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54 Reviews on “Astute Medical Aesthetics & Laser Clinic”

  • Desmond Luo
    5 months ago

    most good reviews here are fake.

  • MC Ray
    10 months ago

    After being a patron for a few years – I’d say save your money – do not visit the East Coast branch. My face is now badly burnt after a shoddy DPL job. Use your money wisely and take it where the staff are knowledgeable and treatments are verified.

  • dezzy baby
    11 months ago

    This place expensive and scam

  • audrey tan
    1 year ago

    I used to have many breakouts and clogged skin, and it became worse after I needed to put full makeup for long periods of time. After a recommendation from my Deportment instructor, I decided to try Astute.
    The staff were very understanding and I can feel that they genuinely wanted my skin to be better and to regain my confidence.
    After 3-4 treatments (especially the Hydrafacial), the staff and even my friends can tell that my face has become alot better.
    Definitely will recommend them to anyone 🙂

  • Michelle Mursalim
    1 year ago

    A very welcoming, friendly and professional clinic in a relaxed atmosphere. The doctors and staff explained in a great detail and understand what I need the most for my skin.

  • Carine Lam
    1 year ago

    Enjoy every of my treatment session with Astute. Did lasers and skin booster treatments. The results is amazing. The doctors and staffs are very friendly and knowledgable. They listen to and and understand what I need.

  • eson eson
    2 years ago

    Knowing this Jason Pek from his previous clinic (which went defunct w my money after paying for one of their programs) before setting up his own, I would suggest to avoid at all costs. They seem to be using the same marketing tactics to lure customers and then begin up selling them once at their clinic.

  • Zed Zayanne
    2 years ago

    I had a very good experience here under the care of Dr Desmond Chin. He is very professional and I trust his advise and suggestion. He is very detailed and gentle when doing my face. The team at Astute have been amazing and friendly. Never fail to make me feel very comfortable and welcomed. Thumbs up!

  • Jenny Lim
    2 years ago

    Would like to share my Wonderful experience with Astute clinic. Professional Doctors took extra care and time to check my skin, explains and recommend the best treatments for my skin needs . Treatments are effective and I have seen great improvement especially for my pigmentation problems. Staffs here are also professional and caring to their customers. Definitely a recommended aesthetic

  • André Candido Ubriaco de Oliveira
    2 years ago

    I am a foreigner student in Singapore. I have been to Astute Laser Clinic (and not medical centre) for tattoo removal sessions. My parents helped me to pay the very costly sessions, since I’m a student here in Singapore. There, they scammed me to do several sessions with the promise of getting my tattoos totally removed. During the process, they changed the doctor that was taking care of my case at least 3 times. Each doctor with an different approach, saying different reasons for what they were doing and how their tattoo removal treatment works.
    In the end, they have brought a fourth doctor, saying different things about how my tattoo removal treatment was and that it probably will not be totally removed.
    They are unprepared Doctors when it comes to tattoo removal treatment. They don’t know what they are doing and overcharge it. I can only imagine how bad they are with all the other treatments, scamming and tricking other people. Please, be aware of this awful place. Don’t go there.

  • Pei Ming
    2 years ago

    Been to astute several times, staff and dr jason are very friendly. Always very accommodating and giving good advice for my facial treatments. Reasonably priced too! Highly recommended! Thank you Astute Team!

  • Nina Heng
    2 years ago

    I dun like how this place runs its business.

  • Andre Candido Ubriaco de Oliveira
    2 years ago
  • Cheryl Woo
    2 years ago

    Staff are very warm and welcoming. Dr Jason is very patient and explains things thoroughly, he takes the time to entertain questions without rushing.

    He offered different treatment options and took the time to explain pros and cons. During treatment he was careful to ensure I was comfortable, and he executed the procedure in a very smooth and professional manner. Highly recommend!

  • Hazel Loh
    2 years ago

    Have been visiting Astute clinic for more than a year to do some nose lifting sessions – i’m always very satisfied after completing the sessions and can proudly say that Astute is the only clinic that I go to. 🙂

    From the start of your visit to Astute, you will already feel that you’re in safe hands with the friendly clinic staff as they will be there with you at all times to guide you through the entire procedure. My doctors, Dr Desmond and Dr Jason are both highly professional and always give me the results that I want. Before the session, they will read through my case and advise me on the treatment best suited to my needs and features. During the procedure, the doctor will keep me informed of what he is going to do next and makes me feel at ease. Once it is done, the doctor will take the extra step to disinfect the treated area and prevent bacteria infection from happening! He will also listen to my feedback after the procedure (which is mostly about my satisfaction of the results!!)

    Thank you to the doctors and staff at Astute Clinic. I highly recommend this clinic to others and will definitely come back again in a few months’ time for review and touch up!!!

  • Siva Ldnn
    2 years ago

    Went for their first consultation and was being explained clearly on the difference between collagen fillers and regular fillers. She did not hardsell me but advise me on which is better for me. To be frank I do read their reviews before heading down and their reviews were genuine.

    Everyone always greet u with a smile. Great services and appointment can be book easily ! Greatly appreciate and highly recommend ! 🙂

  • Christine T
    2 years ago

    I did my dermal fillers numerous times here with Dr. Desmond Chin. Although the filler’s price is slightly on the high side compared to the previous clinic that I frequented, it was definitely worth it because Dr. Desmond was very skillful in administering the dermal fillers and I absolutely love the results. I believe that achieving the desired results weigh more importance than the small price differences that I paid for. Subsequently, I signed up for other packages with Astute.

  • Qiu Yun Tan
    2 years ago

    I had a very wonderful experience with Astute Medical during my fillers treatment. The doctor and team are very gentle and caring. Thank you team for being so professional and not to forget going the extra mile to meet my needs and expectations.

  • smitha purvam
    2 years ago

    The staff are incredibly friendly and equipped with adequate knowledge on the various skin conditions. The recommendation on the skincare and options are quite helpful and reasonable. I would strongly recommend to try as it is worth it.

  • Emma Sinclair
    2 years ago

    I am an expat working in Singapore and decided to look for a place for laser hair removal. In my own country (Australia) laser is much cheaper but since I’m in Singapore, I decided to give it a try here. I called Astute and the price sounds reasonable, there is no consultation fee. In the end, they tricked a potential customer to turn up for the consultation by using all means, pretending to be so accommodating on the phone. What they said on the phone and at the clinic was a totally different thing. Not worth paying the ridiculous consultation. I was misled into going there. Unethical and money

  • Linda Chua
    2 years ago

    Love my lashes done here! Everyone is friendly, yet not pushy. You will see me back often.

  • zoe ong
    2 years ago

    I have been to several clinics but none of them make me feel the way I did at Astute Clinic. I’m always looking forward to my visit to Astute Clinic as their environment and friendliness of the doctors and team make me feel at ease. special thanks to Dr Jason, Dr Walter and their team for ensuring that my skin is always flowy and dewy through skin booster. I have tried the botox to reduce the crow feet around my eyes and the effect really make me “wow”. will definitely introduce them to my close ones. THUMPS UP for them!

  • Tan Vel
    2 years ago

    Nice and cosy environment. Professional and friendly staffs. Dr Jason is very meticulous and explain each treatments in details. Recommending what is needed for me.

  • See Lay Chew
    2 years ago

    Nice cosy interior but sign is very confusing. It says Laser Clinic but website and facebook say medical centre. Thought the upstairs might have more floors of medical centre but only ground floor. Lights from signage is also very bright when I walk past.

  • Connie Tan
    2 years ago

    Happy with service. Appreciate the clinic assistance’s help. Always approachable.

  • Grace Fong
    2 years ago

    It’s been a very pleasant journey since I came across Astute for Skin Ceuticals products. Recently, I got to know their Antiage Scalp Simulation Treatment for my thinning crown and was attended by Dr Walter Chee. The whole procedure was so relaxed with occasional ‘ant bites’ kind of feeling. Dr Chee has put me at ease through every injection given by him. Kudos to you for your patience! My appreciation to Carrie and team who are always very forthcoming and attentive to our needs!

  • M Min
    2 years ago

    Staff are professional and service is great.

  • Bernice Chong
    2 years ago

    Did laser and skin boosters treatment . They have wide varieties of treatment and I really enjoy my time when I’m in the clinic. Amazing set of clinic assistants. Always look forward to my next treatment with Astute! Highly recommend!

  • Susan Cheong
    2 years ago

    Professional Team @Astute and grateful to Dr Jason Pek for the treatment and his patience. Ambience is blissfully comfy and Astute certainly deliver over and above expectation suite of services. Thank you Astute

  • Low Wei Liang
    2 years ago

    I have came over and try the jaw reduction botox as the muscles on my cheeks is really getting on my nerve . Doctor Jason was the one who attended to me, he was very meticulous and explains the procedure to make sure I understand well. He also made an assessment before doing the botox on me.

    Initially I was a little worried of the injections as this is the first aesthetic surgery I have done. But i am really surprise by how fast and painless the procedure was conducted.

    I would definitely recommend the clinic and doctor Jason for their professionalism and friendly service.

  • Cindy Han
    2 years ago

    This clinic is the best clinic in Singapore. Not only it provide the best services,it also has every sort of treatment you can ever want from fat reduction injection to facials treatment. I highly recommend this place for it’s the best asthectic clinic in my Singapore

  • George Suah
    2 years ago

    Dr Jason’s impeccable skills in administering luminous micro-fillers on me made the procedure more bearable despite the occasional slight discomfort from the needling process. His and Herlene’s constant verbal engagement with me, and Dr Jason’s intermittent pauses to check-in on how I am feeling throughout the session also put me more at ease, and calm.

    The session was over before I knew it. Post-procedure advice by Herlene and Carrie was also comprehensively dispensed and I left the clinic – a satisfied and happy customer!

  • Ivy Loo
    2 years ago

    Under a skilful and responsible Dr Jason. Feel very safe. Thank you to those helpful assistance too.

  • sh nr
    2 years ago

    Very impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the staffs. I feel welcomed every time I visit the clinic. Going through laser treatments for my pigmentations and am able to see the improvements. I would highly recommend Astute anytime. Shan

  • namaste in bali
    2 years ago

    I had my very first thread lift treatment done and I absolutely loved it. All the lower cheek sagging was gone. Unfortunately it doesn’t last forever (18 months). So I am looking forward my next booking.

  • jia wan
    2 years ago

    always a clean, friendly place to go to. i have done the skin booster treatment 2-3 times, and dr jason is very gentle. also, prices are reasonable plus the staff are all very helpful!

  • kelly lee
    2 years ago

    First stepped into Astute for my dull skin and millia seeds.
    Had consultation done with Dr Jason and he took time to understand my concerns before offering me a the options to address my problems.
    Had a hydrafacial done followed by a laser treatment. Love how Avelyn was so
    meticulous in her work and since then , have been hooked and coming back for my monthly facial.
    Thank you for the great hospitality from the Astute team and did I mention Dr Jason was such an eye candy

  • merilyn Heng
    2 years ago

    Very friendly staff and very good service

  • jason tannery
    2 years ago

    Nice place but room for improvement.

  • Vernice Zhang
    3 years ago

    Visited Astute not knowing what to expect and my experience turned out AMAZING!

    For a start, I was brought to a separate room to clean up my face and take some photos followed by a consultation with Dr Jason. I decided to go for nose filler (Ellanse M) and Botox on the jaw. Numbing cream was applied and the procedure wasn’t painful, just a little discomfort but that’s normal.

    All the ladies there are very knowledgeable and friendly, I could tell they are genuinely passionate about aesthetics and ended up having a long chat with them. Besides that they do not hard sell at all!

    I had been to another aesthetic clinic before and didn’t like how it feels so transactional. The quality of their products are pale in comparison to Astute.

    In conclusion, Dr Jason’s skill is good and their prices are reasonable. Therefore I’m definitely returning to Astute again!

  • Justin Foo
    3 years ago

    I did the fat freezing treatment which normally takes up to 3-4 treatments (2 months) to get rid of stubborn fat at my flanks. Their prices are friendly for multiple proceedure treatments. After my first visit, I feel comfortable with the staff; they’re professional and knowledgeable. I’m yet to explore their other services, they have a wide range of machines in the clinic.

  • herlene Chia
    3 years ago

    Great service! Staffs are very friendly and understanding. Able to lighten up the mood during procedure. Did nose thread and finish Rejuran treatments with Astute. Love the results. Will be continuing other treatment with Astute. They have lots of new technology/machines to treat many concerns. Will definitely recommend to everyone.

  • Ngeline Chong
    3 years ago

    The threads is painless. I didn’t believe in the first place but it’s really true ! ! Amazing after service experience. . They have a wonderful team..
    Thank you Astute..

  • Jennifer Ng
    3 years ago

    I have pigmentation problems and due to my sensitive skin it was very challenging to treat my pigments. The staff at Astute are very caring and provide excellent customer care service always making me feel relax and enjoyed every session of treatment.

    I am still in the progress of receiving treatment for my pigmentation and is confident that Astute will be able to fulfil my wish in having a radiant and pigmentation free skin

  • Jamie Yap
    3 years ago

    Never imagined I can live WITHOUT my huge, ugly sun spots/pigmentation that was with me the last 10 years!!

    I was real sceptical when they explained the procedures (sounding alien language as I’m a total nerd in these areas).

    Went for the first session like a scary chicken…..needless to say, the rest is history…..both doctor and staffs are sensitive, caring and detailed to my needs.

    When asked about my radiant face these days by friends, my reply is just one word “ASTUTE”!!

  • Adeline Lee
    3 years ago

    The service provided by the staffs and doctor was really good. Done my first ever jaw botox and i am pleased with the result
    Highly Recommended!

  • Rach Lsq
    3 years ago

    Was always insecure of my huge jaw and I was excited when I went for my chin fillers and jaw Botox. The service was amazing and my concerns was heard as I was never really a fan of needles. The doctor and consultant made sure I was alright before proceeding with the treatment. Would absolutely recommend this clinic to anyone who wants a change. 🙂

  • Edmund Tan
    3 years ago

    The staff are very professional and polite! Fixed my pigmentation issues are a few sessions.

  • Parween Sidhu
    3 years ago

    Sometime in Nov 2017, I came to see Dr Reddy to know more about the procedure for Silhouette Soft Threadlift . My first contact was with the admin staff and I was completely blown away by how helpful and kind she was and how fast she was at assisting me.
    Although my visit was unannounced & having never been introduced, Dr Reddy treated me with utmost professionalism.
    Dr Reddy, patiently explained all I needed to know about the procedure. I received so much good information and felt so well cared for.

    I finally had the procedure done on 9 Dec 2017. Whatever I heard from him was what I got and I was extremely pleased with the result.

    I would say Dr Reddy lives up to his name and is ever “ready” to put his patients at ease and give them the result they are looking for. I naturally felt safe under his care. The procedure was fast, smooth and with no hiccups.

  • Averlyn Hi
    3 years ago

    Just did Rejuran with Dr Jason with very little downtime, absolutely love the result:)

  • Paris Home
    3 years ago

    Cozy ambience & caring therapists…

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