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  • karine chua
    9 months ago

    Kelly is go-to for ur brows! Very professional and friendly, gives me perfect shapely brows every time.

  • Annie Pah
    10 months ago

    Kitty have being helpful, truthful and skilful in providing services. Kelly did a nice job on my mother in law eyebrow care. Kudos to team

  • Ultra313phant L
    10 months ago

    Seriously! I am very sick of the staff working in this Avone Beauty Salon located at Northpoint! Super pushy and very hard sell! Hello Ladies! My Mother in Law is already 70+ years old with droopy eyelids, why she need eyelash serum? And you ladies hardsell her to buy it at $150!!! Your eyelash serum made of gold? So expensive!!! Obviously she has no use of it at all with her droopy eyelids. Few years ago I’ve already told the staff there do not try to hardsell my mother in law anything! And yes! You all did it again! Hit on her weak spot and persuade her to buy buy buy! Yes! She likes to look pretty, but please! Can you all be more ethical? If customers don’t wish to buy, don’t keep pushing!!! Especially my mother in law so old liao! You all wanna chiong sales also cannot like that do business right?

    Sell the products to the customers which meet their needs. Can you promote hair colouring to a bald man? Obviously no right? Cos he has no hair, how to do hair colouring? Same to my mother in law, she has droopy eyes, why she needs to have her eyelashes grow? She told me she doesn’t know what was that, and dunno how to use too..

    Just bcos you all keep pushing, so she aiya ok la, buy.

    You all think she’s very loaded is it? Like that push an elderly to buy products from you all..



  • Yvonne Tan
    10 months ago

    Been visiting for few months to do eyelash lift and pedicure. Staff Ah Lin always give good service, very skillful, gentle and very detail ensuring it is nicely done. Feel very comfortable during our sessions. All other team members are nice and friendly too Recommended ! 👍

  • minmin zhuang
    10 months ago

    (Kelly fang’s technique is very good, the eyebrows are made until very beautiful, everyone must try)

    Kelly fang 手艺很好,做的眉毛很好看,大家一定要来试试看

  • Lok Yurawa Rubi
    10 months ago

    i m literally not happy with the attitude of your staff doing my manicure name kitty..she is quite rude and seem sarcastic when i choose my nail colour she ridicule me and quite rough n painful when she hold my hands to do my nails .she is Not very friendly only when she keep like force me to join member which i decline politely due to her bad attitude i m not comfortable and not professional.also she seem to order me on certain things n ask irrelevant questions like where i stay and where i done my previous nails..quite rude overall .

  • Sharon Tok
    10 months ago

    I have followed manicurist Anna for the past 16 years, her service is top-notch and her skills speak for themselves. Only when she trims my nails, especially ingrown ones, it is comfortable and does not hurt. From all the times that i followed her across different parlours, not once was i disappointed by her service. Highly recommend others to try Anna’s service if you are new

  • Angeline Lee
    10 months ago

    Provide good services and friendly. Staff Kelly is skillful with the eyebrow embroidery, nicely done.

  • Lay San Ong
    10 months ago

    Kelly is a great consultant and has aesthetic skills in shaping my brows. Highly recommend for first timers and returning customers wanting natural and pretty brows!

  • ShashaArishah 293
    11 months ago

    Great eyebrow & good service by Kelly.

    Love her techniques & service. Recommended

  • xiuwen o
    11 months ago

    I’ve been going to Anna for manicure and pedicure for years. She is skilful and ensures that each session is a pleasant experience for her clients. Highly recommended.

  • esther chua
    12 months ago

    Thank you and highly recommend Anna for her refine skill and gentleness taking care of my mum’s manicure and pedicure especially she’s diabetic, alot of care is required. Also she’s able to take care of my godson’s ingrown toe nails since he’s 10 yrs old and always had bad inflammation back then, Anna has been trimming his nails for him and he’s 15 now. Myself and my sis also recently needed Anna to help us trim our ingrown toenails with great gentle care and very professionally. I have cut my nails too deep and fungal infection, my sis had gone to a pedicure shop that trim her toenails not correctly and resulted in ingrown toenail and Anna managed to trim her toenail and prevented the nail from growing further in causing pain and inflammation. Thanks Anna and we continue supporting her at Avone Northpoint City taking good care of our family’s mani pedicure and ingrown nail problems. 👍

  • Joyie Chua
    12 months ago

    Followed my manicurist -Anna, over to Avone Beauty for her continued service!

  • Rain Waltz
    12 months ago

    I had my nails done regularly at this outlet with Anna. She is very engaging and attentive. She offers good suggestions regarding colours and her nail art is excellent!

  • Rena Lee
    12 months ago

    I have been with Anna for many years doing my manicure and pedicure. Very meticulous with excellent skills, always making sure my nails look great😍 She is my only trusted nail technician.

  • Wei Ling M
    12 months ago

    Love to do pedicure with my nail therapist Anna. I have ingrown toe nails, and she is very skilled and it does not hurt when she cut my ingrown toe nails. Anna is a very cheerful person too.

  • Debbie Oon
    12 months ago

    Been visiting Avone at Northpoint to get my nails done. The location is convenient, the shop has a clean and bright atmosphere, and the staff at Northpoint are very welcoming towards their customers. My nail artist Anna is highly skilled in what she does and give exceptional service. She is friendly and attentive on her customer’s needs. My nails are always in great shape under her professional care. Always a comfortable and pleasant session with Anna!

  • Shirley Yap
    12 months ago

    Anna is very professional in her job , she provided good service and care for me , thanks Anna 🙏

  • Vivian Chan
    1 year ago

    Engaged them for eyebrow embroidery. Pricing wasnt transparent. Was told that if i didnt buy the touch up and needle first, the pricing will be original price which is $1000+ next time when i go back for touch up. The need to pay for touch up and needle was only mentioned after the embroidery was done.

  • YL Chen
    1 year ago

    Been visiting them over the last couple of years mainly for nail services, but recently also started doing lash lifts. It is super convenient as they have several outlets around different parts of Singapore. Staff at Northpoint are friendly and skilled at what they do. 😊

  • kayshini selvan
    1 year ago

    cut my cuticles too deep twice (realised it was bleeding at home), then forgot about me when drying my nails even though i was the only customer there. when the nail tech realised, she laughed and asked why i didn’t call her, even though she was on her phone the whole time. would appreciate better service next time!

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