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22 Reviews on “IYU一愈”

  • Eve
    5 months ago

    Massage is good. But they push hard sell very much.

  • sy
    9 months ago

    Have been doing the lymphatic massage by therapist Kelly. She’s quiet and focus when doing the massage so it’s always a relaxing session. Will visit again!

  • Chloe Liew
    12 months ago

    My first time experience here with lymphatic massage therapist Kelly is awesome! I have also done the 面部拨筋 as well. Overall not too bad. I can feel that my whole body are much more relaxing.

    Recommended ??

  • Springa Breaka
    1 year ago

    non stop hard selling. super irritating.

  • loli sit
    1 year ago

    My husband went for the one-hr full body massage trial for $78 and I went for bojin facial treatment trial for $88+ampoule$38. Overall both of us got good service experience thus 5 stars from us, he felt that the massage is very on point, and I got a pleasant facial experience with Chris-she is gentle, friendly, comforting, professional and genuinely helpful! Price wise, frankly speaking given that it is just for trial, seems like it is on the higher end compared to the other wellness salons we frequented which we feel are equally good in terms of the quality.

  • P
    1 year ago

    Wanted to give a 3.5 stars but I think I would give 4 stars for encouragement. Did the head therapy $88 + ginger oil back massage $38 with free ear candling. I was initially drawn by their videos, I must say they do put in effort and it’s filmed quite nicely which is why I decided to try. But what I feel is lacking is the overall experience in terms of the ambience ⁄ atmosphere there.

    Was kind of expecting a rather high-end spa or tranquil feel (with this price point) which I gathered from the videos, but I think the head therapy just feel like a normal hair wash treatment, with water and drainage sound (like a hair salon). But I do enjoy the meridian ⁄ bojin massage which is different from usual western massages. For the head ⁄ face pillow (used for back massage) although it is covered with disposable layer of sheet, when I lie on it, I could still smell a bit of sebum face oil probably caused by other customers or over a long period of use. It will be better if they can wash the pillow more often or prepare a brand new one for different customers.

    Also, the absence of ambient scent is rather vital, which didn’t further enhance the overall experience ⁄ brand memory. The only scent probably comes from the closet which has some DIY lavender sachets. I feel that they can definitely invest in better scents for the rooms to evoke brand memory. The background music is also too soft, even the ceiling ventilation sound is louder than the music.

    Store front is very well designed which I noticed when I left the shop, this made me think that they can definitely improve for the room decor (which is lacking). For instance, I spotted few rather 90s looking alarm clock, shampoo bottles cluttering on top of their closets, and instruments lying around on floor.

    Hard selling wise I feel is acceptable. I rejected the manager probably a few times. Although she is quite persistent, she never give me any attitude afterwards. If you like TCM kind of treatment probably can give them a try, but if you’re into high-end spa environment or conscious about ambience ⁄ atmosphere, this might not be the one for you.

  • Chia Wei Wong
    1 year ago

    Superb experience. No hard sales.

    1 year ago

    Went there few months back when they having promotion after covid.

    Rebecca has help me ala cart combo to suit my gf and my need… ?

    Just i myself cant take the forceful tuina as seldom detox tis way over my shoulder n neck….?

  • Izaac Ma
    1 year ago

    Amazing experience and excellent service with top tier applications to enhance beauty

  • 點點是三隻小臭狗
    1 year ago


  • Weijie Lim
    1 year ago

    Zenny professional treatment? good service

    Zenny 专业治疗?服务很好

  • Xenon Tan
    1 year ago

    Massage was very good and comfortable.

  • Valentine Tan (夜锋)
    1 year ago

    Massage technique is very good


  • Chin Hang Wong
    1 year ago

    Amazing n relaxing head spa & body treatment done by zenny. Will definitely come back again

  • Cindy Heng
    1 year ago

    Went for their Head Therapy + Back Massage and was a great experience. No hardselling. They respected my decision. Will come back to them again in the near future if i decided to pamper myself ?

  • yen yen
    1 year ago

    Nice service

  • Zhang Weilong
    1 year ago

    Great professional staffs.

  • Wan Ting
    1 year ago

    Had massage and bojin from Qiao Qiao. Very good level and placement of strength. Not too much hard selling going on too. Overall a very pleasant experience and bought a package here to try other services.

  • Candice Fung
    1 year ago

    This place is very clean. I enjoy their TCM massage a lot.

  • Jeremiah Madison
    1 year ago

    Wowwwww. That was something else. 60 min deep tissue massage. Just trust the process and let the therapist do her thing, your back will thank you. Make sure to drink a lot of water before and after.

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