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22 Reviews on “Jean Yip - Jurong Point”

  • Kathleen
    3 weeks ago

    Shirley does my facial and its very good! I love her detox massage!

  • AYS
    4 weeks ago

    The staff are dishonest, they try to cheat you with a birthday deal where you can deduct 500 off a 588 deal. But they purposely omit the fact that you have to sign up for a package costing you 2880 bucks. They try to hard sell even though you tell them no and they will use such tactics to scam you.

  • shahira izwani
    4 weeks ago

    I certainly didn’t like my first facial treatment and was also quite offended with how she analysed my face. The extraction was ridiculously painful. she was not gentle nor gave me a warning about it. Pretty sure there will definitely be an acne scar on my face and this is really infuriating.

    update: I have 4 more new pimple on my face after the treatment. this is so upsetting!

  • toh michelle
    1 month ago

    Although I booked the pedicure for the wrong outlet but the staff,Qiqi at Jurong point was very polite and still slot me in for the session and provided excellent service. 👍

  • Daphne
    2 months ago

    Staffs are friendly and approachable… Celin and her colleague attend to me today. Excellent service👌

  • Siok Woon Yap
    2 months ago

    Friendly staff Xiaoli & Selena with good service. Had been using the manicure service for years 😊

  • Annie
    3 months ago

    Good facial service

    Compare to my previous face is better than now

  • Shirleyta Gerald
    5 months ago

    Facial was very good. Therapist took her time to provide an excellent service. Face and eye massages were great.

  • Md Ammar Yusri
    5 months ago

    After treatment face is now clean

  • Karthik Madhu
    5 months ago

    Good service and will recommend all

  • e Tan
    5 months ago

    Shirley’s service is v good. Very patient in explaining procedures and make the experience painless n comfortable. Recommend.

  • Cindy Han
    6 months ago

    Pardon me for the long post ahead. I’ve been with Jean Yip for about 7-8 years and eventually ceased fully with them, blacklisted them.

    I’ve taken up facial packages, slimming packings, IPL packages, and hair treatment packages during which I always experienced hardselling, which grew worse over the years. During a slimming session, my final straw broke when a “consultant” walk in upon me (half naked with opened room door) during 1 of my slimming sessions and exaggerate my “fatness”. Excuse me, that’s why i bought the slimming package, isnt it?! Anyway, tried 2 rounds of slimming packages with limited results that bounded back very fast which they attributed it to “me not dieting enough.” Honestly, it was mostly water weight loss for me when i was doing their slimming treatments.

    Did facial with them and my final straw broke during a session where i had allergic reaction to their “numbing cream” used. My eyes were swelling and i was tearing uncontrollably before the start of laser session (to remove milia seeds under eye) which the beautician kept telling me that i shouldn’t feel the pain, that they have doubled the time the numbing cream is used on me, blah blah, when i started asking them to stop! They kept insisting that i shouldn’t feel the pain while I WAS IN PAIN AND TOLD THEM (through gritted teeth) TO STOP! A horrendous experience which scared me to try laser treatments for life.

    Did IPL treatments with them, signed for 2 rounds of package and they are not as effective as another salon (starting with “P”, which is my current go to place where results are seen within 3 sessions).

    Did hair treatments with them, and when they asked if I’d like a “senior stylist”, upgraded / premium service which i paid more for, and ended up getting a so-so hair cut (those express $10 did a better job), and was disappointed with their hard selling.

    For those whom may ask why i took on so many treatments with them, it was because i started with basic facial (in my uni days), then got pressurised into slimming packages, then while doing slimming, got pressurised to do IPL, then i tried to convert all packages back to normal facial and they made it very difficult for me to try and make appointments (even if i make 1-2 months ahead) and always make me wait very long during my sessions (not sure why they cannot prepare machine to be kept in the room beforehand). So, i was determined to fully utilise package / converted packages to facial and NEVER GO BACK.

  • Vonn Wong
    7 months ago

    Already With a facial salon for 2 years, Once a month. Due to stock take, staff meeting and public holiday,I can be notified to change time last minute the day before appointment, which I cannot understand why. Hard selling packages every session with products or additional package. The last straw is when on the day the package is finished, staff inform me I cannot book the next appointment if there is no “thousands $” package buy in advance. I ask if I can buy package on the first day of facial start date on next month. Salon rejected. I was shocked if this is how they provide services in business. Is this normal in a facial salon? In the end I left and seeking another facial shop in Jurong point and tell myself I will not look back. Heart breaking

    Would have provided zero star if there was an option

  • Shaybella Love
    8 months ago

    A lot of hard selling and the service was not good. And some miscommunication.

  • Yap Jun Xian
    11 months ago

    Using my son’s account to make a review.

    Wen Wen has been serving and helping me with my facial treatment for many years now. Unlike most other beauticians, she does not hard sell or constantly convince me to purchase new products/packages. She understands my skin well and offers the most suitable product that is still very affordable. Recommend to look for her when doing facials. My skin is good all thanks to you Wen Wen! Happy new year and I look forward to more facials from you ☺️

    – Sally

  • Charmane Ruth Resquir
    11 months ago

    Most are professional and accommodating. Special thanks to WenWen who’s very patient in providing their services. I found a friend in Jean Yip Jurong Point 😊

  • Gee Ling Lim
    11 months ago

    Look for Wenwen if you want a clean face. She is pretty thorough when it comes to extraction. However be forewarned that they will try to upsell and hard sell you before and after the treatment. My advice to you is to stand your ground.

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