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106 Reviews on “Mirage Aesthetic (Westgate)”

  • Kelvin
    2 weeks ago

    Overall experience has been ok. It’s slightly on the pricey side (which is fine if it is effective). The first 2 sessions showed visible improvements. But after the 3rd, the improvements seemed negligible (I have been to 4 – 5 sessions). So combining it with the high price (they like to quote a high price and then give a ‘discounted’ price which is still expensive), not sure if it is worth the money. Would recommend visiting others.

  • Rachel Zhen
    2 years ago

    Professional and good customer services. Recommended to come and consult for skin issues.

  • Jade Lim
    2 years ago

    Will recommend to my family and friends, their service at Westgate is really good. Shout out to my consultant Priscilla!!

  • Rosa Bao
    2 years ago

    Staff are knowledgeable and friendly in providing the most suitable facial treatments to suit your skin condition. Good service and will recommend their facial treatments.

  • Rachel Ng
    2 years ago

    Great time in Mirage Aesthetic Westgate as the staff there are all very warm and friendly, and they find the most suitable treatment for me. Angie’s hospitality was great as well! 🙂

  • Lucy An
    2 years ago

    My skin condition has improved tremendously since visiting Mirage Aesthetic to treat the acne scars. Very satisfied with their service. The treatment I signed up for is the cure.

  • Alej Toleran
    2 years ago

    Can see good result after purchasing the 12 sessions SHR. Lili did a great job helping me on my sessions. If you have any question, my consultant Priscilla can surely accommodate you. Cheers!

  • Jennifer Jie
    2 years ago

    Very good experience, consultant is patience and nice 🙂

  • Sheena Ang
    2 years ago

    The team is very professional and thoughtful! They have been recommending and customising suitable treatments for my skin and it has showed marked improvements since. Definitely recommended! 👍🏻✨

  • Bella Chen
    2 years ago

    First time been to Mirage Aesthetics. The service is excellent. Staffs are friendly and nice.

  • jiaying toh
    2 years ago

    Priscilla and Krystal are always very professional and friendly. Experience with them is comfortable. Mirage has a wide range of services that can cater to different needs. Products used are also high quality !

  • Shao Hu
    2 years ago

    Staff was cleaning the counter when I stepped in. They told me that they will clean when each customer leave the room also. Very responsible shop

  • Laura Heng
    2 years ago

    Decided to walk in since it Is near my work place. Love how friendly the staff is and no hard selling involved. Makes me want to go back again.

  • Evelyn Goh
    2 years ago

    Signed a package last year and supposed to end in May this year. At that time. I still have 3 sessions left. Continued to go 2 more times and last month after my session, the therapist still fix my last appointment for today. 2 days ago, I still receive a message to confirm my appointment today. Upon reaching, I was waiting for 15mins before someone told me my package ended last month even with the extension and they couldn’t proceed with the last session.
    It is fine with me if they couldn’t do the last session but why didn’t anyone do proper checks before confirming my appointment and wasting my time to wait there.

  • Ang Xianying
    2 years ago

    I have been with Mirage for more than a year now, the reason why I signed a package with them because of their professionalism and services. They also have really nice ambience and comfortable treatment rooms. I also do see results in my treatments after a year with them. Priscilla was my consultant and was very nice to spend time to explain to me the various products and recommend what is suitable for me. They are very nice and not pushy.

  • Poppy Shu
    2 years ago

    Did teeth whitening treatment and was thrilled by the result. All the yellowish stain is gone. And it has no peroxide.

  • Georgia elys
    2 years ago

    I went to do the BB glow treatment in Mirage, the staffs are friendly and are prompt in following up with the appointments. Consultant is very sweet and knowledgeable in letting me know what treatments should I go for. I get to see the results and it’s worth the experience.

  • Lim Kai Xing
    2 years ago

    I really enjoy the services they offer, and the fact that they have numerous branches across Singapore makes it really convenient! My consultants are Lili and Priscilla. During this period with COVID, I’m impressed by their high standards of cleanliness and safety protocols which puts me at ease.

  • Alisson Rong
    2 years ago

    Shop is big and the moment you step in, it smells so good

  • Shirly Tan
    2 years ago

    Staff is friendly, polite and professional. I’ve signed up for their SHR service for more than 6mths. Good location, clean and nice ambience with basin in each room, antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer and wet wipes are provided in the room. Before covid, free drinks served. No hardsell. Also each room, there is a call button to press to inform staff that you’re ready.

  • Eva Meng
    2 years ago

    Signed up for hair removal and I am happy with how painless it is. Stsff is very skillfull and professional, no awkwardness.

  • Mira Jiu
    2 years ago

    Althou it is located in a hertland mall, the service is so tip top.

  • Kristen Chen
    2 years ago

    I like how they analyse my skin before and after to see improvement.

  • Emma Bai
    2 years ago

    Consultant has 10 years of experience. Was very detailed in going through every step of the treatment.

  • Joanna Wong YJ
    2 years ago

    Good hygiene practice during pandemic.

  • Lea Ing
    2 years ago

    Staff here are very patient and friendly. The facial treatments that I have tried so far are all very good and effective too

  • Goh Yu Xuan
    2 years ago

    Was attended to by Luna and Lili, had a positive experience

  • Joan Chan
    2 years ago

    They make me feel comfortable throughout my appointment

  • Imran Haron
    2 years ago

    I’m really impress with luna customer service! Superb👍i must say. She knows her product well too. And thanks to crystal for making me feel comfartable. thumbs up to westgate team! Keep up on ur awesome service❤

  • Jocelyn Ang
    2 years ago

    Good and Clean environment.

    The staffs there are friendly and helpful too.


  • Maria Ang
    2 years ago

    I’m on my 6th session of SHR here and my hair is almost completely gone! So amazed by technology.

  • Amelia Miu
    2 years ago

    Came for the BB Glow trial and the treatment was really pleasant. Even though the light was abit bright for me but the results were worth it.

  • nrsyaafqh
    2 years ago

    Clean and comfortable environment. Tried the ndp promo + add on extraction and was done in 45mins. After much persuasion, i sign up for their 12 sess package. Looking forward to my next session with Luna (:

  • Michele Chan
    2 years ago

    Excellent service. Drinks was served and didn’t have to wait long for my treatment.

  • Mok Chwee Lyn
    2 years ago

    At this point of time Covid 19 the clinic has exercised all the precautionary measures to make customers feel safe and sound.There service and product is very good .There is no hard selling it is professional in their business.

  • Melissa Wei
    2 years ago

    I would definitely recommend Mirage to my friends, the consultants here are very sincere in helping you solve your skin issues and never pushy.

  • AlfianSmiles #KF
    2 years ago

    Very professional. Nice place to go for a spa. Overall, a splendid services.

  • Yenny Tong
    2 years ago

    Mirage Aesthetic clinic are very professional and detail to do the BB glow treatment, they will tell you what to apply and also they are very friendly, i also can feel the result after doing the BB glow treatment.
    Never regret coming to Mirage aesthetic 👍👍

  • Wendy Goh
    2 years ago

    Went to Westgate Branch and was served by Priscilla and Teressa! Both ladies are Super nice and professional – Highly recommend to find them as they are not the typical type that will hard sell you anything and provide you what you need 🙂

  • Jenny Hooi
    2 years ago

    Overall experience was great! Environment and staff was welcoming and well trained. I see the result after treatment .
    Just to give some advice: please do not use nib (penpoint) to point at customer’s face (she trying to explain my skin condition) Because pen 🖊 can be a weapon too. It’s dangerous to do that. It feel threatened actually.
    The consultant was little impatient perhaps she had a long day and tired, I was the last customer and I didn’t sign any package from her.
    Actually I wanted to tell above all these to her directly instead of writing here. But I feel her impatience, I don’t want to make her a bad day.
    Anyway I do not blame her, just hope this will help all staff to learn and improve !

  • Sarah Ong
    2 years ago

    Was my first time visit, it has a comfort and clean environment. Staffs were professional and polite (Priscilla & Teresa) I’ve signed on a facial package, looking forward to see results soon!

  • F K
    2 years ago

    mirage is very clean. my beautician Yvonne is very friendly and professional! Will definitely recommend! Booking is very efficient too.

  • Nina Chao
    2 years ago

    Booking was hassle free. Contacted me within 2 days. Treatment is effective.

  • SaSa Sa
    2 years ago

    Relaxed and friendly environment, for covid prevention and safety pre-measures are done very completely. very professional service received from them! Appreciate how professional and prompt the staff are, they are very helpful and always check on me during the treatment. All process done smoothly:) Great 👍🏻

  • Lara Bei
    2 years ago

    Had a comfortable facial treatment at Mirage Aesthetic today. My skin was very dry and peeling but after the facial my skin was so much more hydrated and looked so good!

  • Jess Chew
    2 years ago

    Highly recommended. The clinic is clean and relaxing, the staff are friendly and they don’t do hard selling but recommend what’s best fits you. I’ve been visiting them for almost a year now for SHR treatment.

    And during time of Covid 19 now, the clinic has exercised precautionary measures to make customers feel safe.

  • Chelsea Chee
    2 years ago

    Luna was detailed in her explanation on the teeth whitening procedures as well as results. Went for 1 session & there was instant results. Will definitely be back!

  • Chetna Ganjoo
    2 years ago

    I have been going to Mirage from last one year and i absolutely love it. I have taken packages from them twice for Diamond Polar Eye, Deep Cleansing and BB glow facials. These are all amazing. The room ambience and the music is so relaxing, i fall into sleep everytime. The staff is very very polite and professional. Their services are great. Look for Luna when you visit them. She is amazing, polite and a good soul! She makes sure that i am taken care of well! Thank you Mirage and thank you Luna!
    Btw, they have National Day promotions going on right now, do check out!

  • Clarissa Young
    2 years ago

    High end treatment and service at affordable price. Plus it is located at Jurong which is near my house. So happy!

  • Annie Wu
    2 years ago

    Mirage Aesthetic is one of the most reliable aesthetic place in Singapore. I’ve tried a few places but love this place the most! Their service and treatments are always consistent and great

  • Mimie Mimie
    2 years ago

    Good at sharing in the details on whats best for their customer. Came down to do my teeth whitening and im happy with the results. Definitely will be back for more.

  • Yusuf Husaini
    2 years ago

    From my experience, the place is very clean with a calming ambience which is a getaway from stress. Staff is polite, cheerful and helpful. Its worth to give a try 😊

  • Mia Wei
    2 years ago

    I would recommend Mirage aesthetic to my family and friends, the staff here are very professional in giving their recommendations and don’t make unnecessary comments about your skin. They are not pushy and let the treatment results speak for themselves.

  • Tan Danny C K
    2 years ago

    I always enjoy going to Mirage Westgate. I am always attended very professionally by Lily . Lily is also friendly and nice. Luna , my consultant, is also very professional and knowledgeable . Mirage Westgate, you all done a great job

  • Victoria Ting
    2 years ago

    Been a regular for over a year now, great service and extremely friendly staff! Very satisfied with the professionalism of both therapists Priscilla and Yvonne. Cozy environment with high standards of cleanliness as well. Would highly recommend! 👍🏻

  • Paula Hong
    2 years ago

    I love the BB GLOW Treatment here, I could really see a difference and my skin tone was so much brighter after the treatment. Outlet décor is so different from other aesthetic places, its like stepping into a garden. You’ll immediately feel relaxed the moment you step in.

  • Sharin Yong
    2 years ago

    Highly recommended! Very relaxing and calm ambiance. Clean environment. They will inform/explain to you what they are going to do before putting you into the treatment/steps. I was served by Priscilla (my consultant) from West gate branch. No hard selling on products. She was very attentive as well. My hair was still wet and she told me that i will get a headache if i lie down with a wet hair. She handed me a hair dryer to dry it before i start my treatment. I did my facial and hair removal during phase 2 and safe distancing and preventive measures were done. Temperature taking, hand sanitized and shoes removed outside the shop. I was give a plastic shoe cover to put on before putting on their in-house slipper. Overall, it was a pleasant experience. I would love to try their teeth whitening service!

  • Nia Xi
    2 years ago

    Very satisfied with my experience here, the service is good and staff are very knowledgeable.

  • Anna Ru
    2 years ago

    Staff here are very attentive to my needs and extremely helpful. Thumbs up!

  • Sienna Bei
    2 years ago

    Started coming here since their opening, I love the outlet décor, service and treatments here! Everything is good.

  • Laura Young
    2 years ago

    Good and effective treatment, staff also did not hard sell which is something that many of us would appreciate.

  • Anna Shui
    2 years ago

    The LED teeth whitening is so popular among influencers and now I get why, I love my teeth now! It became 8 shades whiter after just one session.

  • Laura Yu
    2 years ago

    Clean and nice environment. They are very thorough in ensuring that everything is kept clean for the safety of everyone.

  • Alana De Aufa LOVA
    2 years ago

    Diligent, efficient and dedication teamwork!! Did my teeth whitening and happy with the results! Worth the money! Good job team!

  • Dinath Silvamany
    2 years ago

    Friendly service and good staffs. High standards of cleanliness and prompt in following up with appointments. It’s worth the experience.

  • Qianyun Heng
    2 years ago

    Did my treatment here and I’m happy with the service! Friendly staff that makes you feel at home.

  • Aerith Lee
    2 years ago

    Great place to do facial and hair removal! The environment is cozy and lovely, and the staff there are friendly too. The service is good as you get to have hot towel and nice yuzu drink before treatment 🙂

  • Ickos Mom
    2 years ago

    Highly recommended. This place is very clean and relaxing. The staff are friendly and they don’t do hard selling but recommend what’s best fits you. I’m doing Facial and Laser treatment and so far all are well

  • Angela Ong
    2 years ago

    I would definitely recommend mirage aesthetic at Jurong westgate especially for their advanced teeth whitening & bb glow facial. The results were very instant especially after first round for the teeth whitening & the bb glow facial was very comfortable throughout the process.
    Thank you Ms Priscilla, Ms Teresa & Ms Krystal for their wonderful service.

  • Agnes Tan L S
    2 years ago

    First time at this place very nice. Ms Angie and Ms Evon are very friendly. I like the anti pollution treatment.

  • Nur Fasha Zulaikha
    2 years ago

    Experience therapist and good service skills! Thumbs up!! Good job to the team!!

  • Vivienne Chieu
    2 years ago

    did the underarm SHR and brightening in the westgate outlet and was taken care by Priscilla and Yvonne. the ambience was nice and they made me so comfortable and answer whatever questions i have 🙂 i saw significant results within 3 sessions, which is damn fast considering hair removal? can’t wait to see the final result after all 12 sessions!!

  • Carolyn Goh
    2 years ago

    Absolutely Great services by Angie at westgate. She is professional and informative. Thank you for being so good at what you do. Highly recommended !

  • Angel Lau
    2 years ago

    Was very happy and satisfied with the professionalism of Ms Luna (my consultant ). Love this place and reasonable price of the treatment that you have provided to me. Totally loved the Yuzu drink. 🥰

  • hui wen
    2 years ago

    A very pleasant service and loving the ambience. Did my whitening and I’m satisfied. Definitely will be back! Well done to Westgate Team!

  • Sharon Goh
    2 years ago

    Went to mirage aesthetic westgate today to try one of the signature treatment and it was an awesome experience. Although it is abit similar to the skin booster that I tried before In other clinic, but it’s much more better comparing to skills outside. I will definitely continue for more consistent results :)) highly recommended for people who have sensitive skin to visit. Look out for priscilla at westgate outlet.

  • May Tung
    2 years ago

    Good service ! Was I do the facial really brighten my face !

  • luna ho
    2 years ago

    The staff are very friendly and helpful especially Luna. Very enjoy coming to westgate MIRAGE AESTHETIC WESTGATE to have my BB GLOW treatment✌

  • Lucas Beh
    2 years ago

    1st time trying fat freezing treatment at westgate, was satisfied with the overall result, friendly staff and professional consultation by May, definitely will recommend to friends.

  • Najmul Huda
    2 years ago

    Did my treatment and im very happy with the service. Would recommend all to those who wanna did their treatment here! One of the best service & ettiquette.

  • fum yi
    2 years ago

    The outlet is beautifully renovated. However, service standards can be improved. I waited 20 minutes before the facial commenced for paper work related items and for a staff to prepare the room, while the rest of the staff were chitchatting at the counter. The room preparation could have been done in advance before the scheduled appointment. What shocked me more was when Priscilla, the consultant, asked me if I regretted signing up for the treatment, even before i started it. the room was not fully sound proof and during the facial I could hear the staff chitchatting as well. I did not see much results after the bb glow treatment either.

  • noon playyer
    2 years ago

    What can i say? Definitely the best of all i’ve ever been. Highly recommended!! I love it!!

  • huili Lee
    2 years ago

    Have a good experience at Mirage Westgate with Priscilla and Teresa. Like their Fat Freezing treatment, can see the effect after one programme. Thank you for so caring me on every session of the treatment.

  • Faridah Abdul Hamid
    2 years ago

    Very diligent and good etiquette. Good Service! Will recommend to others!

  • Teresa Loo
    2 years ago

    Just did their Signature BB Glow treatment at the westgate branch. Can see the immediate effect in one session ! So amazing! Thank you Priscilla and Lili for the recommendation and the first Class service that I had never experienced before in other beauty saloon . Definitely will continue with them ! Well done Mirage ! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • alice ong
    2 years ago

    Pleasent service. Good knowledge and staffs are patient enough to answer all my queries. Will be back!

  • Adek casper
    2 years ago

    Worth every penny to did my treatment here. Ambience, service skills and great knowledge. Recommended!! Thank you for great service!!!

  • Lucas Wong
    2 years ago

    Excellent and friendly service from the staff Priscilla and Teresa. My acne condition has improved tremendously by their The Cure treatment and DEP treatment since coming here. Highly recommend Mirage Westgate Branch!

  • rainbow kids! rainbow
    2 years ago

    Did my whitening teeth and i really love the service. The ambience and all makes me feels home. Would definitely came back. Thank you!!

  • Roxanne Mabutol
    2 years ago

    Good service and very effective. All hair gone after my 12 sessions! Thank you so much to Priscilla and Lili for doing their job great!

  • Fielbenn La Vie
    2 years ago

    It was an amazing experienced. With the very warmth welcome of staffs especially Ms. Priscilla. The service was really awesome. Sure to comeback and to recommend to all of my friends

  • Marie Smith
    2 years ago

    Went to Westgate outlet and try the LED teeth whitening. I was attended by Priscilla and Teresa. They are both professional and accomodating. The result was awesome! I can see a difference in one session! Will definitely come back! Thank you Mirage!

  • Rx Zz
    2 years ago

    Experience At Mirage was great. Value for money for their treatments and no hard selling here! Priscilla and Teresa very nice, they always recommend me appropriate treatment for my skin depending on my skin condition. That’s why I trust her with my skin.

  • Inferno ming
    2 years ago

    Highly recommend Priscilla for the excellent services! Love their LED TEETH whitening treatment. Can see my teeth whiter in the first session on the reasonable price! Definitely will come back again.

  • Peter Ong
    2 years ago

    I will give 5stars to this mirage aesthetic because of the result on my fat freeze treatment. my waistline got smaller and the beer belly gone after trying out their program. well, of course it may not just be the fat freeze itself but with the way they guide me on how to get best results. this includes diet, detox and some exercise. it was a bit hard at first, but if you see how your body improves, all the hesitation goes away. thanks to Priscilla and Teresa as such I don’t have to undergo invasive treatments, which is quite a big relief.

  • angie ng
    2 years ago

    Visited Mirage Aesthetic at the Westgate outlet the other day for the BB Glow treatment. Staffs were very friendly and helpful. Good service too. Greeted me warmly with a drinks menu to choose from. Consultant was very detailed in explaining the treatment and my skin. Experienced therapist who did my treatment for me. Purchase a package at a very reasonable pricing. Highly recommend Mirage Aesthetic!

  • Lauren Tan
    3 years ago

    I had my first time treatment with aesthetician Luna Ho. She’s very experienced and can pinpoint on my problematic area. Good service.

  • JR Tan
    3 years ago

    my wife went to their aesthetic clinic for a package from fave but was forced to pay 10x more. super pushy sales people. dont recommend.

  • x X
    3 years ago

    Staffs are very friendly and attentive, especially Priscilla. underarm shr is extremely effective and worth the price!

  • Rochelle Yap
    3 years ago

    went to try their promotion on facebook which is the BB Glow. I can see my skin become more glowing and radiant. Need to top up $68 for extraction but its definitely worth it, Not painful than any other salon outside. All ladies are accomodating and sweet. I was attended by Priscilla who explained the treatment well. Till next time girls! Thanks!

  • Venu Solanki
    3 years ago

    Signed up for 12 sessions (+3 Free Of Cost sessions) of SHR (Super Hair Removal) & treatment for half Legs from Mirage Aesthetic – Westgate Center.
    In my views, didn’t see visible results after the treatment finished so a little disappointed. I was told that treatment works differently for different skin types.

    It was my first time and was afraid that laser treatment would be painful. It turns out to be 10 minute sessions each with no pain.

    In terms of service, it was easy to get appointments as per convenience and treatment started on time. No hard selling.

  • Rael Aguilar
    3 years ago

    Went to Westgate outlet and tried LED teeth whitening. I am really really satisfied with the result!! Thumbs up to my consultant Priscilla! see you guys again soon!

  • Parvati Jothilingam
    3 years ago

    Yes I visited the place for a promo facial for $70+ today. The original price was to be $400 according to them. It was so terrible n devastating. Jus 4 steps so quick with no after affect . Generally I go facials where the staffs are so skilled and experienced on their hands n I can jus feel it lying down. They use the products generously and the facial will last for 1hr plus. After affect can feel it instantly. The person who attended to me was Priscilla. Pls Priscilla if ur not interested to do ,better don’t do. Ur service was very terrible. Guys pls if ur offering this facial at $400 pls forget about ur reputation,u’ll have already lost it.
    If ur promo facial gives us a good experience n affect we will go ahead to sign packages if not pls forget. This is my most horrible experience I have ever had in singapore in these 10years In singapore. If ur place is well renovated but customers not satisfied who will return .? to ur boss for the renovation but u guys r bringing his/ her efforts to Vain. I feel cheated…Time to close down …

  • Babylyn Guevarra
    3 years ago

    I am so glad and satisfied with the whole process of my facial treatment.Staffs here are very kind and accomodating specially Pricilla.She’s a woman with so much patience in explaining every detail of the procedure.I highly recommend “Mirage Aesthetic Westgate” to everyone.

  • YuLei Liu
    3 years ago


    Conceptualised by industry players with more than 10 years in the industry,
    Mirage Aesthetic is the first botanically-inspired aesthetic centre where quality and customer orientated service comes first. Mirage Aesthetic uses a combination of the latest non-invasive aesthetic technology and specialized skincare products from Korea to customize the perfect solution for your skin type.

  • Lois Alegre
    4 years ago

    It was my first time for almost half a decade to visit and try some treatment to a beauty center. It was a very long decision to make because of my fear of being forced to sign and get treatments I really can’t afford. I’m just a simple housewife who is just wanting to have a treat for myself. From the moment I clicked the button in the social media ads… The personnel Elaine who communicated with me was really nice and given me the appointment I longed for. Then, going to the center itself… Priscilla assessed my skin condition and advised me of suitable treatment I need to undergo. She is so knowledgeable for sure. She also respected my decision not to sign any packages that I can’t afford. It’s not like the wrong perception of many that they will force you. I explained and she understood. But what marks my visit and will definitely be thankful for is MS.KELLY. Her beauty, aura and grace while doing her craft was awesome! She never shows any bad impression in all she did. She welcomed me with smile up until the last minute she was with me, she shown professionalism and it shows the passion she has for his craft. She even explained well to me passionately the importance of taking care of oneself. You will definitely believe her not because she wants to market you but she wants to help you. If finances will be more well with me definitely I will come back and look for her. She exceed my expectation! This kind of beauty Profesional deserves to be appreciated well. Dear, keep it up! My gratitude again, Thank you so much!

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