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    4 months ago

    State Inai Express
    From 12-2pm
    Inai after apply by the lady she say it okay u can wash your self.
    Inai was dry but she apply only 2 coat
    Ask for Brown . What colour i get orange
    Inai Express not worth.
    want to feel the experince going to manicure but worst experience..

  • Ella
    7 months ago

    Staffs were friendly but kept coming back with packages. My mistake was being too soft, rushing for time and was actually feeling a bit down at work and home (stress as caregiver) and ended up signing it which is hard for me now to follow up to go as all my leaves (including weekends) are for my parents, husband and in laws medical appointment and care. Financially also tight. The invoice they gave has very very small prints and not explained about the cooling down period to cancel nor the refund. When call, they insist that they did and i remember they did not. Now i am stuck with a package

  • Shann Lee
    9 months ago

    great service from the manicurist and nice environment!! 🙂 love my nails

  • Hui Ling
    11 months ago

    The worst experience I had with the usage of Fave voucher. During the payment using the voucher at the shop, had clarified with the staff on the date to do booking for the removal and 2nd session, and the staff did not mention anything about using before 28 days. When I wanted to go for my 2nd session, was told that the surcharge for removal is $15 for gel manicure and $20 for pedicure.

    In Jan, when I tried to use the 2nd session, was told that there is a lockout period of 3weeks before CNY, so I’m not able to use it despite the voucher still within validity of 2 months.

    Understand that customers should have look through the fine print when making purchases. But would really appreciate if staff could have been more communicative in sharing important things to note other than just hardselling.

    It a really bad experience. So unless you can follow through with the time keeping, if not my advice is to spend elsewhere, it such a waste of money!

  • Linda SK Tan
    12 months ago

    I at Nailzhaus Amk do manicure and pedicure callus treatment 5year,they are very professional and friendly.

  • LY Jun
    1 year ago

    A big shout out to Yeona, 5 stars for her service, attitude and skills! Not my first nail extensions done by her, every time I just need to show her a few photos/videos of the concept I like, Yeona will design a new version creatively and diligently for me 🙂 not to mention that her massage during the scrub is the best among rest… oops!

  • Yee Deng Loh
    1 year ago

    Their designs are so nice and the process is fast and comfy!!! Their nail art is amazingly prettyyy ??

  • Suki Lim
    1 year ago

    The nail color is very well matched, the effect is really beautiful, I recommend this company

    指甲颜色很厉害配搭,效果真的很美 推荐这家公司

  • 林綏晶
    1 year ago

    I like the service here very much, the foot treatment is very good, it was done very carefully, and the staff there are very passionate ❤️

    很喜欢这里的服务 ,脚的treatment 做的很好,非常细心,而且那里的staff 非常热情❤️

  • Shadhiya UT
    1 year ago

    Excellent quality and service!

  • Jessica Precilia
    1 year ago

    Done my pretty nails Nailz Haus at AMK Hub and love it! The place so cozy, friendly staff, the menicurist is skilfull and professional. They have a lot of nail polish colours to choose from.. sure you will be spoiled for choices..?

  • Lau Vivian
    1 year ago

    I got signed the contract and come to do my nail appointment every month. Their nail service are professional but I wish the management can improve it and don’t ask them to do hard selling for every session. I feel very stressful and sad when reject them. If my contract end, I definitely will be top up automatically if I satisfied, right? I understand their job also no easy because need do sales at the same time. But I wish everyone is happy and I treat them as friend too. Wish the management know my concern. Thank you.

  • Ashwini Shirwaikar
    1 year ago

    I would like to give a review specially for Chloe, the staff at Nai Hauz who was so prompt in doing my pedicure and manicure. Thought they were understaffed today, the service was pretty good. Thank you Nail Hauz and big shout out to Chloe?

  • Jess Tan
    1 year ago

    Fungus removal and ingrown nails treatment were very effective, managed to see improvements within just a few sessions! Friendly service as well 🙂

  • Irene Ng
    1 year ago

    Used the NDP voucher for Classic pedi and medi at $38, but had to pay extra for GST which wasnt stated clearly on the voucher.

    Job done in about 45mins as it didn’t include any leg/hand scrub, moisture nor massage.

    Just simple nails & cuticle cutting, foot scrub and nails painting.

    Crews a bit hostile, no smile.

  • Anna Foo
    1 year ago

    Really disappointed with our first visit to this salon. My daughter has ingrown nail problem and we will usually bring her to nail salon to get her nails properly cut. So we do not have a particular salon that we will visit.

    When I brought her there yesterday, was asked any particular concerns so told them that she had ingrown nails and just like her nails properly trimmed and I left her at the salon after making the payment.

    Received a call from my girl in just about 5 mins as I was just next door that the staff had requested to see me back at the shop. Asked her why and she said they’ll like to speak to me.

    As I’ve guessed, they tried to sell me this braces treatment to treat ingrown nails that cost more than $100 and when we decided not to do it I left the shop and watched from outside and the lady was still pestering my girl to do the treatment.

    Didn’t give up, they went to the extent of telling her that ingrown nails is hereditary and so on. My girl was so disturbed during the whole visit and shared that she’ll not like to be there ever again.

    Understand that it’s normal/common to have these places trying to sell extra services and which I’ve already paid extra for her to do a scrub which they’ve offered when I was making my payment at the start.

    Guess they should have stopped when customer already said no and should not go to the extent of harassing the customer who is not even the paying party.

    Will never visit again. ?

  • Aishah Aidi
    1 year ago

    Attentive and very friendly staffs.. feel very welcome and they are not pushy to buy their packages. Enjoy my moments every time

  • Romie Shahrom “YT”
    1 year ago

    Best I’ve gone to so far. Made me feel welcome even though I came with my wife. Really can’t recommend them enough. Friendly staff and excellent service. Thank you girls!

  • Jaclyn Soh
    1 year ago

    Thank you Yeona, from amk hub outlet for her good service. She is meticulous and patient while treating my problematic nails. Will look for her service again on my next visit.

  • Hir6vrh Gjuhry788
    1 year ago

    Everything was great ! My manicure was alittle upseting for me bcs there were parts where it wasnt painted properly .

  • c Tien
    1 year ago

    Super hard sell. Terrible. They just trying to sales talk you from start to the end of session. Very bad experience

  • Nur'Ain Yahya
    1 year ago

    All the staffs (special mention to Sabrina and Jade) are amazing and friendly. Services are very good with attention to detail.

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