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26 Reviews on “Hanah Nails Salon - Bugis”

  • Feeza
    4 months ago

    Did classic manicure and pedicure for $60++. Wasn’t up to standard and not worth the money. Staff was so eager to finish it fast! After the whole session, i realised my nail colour chip off and some of it is in a mess. From the way i see it, it doesn’t even look like classic mani & pedi, instead it’s more like EXPRESS mani & pedi. Disappointed with the service given by the staff. It’s my first visit and definitely will be my last one too. Will not come back again!

  • ezza bella
    1 year ago

    Extremely friendly service! Would come back here again!!

  • Grace Ho
    1 year ago

    Really good service and the nail tech was super experienced and quite friendly. Did nail extensions for bitten nails and it turned out very nice. Price was $80 with $15 extra to cut cuticles. Do take note that some colours are at an additional cost of $5. Overall really pleasant first experience

  • Isabella Rosi
    1 year ago

    Tldr : Hannah has skills but extremely rude.

    Came here few times, but usually Wendy did my nails or another lady, it was a pleasant experience and both were meticulous with their work.

    But today, 14 April, was such a huge disappointment and it came from I believe the owner herself, Hannah. Mind you, I always respect others, talked and asked politely, but Hannah, she replied me in a rude way throughout. She hurt my thumb with the drill and said it was my fault because i kept moving my hand, I never moved my hand, she was the one who did it roughly. I still let it slide. Not only that she threw my hand and told me ‘later later later’ after i asked her to reshape my nails a bit because it look crooked. That’s the last straw for me.
    Luckily, other 2 ladies took over and did my nails neat and tidy, and I satisfied how it turns out.

    Overall, i felt really sad and disappointed with Hannah’s attitude and service, tho she has great skills, but to treat a customer in a extremely rude way, definitely a 1 star for me.

  • Mark Family Tree
    1 year ago

    My heavily pregnant wife went to get an express gel pedi and was very thrilled with the outcome and very pleased with the service!

    Great service, great value, and great product! Highly recommend!

  • chere
    1 year ago

    affordable and friendly service for gel manicures! the manager guided the staff on how to draw the design and the staff followed her instructions really well. they also helped my friends to correct the nails if we accidentally brushed them against something while they were not dry. really happy about my nails esp for its price! will be back 🙂

  • Chiu Yin
    1 year ago

    After 1 month ??

  • Bethelyn Koh
    1 year ago

    Good service and kind to new customers! They did very nice nail jelly extensions ??

  • Bee Teo
    1 year ago

    I don’t patronise any particular store whenever I come to Bugis St/ Village for manicure and pedicure as I like to try out different stores since all stores have competitive prices.
    Among them, the manicurists in this store are the most pushy, unfriendly, and bad manners.

    Take a closer look at the photo of my right thumb enamel. There’s an indented line across my nail that the manicurist wouldn’t bother to apply another layer to cover it.

    Another manicurist tried to do a quick job that she cut my toes nails unevenly that the left toe nail was longer than the right toe nail.
    When the blue enamel was applied on toe nails on both feet, it’s eye sore ? to see the toes were one big one small.

    Both manicurists pushed me to pay an additional $3 each for finger nails and toe nails with a coat of Quick-dry.

    When I refused to do so, one particular manicurist was angry and snapped, ‘ 随便你,那你就等两到三个钟头 which meant, up to you, you wait 2 to 3 hours then.’ She started to show attitude, and didn’t bother to put the foam separator for my toes nor using fan to quicker the hardening process of my nails…

    ?Sigh! Don’t think I will come back here again for their services.

  • Cassy Qiuling
    1 year ago

    I just have to say.. WOW. My nails are so pretty even with just a Color on it’s own

  • Ananya Parambath
    1 year ago

    Horrible. Absolutely horrible. Made booking for 10:30 pm, showed up 10 minutes late my fault and have apologised for it. They then started my nails at 11:20 pm. It was express and we were onky done by 12:45….. waste of time, waste of money. Paid an extra 30 dollars for chrome too… which is not visible.. Althought more affordable, you reallt get what you pay for. Unsanitary place too- used the same tool on multiple ppl in front of me without washing. Guys dont be stingy pay an extra 30 bucks at a better place, stay away from here.

  • Yee Xuan Lee
    1 year ago

    im very surprised by the skills of the manicurist and variety of nail polish here! got french tip done and manicurist even gave me free glitter at the end… affordable, good quality, highly recommended!

  • Sukriti Jain
    1 year ago

    The staff is friendly and did a perfect job! Got it done for the second time. Recommend ?

  • georgia liang
    1 year ago

    hannah and janice were both very professional in their work. they were patient enough go listen to my requests and did it exactly to my liking. Overall, great company and great work!! highly recommend!!

  • lcy samuel
    1 year ago

    Good customer service

    Janice was very nice throughout

  • Alisa Wang
    1 year ago

    Fast and friendly! Nice nails done!

  • Shermaine Chua
    1 year ago

    I got a regular manicure with colour and it was reasonably priced. However, I don’t think the nail technician did a good job with the colour application. It’s quite uneven. Won’t be coming back again.

  • jennie ng
    1 year ago

    I always visit here when I head to Bugis for nails , they’re very detailed when doing nails and they cared for your fingers , made sure cuticles are cleaned . They are also transparent with the price , just ask clearly the design and price . Location is just right near the escalator at third floor , Thank you ladies will visit again

  • raining sunshine
    1 year ago

    Very friendly service and meticulous to cater to the design. Special thanks to Janice!

  • Jegathiswary Muniandy
    1 year ago

    Not that ok with their service. Provided incorrect service to customers. The foreign workers should understand well before they start to do.

  • Jingle Belle
    1 year ago

    Janice was really friendly and lovely!

    Janice did my manicure and did a really gorgeous and give me a good advice.

    Janice did removed my extension nail very carefully and when I said the pain then she do it very gentle. I will back to see her again

  • Heizey Lau
    1 year ago

    It was a great experience I highly recommend you come and try out their manicure service for extension is at a really good price and will come back again! ?‍♀️✨

  • Kalpana Jadhav
    1 year ago

    Professional service and very efficient staff.

  • Thanisha Lakhwani
    1 year ago

    Worse nail salon! Please check the price before you get any service in this salon.

    I went with 2 girls to get manicure and pedicure and they lied to us about the price. At first it was a pretty reasonable price ($36 for manicure and pedicure +3 (for nail art depending on the complexity) so we decided to go for it and at they end they said it was $88 (for me, I did one colour for my toes and hands with nail art on one finger) and for the rest it was $78 (French tips and one colour on her toes) and $83 (one colour on her toes and hands with nail art on one finger).

    Before getting anything done I asked about the prices to make sure that there were no additional fees for matte and glossy then at the end the lady did matte on my nails even though I did not ask for it. (Matte nails were more expensive). Also they told my friend to not speak while she was getting the French tip otherwise she will not do it, I found it weird because I have seen other people getting manicure done and they were speaking? I don’t understand the correlation.

    So far, they did a good job with my manicure and pedicure but it was overpriced and they were not honest about it. My friend dm them on Instagram and they said a completely different price.
    My sister had a hair stuck on her nails and the lady did not bother to clean it. Also my nail art was smudged and the flowers looked weird, petals were too thin and it looks nothing than the reference picture I showed. My friend had a few bubbles on her nails (French tip) and they did not bother to fix that

  • Cleo Devon
    1 year ago

    Got gel manicure and extensions done here! Very happy with how my nails came out. They have a wide variety of polish to choose from. They also pay attention to detail and are very meticulous when doing my nails. Price is also reasonable and I will definitely be a regular.

  • Yidou Weng
    1 year ago

    Good service nice design

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