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32 Reviews on “New York Skin Solutions - Novena Square”

  • Wei Sen
    1 month ago

    Love the services provided by Jarnelle. She is so friendly and not hard sell . I can see huge improvement after my first session of treatment.

  • Chin Chyuan Soo
    1 month ago

    Good services provided by Jarnelle and her team. The welcome basic package is worthy. Definitely will come back for the next appointment

  • Innae Girl
    1 month ago

    The biggest REGRET of my life is signing a package with them…SO TRAUMATIC. I went for 1 free treatment naively (free coupon) and ended up with a package because of consultant’s hard-selling. She persuaded for what felt like hours, it was like if I don’t pay for a package I can’t walk out there alive…I went back home feeling so sad with a hole in a pocket that day. I HONESTLY FELT BULLIED. After that I went there for treatment 2-3 times and my acne got really bad. Acne all over my entire face and VERY itchy after the facial treatments. My self esteemed dropped so much I felt so depressed and cried and cried. Then I decided to cancel the treatment and go and see dermatologist and another better treatment centre (I went to Beautehub which works immediately btw).

    When I tried to cancel the treatment plan with new york skin solution at novena, the consultant/ manager (Anita Zhuo that china lady) SCREAMED at me infront of everyone there. So humiliating and unprofessional. I wasted so much money bc of them. And left with a couple of scars on my face that are permanent for life.


    All their overly positive reviews could be fake. Check the lowest reviews section and you know what I mean.

  • Kenny Seow
    1 month ago

    Anita zhuo my consultant. She is very good service.have been here for over 10 years.see the results. I was always satisfied with the facial treatment service.the product is very good.thanks for anita zhuo good service.

  • Xuanie Ng
    2 months ago

    Today I went Novena New York Skin Solutions. Yap Li Xuan served me when I come in. Jarnell is my consultant. She is very caring and patience towards my skin she also advice what should I do and no to my skin and explain every details what then we went for treatment. Before putting mask or extraction she will let me know. I also brought my bf to sign the package. She gives good services to both of us. I’m glad that I have good experience. They all are very friendly and good staff 😍 I really recommend to everyone that for the package and look for Li Xuan and Jarnel 👍🏻

  • fan shin
    2 months ago

    Thank you for the professional service and care .new York skin care is place for a good skin

  • Lee Lai Lea
    2 months ago

    Susan is my consultant. She I very caring towards my skin and she also recommend me to use what skin care product. I recommended my daughter to Susan my daughter also said that Susan gives good service to my daughter as she has enzyme and also the black head remover Is not painful and no redness. I really recommend this place and look for Susan Lee. 💯❤🥰

  • Alina Ee
    2 months ago

    Helen is meticulous and attentive in her facial treatment. She is also customer oriented and display good service.

  • Teng Lilian
    2 months ago

    I had followed NYSS for almost six years and are very happy with the services rendered by the beauty consultants and their products are awesome especially the hydro perfect range and Nano therapy

    3 months ago

    i enjoyed the facial sessions as they are effective and i see improvement in my skin. the consultants are friendly too.

  • Kelvin Lim
    3 months ago

    My consultants Tricia and Jarnell are very professional and care about their customer. Which is why i recommended this to my gf and both of us enjoy the treatment here. Keep up the good services!

  • Xavier Tan
    3 months ago

    Being with new york solutions for the past 4 years, have gone thru many “pairs of hands”(about 6-8).

    From the day when Jarnell was my session consultant, i knew i found the right person to do my face. From then, she was my consultant all the way till today.

    From the start of session with cleaning of face, extraction, ear brown touching up, massage for face(top hands for novena branch) and last step putting the mask..everything was done with great care! And most important you for comfortable throughout the whole session

    Through the whole session she manages everything very very well(despite having mutiple clients) there are no issues like long waits in between, water drips to ears or mask not place well..Just leave everything to her and enjoy the whole session.

    I would strongly recommend Jarnell to anyone!
    👍👍👍👍👍 5 out of 5 rating!

  • Lynne Tan
    3 months ago

    My consultant, Ms Jarnell understands the customer need and she always give advices to uplift and hydrate my skin. I have enjoyed the facial and treatment. I will definitely give 5 stars for the service and environment. Always looking forward to come for my next appointment.

  • Orlando Ath
    3 months ago

    First time visiting New York and my facial treatment was done by Jarnell. She is professional and indeed a friendly staff. Will pay for a second visit for sure.

  • Lee chong xiang
    3 months ago

    My consultant Jarnell is very professional and willing to listen to my problems and provide her views to helps.

    Well done New York Skin Solutions for cultivating such excellent consultant!

  • Alice Leong
    4 months ago



    The face wash service was not bad, but it was a bit too painful, and Jenny’s attitude was also the problem. She introduced me to a few packages, but I refused, and I continued to sell hard. I refused at least 5-6 times before and after. Then Jenny said: “Is it a payment question? I answered no, I have to wait. It was decided after recovery that she still insisted on selling.” Later, I asked if it wouldn’t be nice to keep my face like this, so I said I went back to discuss it with my boyfriend and decided that she would not let me go.

    At that time, I remember that the end of my face wash was 6.48pm, and she promoted me to let me go until 7pm. I hope you have a deeper understanding of your employees, thank you.

  • Clare Tay
    4 months ago

    Very professional, Jarnell has such a kind and positive attitude. Really enjoy my facials here!

  • Nellie Chau
    4 months ago

    Today I went to New York Skin Solutions at Novena Square. I was serve by Susan and the first time we had consultation she explain very well and detailed then we went for treatment Susan knows I have very sensitive skin so she is very careful of my skin she is very experience she is also very professional. Susan also advice what to eat and what not to eat as it can also make your skin very bad she really put all her heart into my treatment she is very caring towards customer really love the customer well she will warn the customer before putting cold mask she also scared customer cold really well taken care of. I really recommend Susan she is very experience consultant and also supervisor at New York Skin Solutions Novena Square really recommend to look for her really excellent service. I really like my consultant Susan ❤❤❤😘😘😘💕💕💕🌹🌹🌹💟💟💞💞💞

  • Sin Kee
    4 months ago

    Enjoyed my facial session with Ms Jarnell! She is professional and helped to solve my skin issue. My skin condition is getting better after a few treatments. Thanks!

  • Luqqy
    4 months ago

    Jarnell is the consultant. She was able to give me professional advice on my skin problem knows what is best for the treatment and how could i take care of my face. Thanks to her, i understand the importance to take good care of face👍

  • Ching Hong Wong
    6 months ago

    Jarnell is my skin solutions consultant. She was able to give me professional advice on my skin problem and how to take care of my face. Thanks to her, i understand the importance to take good care of face when young.

  • Siew lee Tay
    6 months ago


    The service is very good. My consultant Jarnell is friendly and professional. Like very much

  • W H
    6 months ago

    Jarnell Tang consultant is nice, patience and professional. Overall service experience is good.

  • ahbao diary
    6 months ago

    Enjoyed my facial session with my consultant, Ms Helen. She gave good advises to uplift and hydrate my skin. Gentle and comfortable hand techniques that i always look forward for the next session! Thank you, Helen!😊

  • Chen Khian Pin
    6 months ago

    洗脸服务还不错,只是Kelly的态度问题。第一个顾问介绍了几个配套,可是我拒绝了,然后突然间就换了Kelly进来硬行推销,前前后后我拒绝了至少五次,接着Kelly竟然说:“我了解你们这些人啦,喜欢拿新币 convert 去马币,不要这样ngiao (吝啬)啦。” 哇,当下听了真的觉得很委屈,我也是有付钱洗脸的,为什么给我这种态度,是因为我是马来西亚人而且又拒绝买配套吗?希望你们可以深入了解和提升员工的服务态度,谢谢。

    The face wash service is not bad, it’s just Kelly’s attitude. The first consultant introduced a few packages, but I refused, and then suddenly changed to Kelly to come in for hard sales. I refused at least five times, and then Kelly said, “I know you guys. I like to use Singapore dollars to convert to MYR. Don’t be so ngiao (mean).” Wow, I really feel aggrieved when I heard it. I also paid to wash my face. Why is this attitude given to me because I’m a Malaysian. And refused to buy a package? I hope you can understand and improve the staff’s service attitude in depth, thank you.

  • Joanne Wong
    6 months ago

    Thanks for the professional and detailed facial experience! Credits to my consultant Juliana! All my previous consultant was not detailed enough. Juliana was very attentive and detailed, at the same time she take time to explain my skin condition in a easy layman term which is easy to understand. Highly recommended for people who are new to facial to look for Consultant Juliana! 😀

  • Yan Ru
    6 months ago

    Have been coming to new your skin solutions at novena square for 2 months now. My experience with my beauty consultant Juliana has been great! Willing to explain on every little details regarding my skin issues, very professional on every aspect! The rest of the staffs are very friendly too with tip top service. Do not have worry on hard up selling.

  • Yim Keat Theng
    6 months ago

    Happy with Olivier’s service, professionalism.

  • Shah Guerriero del Coraggio
    6 months ago

    My Consultant, Helen is the best consultant that I’ve had, along with the rest of the staffs that are so kind, friendly & supportive throughout my facial treatment journey. Helen had show tremendous personality to ensure my acne, acne scars and other face problem is solved. Throughout my times here in the past 2 years, my results had dramatically improved. Helen had also treat me like a Mother & Son relationship and she’s one of the main reason why I committed for the treatment and to this outlet. Thank you so much! God bless you Helen, Novena outlet staffs and NYSS!!

  • Seah leehoon
    7 months ago

    Helen Chin is skilful and has helped me maintain and improved my skin well. Has been with her for some years and there is vast improvement in my skin condition. Thank you.

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