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24 Reviews on “iBeauty Wellness - Ang Mo Kio”

  • SK
    5 days ago

    “I would like to commend your staff meilin who is very professional & knowledgeable. Her service is top notch. I would highly recommend this business to others.”

  • SK
    6 days ago

    Have beem visiting ibeauty & is very happy with the professional facial provided meiling.
    Her knowledge & service is good.
    Will definitely come back.again.
    Well done meiling.
    Keep it up!

  • RT
    6 days ago

    Merlin is very professional & experience.
    Like her service very much.
    Will come back again.

  • Kah Ngoh Ang
    2 months ago

    (The company name is iBeaulty Wellness-AMK

    703 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 #01-2531/2529 Singapore 560703

    This health care company has been established for 16 years, and it can still survive, which shows that it is different from ordinary companies. I have been nursing here for 8 years.

    They will help customers with muscle relaxation, massage, electrotherapy, tendon stretching, etc. according to the customer’s physical condition, and provide symptomatic treatment.

    Recently, the “Nano Magnetic Element Conditioning Device” has been introduced to more effectively relieve skin pain and the effect is fast…

    I am in this nursing center, and Master Lianzi has been doing moxibustion and health care for me for six or seven years.

    I accidentally sprained my knee a few months ago. It became swollen the next day and I couldn’t squat or go up or down stairs. This company arranged for a master named Xiaodong to help me take care of it.

    There is also a female master, Xiaoying, who does tendons on my head and face. Recently, my face was sallow and dull, but after she helped me pull the tendons on my eyelids, it is now smooth and delicate…

    Xiaoying will also provide “private customization” adjustments based on personal physical conditions. He’s like half a doctor👩‍⚕️…

    This nursing company employs experienced masters, such as Lianzi, Xiaoying, Xiaomei, Meilin, Lucas, Ajun, Ade, Xiaodong, Xiaotao, etc… all are professional masters. 👍

    And the manager Eileen Koi is a strong woman with great leadership skills. She treats customers well. Customers like her very much. She gets along well with her colleagues and is considerate of their feelings. 👍👍👍

    The boss lady is very relieved to let her manage. At the same time, their boss lady also cares about the employees and provides them with the help they need. This old lady’s positive energy of “employing people without suspicion” is commendable.)

    公司名称是iBeaulty Wellness-AMK

    703 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 #01-2531/2529 Singapore 560703



    最近更是引进 “纳米磁元素调理仪 ”更有效缓解肌肤疼痛,效果快速….


    我前几个月也不小心扭伤了膝盖,第二天肿了,不能够蹲,不能上、下 楼梯;这间公司按排了一位叫 小东 的师傅帮我护理好了。




    还有经理Eileen koi 更是个很有领导能力的女强人,应付顧客面面皆圆;顧客们都很喜欢她;和同事之间相处融洽和体恤同事们的感受。👍👍👍


  • Doris Tan
    2 months ago

    All the staffs were very polite,kindness,friendly and courteous and they had a great experiences.

  • Kiri Shankar
    2 months ago

    The staffs were good especially the vietnamese guy…his foot massage is really good

  • 岑博
    2 months ago

    (The massage guy was very kind and enthusiastic, and his massage was very good. Every step was very professional.)


  • Ch ST
    2 months ago

    Highly recommended for their service!

    Thumb up for AhDe very experienced foot and body massage skills, Lucas, and MeiLing for facial services! Will support them again!

  • Kevin Chong
    2 months ago

    Friendly and experience masseuse, highly recommend

  • cassy wu
    2 months ago

    (Professional service)


  • Nigel Chung
    2 months ago

    Good massage! Great service too!

  • Chui kun Lai
    2 months ago

    (The staffs in this store are very friendly, the service is good, and the prices are fair. It’s great.)


  • 王恩鹏
    2 months ago

    (The facial washing technique is top-notch. The lady’s skills are very good and very professional. I will continue to come here and bring friends to experience it. The massage is also good and the price is not expensive. She is very professional and worth experiencing.)


  • Samantha Chai
    2 months ago

    Excellent service

  • M & Z
    2 months ago

    Whenever I go to ibeauty for a facial . my beautician MEILIN is very Friendly and Gentle . Her skills is also very good, which makes people relax and enjoy. I really recommend her .

  • 小乔
    2 months ago

    (The atmosphere in the store is very good. The face wash is very clean. Meilin’s facial massage technique is special. The service attitude is very nice. I will return again.)

    店里氛围很好 洗脸很干净 Meilin面部按摩手法特别 服务态度很Nice 下次还会去

  • Jaylon Ho
    2 months ago

    Have been visiting ibeauty for my facial session and I am glad to have Xiao Mei as my therapist everytime. Not only she is very professional and knowledgeable, she is very friendly and engaging. Would really recommend to have her as your therapist. It’s always a great facial session.

  • Tan Cheng Hoon
    2 months ago

    Excellent !

  • Ying Zhou
    2 months ago

    The technology and service experience of ibeauty technicians are very good, and the environment is comfortable and good.

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