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32 Reviews on “My Cozy Room @ Cairnhill”

  • Fy
    6 months ago

    I’ve always had lots of blackheads and whiteheads on my face. I did not know how to solve this problem because I’ve tried many other methods, such as blackhead removal pore strips, using clay mask, etc but they did not work. So I decided to try out My Cozy Room’s premium pore extraction facial since many people have left good reviews, also when I googled they appeared to be the best pore extraction place. It was true! After just 1 session, there was a significant difference. There was little to no visible blackheads, and my pores became much smaller than before. My face also felt so much lighter and cleaner! Also, I really enjoyed the head, shoulders, and facial massages they provided, which included using hot stones and crystals. It was very relaxing and comfortable, definitely a very unique experience. Overall the facial treatment was very effective, and their service has left an excellent impression on me. I would definitely be coming back here!

  • Sharon Chan
    2 years ago

    Extraction was good, doesn’t feel so painful and face wasn’t so red after. The therapist is not pushy about buying package at all.

  • Shweta Johnson
    2 years ago

    I liked their facial. The beautician did good job. The saleslady/manager is too pushy & hard-selling facial package. She continued the same in my second visit. Even I said no to the first offer, she offered another package with different price :/. It’s very annoying.

  • Iris Carla De Jesus
    2 years ago

    This spa place is really gentle to my skin and they take time to listen to your skin needs. I am also so afraid of extraction but it was suprisingly gentle and effective here! I love the ambience too. I highly recommend.

  • Colman C
    2 years ago

    I’ve always had a lot of pimples and blackheads and right before this, I had a really serious breakout. I was really glad to be able to visit My Cozy Room which is known as Best Extraction Facial in Singapore. The spa really lived up to my expectations in terms of their service and results! I am usually dreadful about the extraction process but I was pleasantly surprised for its painless extraction! The Anti-acne LED Facial therapy and High Frequency treatment was also quite effective in killing off bacteria and preventing infection for future breakouts as my pimples and blackheads really did clear off quite a lot after just one session with them. I like how the Crystal ball treatment felt so amazing and soothing on my skin, which is also one of the key points that allowed the redness to subside so quickly after the extraction. Overall I really enjoyed the experience at My Cozy Room. My face has gotten so much better, rid of acne and more radiant than before.

  • Monice Cheung
    2 years ago

    I’ve seen so many great reviews online about My Cozy Room, and I can understand why. They are really the best facial I’ve been to. Acne and clogged pores have been my biggest skincare issue for the longest time, but I find myself going back to My Cozy Room again and again for my facial treatments.

    Their extraction is very meticulous and thorough, down to every pore. Because of the therapist’s gentle skills, the extraction was considered less painful except for areas that are really clogged (But still very bearable). In fact I fell asleep during the treatment many times. When I have more acne on my face, I would go for their anti-acne LED facial which has a blue light LED therapy to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation on my skin.

    So far, this treatment has been the most effective for my clogged pores. The therapists and staff are truly caring for your skin and they serve with their heart. I like how they will never hard-sell their packages. Even during my first visit few years back using a promo code, the consultant was very kind and helpful even though I didn’t buy a package.

    The ambience and environment is lovely, not only are the treatments effective, it soothes my mind on every visit. After a few sessions, my acne has visibly reduced with clearer and healthier skin.

    Highly recommended to anyone who are facing acne or pimples issue!

  • Miss Katrina
    3 years ago


    After receiving a message from the salon, I notified them of my breakouts, and the owner offered a follow up facial to fix the breakouts. She explained that an ampuole I had applied was detoxing my skin, hence the breakouts. She also offered me great advice on how to take care of my continual breakouts at home as I am an overseas client. I then had a follow up extraction and LED light therapy which greatly helped. Extraction was still painful but my skin was feeling extremely smooth afterwards. The salon has made sure that i was left satisfied, and I am very impressed with the service now. Will definitely go back if I visit Singapore again.

    They say they are the best extraction facialist in Singapore, but I believe you should look elsewhere. I had a facial with them on the 4th. Immediately after the facial, my skin seemed clear and smooth, yet when i went home I noticed my skin was still very clogged. Multiple spots missed. I also started breaking out. Felt like a very rushed experience as well. Facialist did not explain the steps. Extraction was extremely painful and uncomfortable. Also I arrived early and was told the facial will be 2 hours from my appointment time yet I would say it was only 1.5 hours. Dissapointed.

  • Gwen Lim
    3 years ago

    It had been quite some time since I did facial. And my latest one was at My Cozy Room Boutique Spa where I tried out the award-winning Facial Treatment. For those with severe acne issues or other deeper skin problems, you can actually go for Illuminating Facial Treatment for a better effect.

    The facial treatment started off with a consultation with their skilled therapist on my skin concern and what’s best to treat it. My main concern was lots of blackhead on my nose and oily skin around the T-zone area.

    Then I was ushered to a very cosy room and went through an intensive treatment process which took almost two hours. Surprisingly the facial also included the crystal eye massage and a very luxurious facial treatment mask which I absolutely love.

    I especially loved the extraction that was done skilfully, with less pain as compared to the other facial extractions I have had, yet the result was fabulous. The extraction lasted throughout my face with particular focus on my nose.

    After the facial, the clogged pores on my face were less significant, so were the blackheads. Now my skin is cleaner, smoother and looking more radiant.

    Another part I enjoyed was the facial massage. It was deftly carried out rhythmically with just the right kind of touch and pressure.

    They use premium Babor products in their facial. So this really makes my money worthwhile.

    I find My Cozy Room having one of the best facial extraction and facial massage I have ever experienced! Good results + good experience + good service. [Updated]

  • Mira Nadarajah
    3 years ago

    My beautician Kelly was friendly and attentive, making sure that I was comfortable at every point during the facial. The massage towards the end was a nice touch and Kelly seemed very skilled. However, the extraction process was too harsh for my skin. It’s been a few days since the facial now, and my face is looking worse than before. I have more pimples and my skin is bruised and scarred. Would not go back again.

  • alexiel goh
    3 years ago

    Been going for facial since a year ago, so far the best therapist is Ms Iris. She did an excellent job keeping redness at minimal level. Not exactly painless (impossible when you need to get rid of stubborn blackheads/break out from hormone in balance…) but manageable.

    Iris was very understanding and gentle. Quick in extraction (ending my misery fast) while not missing out on any area. Love the touch up for my eyebrows! Looking forward to seeing her again!

  • hui ting
    3 years ago

    Professional and friendly service but pricey and fairly inaccessible

    Pros: Great service, comfortable experience
    Cons: Pricey (facials start at $188 without package), fairly inaccessible, not transparent with its pricing/packages, may involve hard selling (though that has improved recently)

    My previous experience with my cozy room was an unpleasant one since the owner was very persistent in selling packages. I went there again recently as I felt that the facial experience though, was still a good one. Unfortunately the therapist that serviced me previously has left, and the recent facial fell short of my expectations. Notably during my recent facial there was very little hard selling (the owner was doing work in her office and her colleague served me) and I think they improved after receiving feedback from other reviewers.

    While my cozy room’s extraction process indeed minimizes redness and pain as advertised, I think that also means that the therapist avoided a lot of the deep-seated gunk and after the facial I felt that only the surface dirt was cleared. Furthermore I am now used to salons being transparent with their pricing and packages and didn’t like their practice of being opaque with such information (notably no price list when you enter their premises). For their packages I was quoted 2 free facials for every 10 bought, and 5 free for every 20 bought. It does made me wonder if others got a better deal.

    The outlet is located about 15 minutes away from the nearest train station, and encompasses a 5-minute uphill walk from paragon and certainly a frustrating experience if it rains. I feel that the location is fairly inaccessible since the only way to reach there without taking a hike is to take a taxi. There is no carpark at its premises and I believe the nearest carpark available is paragon.

  • Sharmani Maniam
    3 years ago

    It was a fairly a good experience my first time there.. The extraction wasn’t painful however felt that a few spots were missed.. I came home and realized i still had a few small areas where the facial therapist missed. However overall my experience was a good one. Thank you.

  • cheryl liew
    3 years ago

    Really clean and relatively less painful acne extraction. (: They also are relatively knowledgeable about the skin and how to improve it’s condition. Really like this place (:

  • Michelle Lim
    3 years ago

    I had severe jawline acne and also acne marks when I first visited My Cozy Room. After my first session with My Cozy Room, I can see that there was vast improvement with my jawline acne. My acne marks also lighten after the first treatment. My mother even complimented that my face got better with just only one session!

    With the friendly and professional therapist who was assigned to me, I had a very enjoyable facial at My Cozy Room.

  • Rachel
    3 years ago

    Here’s an update from the previous post (below).
    The manager contacted me personally after seeing the review and offered a follow up facial which included a thorough extraction and LED therapy to treat the break outs I had after the first facial. She was very patient in explaining about my skin condition and the expected reactions after facial.
    The follow up facial was much better compared to the first. The beautician was more careful in handling my skin, causing almost no discomfort and redness at all. The LED therapy also significantly stopped the break outs.
    By the end of the facial, I was very pleased with the service they offered. The manager also gave me some skin care samples to bring home to treat certain spots on my face and to further soften the blackheads.
    It has been few days since the follow up facial and my face is much cleaner with no redness although I still have stubborn blackheads for which I was told will require more sessions to completely clear.

    Five stars for their service and effort to please every customer.

    Everything was great, therapist was friendly and nice until I went home. I went for a single purpose – for good extraction of blackheads, and I went home with same blackheads but just few more red spots. Utterly disappointed. I expected so much more from all the good reviews.

  • KS Review
    3 years ago

    First of all, I wish to commend the facialist who did a good job with the premium extraction treatment and eyebrow shaping. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it is the best in Singapore or painless, but it was professional and noticeably less redness compared to others I’ve been to. I was fully prepared to book my next appointment after this trial and I admit I was glad to read reviews that there was no hardsell.

    However, that was NOT the case during my visit. The manager (I assume) spent 25 minutes hard-selling me their package and products. She was pushy and wouldn’t take no for an answer. After I expressed that I prefer to pay as I go, she asked me to put down a deposit immediately for my next treatment, acting distrustful that I would return. I left the place feeling annoyed and it took away from the otherwise pleasant experience.

  • Gerlyn C
    3 years ago

    Great new location with an array of extensive professional facial services. Therapist are well equipped with knowledge and expertise of providing award winning facials. Location is accessible and comfortable. Feel cozy and at ease.

  • siew chin ong
    3 years ago

    Going for facial has always been an agonising experience for me as it is painful when removing the blackheads, my face feels sore & red after that! I also find myself impatient lying going through the uncomfortable process.

    But surprisingly, the facial experience at My Cozy Room was quite refreshing & pampering. I am quite surprised that extraction process was almost painless and was so relaxed that I dozed off during treatment.

    Best part, despite all the squeezing of my stubborn blackheads, my face doesn’t get swollen after the facial! In fact, it looks much radiant and much cleaner! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Charmaine Tay
    3 years ago

    My skin was dry and oily before the facial and I had acne marks on my cheeks area and blackheads on my nose.

    However, after one session of the facial treatment at My Cozy Room, my skin became hydrated and less oily. Also got the glowing effect. My acne marks on my cheeks area are also lightened, not that red and obvious anymore. The blackheads on my nose are also removed during the facial treatment. The extraction was not very painful compared to how other therapists at other facial salons do it.

    I really enjoyed my time at My Cozy Room! What I’m most afraid of is actually the extraction, because I cant tolerate pain but glad to find the BEST 👍🏻 extraction facial in Singapore here in My Cozy Room!

  • GY Lim
    3 years ago

    I had my very first facial in my life with My Cozy Room!

    I felt in good hands as I was welcomed by the therapist following with well-guided explanation as she treated my skin gently.

    During the facial extraction, I was quite sensitive to pain and the staff was thoughtful in keeping me in check on the areas, ensuring my whole experience a pleasant one.

    I felt freshen up as the staff professionally applied each facial products during the process.

    Over the few days, my sensitive skin had a few outbreaks but the staff assured me that this would eventually fade off as I was a first-timer and my skin needed the time to adjust.

    Indeed, after a week, my clogged skin cleared up and it felt much smoother and lighter than ever before.

    Glad that I took the plunge to try out my first facial experience at My Cozy Room which is famously known for the best facial in Singapore. My skin is much better now than before, even just after 1 session!

    Will definitely be back! 🙂

  • Mona Kanth
    3 years ago

    They are good in extraction, but it didn’t make any difference to my face.

    They told me to apply something on extra cost in the middle of my facial to improve its effect. So I said yes but I don’t find any improvement on my face.

    I would not recommend if you are looking other than simple extraction facial.

    One more important thing there here is no parking outside my cozy room, not even pickup or drop of point …..

  • Georgia Volk
    3 years ago

    My Mum and I visited My Cozy Room as visitors from Australia. We were warmly welcomed by the kind and friendly staff and went on to have an incredible facial. Our skin is glowing after a thorough, attentive and relaxing appointment. Can’t wait to come back upon our next visit to Singapore!

  • Vanessa Orco
    3 years ago

    Like many other reviewers, I was also a facial newbie who has struggled with acne since moving to Singapore. I’ve tried everything from going to the dermatologist to expensive products, but never had I seen faster results than after an extraction facial at My Cozy Room. A day after the treatment my skin was smoother than it has been in a year.

    And I think they have taken the feedback to not hard sell because they were not pushing the package too hard. That being said, I think I might get one next time I go!

  • valentina ricci
    3 years ago

    It was my first time getting a facial treatment at the cozy room, and I was incredibly satisfied with the service. The 2 h facial was a bliss, I was so relaxed that I could almost fall asleep. Extraction was a little painful, but swift and I loved the mask at the end. After the 2 h I could have definitely continued for another two! My skin texture and look was definitely improved and it maintained the effects for the following weeks. Would definitely recommend!

  • Amelie Chan
    3 years ago

    i have never done any sort of facial before doing it at my cozy room and i must say, i am impressed. Before the facial i was afraid that the facial would hurt as i had many blackheads and pimples. But the session was very relaxing and not at all painful. The environment was soothing as they used very warm lighting and relaxing music, allowing me to relax through that 1.5 hours. They are very experienced and was able to tell what sort of facial i needed according to my skin type. Also, i can tell that the skin care products they used are of good quality and their facial are definitely worth every dollar paid. Would definitely return and do a facial again 🙂

  • Jiang Yuting
    3 years ago

    The staff was extremely friendly and gentle. They would check on their client whether they are comfortable from time to time. It was so comfortable that I nearly fell asleep. They would explain per process what they are doing and how it may feel. During extraction, they did their best to remove as many of my black heads and acne as possible. It was surprising and reliving as most facials I’ve gone to didn’t bother with the stubborn and more difficult ones. My skin feels lighter, brighter and clearer.

  • Jac
    3 years ago

    It was my first time ever doing a facial. I was afraid that it would be painful as I had many pimples, especially on my forehead. However, the experience and service at My Cozy Room were surprisingly amazing!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    The therapist really made the facial almost painless and I could feel she that was really experienced, to the extent that I was even able to fall asleep during the pimple extraction! *No wonder many online reviews say they are the BEST in extraction facial!* 👍🏻❤💆🏻‍♀

    It was a wonderful sensory pampering experience, with the warm lighting and soft music playing in the background, the therapist making use of warm and cool products at different stages of the facial, and the different aromas of the products used. It was really a soothing 2 hours of relaxation! 😍

    The therapist was also able to explain what skincare products suit my skin type best and customised to my needs with good quality skincare products.

    I am super impressed with the facial and I would definitely do it again. Would also definitely recommend it to my friends!! ☺👏🏻❤

  • Thunderwind xx
    3 years ago

    It is my first time having facial here and it was honestly a great experience 😁 I have oily skin and pimples and My Cozy Room is able to help target these skin issues . The treatment was very detailed and the staff was super patient and caring to me throughout the entire treatment .I have experienced super painful facial outside hence I stop and I’m surprised that over here it was quite painless and manageable 😃 no wonder they are known to be the best extraction facial online .definitely recommend it to people around 😁😁

  • XJ Lim
    3 years ago

    I had my very first facial experience at My Cozy Room!

    It was a great session because I could feel that the staff there tried to help me be comfortable to the best that she can.

    During the extraction, the staff kept checking if it’s too painful for me, and warned me whenever she was going to work on the areas that she knew would be more painful.

    She did a very meticulous job in extraction, especially for someone like me who have never done a facial before!

    I also liked the way she applied the products in a very professional manner, which makes me feel like she is very experienced.

    The way she has taken care of my skin during the process
    has resolved the fears and skepticism I had about facials due to some unhappy experiences my friends had at other spas.

    Thank you, My Cozy Room for this wonderful facial experience!

  • Yuling Jiang
    3 years ago

    My Cozy Room really offered an almost painless, thorough, non-redness and non-swelling extraction facial treatment.

    It’s currently my second day after the treatment, and my face did not experience any breakouts as what I did previously in other places.

    In fact, my skin feels really supple, soft and radiant. This is definitely a place to go if you’re looking for a pampering facial experience that delivers.

    They really go the extra mile to provide for my comfort, and do genuinely want the best for my skin.

  • Angelina F
    4 years ago

    Im so glad to have had a well-deserved and pampering time at My Cozy Room.

    I found out about them after searching on Google and looking for reviews for “Best facial Singapore” & the “best extraction facial” as it was my first-time doing facial.

    After seeing many good reviews by customers, I decided to give it a shot.

    The extraction process was gentle yet thorough, the therapist spent alot of time extracting my blackheads and clogged pores. It wasn’t as painful and my face wasn’t as red as I had expected it to be.
The feeling of being really pampered during the massages was the best part, there were altogether shoulder, face and neck massages during the facial. 

    The results were pretty good to me, my blackheads are significantly lesser, my make up stays better and my face is maintaining well.

    Though it isn’t the cheapest facial in town but I wouldn’t mind paying slightly more for a peace of mind especially when it comes to my face. At least I am assured of effective results, the use of better products and having such professional service by the experienced Therapists.

    Thank you for giving me good experience for my first facial. Will be back for more!

  • Allysa Lim
    5 years ago

    I have been suffering from clogged pores and dull skin for a long time now. I have been to other facials, but nothing compares the one I had here at My Cozy Room, where they are known for their award winning, best extraction facial.

    I enjoyed my facial treatment from start to end. The therapist was extremely friendly and caring. I felt very well taken care of throughout and didn’t feel like she was rushing to finish the treatment.

    I tried their anti-acne facial, and just after just one session, my face looked and felt a lot fresher and cleaner. My blackheads and clogged pores cleared up and lasted for days.

    I was very much afraid of the extraction, but the Therapist, Lily constantly checked to see if I was doing okay. And she would warn me first before when it would be more painful at certain areas. I was surprised as the extraction was close to painless, only a slight pinching feeling at certain stubborn areas, but overall bearable.
    The therapist was very detailed at the same time extremely gentle, making sure every acne and pore was cleared up.

    After the extraction, I was pampered with a cooling mask and an extremely soothing face and shoulder massage, i even dozed off for a while! The mask used helped to reduce the redness of my face after the extraction.

    The experience overall was an amazing one! Not only did it deliver good results, i felt so pampered throughout the experience! Would definitely recommend it and looking forward to coming back again!

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