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  • Seng
    3 weeks ago

    I went to look for Lucy again last week for bojin for my neck and shoulder,,, really great and feel relax after the session,, thanks lucy

  • Bernice C
    1 year ago

    0 Customer Care. 100% Hard Sell

    Very bad experience with this place. I have been to many massage places before and this place has the worst experience.

    They will hard sell even after you buy the package. During every session, they will keep asking you to top up or deduct 2 sessions. Even after saying no, they will keep pestering.

    And the massage standard is very bad. They are barely pressing at all. The whole time is telling you what is wrong with your body and you need to top up to treat it.

    When I bought the package, they told me is 90min BM + treatment. Now, they only do 45min BM. And with all the talking and hard selling, the actual massage may be less than 30min. You will not get what is promised when you signed the package. And they will insist they did not promise you.

    When I said I wanted a refund, they said they have to charge the full price as I bought at ‘good price’. And I have to top up money to cancel the package. It is ridiculous to say this.

    Avoid at all cost!

  • Cecilia LAI
    1 year ago

    I have been attending the Tampines 1 outlet since April, and attended by the therapist named Jasmine whenever I am there.

    Jasmine has been very helpful, friendly and attended to my needs very professionally during every session with her. She will advice how I can take of myself when at home.

    A young petite lady, she definitely did her best on me to ensure that I will enjoy the sessions and will feel good after that.

    She even calls me back n the morning to double confirm my 6pm with her they evening. This goes to show how serious she is in her work.

    I commend Jasmine for her care and conscientious in her work/duties.?

    Cecilia Lai

  • Fung Ling Lai
    1 year ago

    (It can be seen that the employees are working hard and want the company to have better performance. As long as customers are given more space and time to consider whether to sign up for the next service, there will be greater results. Good luck)


  • lovely creations
    1 year ago

    Ms Joy is very skillful and experienced masseur, her unique massage and cupping service are wonderful. Really enjoy her service and she is not the type promoting top up or products during her session. we chit chat like friend and i really enjoy her 60 mins session. She is not always at Tampines One outlet, so have to make reservations in advance.

  • Jasmine Shen
    1 year ago

    Avoid at all cost! Bad lousy experience. Hard sell at their max. Beauticians kept changing. Rude staff & bad skills. Right after I did the last session with them, my face condition took a bad toll. Pimples, acnes, scars which I dont experienced such bad conditions before kept coming up. It took me a long time to heal my face’s skin to a good condition using korean skincare products, by myself.

    Its very stressful during sessions, never know what your face will turned out to be.

  • Hean Phang Liow
    1 year ago

    The facial experiences were great. The staff are friendly. The only things annoyed me are the very hard selling parts. Understand that the staff are just doing their part of the job to sell the products, but they seems to can’t take rejection well.

    I told the staff no for the first time, she question me if I am being stingy on myself. During the treatment process, she keep mumbling about how “bad” my face conditions are and again asking if I need to add the product she recommend before.
    I told her no for the second time and she begin to question why am I being stubborn on myself and refuse to listen to her suggestion. It wasnt the product that I am not interested in, it’s the poor choice of words came out of the staffs.

    The whole process I was just smiling and reject her politely as I know promoting is part of their job. Not all the results will be the same for some customers who will take those words personally and felt offended.

  • Haminah Osman
    1 year ago

    This review is about masseur Joy. To me, she seems to have “magic” hands when it comes to TCM pain relief. I’m so grateful for her service. Joy has a deep knowledge & interest in her work. While her cupping & massage techniques are unique (altho’ quite painful), the after effects of her treatment is wonderful. All the pain I have totally disappears after a session with Joy (her mantra: “no pain, no gain” ??) Thanks Joy ?

  • Shaheeda Hamid
    1 year ago

    Anna and her team, especially Wina have been so helpful to me and my issues with my body. I love the fact that there was sincerity to help me and to provide the best service ever. I am very particular and have been to quite a few places but this one takes the top! I highly recommend the massage place to others.

  • Tan Ewen
    1 year ago

    Good experience from Joy ☺️

    Whole body no more pain and felt relax.

  • Riney
    1 year ago

    Lydia therapist recommended, massage service brilliant?

  • 郑振忠
    1 year ago

    Today I do massage at tampanins one outlet.Emily and Anna ids very friendly. I like theire servecie .

  • Cao Angela
    1 year ago

    Every time come Tampines 1 spacio doing body massage treatment,the therapist is very professional and good skills.Good recommended☺️☺️

  • Sally Lim
    1 year ago

    Joy doing massage for me today ? she is very nice and very professional.

  • Angie Ng
    1 year ago

    First time vist Tampines outlet doing the body massage treatment .the trerapist Emily is a Good mesur .she is very nice skills .after massage my body Can see the very Good result.i will recomand my friends to come here again.

  • Tan Ruby
    1 year ago

    Great thanks to Wina of Tampines Branch , my masu, she did a great job

  • Ong Doreen
    1 year ago

    Today came Tampines one spacio do my body massage treatment, Joy service me ,she is super good, very very professional ? it nice here and Anna manager is very friendly and nice service. Will recommend my friends come next time.

  • Rainbow Txy
    1 year ago

    massage services is very good! Tampines One Lydia is a professional therapist ???thanks her good service.will comeback again

  • Bunny M
    1 year ago

    I had my last session of massage today (happy to have finished it) and today my masseuse is Lydia Wang… Unlike “joy”, her massage started as okay meaning I can still tolarate it. Until she applied the Herbal mask. “She even told me its very hot ok?” but still proceed to apply it. I told her its hot but still kept insisting that most customers want it hot. I stopped her and told her to cool it first. 1-2minutes later she tried to apply again. then she proceed to continue my massage. I dunno, compared to the others who massaged me, hers was lacking. after the massage and removing the herbal mask, i felt that my back was still in pain til I saw the part that she applied the HOT mask… it was totally red, it burned. Oh well… I don’t recommend this place at all.

  • Ashwin Kumar Dhavala
    1 year ago

    Visited this place a week ago on a promo massage they have listed. What they mentioned in promo what service was provide is completely different . It was one of the worst experience of massage. Wouldn’t refer anyone to visit this place . As they lack customer service and false promotions

  • Rachellee Lee
    1 year ago

    Worse massage ever got to know them from IT show bought a trial massage after few weeks went for massage was told to remove clothes and told them I wasn’t comfortable doing that they kept forcing me till had no choice to do it half way through massage the lady told me since I’m not doing oil she throw in something for free and my Chinese wasn’t good and I didn’t understand told her that I dw but she kept insisting and it was cupping now my back has bruises and I’m a diabetic they didn’t do a health declaration

  • Sumathi Kesavan
    1 year ago

    As always hard selling !!

    Changing of therapist and beautician too often just when I am so used to the person i like . Promise to deliver but very disappointing, the best therapist is no more there. I was being convinced to “add” some more on to my package(I already have lots of existing credits) all for one particular therapist and little did I know she has left the company …

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