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  • katherine
    2 years ago

    after 3mtns of treatment – combo laser & hydrafacial with Dr Jason and Angeline, my acnes have cleared without scarrings, has really worked wonders, my friends have also commented that i looked healthier and more radiant. Especially Angeline , she really had a trusted hand, skillfull in extraction, cant feel much of the pain, totally can enjoy it during facial.
    at the same time also explaint what kind of things should avoid, prevent and take care of my skin.
    Love her so Much~~~

  • Nicole Liu
    3 years ago

    Very good customer service, and very expensive with a lot patience

  • Victor Loh
    3 years ago

    Dr Desmond is highly professional with honest diagnosis and advice. Angeline is super friendly and meticulous, while the consultants (Rine and Merlin) have in depth knowledge and patience!

  • naiwen wu
    3 years ago

    It’s the first time to experience medical beauty in Singapore. Merlin, Vera, Angeline, Summer and Rine are very kind and will not keep selling.
    If there is any discomfort during the course of treatment, help will be given immediately.
    The overall feeling is very good.

    第一次在新加坡體驗醫美,Merlin, Vera, Angeline, Summer, Rine態度都很親切,不會一直推銷,
    療程過程中有任何不適 ,都會立即給予幫助。

  • Xinrong Er
    3 years ago

    Nice and comfy environment. Friendly and helpful staff and doc. Good facial and laser treatment.

  • 关梓涵
    3 years ago

    The experience of entering the store for the first time is very good. The technicians Merlin, Vera, Angeline, Summer, Grace are kind and will not sell all the time. The doctors Dr. Jason and Dr. Desmond have very good professional skills and will give professionalism to the customers’ own conditions. With comments and suggestions, the skin has been greatly improved, and the package has been signed. I hope that the skin can get better and better and more beautiful!

    第一次进店体验非常好,技师Merlin, Vera, Angeline, Summer, Grace态度亲切,不会一直推销,医生 Dr. Jason, Dr. Desmond专业技能也非常好,会针对客人的自身条件给出专业的意见和建议,皮肤得到了非常大的改善,已经签了配套,希望可以皮肤可以越来越好,越来越美!

  • Becky Shen
    3 years ago

    They provide very heart warming services, esp Dr Walter looks good, gentle, honest and friendly~ beside that Merlin and Vera contribute wide spread of knowledge and let me felt that they are truly in confident about their treatments. I’ve been with other few aesthetics clinics that never provide on par services as this. Thanks to the team great customer service!

  • reuter loh
    3 years ago

    I would like to highly recommend the treatments available at this clinic. The services such as Hydrafacial provided by the therapists (Summer and Vera) were exceptionally soothing and relaxing and the consultants were particularly understanding to my problems. All in all, a pleasant and wonderful experience!

  • Lucy Francisco
    3 years ago

    I would really recommend this place. Nurses are genuinely caring and polite, not the hard-selling bimbo type. Dr Walter Chee is one of those serious doctors who administers each shot with care and precision, he knows exactly where it would be more sensitive, and the ideal dosage and frequency of each treatment. The ice packs literally lessen the pain by like 30-40%, and this is an insanely good idea which most other places don’t have. Important to people scared of pain like myself. Price-wise is very reasonable. Overall a super professional place which i think I will frequent more often.

  • Steve wu
    3 years ago

    Today is the first time in my life to do medical aesthetics. At the same time, I did a lot of research before I decided to come to astute medical clinic. Sure enough, all the surprises. The doctors here are very professional and gave me a lot of knowledge. At the same time, I also experienced their hydrafacial, thanks to the very patient nursing staff Vera and consultant Jacky. There is also an Angeline nursing lady very professionally explaining many beauty equipment. Today is a day I am very satisfied and will continue to support in the future.

  • Kitty Zhang
    3 years ago

    Super satisfactory medical beauty service! The staff here are very friendly and very polite. Because my friend recommended, I came to try the face wash service here. It really surprised me. Thank you vera who helped me wash my face and the advice of professional consultant jacky. All face wash steps are customized according to the needs of our face. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful service Completely satisfied

  • Juliet Juliet
    3 years ago

    I was consulted by many medical beauty clinic and couldn’t get proper advice and medical treatment. I was helpless and before I gave up, I met this medical beauty, Their systems and talents amaze me. This team has professional skills and knowledge. Their profession provides the best treatment. Here, I think I’d like to recommend Jacky, the beauty consultant I met, who provides me with the treatment techniques I need. It should be said that the treatment my skin needs the most. Their therapist technique makes me feel at ease. Here I recommend Vera and Angeline. The reason why I left the review is to let everyone find the right team to cure their problems. I just hope I can help everyone. Don’t be afraid to face the problem and solve it bravely! The last but not the least, I really appreciate Doctor Walter. Thank you!

  • Anamika Pillay
    3 years ago

    Ting Ting from Astute Medical Centre in Katong is always extremely friendly, helpful and provides the best service. Making sure my senstive skin is taken care of during treatments.
    Highly recommend the Hydra Facial as it has made a difference to my skin for sure!

  • Jolyn Koh
    3 years ago

    Saw their Pico laser advertisement on FB and went today (20 Oct 2020). Merlin (staff) is enthusiastic and patient with me, did not hard sell. She just went straight to say they are offering me a welcome package, wrote on a piece of paper, 10 sessions for $XXXX. Transparent and frank approach. Not pushy like some salons out there. Desmond (doctor) is meticulous and friendly; I don’t feel stressed inside the treatment room. Response is quick via WhatsApp. Clinic/salon is clean and adequately air-conditioned. Location is good too (5 minutes from Chinatown MRT). I hope they can take care of my skin (face) 🙂 thank you Astute

  • Maxine Tan
    3 years ago

    Astute has been nothing but a great team, prefessional and meticulous docters and the end results are amazing. I have trusted them and they have never fail to impress. I have also recommended friends to check them out and the feedback have been great. The staff are very caring and they do have a great structure for follow-ups and Dr Walter Chee have done a great job with my request, he is gentle and he and his team made the treatments bearable and less uncomfortable. So 2 thumbs up for Astute Medical Centre.

  • Jessie Teo
    3 years ago

    The service is extremely good. Dr Desmond n Elaine leong @ china square is professional and proven results on face. Highly recommended

  • win win
    4 years ago

    Trusted doctors, friendly clinic assistants, reliable managers and proven treatments.

    Having patronised to many different Aesthetic clinics, I finally found the one which I am comfortable, confident and at ease with.

    Doctors give detailed professional advices, provide all necessary information for patient to consider before starting a treatment. The treatment that doctors recommend are the ones they feel the patient should go for it, not because to get $$$.
    I wanted to have natural glowing complexion and so Doc Jason recommended Pico Laser treatment, which turns out to be so so good that I receive compliments wherever I go. Out makeup and In natural glowing skin.

    Sales managers (i.e Janice) and associates explain in details the treatment costs with full transparency and work out a price plan that suits one’s budget. No pushy and no pressure to say “No” if one has budget constrains. I did reject treatments when I didn’t have the budget. I feel at ease to say No because they are genuine friendly people.

    Beauticians (i.e Jeanni) are awesome with gentle hands that give great facial services. Their skills are superb that one feels calm and falls into deep sleep once the facial starts. One can be assured one’s skin is well taken care.

    If you are hesitating to visit Astute, I would strongly recommend to hesitate no more. Head down to the clinic and clear all your doubts.

  • S
    4 years ago

    It was my 1st time visit.
    The staff Elaine was friendly and attentive.
    Dr. Walter was caring, professional and kind.
    No hard selling. Trusted Doctor and staff.
    Happy exeperience.

  • L Loy
    4 years ago

    Very friendly recep and professional and experienced Dr Desmond. Highly recommended!!

  • Pinky SK
    4 years ago

    Strongly recommend this aesthetics medical center in CBD area, I’m most satisfied for their customized solution and excellent customer services. Giving thanks to Janice, Elaine and Jeannie, always fast replying me all kinds of inquiries, and specially thanks Angelin and Dr. Desmond to make my skin more smooth and healthy.

  • Jessie Tran
    4 years ago

    Love the service and friendly staffs here (Elaine and Vel) as they would attend to you immediately whenever you have any inquiries . I have been to a few aesthetic clinics but i was not very happy with the results. Till i saw my friend who did filler and threadlift with Dr Jason. So i gave it a try and it was beyond my expectations. Dr Jason is very meticulous in his job to the perfection, and would make sure that i was happy with the result during my review session. He wouldn’t cross sell or up sell for something that i didn’t need. So i have become Astute’s repeated customer for their excellent service, and Dr Jason does make it a difference in both results and experiences compared to other clinics. Highly recommended!

  • Jaz H
    4 years ago

    Been a long time customer at Astute as their service is great and it’s always a comfortable experience. Both Dr Desmond and Dr Jason are excellent doctors who know exactly what they are doing and will always share their honest opinion about whether you need certain treatments or not. Can always trust their judgment.

    No hard sell here, which is different from many other places I’ve been to and very appreciated. Always amazed at how chirpy and genuinely friendly the ladies at reception and the therapists are – big shout out to Janice and Elaine for delivering great customer service always. Highly recommend.

  • veronica victor
    4 years ago

    Had botox done today, elaine kept me calm during the procedure. Very warm personality. On the other hand Dr Desmond seem confident as he did the work on my face. He kept me on the loop on every area he injects. Smart looking young man and handsome too.

  • Wz
    4 years ago

    My first experience at Astute Cross Street has been very enjoyable and pleasant. Jeannie (front end staff) was patient and understood my concerns. Dr Walter was very professional in answering my questions and patient throughout the whole process due to my low tolerance for pain.

    I would reccoment Astute to anyone who is looking for a warm and professional clinic to go to for aesthetics.

  • Lauren Wong
    4 years ago

    Repeated customer of Astute. Really like their service because they don’t hard sell anything and has superb service. Elaine is super friendly and will always call and remind me 2 days in advance for my appointment and after my treatment will reach out to me and check how is my face.

    Jeannie is extremely detailed and caring during my facial. She always check if I was comfortable and helped to clear out many of my clogged pores. Sometimes she will also teach me how to better take care of my face. The doctors there are also very caring and professional. Because I am very afraid of needles, during my skin booster session, Dr Jason will very patiently ask if I am ok and if I need breaks in between.

    Will definitely recommend this clinic!

  • K Y
    4 years ago

    I did laser treatment, but other clinics are better.

    The staff (short female) attended me and the doctor counseling, but she demanded me a high menu price.

    She showed a serum (about 5ml)but she didn’t told me price until I asked. It was $ 120.
    And she didn’t give me invoice until I asked and overcharged .

    I requested a refund but the clinic proposed to redeem the product.

    The clinic didn’t refund me immediately.

    The clinic apologized, but sent the message using “U” instead of “YOU”.

    When the refund was over, they recommended me more treatments.

    It’s the worst of the clinics I’ve visited, so I’ll never go again and I don’t recommend it.

  • ling lu
    4 years ago

    Staff Elaine are very friendly and patience, no hard selling like other aesthetic clinic.
    Dr Walter are very professional and friendly

  • Cammy Tan
    4 years ago

    Accommodative to my time, doc is able to answer my questions patiently.

  • Prim Rose
    4 years ago

    Went there for pico laser trials, and loved it!
    The doctor & staff were very helpful!
    No hard selling whatsoever 🙂
    Definetely will comeback!

  • Cheng Pheng Kan
    4 years ago

    I give two thumbs up for their fantastic Services. Their sincere concern for the person behind the skin is a cardinal identifier that sets them above and beyond. In addition, the customer service is tip-top. Their specialist is generous with her cheerful greetings and the therapists are superbly good in their profession.

    The ambience is very comfortable with soothing music in the air. I’m a happy recipient of the fantastic service and high quality products.

    BIG Thank you to Dr Jason, Dr Desmond, Merlin, Angeline, Vera & Summer !


  • Merelyn Renthlei
    4 years ago

    kudos to the team of CSQ! i seen great improvement on my pimple marks just within 2 sessions of Combo Laser.

    special thanks to Dr. Jason, Dr. Walter, Angeline & Merlin!

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