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7 Reviews on “Adonis Beauty - Jurong East”

  • Amanda A
    3 years ago

    I actually waited for 1 day+ before writing this review as I did not want to jump straight into conclusions. I spent about a day observing how my skin condition has changed following my facial with them as the immediate experience and effect wasn’t what I had expected. While I understand that it takes sessions to see noticeable improvement in my skin, I believe there must at least be some sort of basic positive result(s) following the first session.

    I was debating between giving 1 star or 2 star as I like the face analysis part where she showed me how different layers of my face look like on the iPad, and using that to explain my skin type and condition. And they were also not pushy, though they did tried to sell me their package which was expected. However, the results are unexpected as the treatment is ineffective (valid at least at the time of this review).

    In terms of how my skin LOOKS like, apart from most of the whiteheads that remained on my face, there are at least 3 new pimples that appeared following the facial. The therapist did tell me that I can expect this to happen after the facial, and I would have been okay with that if the general condition of my face has improved.

    In terms of how my skin FEELS like, it does not feel like it has been thoroughly cleansed (package claims to have “deep cleansing”) nor my whiteheads & blackheads feel like they had been thoroughly extracted (package also claims to include detailed extraction of those). When I touched my face, it felt worst than before due to the 3 (at least) new bumps on top of the roughness and bumpy feeling (due to the whiteheads) that remains. My whiteheads were not thoroughly extracted as most of them remained untouched during the session. In fact, most regions of my face where you find more whiteheads were not targeted during the session’s extraction. There was one region where she spent more time extracting the whiteheads but even then, some of the whiteheads there were not extracted.

    I’m rather disappointed with the results as it is a stark contrast to my experience with another beauty salon in which my face looked and felt better immediately after the first session. There were no new pimples and the therapist was extremely thorough during the extraction, not missing any whiteheads across my entire face.

  • Elaine Kho
    3 years ago

    Had one of the best facial treatment at this branch! My beautician was so patient and detailed with me and my face had a nice “spring clean”! Lyn is such a sweet young lady and I can’t wait to go back again! Shelly and Samantha are so welcoming and kind too! Feel so pampered when I was there. Thank you ladies!

  • Yee Yee
    3 years ago

    Good service and no hard selling

  • Shumin Chen
    4 years ago

    Excellent service without the hard sell and pesky markerting frills. I have been a loyal customer since 2006.

  • Tan Vivi
    4 years ago

    Solving skin problems. Good service and friendly

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