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21 Reviews on “Joyre TCMedi Spa - Kovan”

  • Lily T
    5 months ago

    Came for Kris+ 40 min Tuina massage but the Chinese therapist upsell it to a chiropractic session which while it is not bad, the ambience is lacking. No proper gown to change into. Too much up selling asking me to sign up for 10 sessions. Don’t think I will be back since this is quite far from my home. Rated this one star initially.

    Subsequently received a call from Maria who is arranging a recovery package for me. Will update you on the outcome. Revising to 3 star pending final outcome. Recovery session at their Parkway Parade branch under Syouyin brand is very great. Would suggest going to that branch for Tuina massage instead.

  • Suriana Daly
    6 months ago

    My massaeuse is Jaen Chen from Joyre TCM Kovan Branch. She showed sincerity to me (client facing stiff neck). After she had massage the particular requested area and moved to massage other areas, she double check and pressed on affected area again and asked me to confirm whether that area felt better. Kuddos..Well done. She spoke to me with warmth and care. Thank you for all your help. See you soon. I already book appointment.

  • jacq teow
    6 months ago

    Won’t visit again.

    Bought a buy 1 free 1 package at Compass One, $168 including 2 sets package of “1 hour massage + herbal hot pack + cupping + gua sha”. Provided a receipt as proof.

    When visited this branch to spend my 1st treatment, the therapist diagnosed that my condition required a medical treatment, which can be replaced by the package that I bought. She claimed this treatment costs $168. Initially I was thinking that this should be equivalent to 1 of the 2 packages that I had bought (1 set original price $168), thus I agreed to proceed with the medical treatment that she suggested.

    She performed 撥筋+ herbal hot pack + cupping + using a ?stick to tap on my right shoulder. The whole process took 1 hour instead of massage for 1 hour.

    When I intended to make my next appointment with the receptionist, she informed me that current intervention had utilized all 2 packages that I bought. I was shocked, it was unexpected as I think the original price of the package that I bought should cost $168 per session too.

    I didn’t make much argument with them, only left with disappointment.

    On the way back to home, I realized that my right shoulder has some small dots of purple + reddish bruises. Not sure if this was the normal result of the tapping intervention, but it hurts a lot.

    Sharing my own experience, feeling bad as it’s kind of skewed way that the staffs talked to let you consume your purchase, everybody please be mindful when you purchase any promotion package to avoid this kind of “miscommunication”.

  • CleOy
    6 months ago

    Did Bojin trial with Joanna, it was great! I’ve added ampoule & H80 laser, overall it does improve the dry area on my cheeks. Joanna is very experienced. I believe that Bojin can lift up the face naturally so I’ve signed for a package, shall see!

  • Rya Rahman
    7 months ago

    I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy 10 months ago (May 2022). Other than putting me on steroid for 2weeks, doctors and hospitals said there’s nothing they can do and there’s no cure for it.

    I was really down and desperate to heal and recover as my wedding was in 5 months (Oct 2022).

    Did a trial acupuncture at Joyre Kovan (June 2022). The people there were all so warm and nice. There were no hard selling. ?? Dr Zhao also said he will try his best to help me.

    I really wanted to continue treatment but was on a tight budget. They offered an affordable package so i can come weekly for treatment. Even when i couldn’t afford to buy the medication weekly, after explaining myself, they understand and did not push or force it on me. I can feel that the nags for missing medication was purely genuine and not because of product selling.

    The results were also miraculous. There were tiny movements and progress after every sessions. I renew-ed my package 3x. I will 101% recommend this place! ???

    Thank you for making me smile for my big day Dr Zhao. Thank you for bringing back my smile.

  • 張淑貞
    7 months ago

    The friendly reception staff and therapists are very professional, the atmosphere is very good, I like it here


  • qin8
    7 months ago

    Awesome service and experience.

    Helps my back issues.

    Daniel is very professional and friendly

    All the crew here are awesome and pleasant.

    Thankful and thank you!

  • Minghua
    7 months ago

    Daniel is my therapist, I had many health problems,but since I went to Joyre TCM@Kovan and tried many treatments and I felt that all aspects of my body have improved significantly.

    The first is the improvement of sleep quality. Due to the high pressure of work, I have always had insomnia problems, and I need to rely on medicine to fall asleep every night. However, after receiving multiple head treatment at Joyre, I found that my sleep quality has improved significantly. It was easier to fall asleep at night, and I slept better and felt more refreshed.

    The second is physical comfort. Due to sitting in the office for a long time, my cervical spine and shoulders often feel sore, which is one of the reasons why I came to the Joyre TCM. After several times of the TCM bone setting treatment,the soreness in my cervical spine and shoulders has been significantly relieved, and my body feels more comfortable. At the same time, my waist has also been well relieved, and the problem of sitting for a long time has also been relieved.

    The third is the improvement of physical fitness. I have always felt that my physique is relatively poor, I am prone to colds and fevers, and my physical strength is not enough. However, after many times of the moxibustion treatment in Joyre , I found that my physical fitness has been significantly improved, the number of colds has been significantly reduced, and my body’s fatigue has also been reduced a lot. I can also feel my body becoming healthier and more energetic.

    Finally, the change of mood. I found that after many liver detox therapy treatments,my mood was also well regulated. Long-term work pressure makes me feel tired and anxious from time to time, but receiving health care services in the comfortable environment in Joyre Kovan makes me feel very relaxed and comfortable. After each treatment,I feel regulated, calmer and happier.

  • Yuly Tan Jia Ning
    7 months ago

    Very good treatment, especially by Judy at Kovan outlet. Recommended.

  • Natalia Parra
    7 months ago

    I tried the diamond peel facial and I really loved the service. I do recommend this place and definitely would come again!

  • Samantha Wongsodihardjo
    7 months ago

    Therapist Chen Zhen has done a great job in doing the moxibustion and meridian massage, the staffs are also very friendly and caring. Would recommend this TCM for those who are interested

  • zhi long Koh
    7 months ago

    Great service

  • Make CodingEasier (Paul)
    7 months ago

    Daniel is help me with the massage and TuiNa . Very skilful ? feel so much better after the session.

  • Michael Sim
    7 months ago

    Sui sui is good terepy with lots of experience

  • Be Me
    7 months ago

    Im already go to this place. Service is very good and the therapist Faye is very experience.

    Highly recommended

  • Shaun Leong
    7 months ago

    2nd time here and feeling bettrr from my Ezcema. Looking forward to full recover.

  • Loh Kwee Lan
    7 months ago

    Chen Zhen is very serious and careful, and the service is very good.


  • Killua
    7 months ago

    Really good experience with the staff here, relaxing and reliable. Fell asleep twice during the treatment and the effects are strong lasting my consultant is Xiu Xiu for reference! Do ask for here

  • Z J
    8 months ago

    Very powerful therapist! I have a back and shoulders pain issues for years. I have tried a lot of massages, staff at Kovan can really help me!

    8 months ago

    Therapist Fei Fei is very good in pain therapy. I have suffered shoulder pain for long time. Even couldn’t button my bra. After a few sessions of TCM herbal stiff shoulder treatments, I have received a huge Improvement! My neck and shoulder strains releve a lot. Now my arm can move more flexible. Highly recommended!

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