseuse today and she is strong even though she is petite! I really appreciate them checking in every once in a while during the session. This is their standard protocol as I have experienced. They are top of mind whenever I think of having a good stretch and loosening the knots on my body! Highly recommend!

  • 来福苺
    1 year ago

    (60 minutes foot, 60 minutes oil,

    It’s probably around 13,000 yen.

    Too upscale for Chinatown.

    I feel like I’m just stroking my feet and I can’t get rid of the fatigue.

    Oil is replaced by a person,

    Because the treatment is done by force, my hip bones and back hurt, and the next day I feel like I’m going to cry from the repeated massage.

    I don’t understand why it is recommended.)








  • JT
    1 year ago

    Masseurs are very well trained. Those mending the front counter are not. Especially the older woman and the younger girl. Showing frown face standing there. This place is lucky too have good masseurs.

  • Shoi Takahashi
    1 year ago

    30min 50$, 60min 70$, add oil 10$. This is a good place!

  • Ken Fok
    1 year ago

    Very nice massage with shoulder , back and neck! Relaxing and highly recommend.

    Lisa is doing a great job!

  • Jerry Lee
    1 year ago

    it used to be good but not now

  • Yoshikatsu ito
    1 year ago

    (I think it was Mr. Suti, and he was the best. I’ve had many different massages in Singapore, but this one is the best.)


  • Vincent Wong
    1 year ago

    please fix your aircon fill up gas because it is too hot inside

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