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35 Reviews on “New York Skin Solutions - Woodlands Civic Centre”

  • Audrey See
    5 months ago

    Great service and facial session. Staffs at woodlands outlet aren’t aggressive, recommended!

  • Eileen Chen
    5 months ago

    Very attentive consultant! Always know that i’m in good hands. Thumbs up!

  • Nyimas Rozelinda Kemas
    5 months ago

    Never doubted their services. Thank you Jaleena and team. Highly recommended. You know you are in good hands.

  • Nancy Ciano
    5 months ago

    Very friendly staffs and good ambience. Surely i will come back again. Its my firsy time here and a very great experience

  • Belinda Kong
    6 months ago

    坚持不签配套,她还说:“为什么现在的年轻人都这样的 我已经遇过很多像你这样的人了”
    超级无敌差评 连给一颗🌟都太多

    I saw a discount on facebook for the first time so I tried it
    The process of washing my face was sloppy and hardsell me for nearly an hour after washing my face!
    She declined but was humiliated
    The beautician said: “So you really like your face now?”
    She insisted not to sign the package, she also said: “Why are young people like this now? I have met many people like you.”
    Then her attitude changed 180 degrees as soon as the door opened
    Super invincible bad reviews, too much to give one 🌟

  • zoe Lee
    6 months ago

    Angel facial service is profecial

  • 王小芊
    6 months ago

    My consultant Angel is very sweet and professional, nice place and good service!

  • Anthony Kim
    9 months ago

    well trained professional consultant yvonne that customizes the skin care procedures according to my needs throughout the years of visit. very noticeable reduction of pimple growth and scars after treatment procedures.

  • Hui Ping Lee
    9 months ago

    My consultant is Yvonne . She do facial treatment for me. I signed up for acne scar treatment last year , and i can see obvious results. My acne scar have been lightened and my skin is alot smoother now . It helps to lessen my clogged pores too . Would really recommend her ! 🙂

  • Geraldine Teo
    9 months ago

    Face become much better. Nice service overall

  • Catherine Yeong
    9 months ago

    Clean environment. Professional service

  • Jenny Tham
    9 months ago

    Good service by jaleena thank giving me see the result :)

  • Ayahsamy Kaveri
    9 months ago

    . Service was good and it was performed with care. Very contented

  • Ling Ching Gan
    9 months ago

    Been this outlet for years. Staff is friendly especially my consultant May has improved my skin condition. Happy in this outlet. Well done get it up 😀

  • Muliati Slamat
    9 months ago

    Good servis.they are friendly.jaleena will recomend the treatment that is needed on the needs of her customer..

  • Tan Swee Heng
    9 months ago

    Good service

  • Elean Yeo
    9 months ago

    Yvonne is a soft and tender consultant. Making my treatment very comfortable. The environment is good and I can relax.

  • Michael Kuan
    9 months ago

    Jaleena’s professionalism and exceptional service always made my visits to NYSS a joy. I can always trust her to make good decisions and she do her utmost to give me the best value possible for what I invested on my skincare. My skin has improved by leaps and has made me much more confident in my work life too! Thank you for going the extra mile Jaleena!

  • Yunessa Teoh
    9 months ago

    Highly recommend ! My consultant is Yvonne Tan, she is very professional and friendly. I enjoyed the treatment very much

  • Jas Yap
    9 months ago

    Its been nearly 2 years since I been with NYS. My consultant May has became a close friend whom have been helping me with my skin conditions. Giving prompt feedback and customise the packages for my skin effectively.

  • Chai Abby
    10 months ago

    Consultant Angle very nice ,服务很贴心,每次做了都看到很好的效果,毛孔变得细嫩,有光泽,是很专业的美容师😍😍

    Consultant Angle very nice, the service is very considerate, every time I do it, I see good results, the pores become delicate and shiny, and I am a very professional beautician😍😍
    If you want to find him, remember to make an appointment in advance, because the appointment is full 😍😍

  • KS Mok
    10 months ago

    Had my first facial treatment session here. My consultant is Angel, she is very friendly and she explained my skin conditions patiently to make me understand. Overall I enjoy the service.

  • Lee Rose
    10 months ago

    Overall good customer ,i feel that they work very professionally and i have been with new york for quite some time and i feel that their products are good to use,i would definitely recommended to others

  • Nukun Sim
    10 months ago

    Have been with NYSS for many years. Experience has been good, will return for my facial treatments.

  • Suk Yik Gwee
    10 months ago

    Angel Ang (Consultant)

    I did facial treatment NYSS. The consultant is friendly and provided good services throughout the treatment. I found my skin condition is better after going through the treatment.

  • Jimmy Ong
    10 months ago

    Lisa being a wonderful consultant and the counter staff friendly and helpful.

  • Ming Twang See
    10 months ago

    My consultant Sharon and front desk staff are very friendly and helpful. So far the services are good, visited 4 times since Sept 2020. Awaiting to know more about the results of the newly sign up treatment after more visits, hope the treatments would help to improve skin texture and minimise pores.

  • S Muslihah
    10 months ago

    My consultant Yvonne is very professional! Highly recommended!

  • Wei shi Chong
    10 months ago

    I have been with New York Skin Solution Woodlands Civil Centre for more than 10years. All of them are very professional, friendly and helpful. I always enjoy every facial treatment. Jaleena has been the best consultant and never fail me!

  • Zhi Qin
    10 months ago

    我在New York Sink Solutions有六年以上的护理经验,我非常信赖我的美容顾问Jaleena Yong,她针对我的皮肤状况提供相应的护理,我的皮肤有显著的改善,前台的工作员工也非常热情。

    I have more than six years of nursing experience in New York Sink Solutions. I trust my beauty consultant Jaleena Yong very much. She provides corresponding care for my skin condition. My skin has improved significantly and the front desk staff are also very enthusiastic. .

  • peichyi zhuo
    10 months ago

    Staff is very helpful and friendly. Lisa is my consultant. My skin condition has improved after treatment.

  • Melissa Ng
    10 months ago

    My consultant is Elizabeth. Always looking forward to facials with her, very professional and sincere in course of work, good effects seen from her service 🙂

  • Siti Nur 'Adilah Bte M S
    10 months ago

    Have been with NY Skin since Feb 2020. My skin has improved so much since then. Elizabeth is my consultant. She is friendly and helpful.

  • 刘禹彤
    10 months ago

    顾问Sharon Teo 服务很热情,不会很强推,能看到效果。

    The consultant Sharon Teo’s service is very enthusiastic, not very strong, and the effect can be seen.

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