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22 Reviews on “The Fullerton Spa”

  • April Chua
    2 years ago

    The Asian Heritage Signature Massage is so good. Sara (I hope I got her name right) has good healing hands and I truly enjoyed my massage. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

  • TheNocturne
    2 years ago

    Went for a 3 hour massage. There was no one at reception, and when someone did arrive they did not behave professional or courteously as one would expect from a hotel spa. The masseur had the technical skills however the experience was not soothing due to quick and jerky movements when attending to things like covering with towel, etc. Would not go back.

  • Sandra Lim
    2 years ago

    Run down facility with therapists that were just going through the motions. There is no fitnesse to the massages and definitely not what you would expect from The Fullerton Hotel. Rooms and bathroom were also dated, and dirty. Really sad place, will not recommend.

  • Ciiindy Ginger
    2 years ago

    What is wrong with front desk (Staff are friendly but seems like they are undergoing renovation which makes the experience very bad) Very pricy but treatment finished 5 min earlier than it supposed to

  • Javanah See
    3 years ago

    Was disappointed with the service – treatment felt rushed and the place is run down.

  • deedee Loww
    3 years ago

    Book a massage and facial.

    Massage was average; therapist rushed through the session.

    Facial was subpar – felt like therapist was not skilful. Awful extraction skills which felt lazy.

    Booked a 2.5 hour session which consists of 30 mins where therapist was moving in and out of the room collecting things etc

    Will not recommend – you would be better off with other alternatives at the same price point

  • Abdul Rashid Ali
    3 years ago

    Look for Mayang and you won’t regret her massage.

  • JL Ho
    3 years ago

    Service should be improved during this period.

  • Dominic Baptist
    3 years ago

    Had a great 1hr massage session. The masseau was very friendly and, more importantly, professional. I definitely felt so much better and rejuvenated after the massage, although I think 1.5hrs would be better!

  • Florence Tan
    4 years ago

    Good ambience, massage skilful

  • dee lee
    4 years ago

    Wonderful place, can’t go wrong here !!

  • Zhiqin Wang
    4 years ago

    The Asian Heritage Massage is Fantastic! Definitely recommend to anyone that wants a massage.

  • dawn cheng
    4 years ago

    Loved the massages, but as a luxury spa, thought that they could offer a sitting area to freshen up (e.g. blow dry hair and put on make up)

  • Mohamad Jalalluddin
    4 years ago

    Best place

  • Jenni Spence
    5 years ago

    What a wonderful massage..the ambiance is soothing and I felt a million dollars afterwards..not overly pricy..

  • Kristin Annexstad
    5 years ago

    Amazing massages.

  • Nicole Enderlein
    6 years ago

    I had a treatment called “The Ultimate Indulgence” a combination of 60mins Muscle Release Massage and 60 mins Deep Cleanse Facial.

    Although I told the therapist before hands that I would like a deep tissue/strong massage and I told her a couple of times during the massage. The massage was just the worst I have ever had. The therapist did not seem to have a glue at all. Although I have a lot of tense muscle areas and knots she did not manage to hit even a single one of them. She was just rubbing some oil on my skin. I felt like a chicken which gets smothered with soy sauce.

    I was still hoping the therapists strength would lie within facials but the facial was not great either.

    First she put the steam way to close to my face that I had to move my face away quickly not to get hurt. Then she started to put different products on my face without even explaining what it was or telling me whether it would be cold (which is common practise). The extraction she did was just half heartedly and rushed. She did not check the side areas of my face (cheeks) and my forehead at all. When I asked her she told me some of the impurities could not be treated.

    I get a lot of facials and not a single time has it been an issue to get a good professional extraction even of the deeper lying impurities. Which – to me – is the whole point of getting a facial. To get a professional extraction.

    The therapist of the Fullerton spa told me there would be scars if she would treat them. Which I do not believe! I never had any scar from extractions. I just had the feeling that she did not have the knowledge to do a proper facial.

    The products that are used do not smell particularly nice and the skin does not feel great afterwards. I just washed it all of to get rid of the smell and the sticky feeling.

    I am incredibly disappointed to have had such an experience at the Fullerton spa and would never ever have expected this.

    Especially as I had amazing massages and facials a couple of years ago at the Fullerton spa when the spa had highly trained therapists and different products were used.

  • Christopher Rauschnot
    7 years ago
  • Tan Jason
    7 years ago

    Nice and cosy place to relax

  • aradhana biradar
    7 years ago

    A extremely nice spa with trained staff. The specialist was very friendly and knowledgable. She asked me my preference of treatment, advised on what would suit my need. Make sure to book an appointment. An average spa will be around 200sgd so it is luxurious, but once in a while it is a good indulgence!

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