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  • Claire Liu
    8 months ago

    very bad. waste of money. and they are so unprofessional, you wonder how they maintain the business

  • Eugene Loh
    10 months ago

    Too hard sell their packages.

  • Josephine Kwan
    10 months ago

    Have joined a package with them, the girls are doing a good job for my nails however they have a habit of hard selling more other packages to me nearly every visits I went. I know it’s not their fault, it’s the company policy & mentality of pushing them to hard sell packages to customers. I don’t like this kind of selling techniques which actually push me off to continue to use their services. I would like a relax experience of having a spa on my hands & feet but it’s so frustrated to decline their hard sell offer every time.

  • Eve C
    11 months ago

    Beware when coming here- they will be very nice initially when serving you, then pressure you into taking a package (multiple people surround you). On a few occasions they will come to you and tell you you have a foot fungus and persuade you to get a treatment + foot spa to use up all your credits quickly, or don’t pronounce the numbers accurately (eg $18 v $80). Clarify everything , don’t rush into agreeing, and be firm if you come here. You can sign a small package but remember to be firm and if you are soft hearted and know you can’t walk away, don’t come here. They own N20, MACO, and many other chains too

  • Koon Lai TAN
    12 months ago

    The services are good. I like Moon’s friendliness and positive attitude.

    For those visiting for the first time, please be aware that they may hard sell their packages.
    And I mean HARD SELL…
    That is the only part I detest.

    Other than that, it is a good place to visit for mani, pedi, eyebrows, and eyelash services

  • Jennifer How
    1 year ago

    Very terrible.

    First visit was excellent, and they persuaded me to sign a package with them, which was $2000. I thought their service was good, so i agreed.

    BUT NO. the next visit, i made an appointment at 5pm, nobody attended to me even after 30 min. They just ask me to wait. And another customer came in, they ask if she have a package with them, she say no and it’s her first time, they all attended to her, AND DID HER NAILS FIRST WHILE I WAS STILL WAITING. I checked with the staff multiple times, they only ask me to wait.

    regretted. worst experience

  • Yamunah Balakrishnan
    1 year ago

    Rushed through the manicure. Didn’t even bother to remove or file the nails properly. Tried hard selling packages.. I’m sure if your services are good people will sign packages themselves. Work on your services. Not worth the price!!

  • Sherwin Toh
    1 year ago

    Great service! They sure professional and my nails can last pretty long! They are not pushy about their packages, know when to stop pushing .

  • Angel Ching
    1 year ago

    The lady did my manicure was having very bad attitude. When I showed her the shape of the nail was off, she made many excuses and impatiently amended it. She made my nails so short that hurt. After all the bad service, she still wanna hard sell me the packages. Terrible experience.

  • purple unicorn
    1 year ago

    i hate rejection and i hate to do it multiple times. felt really really uncomfortable rejecting them through the hardselling session. i dont mind spending a lot. but i sat theough a 15mins of hardselling os signing up for a package of $1500.

  • R D
    2 years ago

    They always do a fantastic job. Their callous foot treatment is really the best

  • Flora Hwang
    2 years ago

    예약하고 갔는데 한시간을 기다리게함

    물틀어놓고 발담궈둔다음 아무도 와서 얼마나 걸리는지 알려주지도않고 방치함 패키지 팔때만 엄청신경써주고 다음번에

    와서 패키지쓰려면 이정도 취급 감수해야할듯 패키지산거 너무너무아깝고 늦어서 저녁약속도 취소돼서 기분 개드러움 기

    분더러워지고싶으면 가는거 추천

    You don’t need to make appointment at this place you still need to wait for so long

    (For me I’ve been waiting for 1 hour)

    They even don’t care you’re waiting for how long and never apologies at all about it.

    It was so bad experience. It made cancel my dinner appointment as well.

    You only can go when you can spend ur whole day time at this place.

    I’m so annoyed i still left my package so I need to come back here.

    I’m so disappointed to buy package.


  • Jen A
    2 years ago

    Manicurist didn’t apply gelish nail prep to remove any surface oil off the nails.. nails usually don’t last when this step is omitted, and when I ask they insisted they use another product which is similar.. less than a week my gelish chipped.. been to other outlets before and they have done the proper steps and nails will usually last up to 2 weeks..

    At the end of the session, usually there’s this “sharing” session to get you to top up the package.. and even you say “No” they still keep asking you to consider and hold you back..

  • Sharon Siew
    2 years ago

    I had package with them but didn’t want gel mani and opt for classic mani. They didn’t inform before hand that I can’t do the swop. They cannot offset classic with gel service and wanted me to pay the classic mani as extra service. I told them to offset with gel mani and I’m okay if gel is more expensive, but they wouldn’t allow. Really bad hard selling.

  • Yin min Lim
    2 years ago

    No hardselling if you find the right people to do. My favourite is definitely Eva who is just so sweet and considerate. Moon is also friendly and understanding. Both of them give excellent service. ??

  • Finyx Teh
    2 years ago

    Cyndi is very nice and friendly. She helps me to choose the color and i like it so much. She is very details and gentle, definitely will come back and look for her , no hard sell

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