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  • Amy
    8 months ago

    Please please, go elsewhere! Besides givng you a fungus, upselling every minute…once you sign package, you can forget about ever getting an appointment!! Now i am told that customer make appt as they finish for the next month. That doesnt work for me! Beware. Yesterday managed to make appt only to find out the girl wrote it on the wrong day. And so, yah, they wont fit me in. Dont bother, no professionals here.

  • QS T
    9 months ago

    – quality of job is good

    – hate the hard selling

    – sometimes veryyyy long waiting time despite an appointment fixed, and time taken by different therapists to do the same job can differ by 2 times

    – no proper system, records on pen and paper x.x

  • Ardy Norman
    9 months ago

    Very nice and comfortable.. Will come back again…

  • Aishah Alwi
    12 months ago

    Overall service is OK but I dread going there due to the constant upselling. They’ll chit chat with you like longtime friends would & use this to guilt-trip you into buying or topping up their packages ” Why don’t want to support us? ” – Like just shut up already, let us leave in peace & move on to your next victim please.

  • pearlyn ong
    12 months ago

    Service was great but the after service pressure to sign up for package was really dreadful to sit thru.

  • Sue-May Ng
    1 year ago

    The service at this shop is absolutely horrendous.

    1. My friend was rudely turned out by the shop when I asked if she could follow me into the empty store. Then I saw: other customers in there sitting with their friends which I didn’t understand why they can and my friend couldn’t!

    2. When I was trying to make payment, the nail tech was promoting the package which I declined because I had a previous package with another salon but she continued to hard sell and put me on the spot. She even dared to ask me if I had budget problems! Extremely unprofessional & disrespectful. Take this as a warning.

  • Natalia Tse
    1 year ago

    Service is ok. Nothing fantastic

  • Wendy wendy
    1 year ago

    Very unhappy with the appointment system. The staff always tell we are fully booked.Very difficult to secure a slot, even on weekdays. Slots given are those odd timings. Wasting my time and $$.

  • Jason Tan
    1 year ago

    Did not follow the term and condition and overide the term and condition. Really lousy experience.

  • Gin Lee
    2 years ago

    Seriously don’t trust most of the good reviews u see here. The last time I left a review Pixie Nails Hillion only has 1+ star. It’s how amazing salons these days have a way to fake reviews – just look at the reviewers’ accounts.

    The last time I went to this place, I remember vividly the staff were very rude. Imagine you have already booked appointment with them and when you were physically there, they told you “no such record”. It was extremely frustrating and turned out they used pencil and rubber to note down appointment. Their staff actually erased my appointment! And guess what they told me? No sorry. House full, can you wait (and we didn’t know how long?) or rearrange?

    I wish bygone is bygone. I called today to give them one more chance to set thing right. Really, the way they talked on the phone is very unprofessional and inconsiderate. “满了,小姐. if you want, I put you in the waiting list lor” What a joke.

  • Lynette Tan
    2 years ago

    I think the staff dont like to take appointment.. out of 10 times.. i think i will only be able to book 2 times. JEM outlet is better… service is better and the environment is cleaner.

  • A Chy
    2 years ago

    Bought via fave. Called on 27 Dec 2021 and asked before purchase that 16 Jan 2022 is without surcharge thus I purchased and booked on 16 Jan 2022 but when I went, the staff told me because they are closed on 31 Jan 2022 so 15 days is calculated from 30 Jan 2022.(RIDICULOUS) I called and asked BEFORE PURCHASE.

    The staff said she try to call office and asked but it’s a Sunday I doubt their office work so she act as in she called n came back to say it’s office instruction.

    Overall i’m satisfied with the staff service but unhappy with the surcharge by the company or fave description as it stated 15 days before CNY but 16 Jan 2022 is 15 days before CNY what! It should write surcharge is 15 days before CNY eve and not CNY. If I knew there will be surcharge, I will book nearer date to CNY!!

  • Michelle Miss
    2 years ago

    Nails Do By : Aisha

    I visited this shop for the first time. Aisha served me. She is very friendly, professional, patient and attentive. Made the design I want. The work is the best proof

  • kelly kok
    2 years ago

    All the staff are very friendly and professional ??♥

    Aisha and yin and vie is very patience ?

  • Alicia Wong
    2 years ago

    Clean, comfy massage chairs, professional services. I have an ingrown nail issue, Yin and VV is always my go-to and trusted therapist to resolve this. Thank you!

  • Kaye Lee
    2 years ago

    Aisha and Yin are the best!!

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