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20 Reviews on “Spacio TCM Wellness - Causeway Point”

  • Lucy Lazaro
    4 months ago

    I bought a voucher for 2 massages.

    We went to causeway branch around 11:13am. Our appointment is 11am. We know we are almost late and just like in a restaurant there’s 15min waiting time before they’ll cancel appointment.

    We are just in time and the staff who attend to us is rude.

    She almost raised her voice and saying that she send msg that after 15min they will cancel. I told her “yes I know and we’re just in time”.

    But she still wants to argue. I don’t want to listen and focus on looking around the mall while she’s doing updates in her computer.

    It’s hasn’t even 5min doing some massage in my back when the masseuse started offering this herbal heat massage. I told her not doing it but every 5min she’s insisting to do the herbal heat massage. I give it ago as I want a peaceful full hr massage and maybe it’s good to try.

    It take 30min for that herbal heat massage that she slides all over my upper back and almost 30min for the promo massage. What she did was pressing my spine area, shoulder and pressing my calf muscles and that’s it for 1hr and I paid $68 + $39. Really not worth your money. After massage they are offering us package. Since I am not satisfied and they are rude in the first place. I didn’t get any package and never going back there.

    Never ever going back there.

  • Eric Low
    4 months ago

    The masseur keep on pushing me to take up another type of massage using the wooden tool with additional cost even before she start the massage and continue asking me to do that and I have to answer her no for so many time continuously and also her massage skill cannot make it at all and I immediately stop the her to continue the massage and she blocked me from going out from the room to give my feedback to other staff

  • Shuhadah Aishah
    4 months ago

    I took the massage package. It was good the first time but then as per next following sessions they were trying to hard sell their services.

    I’m a bit disappointed with my recent session as I was supposedly to get a full body massage but the therapist only did half body and on top of that, I wanted an aromatherapy massage but she gave me a very hard massage instead. I emphasised it was painful and there was part that was ticklish but she insist on me to tolerate with it

  • Ixora Ika Yusnita Sulaiman
    5 months ago

    I love the facial that done by 2 ladies Sharon and En Tong. Both do meticulously and gently on face. I will like to recommended these 2 ladies if you have the opportunity to come over to spacio woodland .

  • Gaya The Dreamer
    5 months ago

    Lyn has turned around my bad experience. I enjoy coming to Spacious and availing their service. Fiona is also a deaf welcoming warm energy every time I visit the branch. My fave masseuse is Chun Yan. She really took great care of me and made sure my massage experience was value for money. She even massaged my tummy for a reproductive health. These ladies in the Causeway branch are awesome!

  • Shalimar Solis
    5 months ago

    My facial treatment which was done by En tong was very relaxing… She have very soft hands and is passionate at what she does. All the staff are very nice at this braNch.

  • Asphalt 9 gamers
    5 months ago

    Read a lot of negative reviews, still went ahead to give it a try.

    Here’s my experience

    I arrived at the counter for registration, they are a massage parlour, IC is required to do registration but DOB is not compulsory, I found they secretly recorded the information without asking for permission, I requested to remove it from their system. Hope they really did .

    Secondly, when I was at registration counter, there’re masseur and consultant standing there pestering a customer to sign up package ? ( ?) , the customer had repeatedly rejected the offer but was persuaded persistently by the saloon staff. ? , she looked so helpless.

    Then I was brought in a room to do my “Tuina”

    I was so regret for this treatment , the towel of treatment bed was so smelly ?, the masseur heard i rejected to top up for any additional treatment, she acted rude and basically just provided a basic massage to me instead of Tuina. I was paying Tuina price at $48 for 60min

    (Trial Massage service $38, Tuina $48)

    In the end of session, unpleasant encounter with consultant for her irresponsibility handling in my invoice. Although it was resolved with unnecessary arguments, I would STRONGLY suggest the salon to really invest and up-skill the staff with better customers service or attitude towards customers, honestly i never seen this level of customer service would exist in sg !!

    Like others commented ( agree 100%)

    Sign packages at your own risk ⚠️!!

  • jz low
    6 months ago

    not recommend

    Not professional in service customer

    Sign their package at ur own risk

  • teo hj
    6 months ago

    Not recommended. After bought the package hard to get timeslot. Call in to book without telling I have package they say has slot call second time to mention I have package they say no slot. Keep pushing to upgrade the package. Not a relaxing progress.

  • MJ 'Adnin
    7 months ago

    Bad experience here. Went over for a head massage and they hard sell me to buy 10 sessions. Bought it and after every session, they will continue to hard sell me to buy another package. I declined everytime. The massage became less quality as time goes by. After my 6th session, they screw up my appointment. Cancel without informing me and did not even bother to discuss with me on a replacement date up till today. All they seem to care about is for people to buy their package. Massage is not really good.

  • Luan8 Qizao
    7 months ago

    I would not recommend this establishment to others, and suggest that they be cautious when signing packages. It is not guaranteed that you will receive the same level of service as promised, and they may also will misplay to add on and remove GST when you sign package even though it’s illegal. Also when do body massage they will request to write your fully personal information with IC number on a piece of paper which everyone can easily access when passing by.

    Overall, a very disappointing experience.

    I am writing to express my disappointment and frustration with the service I received during my recent visit to your establishment. I had scheduled a facial appointment for 3:30 pm a few months ago, but was informed a few days before the appointment that the time had been changed to 3:00 pm. Despite arriving on time for the adjusted appointment, I was made to wait until 3:30 pm before being attended to.

    To make matters worse, I was led to a body massage room by a body massage therapist, which was not the arrangement I had made. The treatment started without any introduction or conversation, and I was left alone with a mask on my face for 20 minutes without any explanation or apology for the delay. When the therapist returned, she immediately began to push the sale of additional products, despite my declining interest.

    Furthermore, the therapist cleaned only five of my acne and then declared the treatment done, despite my expectation that a facial would entail a thorough cleaning. I left the room feeling unsatisfied and frustrated, and the situation was not improved when the therapist continued to accuse me of leaving early and chastise me for disrupting her schedule. The lack of apology or acknowledgement of the inconvenience that I had experienced was particularly disappointing.

    In addition to this, I was surprised to find a note on my card after the treatment indicating that make sure charge twice this time.

    To add insult to injury, when I made a subsequent appointment, I was assigned the same therapist who provided the previous unsatisfactory service. When I raised my concerns with the management about being assigned the same therapist, I was blamed for not informing the management of my preference for a facial specialist. I was appalled by this response, as I had expected the management to take appropriate action to address my concerns and ensure that my next appointment was with a specialist that matched my preferences.

  • Suhaila Bee
    10 months ago

    Had a 1 hour hydrating facial by Entong. Her smooth hands put me to sleep. No hard selling by Jaslyn.

  • jayne khor
    10 months ago

    Don’t even reserved for a star.

  • Chee Koon Lem
    10 months ago

    Avoid at all cost! Go at your own risk! massage was done poorly and very unprofessional. Worst customer service.

  • Chew Hui
    1 year ago

    Was a little skeptical abt this shop as i saw many bad reviews only after purchasing their voucher @ their roadshow. Went to CWP’s branch and was served by Sharon. Am very pleased with her service & most importantly, no hard selling. 🙂

  • Arena Wong
    1 year ago

    Please go at your own risk, non stop hard selling to buy packages and add ons, you spend 20+ on trial but will force you to hard sell the packages after you buy they will never leave you alone. After every session, they will drag you in the “consultation” room and will hard sell to “add on” to your packages NON STOP!!!!!! And will go on and on and on for so long even if you do not want to buy. So please please do beware of this unethical place. For god sake if people buy packages already let them enjoy in peace please………

    1 year ago

    Go at your own risk. Super lousy service. Was seeing the ad from fb and had reserved for Sunday 4.30pm.

    Was slightly late about 15 min(had called them and informed),reached and asked for registration.submitted all the details end up one woman came out and approached that the room was fulled. Became my problem. Wasted my trip and definitely will advise for those who plan to go there(even other branches) to think twice.


  • Shannon
    1 year ago

    Well said and well written Esther Chaw????

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