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  • Paul Sim
    11 months ago

    I’ve been plagued by my sciatica for past few years and visited numerous TCM and chiropractors with little to no results.

    My friend recommend that I visit Mr Zhang as he also experienced great improvement for her strained neck.

    Mr Zhang previously worked at Beijing DongZhiMen Hospital and his tuina skills helped relieve my sciatica just after one session.

    I’ll be back for sure!

  • hii qishan
    1 year ago

    (Sister Haiyan is really amazing ??Very friendly and professional??‍♀️

    Getting heaty is not good, scraping ➕ tuina really relieved a lot ❤️)



  • Alan Chan
    1 year ago

    Quite painful and rough during the 30 mins session

    Before that no issue just stiffness. Right now after 9 hours, headache and seems like the stiffness is not resolved

    Environment seems not very clean as the towels smelt

    Will look for a chiropractor as my upper neck seems tight

  • Mc
    1 year ago

    (Lili’s hand techniques are first-class, and I recommend electrotherapy massage ? After massage, the whole waist feels relaxed)

    丽丽手势一流,推荐电疗推拿? 按完整个腰都轻松了

  • Ray Chia
    1 year ago

    the male doc solved my back issue, professional and reasonable pricing

  • Raghav Fatehpuria
    1 year ago

    Terrible. Keeps talking on the phone and no interest in doing massage. Avoid. Poor technique used

  • Johnny Raelian Toh
    1 year ago

    Went for my neck and back pain due to not sleeping well and bad postures, Du Sifu is very patience & professional and help to resolved my problems. Will visit again soon.

  • Sylvester Wong
    2 years ago

    My wife and I love the service at Bao Zhi Tang. Their therapists are professional and committed in resolving your bodily issues, especially long term aches that have been torturing us due to wrong or bad postures. We particularly entrust our body problems to therapist – Liu sifu and Haiyan, both are good in 正骨。Well at least my bad back aches have been resolved instead of optioning for some surgery.

    Bao Zhi Tang – Way to go guys! Keep it up !

  • Jerree Cheong
    2 years ago

    A big no no for Liu. Totally big no no. False advertisement bad attitude and bad service. Who wana try a massuer video call in the middle of the massage(no is thru out the session)and use phone on top of your body please go ahead.

  • Yeoh Zi Qing
    2 years ago

    (The staff who answer the phone is so rude!

    The tone is super bad, will not go no matter how effective it is! !)


    语气超不好 再有效也不去了!!

  • Stephanie Chua
    2 years ago

    Very good experience here and love HaiYan tuina skill. She manage to find the right point where my aching part is without me telling her. She’s the 1st that really gave me a good tuina. Been to a lot and she’s the best. Very professional. Glad that I found her and definitely will be coming back for her. Really help me ease my back pain.

  • Lim Colin
    2 years ago

    Not so good. The masseuse no strength, use plastic glove to massage, use stick as a tool to massage.

  • true bear
    2 years ago

    (The advertisements are loud and there are many branches, but are the massage masters professional?

    I tried it. I gave money and earned pain.

    It was just a sore shoulder and I wanted to remove the bone, but it turned out to be even worse??

    It directly affects the cervical spine. The neck is completely unable to exert strength. Getting up every morning is a challenge.

    I wanted to give them another chance and told the proprietress in private, but in the end they said that I would give them one more money to help you fix it??

    I’m also dumbfounded. Consumers can figure it out for themselves.)

    广告打得很响 分行很多 但是推拿的师傅专不专业?

    我试过了 我是给了钱 赚了痛。

    本来只是肩膀酸 想要去松下骨头 结果反而更糟糕了??

    直接影响到颈椎 颈项完全使不到力气 每天早上起床都是一个挑战。

    本想再给他们一次机会 私下和老板娘说 但最后竟然说再给多一次钱 帮你弄好??

    我也傻眼了 消费者们 就自己看着办吧。

    Think twice if you are attracted by their advertisment. Is a terrible experience on me !!

  • Stacy Chua
    2 years ago

    Liu shifu’s 正骨 techniques are very good for injuries! He treated my frozen shoulder and stiff painful back. He is thorough, not one of those who reserve the treatment for return visits. Must be able to take pain for chronic problems. Highly recommended.

  • Jenn K
    2 years ago

    (Master Liu is very good orthopedic tuina)

    刘师傅is very good 正骨推拿

  • SiewHong So (MsPromise)
    2 years ago

    (This is the fourth time I went here for a massage, and I strongly recommend the two masseurs Huahua or Haiyan! It’s just so comfortable! Very strong, but not painful, super satisfied!)

    第四次去这边按摩了,强烈推荐必选 花花or海燕 这两位按摩师!简直是太舒服了!力道很足,但又不会痛,超级满意!

  • Yeoh Annelise
    2 years ago

    I went there on 12/03/2022, 6:45pm did a lymphatic drainage tui na and ear candling, initially tui na was ok but when did ear candling, the staff accidentally drop the fire on my right shoulder and causing a burn mark, hence the staff went to find some medication to apply but there isn’t any, so only used medication oil to apply the burn mark. Now 1 week has passed there is still an obvious burn mark on my right shoulder, hoping there isn’t any scar afterwards.

  • Hui wern Kong
    2 years ago

    First time going osteopathy, definitely going again master Liu is so patient and immediately find out my problem ???

  • esther huang
    2 years ago

    Liu shifu very patient and skilful in working out the knots/tense muscles in my neck and shoulders. After one session, really felt an improvement. Thank you!

  • michelle lim
    2 years ago

    (I called at 8.40 today to try and see if I can make an appointment for bone setting at 9 o’clock, because my shoulders and headaches are very painful, the front desk is really good at helping me arrange it, because I took grab and it was 5 minutes late ?, Master Liu is really good Well, the acupuncture points are very precise. After an hour, I felt much relieved and I can finally sleep. I highly recommend it??)


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