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22 Reviews on “Syoujin 匠人 - Tampines One”

  • Amelia
    5 months ago

    I did the meridian lymphatic blockage herbal massage with herbal oil with Joyce. Joyce was so knowledgeable and even gave me lifestyle tips on how to make improvements for my body! It was relaxing and also I feel so energised and refreshed after.

  • Daphne Ligo
    6 months ago

    Went for a trial relaxation massage in mid May 2023. When reached there, the staff recommended/promoting (upgrade) higher value of massage (TCM masssage) deemed to be better and beneficial to me due to my pre-existing back pain condition. At first I rejected, when I wanted to make payment, the staff was so nice to waive off but only to pay for 1 partial massage fee, done by a professional Physician. After that, he recommended to complete with shoulder massage which whole package cost $399. Without thinking, I straight away said “NO” thank you.

    Please be careful and be clear what you wanted before you visit the outlet, you might ended up spend unnecessary $$$.
    After the massage, I’m having whole hand numb at night. I’ll need to visit another TCM for treatment.

  • Felina Tan
    6 months ago

    I was over there on the 17/4 to treat the nerve pain from my shoulder to the head. My regular therapist has been taken up by someone. I was then, attended by another therapist.

    Initially, she was supposed to tie in with a particular oil specially meant for neck and shoulder. However, she didn’t use that on me , instead she simply applied on my concerned with an ordinary oil.

    Didn’t even border to a provide warm pillow to wrap around my neck, which l am usually provided with.

    As a result of repetition of her hard massage over the same spot on my scalp. My therapist will usually apply some oil to my scalp, before doing the scalp treatment.But, this therapist told me that she would not apply any oil for the scalp. As a result of that, l felt a sensation of burning and stinging pain on the particular spot that she had overly exerted her strength over both sides of the scalp which is slightly above my ear.

    As l could not tolerate the stinging pain any longer.
    l tried to stop her from further aggravation of the painful spot. I did show her the painful spot. But, she brushed me off by commenting that the sensation of heat came from the nerve.

    On my way home, l could still feel the stinging sensation. For truth sake, I checked the spot with the mirror and took a photo of the painful spot.

    Then l discovered that there was an abrasion redness and soreness on the painful spot.

    Can you imagine the kind of pain l have to endure during hair wash? Ouch!

    Now, l started to question about her professionalism.

    Previously, l had two bad experiences with syoujin.
    After the apologies, l continued to support them until this point.

    It has been more than a month ago. l have left a massage for the manager to get back to me for some concern.
    Till now, still did not get back to me.

    Their service really sucked!

  • UniTravel
    6 months ago

    Dear Sir After i sign up package (27/4) On 10/5 I had my FIRST session – Syoujun massage service poorly done and injured my shoulder very very painful. my shoulder & arms are so painful n sore for 6-7 days. I’ve been taking panadol daily Your staff injured me. I went to see doctor on 15/5 and he said my shoulder is injured so don’t go back. i want full refund of unused money back. I called & sent message on 11/5 to your WhatsApps and staff but only get auto reply. I sent so many messages on 12/5, 13/5, 14/5 but nobody talked to me. All the time auto reply.

    This is very unprofessional and illegal

  • Adrianne Xlene
    6 months ago

    The experience i had here was inconsistent to say the least , the first time i went it was great i felt so light and my aches were gone . the second time however was a horror , the therapist i got was not willing to work at all, when i ask her to press harder she told me to paynow her tips so that she will press harder , super appalling . I told the cashier and i left . never coming here again

  • Soundarapandian Pandi
    6 months ago

    Joyce is excellent in pain relief treatment and made me feel really relaxed much appreciated for her dedication and commitment at work

  • Zeny Obias Claveria
    7 months ago

    They are very professional and gave you a good treatment recommendation that suits your body. In addition, I would like to recommend Eve, she is a very proficient in explaining the best choice of treatments.

  • Selene T
    7 months ago

    Good massage skills provided by therapist Joyce! ??

  • Aida Adnan
    8 months ago

    Nana is an excellent masseur. She is patient, understands my issue even before I finished explain. Despite we have our language barrier, she understands my points thru my gestures and the assistance from Ms. Shirley whom keeps checking into my room for translation as well. The staffs gives their extra mile of an excellent service. Thank you. Highly recommended!!!

  • Constance Goh
    9 months ago

    Nana is very good and friendly. She helped identify the source of my pains.

  • Aimillie Carreon
    9 months ago

    Did the lymphatic drainage massage in tampines one, the place offers an ambience for relaxation and my therapy lyn was so experience with her techniques! definitely worth coming back to. No hard selling of packages too!

  • Novie Abineta
    10 months ago

    This is the best massage here in tampines branch definitely i will comeback.her name is Eve look for her the best massage thank you

  • Varun Kumar Racharla
    10 months ago

    Therapist Siew Hiok did a good session that helped with the pain.

  • Alethea Fu
    11 months ago

    Horrible place. DO NOT GO. They are basically running a scam where they will try to hard sell you other treatments or saying to upgrade with some medicine to help relieve tightness etc. The medicine is dubious and I doubt they really use it even when you say you will upgrade. Only the test spot seem to have effect when they are demonstrating the medicinal oil to you. Once you upgrade, it seems like they are just massaging with normal oil. I didn’t feel the same effect as when they did the test spot. It’s just an utter scam of money. Scammers. Go to more legit places and save yourself the trouble.

  • ZAP M3lissa
    12 months ago

    Go yesterday to try the 1st trial 1hour package but they intro me another 1/2 hour package,said my right hand and back no okay and it’s good for me. Now my right hand feel painful when I try to raise up & how I can go for work like this?

  • Kathyrine Quinne Carbonell
    1 year ago

    From front desk to my therapist Chenchen, they are so welcoming.

    The massage area is so relaxing.

    I feel so relieved and relaxed after my massage.

    Thank you so much!!!

    Surely i will come back.

  • Yin Chiu
    1 year ago

    Good skills but they always made me feel very stressful with hard selling. Even if I had bought their package which cost around $200 per session, they still point out the weakness of my body and asked me to buy more every time! After a few sessions, I’d rather use my package at other outlets instead Tampines one. NOT recommended if you are looking for to have a relaxing massage.

  • Rainier Ng
    1 year ago

    I had a continuous right shoulder discomfort and left knee pain but shifu manage to alleviate the issue after a few visits. Currently still on acupuncture therapy session for my knee as the pain don’t seem to go away. I also found that Nana, one of the massage therapist, knowledgeable and skillful as well.

  • Jovin G
    1 year ago

    I first came to know of Syoujin through one of those deal apps. Same as Karyn Chen who also feedback that she bought a $68 massage deal but was hard sold a $199 first-timer promotion price claiming that they will use TCM massage skills with their self-developed herbal oil. I thought I had already bought a TCM massage deal at $68? So it’s for a non-TCM massage when it’s at a TCM massage place? Unlike Karyn who has stronger willpower than me, I was sold and even bought more packages.

    Anyway, I signed up for at least 7 different types of treatment packages because every time I come for a treatment session, they will tell me that the therapist told them I need more treatments for other health issues I have. Then they will tell you that you need to come weekly to see improvements. If you drag too long for the next treatment then it’s not effective. And these treatments don’t come cheap, almost all the treatments cost $500/30 mins, this is also their so call staff or family/friends price. They will tell you that you will need minimum 10 treatments per type of treatment. I also did repeat purchases for some of the treatments as I did go for weekly treatment sessions.

    Now that I think back, they did claim that they have customers who when they come for treatments, would do treatments worth $10,000 each time. These customers must be billionaires!

    When they want you to buy more treatments, they are always nice, friendly, helpful, full of empathy but when you cannot afford to buy more treatments after you realized that you have chalked up an estimated $30,000 credit card bills within like 2-3 months, their behaviors did a full 360 change, no more nice, friendly, helpful, no empathy and not even acknowledging your presence because no after treatment tea waiting for you.

    I admit that they are truly excellent salespeople who don’t care if you can pay your credit card bills or not. They just want their commission.

    $30,000 is someone’s annual income!

    So even if you did improve your health slightly because you have been diligently going for the weekly treatment session, you definitely cannot afford these treatment sessions in the long run as they don’t actually treat the root of the health issues, because the problem will come back and unless your annual income is in the millions.

    I feel that their treatments seemed like they worked the first time, so that will make you buy more. However, after buying the treatment packages, at times I felt that it didn’t help at all because the problem is still there or got worse after the treatment session.

    There are actually cheaper TCM alternatives so do your homework first otherwise you will end up like me, worrying about how to pay my credit card bills now. No health and no money!

    Update: What a joke. Contacted me to Whatsapp them and even claimed that their service is top priority but they don’t even bother to reply! What type of service attitude the management has, their staff will be the same or worse. They are not even setting a good example themselves!

  • wee ling
    1 year ago

    Used to have back pain for many years, getting better after the treatment. Joyce is my therapist, she is experienced and really has the skill. Recommend for it!

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