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  • Raina teo
    4 months ago

    I’ve went down to Geo Aesthetic yesterday the results was fantastic and amazing, did see some differences in my face.

  • Raiine
    4 months ago

    Such bad experience with geo aesthetics, made an appointment to try out their lifting treatment, prior to making the appointment they did ask did I do any treatment recently and I told them no and they didn’t say I can’t do any treatment before coming for this lifting treatment. So a day before my treatment I just told them I did pico a week ago.. Will it be alright and this lady called Cecilia start changing her tone and say its logical that I shouldn’t be doing it but hello I’m not in the beauty industry how would I know, did u even enclosed in your confirmation? So when I enquire further she just slam my phone.. Then when I called back she said I am just a first time customer, their boss wouldn’t even care about what I have to say. And slam my phone a second time. Such atrocious service I’m glad I didn’t leave my face to them.. If they dun care about basic customer service I’m sure they dun care about your face either.. Boy am I not surprised that there are so many negative feedback online about them. Seriously I’m thankful for not going.. Saw a few dermatology and never had such bad experience.

  • Jo
    5 months ago

    Please do not believe unethical business like geo. Go at your own risk

  • Jia yi
    6 months ago

    To anyone that’s concern,

    I’ve sign up on 1 package for Ance remover 2.8k ++
    With consultant named MAY , she have slotted me in today 28 feb 2022 , however when I reach the clinic was closed, without being inform that the clinic is closed on mon & Tue, I had to spam call to ask.

    And my consultant MAY, keep spamming me calls and messages begging for forgiveness after I requested to talk to the boss and have his/her number and guess what! She told me she don’t have the boss number.

    She kept saying I’m a nice person give her another chance and she will be miserable if I message her boss.

    Really bad experience , want a refund but there’s a contact on non refundable , I want to change a consultant and she keep insisting on giving her a chance. Really pestering me non stop .

    If anyone wants to get a full package, lmao DONT. Just booking by session and be careful of the consultant name MAY.

  • Worst Aesthetic Clinic
    6 months ago

    Signed package with them for my laser removal. Its been almost 2-3 years, and my 15 sessions are not done yet. Have to always chase them to book appointments and they will always forget about it and push it away. CALLED THEM SO MANY TIMES TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT but none answered. Their service is so bad, please do not sign package with them. I regretted so much.

  • ST
    7 months ago

    OMG! Din know almost all bad review! Like what others shared, not much results seen and their service is 👎👎 after signing the package. Keep playing tai chi, no update when you book for appointment and no point keep asking and giving feedback. Should read all customers reviews before visiting. Till now, after 5 sessions, no improvement at all and not sure why every session keep taking pictures without even showing me. Saying for doctor discussion, not sure if there is any doctor or not? None of them was seen.

  • JH Goh
    7 months ago

    Like the friendly and caring consultant, May in Geo Aesthetics. She’s always doing her best to assist me in my questions and constant change of appointments. Did pigment treatment and could see the immediate brightening of the face. Unlike other treatments which I have done before, this is more gentle for my sensitive skin. No downtime. Hope to see result in 10 sessions.

  • Sheila
    10 months ago

    I’ve gone for the first-time dark eye circles treatment promotion at $28. The staff who did the treatment for me was nice and polite, but everything went downhill after that when the consultant stepped in to hard sell.

    They told me after the treatment, the consultant would explain my condition to me. They took photos of my eyes “before” and “after”, so I was expecting the explanation from the consultant. But nope, she first questioned where I normally go for facial and asked a lot of questions about the facial parlour I frequent which made me uncomfortable. After telling her firmly that I will not change my facial treatment, she changed her focus and proceeded to sell me 10 sessions of dark eye circle treatment.

    I wasn’t convinced their treatment is going to be effective at all as she did not show me any visible result. I had to ask her to show me my “before” and “after” photos which are not much different, contrary to what the lady who first spoke to me said about seeing significant results within a session. Fine, let’s give the benefit of the doubt that my dark circles are so stubborn that one session isn’t enough to show improvement. What about other people and their success stories? She was only able to tell me the treatment worked on many but did not show me any proof of it.

    Still unconvinced, I told her I am not keen on signing on 10 more sessions. She just kept asking me why and wouldn’t take no for an answer. The regurgitation went on for 5min before she decided to slot in 5 more sessions at the same rate. When I continued turning her down, she was going to offer me further discount/deals.

    1. If their sessions are effective, the results will do the selling, there’s no need to hard sell. Why was it that their success stories and even my own pictures weren’t mentioned in her pitch?

    2. If she was so ready to drop the price multiple times after 5min of rejection from me, how much are their treatments worth? Are the people who paid the full amount short-changed?

  • H A
    10 months ago

    2 minutes agoNEW

    Horrible experience, only force selling ridiculous price of treatments after treatments. Staffs cunningly did not explain in details from the start of the package. Even hardsell 10 sessions package at first . Think twice before you agree.
    Just because after a couple of sessions they want you to upgrade to have better results.
    Which is more expensive than the 10 session package. Imagine signing the 10 session package and in the midst of the sessions ,they ask you to upgrade so you can acheive better results.
    Cunning , hidden costs appears sooner or later . Horrible experience.

  • Dragongal
    11 months ago

    Similar bad experience. Should have find out more before trying it out. Put clinic. But no doctor one. So it’s just a salon with the name of clinic.
    Went for fat freeze treatment trial. On the phone tell me got 3 type. Never try before. So they tell me will explain then see which one most suitable.

    But it never happen. Just give me the most cheapest trial $38. Even though I tell them I’m ok to pay more to try a full one so that I can assess which is the most suitable. N it’s only 15 mins. Instead of a full session. After finish tell me must compliment with B treatment then can see the effect. But tell me trial onli on A.
    N expect me to sign $6000 package for 10 session of both A & B treatment. I don’t want saying that I never try B. How I koe If it is suitable. then they reduce to 10 session of A for me. Free 8 session of B. At $2400.
    Seriously i feel the whole thing is just a scam n waste of time.

    Same as other reviewers. Take so many photo. But no show result at all

  • Nanthini
    1 year ago

    I was a customer here during 2019-2020.I tried their $28 trial facial offer. After the trial facial; they never let me leave the sales room without sign their recommended package despite I told them I need time to think and revert to them. They keep offering discounts on the packages continuously . Finally I signed the contract with full payment 2500$+. I felt embarrassed, I regret being there for trial.But atleast thought I will get some results,they treated very good until signing the contract.I didn’t get any results after suffering for one year.Even the treatment was painful.got 12 sessions.My first photo they took before doing treatment was much more nicer than the final photo.No gain with pain.
    Really disappointed.
    And even after one year they started offering me with other treatment session discount to do as still I have pores .Actually they promised me i will get results after completing my all sessions.And with no results they started offering me other discount treatments.

    I don’t want to loose my money again and I stood not to sign any contract.
    So the send off was even bad,since I didn’t sign contract again.
    Terrible experience.

  • Merlow
    1 year ago

    Went for the Dark Eye circle treatment. Plenty of forms and declarations. Trial is a 30min eye massage/mask. Therapist was nice. Took photos before and after. However, after the treatment, they didnt show me the photos, which was weird.

    Then a sales lady brought me to a room, to try sell me their packages, telling me that this 30min session will not have much results. (although the advert says, result after first session)

    Package deal initially was $2000 for 20 sessions (each session will be 1 hour now). I rejected, and she counter propose a $500 for 5 session (to try and see if i like the outcome). I rejected. She went out and came in, saying that she spoke to management and would like to offer me $210 for 3 sessions. Got me thinking a little, but if the price per session can vary so much in price, means different people are offered different packages?

    Anyways, since no results, I paid the $28 and left.

    Side note, parking is expensive, 1 hour plus for $9. So, take grab or MRT.

  • RS
    1 year ago

    Just went to their clinic over the weekend for their dark circle removal trial and wanted to share my experience.

    Found them to be quite a hoax. Here’s why:

    When i signed up, they followed up aggressively and gave very good directions, etc. They explained that they would test my skin and then the therapist would prepare 1 of 3 different products, depending on what they think is necessary for my dark circles.

    When i went in, there was no such examination. I think they just give the same thing to everyone but pretend like they are going to customise it. The therapist was quite frinedly and chatty. She did ask what i did for a living and i made up a story about being in sales and times being tough.

    After the session was over, there was NO DIFFERENCE in my dark circles even though they advertise that you will see a difference in the first trial session.

    The sales assistant who came in was cold and rude. She basically said my skin was not good and i would need at least a 1 hour paid session before i would see results. She said their doctors would examine my skin to prescribe the session. When i pressed her further, she let slip that it would be the same thing i did today but for 1 hour instead.

    She them presented to me a 10 session package for $2800 if i signed up that day. Accoridng to her, if i came some other time, the package would be $5800 for 10 sessions. When i refused, she reduced it by 25% and aksed if i would take that. I refused again and she said fine and prepared my $28 invoice and allowed me to go.

    To be fair, there was no hard selling. But then again, it was ingenious to aks me to sign up for 10 sessions when their treatment had completely not worked. What guarantee was there it would work this time round?’

    I think the sales assistants are quite discerning. they dont hard sell to eveyrone. Only to those who they think they can “bully” into signing up a package. So i assume there sre 2 factors inviovled – if the treatment work, and if you lok unsure and weak minded, they will try to force you. If not, they wont waste their energy. So when you go in, be very firm about whether you want to sign up or not. If you show weakness, the hard selling will start.

    I also wonder if all the therapists try to initiate a conversation to size up whether you have money and are worth the effort to try and sell to. Since i had made up the story about being on hard times, i might have been low priorty for them as chances of me signing up were low. So they did the show and tell but did not bother pushing at all.

    Whatever.. sad it didnt work.. was hoping for a solution to my dark circles. But all i lost was $28, 2 hours on a sat morning and the icy cold stares of a snooty sales assistant…

  • Tamimah Yeo
    1 year ago

    Went in for the trial for acne removal treatment and I must say it is effective even on the first try… I can see my skin and pores got cleaner and definitely there are some blemishes but it all disappear in a day or two… Overall professional and checked in on me throughout the process. I am very pleased with how thorough they were. I would recommend them and will be coming back to her with any skincare questions. Please have more blankets as it gets cold at times… Thank you!

  • Georgina F.
    1 year ago

    This place is a hidden jem! I have been constantly looking for a good aesthetic centre and i finally found one. I do not have a specific beautician but most of them that handled me are quite professional and skilled. The whole process of the facial is comfortable and relaxing. I can actually see a significant difference after completing the full package. I will be purchasing more, so please do provide some discount for your existing customer.

  • J
    1 year ago

    Damn, I should have checked the review here…

    I went for the $28 Trial for the acne scar removal treatment. Someone called me a few days later and set up an appointment with me. Specifically told her that I hope there is no pressure selling because I really disliked it and she said this is an aesthetic clinic and not a beauty salon. Upon reaching there, I filled up the forms and particulars , there was ALOT of things to declare and sign (for acknowledgement purposes). I thought it was good because since it is a clinic. Subsequently I went for the treatment. Treatment time was about 30-45 minutes. Everything was good up till this point until the sales consultant came into the room and waited for the entire procedure to end.. I was then brought into the “recovery” room where she brought cookies and a drink.

    This was when selling started. She then told me that my face got not much result as compared to other customers they have.. and she started telling me what is dead skin cell blah blah blah. Subsequently she told me that I need to take care of my face now so that it won’t deteriorate further. She then went out to “prepare” the invoice while I was waiting in the room. When she came back in she immediately went through the price of the package with me and the details of the treatment. My face was kind of stinging at the point and I wasn’t thinking straight. Subsequently she told me to sign on the invoice and told me that it is non-refundable. I saw the invoice was $28 + 3 times treatment of $320 each for the removal of my scar, total amount is $988. I told her I’m a student and not working. Then she told me because I’m a student she can give me 25% discount which totals to $748. I then told her, don’t after 3 times tell me to sign again because she guarantees me that all her customer has seen results after 3 times and that subsequent treatments are not necessary unless I want to do it for maintenance. (red flag)

    Then I asked her, if 3 times I don’t see result how? She said, she would go out with me and I will treat her to a meal. There were so many red flags but I didn’t catch it as I was very focused on the stinging pain on my face. Good lord, I should have checked out the reviews before buying anything from them. But no point crying over spilt milk right haha. Let’s just see what happens after the 3 sessions. Will post an update here..

    1 year ago

    Really has to trust the review. My appointment was fixed on Monday (sms to arrange the schedule on Sunday) afternoon, asking me not to be late. On Monday morning, I received a message asking if I can reschedule to a later time, which I told them I can’t. I arrived at about 2.35pm (which was earlier). At 3pm, they called me to say my appointment has to delay for 1 hour or I arrange to another day.

    How ridiculous this can be for a 1st time customer! This is the worst appointment I ever have and will never step into!!!!!!!

  • Maureen
    2 years ago

    Hello! Wanted to share my experience at Geo Aesthetics as i have tried their Cellulite treatment for a few months from now and I can really see the results!

    I’ve been suffering from cellulites ever since i gained weight but after 1 session, I can totally feel the difference. Even my husband can see the difference with his own eyes.

    I am going to try out of of their treatment like the skin whitening soon! I just hope they offer other procedures like eyelashes curling hehe. Thank you Geo Aesthetics and can’t wait for my next session!

  • Po Chuan
    2 years ago

    Excellent fat burning program with Geo and all of their staff are very friendly and nice! I did not expect so much changes from this program but good job Geo for cutting down my body fats. Will definitely come back for more and introduce my friends about it. 🙂 I do suggest they can come out with friend referral benefits so we can enjoy the treatment at a budget friendly price!

  • Cassandra
    2 years ago

    I am with Geo Aesthetics ever since October 2019, and my skin condition became so much better after sessions from them. I can even see changes after around 3 sessions with them and was quite happy with the results so I signed the packages with them. I am doing the deep cleansing treatment with them. 5-star rated service and treatment. Do wish that they can come out with more promotional treatments. Highly recommend.

  • Chin Zhen
    2 years ago

    The Pigmentation removal treatment at GEO AESTHETICS went great. Beautician are nice, caring, meticulous and gentle. All my pigmentation has lightened after several session. There was some selling involved but not much hard selling. Overall experience is great. I always look forward to come here again. Do ask them for more towels as the place can be a little cold. Highly recommend them.

  • Kiahui Lim
    2 years ago

    Staff are all very patient and gentle, and appreciate that they don’t try to hardsell. Overall very pleasant experience.

  • Olivia
    2 years ago

    Can’t recommend enough! Such an amazing facial session with them – the beautician is very knowledgeable. They listens and caters to my needs. Personlised each and every individual facial as we all have different skin conditions. Parking can be tough, so plan to get there at least 15 mins ahead. A spacious and modern space. I will come back here again.

  • Bossman Nurull
    2 years ago

    Sometimes I wonder how these people can sleep well at night. They tricked you by saying that it’s a free trial of a relatively small amount, and after that one session brings you to a room to start their hard-selling technique. Guilt-tripping you into paying thousands of dollars despite their fake and unclear advertisement on the internet and website. Such scammers. Never go to Geo aesthetics. It’s not a place for the wise.

  • Leonard
    2 years ago

    I have dealt with many acne issues on my face and back for many years… Especially during this period whereby we have to wear mask everyday… After trying Geo aesthetics out for their acne treatment, they have helped me cleared it up and I feel like I am thriving now. I feel much more confident when I am outside… Definitely recommend! Please have more promotional offers!

  • Judy
    2 years ago

    I’m thrilled with my body slimming results! The change to my body was gradual, and I did not realise the significant improvement until I saw the before and after pictures. I am super pleased with my results. Highly recommend and I will be coming back here again! Please have more discounted price for your regular customer! Good job the team of ladies at Geo Aesthetics!

  • Avril
    2 years ago

    Would like to let you all know about my whole experiences here in Geo Aesthetics….

    It is located at tanjong pagar and its just a 5 min walk from the mrt. The center is very clean and tidy and i feel very comfortable once i enter. From the walk in, the receptionist greeted and attended to me almost immediately. There were a few people waiting at the sofa so i advise it is better to arrange an appointment with them. After filling in my particulars, i waited for around 10 minutes for them to preparer the room for me.

    Going on to the facial, i went for the trial which i believe is called their deep cleansing facial. The beautician explains to me each and every procedure and learnt quite a lot from her. Face indeed becomes brighter and cleaner after the treatment.

    After the facial, i am being transferred to another room for their refreshment and end consultation. I am still considering on purchasing their package, but it was a great experience. Highly recommend!

  • Ivy W
    2 years ago

    My favorite place to come by here for a relaxing facial. I tried their deep cleansing facial and it went well! Fantastic location and amazing results. If you need to save, calm, or rejuvenate your skin, Geo will definitely know exactly what your skin needs and will fix any issues! My skin has been glowing since then and has been completely transformed! I suggest to have a bigger waiting area, just a little suggestion😊 Thank you so much. Can’t wait for my next session soon!

  • Leah A.
    2 years ago

    I went to try out their body slimming treatment for about 6months and I did indeed saw some changes in my body. I can feel the tightening of the body fats after the treatments and lose about 1.5 inches. Of course, you need to control your diet as well. There is nothing in the world for free. You will always need to work out and diet to see major differences. This treatment is definitely working for me and I can’t wait to see more changes to my body. Lucky enough, this does not need any surgery. Absolutely no downtime as well. Thank you Geo and keep up the good work!

  • Rola W
    2 years ago

    Great experience with geo aesthetics. Facial went well and I believe i went for their promotional trial. Located near tanjong pagar and parking space is a little hard to find. Have introduced to my girlfriend’s as i feel it is quite worth it. I hope they can come out with more services and promotions soon tho. Anyway, highly recommend.

  • May Zheng
    2 years ago

    The facial here done by geo aesthetics is fantastic. I love how meticulous they are and gentle with the extraction. I am always keen to visit them as I know I will be well taken care of… Also provided me water or tea after every session. Thank you, Geo and this review is for you! Highly recommend and I heard they have promotion for first timer. You may try it out 😉

  • Vanessa
    2 years ago

    This is the worst facial place I have ever been in my entire life. Before and during the facial, the consultant literally begin brainwashing your mind so that after the short facial (15 min), they are able to hard sell you. If you initially talked to them nicely, they will take it as you are keen to continue coming for more facial treatments.

    I went for the $28 trial and once the facial was done, they put me alone into this nice room with some tea and biscuits. Once the consultant came in, she already prepared an $10k for 20 sessions before hard selling me with some PowerPoint slides with stupid claims about beauty and facial… I declined to sign the invoice saying that I’m a student so it’s totally out of the question but the consultant told me to call my parents for their credit card details… like seriously?! She went out to “help me to speak to someone to give me discounts” numerous times, leaving me in the room for 10min each time. In the end, I had no choice but to buy 5 sessions for $978 after $887 discounts. Feels like the pricing and discounts are really a joke to compensate for the unreasonably high pricing. This entire hard selling and asking for discounts took almost 1hr…

    Honestly, I regret signing the next day but as seen in the receipt, its non-refundable. Unethical hard selling and high pricing aside, the facial was ordinary, similar to other facials I have done before. According to the consultant, their facial uses medical grade technology/equipment and hence the hefty price tag. For me, I do not feel there is any difference during or after the facial (comparing with other facials I have done that do not come with such hefty price tags and “medical grade technology/equipment”)

    After each session I went subsequently, the consultants continue to drag me to the room to brainwash me to sign for more sessions, each time preparing a new invoice in advance before coming in. The hard-selling would last for 30-45min and it become so mentally exhausting that I just stopped going for my sessions. I made it clear each time that I was not even keen to sign for extra sessions during the trial session and is still firm that I do not want more sessions. But the consultant would start picking each flaw on my face saying that if I do not correct and fix them now, it would be too late when I try to fix them later on when I’m older. They go down this slippery slope that facial is the only true, permanent solution that would make your skin condition/look before. Which obviously isn’t true since there is so much skin care and things we can do ourselves to improve our skin. I made the hard decision to waste my sunk cost of the remaining sessions rather than continue going down to be brainwashed to purchase even more sessions. Mind you, each time I told the consultant that I had to leave or I would be late for my school classes but it didn’t work and they just do not care and carry on with their hard selling. Always zone out and just question my life sitting there listening… it’s like the customer is obviously not interested but they just keep going on and on…

    I am only spending time to write all this out in hope to help someone from getting into the same situation as me. And honestly, I suspect all positive 5-stars are probably fake. The length of all the negative reviews attest to how unethical and bad everything is.


  • grace
    2 years ago

    I tried the $28 first trial treatment .

    for treatment :
    I can’t comment much on the treatment. the so called 1.5 hour treatment ended in 30 mins time.
    First trial only @ sgd 28 ? I think should take the ” ONLY” away.

    the treatment start with a therapist and a “sales person” standing beside your bed keep talking with you . this is the weirdest facial experience in my life. LOL.

    The best part, if after the treatment. For those without strong will. PLEASE DONT COME!
    THIS IS ALL ABOUT HARDSELL regardless how many times you tell them you are no interested right now . they will still want to draft ” an invoice” with package plan to convince you . WTF.

    please save your time and money.
    they are plenty of places for facial. there no need to waste your time here.


  • Victor Pang
    3 years ago

    I like the service of the hair removal treatment specialist. They are meticulous and nice. I hope Geo clinic will be able to offer me discounts if I continue the treatments. 🙂

  • Charlotte Ng
    3 years ago

    I used lots of acne removal skincare products but the effect is not desirable, until I visited Geo Aesthetics.The acne removal treatment has helped me to get rid of all my acnes within just 9 sessions. I hope the wait time can be shorter as sometimes I need to wait for 15minutes to start my treatment

  • Lena Tay
    3 years ago

    not long ago, i signed up for the signature facial trial through Google. As someone who had went to many clinics, i was expecting a similar treatment for this time round. However, to my pleasant surprise, the treatment felt especially relaxing and the staff’s attentiveness made me feel really pampered throughout the time i was there. How i wished the facial treatment time can be longer

  • Amar Nasar
    3 years ago

    I tried the acne scar removal trial 2 days ago at Geo Aesthetics. During my teens, i remembered i was often teased at by my classmates for my acne scar problems. I am grateful that i was introduced to Geo Aesthetics by my aunt, who is a regular customer there. Right after the treatment, i can see my skin condition has improved from the before and after photos. I signed up for the package on the spot. Just a suggestion, maybe they can be open for longer hours so i dont have to rush there after work.

  • Jessica Teo
    3 years ago

    Last week I came across a package for 1 session of dark eye circle treatment for $28. Knowing that there will involves in pushy sales but I still went ahead thinking that 1 session could at least helps a little.

    I went to SBF Center 160 Robinson Road #04-01/02 Singapore 068914. The whole process from the therapist calling me to arrange for an appointment until the day I walked into the clinic were good. The customer service was superb and during the treatment, I felt comfortable, the result was obvious. But I don’t want to sign up any package at this moment yet.
    Then, here comes the un pleasant part.
    After the treatment, I was brought into a room. I told the consultant I will like to pay the treatment by NETS. The consultant went out and came back with an invoice. On the invoice, it was clearly written $28 for 1 trial session + $3800 for full package. She asked me to sign on the paper. I rejected the consultant that I don’t want to take up any package now. Then the consultant tried asking me to pay $1900 first then others by instalments or $500 down payment then the remaining during next 2 months. I firmly rejected her offer twice and told her that I don’t want to take up any package and I want to pay for my $28 treatment and go I even walk out the room to the counter. She asked me to go back to the room and wait for the settlement. After that she came back with another invoice stating $2950 package and said her manager has agreed with 25% off after she “persuaded” her manager and it is the best price she could help me and offer me. She kept asking me to “sign on the Proforma Invoice. Again I had nicely rejected her and ask for my invoice for $28 treatment I took. Then, she came back with another invoice stating $1900 and I was really un happy. The whole process was so pressurizing. She kept telling me how bad my dark circles is, how I should get it treated right away, she kept saying that I should sign up for the offer because she really wants to help me. It was also getting ridiculous when I told her that I have other commitments and financially tight now as I am a single mum, thousand-nine dollars means a lot to me.
    I had left the room twice and asked for the NETS settlement of $28 and I want to left the clinic. The consultant didn’t let me go and bring in the manager to make me sign a package that night. It is 9pm and I was tired after a long day work. It was pressurizing, being hold back in the consultation room. I could have walk away but I can’t walk away without paying for the treatment I took, I got stuck there.
    In the end I had been forced to sign on the Proforma Invoice.
    In conclusion, the $28 1 session dark eye circle treatment really do helps to lighten my dark eye circle a little.
    But I am very un happy with the consultant and the manager there because it is not just hard selling but more of extortion. Really bad experience. After consider for a few nights, I decide to call the clinic and inform them that is still within the 7 days cooling period, I want to cancel the deal which I had been forced to sign.
    After I called the clinic twice, the customer service officer who answered my call said will inform the consultant to call me but no one call me back to follow up.
    I will make a police report tonight and go to the small claim court to make a compliant. I will also call the Chinese and English News Paper to share my bad experience in this GEO Aesthetics.
    I just made a police report on this hard selling and the consultant didn’t allow me to pay for the trial $28 and go. The police officer said I should have call the police as no one should hold back some one when the person is not willing. So if any one happens this again can call police. I am going to the CASE to lodge a complaint with the police report. I will share in the media to alert others.

  • Artisha Nurul
    3 years ago

    I went for the acne removal trial last week. Everything there was good and up to my expectations! The staff that attended to me treated me like i am her friend and they kept checking with me if i was comfortable throughout the whole treatment. I just hope that they can be open on Sundays, when i am more free

  • Anna Chen
    3 years ago

    Visited this place coz of the $38 trial promo. Big mistake.

    #1 : I Google-mapped the place and it was stated as closed-down business. So I can’t see all the contrasting reviews.

    #2 : without checking further, I went anyway, and there, they Asked for IC and collected lots of personal information hmm… what about the pdpa clause? Waited almost 30min, finally ushered to another unit for the session. To my surprise, the unit is the ‘infamous’ Dore Aesthetics. (Only found out bout this after a friend told me to check it out)

    #3 : I thought the session gonna be relaxing, but boy was I wrong. The sales lady kept on talking. She shared a lot on how she ‘understand’ the problem I have, and that my goal must be physical perfection. Not sure if it’s on purpose, but it felt like subtly trying to affect one’s self confidence.

    #4 : after session, there’s no major effect on me whatsoever ‍ then I’m directed to a small meeting room. There, they served me sweet drinks & treats, and I was introduced to their packages that cost $5k+ for 10 sessions. I took the package blindly, thinking results can only be seen after more sessions.

    #5 : two weeks later, on the first official session, the worst thing happened: the lady hard sell another package to me! Went in and out of the room many times, saying the management really want to help me and so, they cut down the price till it’s 50%! The catch is, I had to sign the agreement there and then, to get special price.
    ‍c’mon.. means I could have gotten this 50% price if I kept on rejecting the price two weeks ago???

    #6 : after going in and out for 3 times, the manager came in! she said she will talk very fast, within 5 min. BUT NO! They shoved the iPad with the service agreement countless times (asap) to get me to sign, even after I rejected the add-on sessions. Moreover, they kept using guilt-trap, self image etc that were becoming more like personal attack.

    #6 : finally I left the place after saying NO to the 2 ladies for an hour. what an unpleasant experience. Should have walked my way out earlier.

    #7 : the sales lady did told me that they do not know how to edit the google map info on them being closed-down. So I decided to help update the existence of this place on google map. And then..

    #8 : once google approved my edit, I saw something fishy about those who gave high reviews. Most of them ONLY contributed 3 – 4 random short generalized reviews elsewhere, but very long and nicely written review for Geo aesthetic alone. It is super fishy obviously. But well, maybe after my this review, it will be changed anyway.

    Now I got to face them every 2 weeks just for the sake of clearing the package.
    Thereafter, I won’t continue anymore package with them.

    #9 : after the first ‘hard-sell’ session, that particular sales lady liaising appointment with me suddenly ‘left the company’ and another person took over. Wondering if it’s as what other reviews mentioned about the ever-changing person liaising

  • Elleen Chong
    3 years ago

    Last week I came across a package for 1 session of dark eye circle treatment for $28. Knowing that there will involves in pushy sales but I still went ahead thinking that 1 session can at least helps a little.

    The whole process from the therapist calling me to arrange for an appointment till the day I walked into the clinic were good. The customer service was superb and during the treatment I felt comfortable, the result is lightly obvious and I thought that I should leave a 5 star review for the clinic after.

    Then, here comes the scary part.

    After the treatment, I was brought over to a room. The lady went out and came back with an invoice. On the invoice, it was clearly written $28 for 1 trial session + $3800 for full package. She just casually asked me to sign on the paper and then I can leave. I was lucky to be alert and asked if I sign, does it mean that I will be charged $3800 right away, and she replied yes. So at first, I kindly rejected the lady and she tried asking me to pay $1900 first then others by instalments or $500 down payment then the remaining during next few sessions. I kindly rejected her offer. Her face twisted and say okay she will let her manager know. She came back with another invoice stating $2950 package and said her manager has agreed with 25% off after she “persuaded” her consultant and it is the cheapest already. She kept telling me to “sign here” but again, I kindly rejected her. Then, she came back with yet another invoice stating $1900 and I was really raging. The whole process was so pressurising. She kept telling me how bad my dark circles is, how I should get it treated right away, saying if I signed for the $28 means I want to do something about it and therefore I should just sign the package. She kept saying that I should really sign it because she really wants to help me. She also mentioned about if I love my partner I should do the package to show the better version of myself. It was also getting ridiculous when I told her that my priority is education right now as I am a full time student and thousands of dollars means a lot to me. She told me that my dark circles should also be my utmost priority because it was so bad and it will become worst if I don’t make any action now. (WOW)

    To be honest I felt personal attacked. I have to beg her to let me go with just $28 but she didn’t want to let me go at all unless I sign a package today. It was pressurising, being locked in a room with nobody that can help. And throughout the whole process I did not see her manager. She rejected me every time I said I will speak to her manager directly if she don’t let me leave the room. I really wanted to cry and just take my bag and go.

    In the end I have to raise my voice and be extra firm to that no negotiation at all then she finally agrees to let me go with 28. Imagine if I wasn’t adamant with my decision, I would probably have signed a 4 figure package today.

    In conclusion, the $28 1 session dark eye circle treatment really do helps a little. But please beware of the ladies there because it is not just hard selling but more of extortion. Really scary experience. So I am minusing 3 stars for attempting to extort customers. And FYI, Geo aesthetics, it is ILLEGAL according to Singapore law code 383 under extortion. We can make a police report.

  • Regina Chia
    3 years ago

    Your facial treatments are very good. After the treatment, my skin color became brighter and whiter! But I suggest you hire a few more employees because I waited 10 minutes before I started nursing.

    你们的面部护理挺好的,护理过后我的肌肤色泽变亮白了!但是我建议你们多雇佣几个员工 因为我等了10分钟才开始护理。

  • Jayanti Jadhav
    3 years ago

    tried the hair removal, it was good and painless

  • Tse-Yin Ch'ng
    3 years ago

    First time visit, arrived the clinic already saw existing customer screaming due to dissatisfied with their service and result for facial.
    My appointment is 11:30am.
    I arrived on time yet they kept me wait until 12:03pm still nobody entertain me besides letting me fill up my particular.
    So..how could you hang on or sign up any package with this clinic?!
    First impression is already wrong..

  • Avery Chang
    3 years ago

    Actual treatment is only 15 mins. Hard selling for more than 30mins, a small presentation about weight loss makes you more “wanted” by employers and it’s your appreciation to your loved ones which is a toxic mentality.

  • Kumari Banahatti
    3 years ago

    The acne scar removal is really effective for me, my scars got so much better after 8 sessions.
    I hope Geo Aesthetics Clinic could give me a promotion price for future package sign up.

  • Kareena Bajpeyi
    3 years ago

    The cellulite on my thigh literally disappeared after 10 sessions of treatment.
    Definitely recommend Geo Aesthetics to anyone who wants to enhance their physical beauty.

  • Sabrina Chan
    3 years ago

    I have very bad acne problems, I saw their service on Google and decided to try out the treatment. Since the trial session is very affordable.
    They helped to take before and after photo of my face, my acnes did get a little better after the trial.
    I signed up for the package hoping to see all my acnes disappear.
    Right now, I have completed the third session.
    I have seen gradual changes on my face after each session.
    The place is a little far from my house and it’s time consuming to travel for more than 2 hours in order to get a less than 1 hour treatment.

  • Ashia Sharma
    3 years ago

    I am surprised by the result of fat freezing from Geo aesthetics clinic! I used to wear size L dress, after 8 sessions of fat freezing, I am now wearing size M.
    I hope they will give discount if I sign up for other services in the future.

  • Lina Chua
    3 years ago

    I was searching for aesthetics centers who do tattoo removal when I saw Geo’s ads on facebook. Too bad they dont have tattoo removal treatment. However, I tried their facial service and it was very good. I signed up for their facial package and so far, everything is going well. my family thinks my skin looks so much better now.

  • Daya Navathe
    3 years ago

    As someone who had really bad skin problems, i was quite unsure if Geo Aesthetics can solve my skin problems when i first signed the signature facial package with them. However, after just 4 sessions, i can see my skin looker younger and better! I am considering of getting their fat freezing treatment after i complete this. I just hoped that the rooms were not that cold.

  • Farihah Hasan
    3 years ago

    try their laser hair removal $38, it wasn’t that painful compare to other aesthetics centre. Overall experience Not bad

  • Sofia Tan
    3 years ago

    The fat freezing treatment is really effective! For someone enjoying eating but hates exercise like me, there is no better way to stay in shape than going for fat freezing.
    I am looking considering the cellulite removal too, when I have more money.

  • Lua See
    3 years ago

    i have tried many aesthetics clinic for my very bad acne problems. For the past clinics i have visited, i often felt that the staff are just rushing through the treatment, and dont feel relaxed during my sessions. But in Geo Aesthetics, the staff were very attentive and treated you as their friend. The service was really good! will be good if they open another branch at woodlands area so i dont have to travel so far

  • Parvati Sinha
    3 years ago

    The hair removal really works! Thank you for the thoughtful service. Will consider trying out your other services if there is promotion.

  • Wendy Chye
    3 years ago

    Their skin whitening treatment is really effective! It’s less time consuming to get porcelain skin from this whitening treatment than relying only on whitening masks.
    However, it is much more expensive to go to such treatment than using skincare products to get whitening effect.
    Nevertheless, I choose porcelain skin.

  • Elizabeth Lua
    3 years ago

    highly recommended geo aesthetics clinic! i went for the face whitening trial, and am amazed by the whole treatment process. But i just felt that it would have been better if the treatment time was longer. I have signed up for their package and lets see how it goes 🙂

  • Judy Choo
    3 years ago

    Thanks to the pigment removal treatment from Geo Aesthetic Clinic, the dark spots on my skin gets so much better after several sessions.
    Definitely recommend to everyone whom wants to have “spot-free” skin.
    I feel more confident with my appearance, but at a “price”.

  • Priya Vyas
    3 years ago

    The cool sensation of fat freezing treatment is soothing. My fummy had flattened a little after the trial and significantly improved after around 6 or 7 sessions.
    I hope they have more branches so that it will be more convenient to visit.

  • Mackenzie Ong
    3 years ago

    Just went down for their $38 fat freezing trial and i was pleasantly surprised by the experience. Really liked how patient and attentive the staff were and i am considering to sign up for their package. Only feel that the treatment room can be slightly bigger 🙂

  • Rena Leong
    3 years ago

    I went for their fat freezing treatment and after 7 sessions I am close to the body shape I used to be before giving birth to my first child. I wished I had tried out fat freezing earlier to get back to shape faster…
    Overall, the result is pretty good, except that the clinic does not open on Sunday, which makes it difficult for me to schedule my visit sometimes.
    Nevertheless, it’s a good treatment to get back in shape.

  • Gauri Ashtikar
    3 years ago

    i tried their dark eye circle removal trial, and i will say it is not bad – can see some results right after the treatment. Also, it only cost me $28 for the trial which i find is very affordable. I just didnt really like the refreshment they offered as it was quite bland. For those who wants to try dark eye circle removal treatment in an aesthetics clinic, you can give this place a go!

  • Toh Yi Ling
    3 years ago

    Thank you so much for the wonderful treatment service!!! My acne scars have literally disappeared after only 9 sessions!
    I will recommend your clinic to my friends if they need improvement on their exterior.
    I hope there will be promotion price for frequent customers though.

  • Cynthia Tay
    3 years ago

    Highly recommend Geo as they provide a wide range of services like facials and fat-freezing. I did fat-freezing with them and it was fuss free and convenient. Had a bit of difficulty booking slots as they are always packed but their staff are very friendly and helpful too. Visible results could be seen after each session! 🙂

  • Natalie Quek
    3 years ago

    The face slimming treatment I signed up was effective and the price is quite affordable for a student like myself. It took me just one session to see the result and I’m so satisfied that I continued my treatment with then. They understand my concerns and go extra mile to make sure the treatment was effective. I just hope they expand and have more branches soon. Strongly recommended!

  • Angelina Yee
    3 years ago

    Started coming here late this year, regularly for treatment and today I decided to leave a review after one of my close friends complimented me on how youthful I look these days! All thanks to Geo and their team who always take good care of me during my visits. I’ve tried their signature facial, face slimming, anti acne, as well as their dark eye circle removal to refresh my appearance. Every treatment is customized and super good value for the quality and care you get. Clinic is not the biggest, but it is very clean and staff friendly. Highly recommend.

  • 伟伟
    3 years ago

    Expensive treatments but no results.

  • Tan Qin Xiang
    3 years ago

    Those going for the trial, beware they’ll ask you to pay for the $3.8k package out of the sudden.

  • Lydz Chin
    3 years ago

    I could see a lot of people come for the trial (filling the forms and signing stuff) and just left after the session. The session itself was okay, of course not so much difference after just one trial. The staff kept talking about how bad my eye circles are, as expected. Followed by the selling, I was quoted $1900 for 10 sessions, and if I wanted to do less, it would be $380 per session. It sounded really crazy and totally out of my budget so I did not sign anything they asked me to.

  • o n
    3 years ago

    This is going to be a long review.

    The 1 star reviews are true.
    I am not entirely certain, but the 5 star reviews maybe very likely be faked by them.

    I came in for a hair removal trial, and same as all the other reviews, after the “treatment” session, was a hard-sell session in an enclosed room (which for some reason had a monitoring camera in the corner of the ceiling above the door).

    This hard-sell session comprised of similar things that I have read in the other reviews. Them telling you that “Statistically, attractive people earn 20% more”, “If you’re unable to pay the full package price, you can pay a deposit of $500”, and a bunch of other “exclusive to you, only for now” deals that I seem to see on the other 1 star reviews as well.

    Also I should’ve noticed the signs when they told me that they would explain the technology to me AFTER the prodecure, instead of before (so that I can double confirm that I want to proceed with the prodecure). Kinda fishy, right?

    I’m not too sure about how noticeable IPL treatments results are, but the hair wasn’t even shaved off properly. Some strands were still left hanging untouched.

    I also don’t know too much about the laser technology, but I at least know “Diode” is pronounced “Die oh-d”, not “Deo-day”. I honestly wanted to stay longer to see watch this circus show a little longer, if only I didn’t have to rush off somewhere right after.

    After 10 minutes of declining to sign the package and to just pay the $38 and leave, she would lower the price by 25%, and then later on call her manager to further reduce it to 50%, saying that “her company gives her a coupon to use their services with, and that she’s giving it to us in order to convince us to sign the package.”

    As I left their “treatment” room, I noticed the subtle reactions of the counter staff over at their “treatment” room, and I could already tell this wasn’t a legit business.

    Looking at the other reviews saying the place is “neat and tidy”. Looks more like minimum decor so that they can pack up and leave faster when authorities come knocking at their door.

    I not only not recommend this, but also to watch out for this scam business. It may seem like an overstatement to call them a scam, but I assure you, this isn’t just a badly run business run by an incompetent business owner.

    In fact, for anyone who still feel like visiting them and are willing to toss $35 down the drain, I encourage you to pay attention to their staffs’ behaviours, that is if you enjoy seeing people make a fool of themselves.

  • Amanda Ng
    3 years ago

    I love the cleanliness of their place and the prices are also quite reasonable! Coming back next week for my 2nd face lifting treatment. The customer who was doing a treatment in the room next to me was very loud though. I think her pain tolerance was super low, I got distracted a bit LOL.

  • Rachel Neo
    3 years ago

    Went for their face lifting treatment 2 mos ago. currently on my 6th session and the results are amazing! I’d say for someone who has pain tolerance, it is a bit painful but overall, it is very worth it definitely!

  • Jugs Ma马家杰
    3 years ago

    Yes, true it had been an “Hard-sell” negotiation session for 20 minutes from Staff. In the end their marketing tactics worked very much, but this marketing practice should be discouraged.

    In the end signed up for five session, it turned out to be fair enough. Liked the procedure and treatment. If you have money this is the best I would recommend. Its worth it, Maybe I’ll signup more if I have money (but quite expensive)

    Five stars on treatment
    One star on Hard-selling tactics.

  • Amy Yu
    3 years ago

    I highly recommend their hair removal treatment for the ff. reasons:
    1. It is really effective and you can see result with just a few sessions (depending on each individual, as per my therapist)
    2. The location is also convinient for those who works at CBD area
    3. The staff are very friendly and most importantly, they do not hard sell
    4. Prices are reasonable
    5. Pain tolerance level I should say 4 out of 10 (the friendly staff will adjust the frequency according to your tolerance level)

    Overall, satisfied and thumbs up for Geo Aesthetics! Keep it up!

  • Felicia Kok
    3 years ago

    I’m happy with the results I’m getting from their large pore treatment. Large pores have really been my problem since high school. At first, I was afraid it will be too painful, but surprisingly, the pain is quite tolerable and the results are very motivating! I just hope they offer lip injections as well in future as I am really planning to have mine done.

  • Sze Yeo Lim
    3 years ago

    Greatly enjoyed how careful my therapist today was. She was very friendly and made me super comfortable. I just hope they would have a web page where I can book and choose in a slot myself so transactions would be fuss-free

  • Naimah Kadir
    3 years ago

    I recently signed up to their body contouring package and i am loving the results so far. The lady who i had my 2 last sessions with was very gentle and nice. She was so careful and soft. Not painful at all, and post-treatment was also smooth-sailing. Just wish they would offer +3-5 more sessions package on top of the current package i purchased.

  • Hanna Palmer
    3 years ago

    Went here last week to try their dark eye circle removal treatment after seeing their promo ad on facebook. At first i thought it was clickbait considering the price of the treatment but after trying it once, it’s really a great deal! The initial result was amazing so i signed up to their package and I cant wait to have my dark eye circles completely gone! I just wish they branch out soon as robinson road is quite far from my place

  • Owen Seetoh
    3 years ago

    My daughter has been very conscious about her dark underarms so I decided to take her to geo to try their dark underarm treatment. After only 2 sessions, my daughter is already happy with the results. She is now confident about her underarms. Thank you geo. One suggestion i have is to have a tv or something in the lobby so that waiting for our daughter or family members won’t be so boring.

  • Shazwan
    3 years ago

    I was quite excited at first when my mum told me she signed me up for the $28 dark eye circles package. I received a phone call the next day by a staff, Gina, from Geo Aesthetics, who was really nice on the phone and helped me booked my appointment time slot and offered to help me with any assistance on how to get to the clinic which I was quite impressed with. When, I started the package I was given a consultant who talked to me about having dark eye circles and she tested my skin for pre-treatment and then she brought me over to the therapist to start the treatment. During the treatment, she was talking to me throughout it, although I just wanted to relax and just enjoy the treatment in silent. After the treatment, this is where it all went downhill, my consultant tried to hard sell me into buying their 10 treatment package for $3600. Then, I told her I don’t think I need this treatment as I have sunken eyes and I would need fillers instead, which she agreed with me. She told me she could speak to her medical team to see if fillers would work and I refused but she just told me this is to just check whether I’m suitable so she took photos of me and left. When she came back, she told me that she spoke to her medical team and I could do my fillers where I have to pay the same amount, $3600, for 3 sessions of fillers. I politely told her no as I signed up this package just for therapeutic purpose and just to give a feedback to my mum as she was the one who signed this up to see whether if it works. After saying no to her several times where she used sentences like “Don’t you want to look good”, “Don’t you want to get a girlfriend” and many more sentences which would really depreciate one’s self-esteem coming from such a prestigious clinic who she shared to me has been published in many newspapers. After, I refused several times, she asked me to sign on her tablet, where I asked what’s this for? She replied saying this is to secure your 10 package which I have told her for the past 20 minutes that I do not want to go for it. She then told me she could offer me a discount and I told her there is no point, she just said to give her a moment, 10 minutes passed, she came back. She told me she could offer me a discount of $900 due to her staff points that she has gotten from many customers. I again refused countless times, and after 10 minutes she told me sign on her tablet again. So being curious I asked if the signature is for the same purpose as before, and she just replies “Yes, sign now”. I refused and she told me that she can get me a further discount, I told her there is no point, I really don’t want to go for it. She said, I could just wait here a while, while she speak to her manager and I tried saying no several times but she refused to understand and she left the room for another 10 minutes and came back telling me she could offer the same 3 session, no quality change of fillers which they will be using Restylane on me at $1800 as her manager is giving me a student price. Just to let everyone know, I just recently only turned 21. She tried to force me to sign by using her self degrading sentences to make me feel like I’m ugly with my dark eye circles and with her stern voice. That was my ticking point, as I have spent almost 1.5 hours saying no in a small little room and yet she just doesn’t want to let me go. I told her when Gina contacted me, I clearly asked her if there is any hidden cost or any hard selling which I was given a clear No. This is such an unprofessional way to handle and gain customers by using their insecurities against them. After I told her that, she immediately told me that she isn’t hard selling but was excited to share with me. Excited to make your customer feel ugly too? I told my mum the story which she wanted to call MOH and complain of such a despicable clinic who tried to force a 21 year old into signing a legal form. I told her that, the consultant was probably desperate for my commission so I forgive her but I just expect a better service and told my mum not to do so.

  • Nicole Wong
    3 years ago

    I was hard sold by a lady from DORE Aesthetics. It was on the 15/12/2018 that I was forced into a 20 minutes hard selling session. I told them I will not be able to afford a full treatment of $2000 being a student, but they kept trying to persuade me asking me to pay a deposit of $500, Until now, I asked for a refund, the manager and the saleperson said the contract that I signed was non- refundable. Since I paid the $500, I had no treatments whatsoever! What a scam!!!

  • Caroline Seah
    3 years ago

    I did laser treatment for underarm whitening under trial session but i felt like it was a hard selling after the session. I signed up eventually. It became worst as they did not watch out for my eczema after i mentioned i had skin issues. They proceed and my rashes start to react after few sessions. I opted for the other treatment, which was face lifting and they keep pushing me further after few the sessions to sign up for more packages. To be honest, the price are way to expensive than any other aesthetics. Even their signature facial is at a ridiculous price.

  • Richard
    3 years ago

    So they get you to go in on a $28 initial consultation and then using tactics like ‘good looking people earn 20% more’ then try and push you into a $3800 for 10 X 30 min treatment package…

  • Eunice Leow
    3 years ago

    Came here for my first consultation. The specialist who attended for me was very kind. I heard negative reviews from them before but I knew it, those were probably just competitors trying to bash. The treatment I tried was the face contouring. The results was amazing. I already signed up for the package. Hope they can have different treatments in 1 package however.

  • Hannah Chew
    3 years ago

    tried their $28 facial and unlike most people’s negative reviews, it was really good! their consultation rooms were a bit small but overall, my experience was good! btw, already signed up for their package and im so excited to do more treatments w/ them!

  • Adela Joo
    3 years ago

    Thank you Geo aesthetics for giving me back my confidence. Seriously, my dark circle eyes have always hindered me from being confident and after finishing my treatment package with them, they are completely gone! I must say, it is not cheap but it is very worth it. Totally recommend their service!

  • Aisha Seetoh
    3 years ago

    Great staff and place is also very posh! Ive tried their face slimming and it works so well. Location is also not a problem. However, i hope they can have longer operation hours. I leave office at 5pm and i always need to hustle going so i can have my treatment done.

  • Nabila Rashid
    3 years ago

    Just wanted to give credits to the awesome lady Joleen who made sure i get all my questions answered. She made me feel safe all throughout the process. I was hesitant about getting facelift done but no regrets as the result was spot on! Have to say, the space was a little small but everything else is great

  • Jason chew
    3 years ago

    Been suffering from cellulites my whole life, thanks to geo aesthetics for succesfully removing my cellulites with their treatment. i did not feel pain at all too which is a plus. I’m considering to undergo nose job procedure soon and I hope they offer this service asap. I really love their service and will totally recommend

  • S.hui
    3 years ago

    Went for a trial session for the Signature Facial at $28. The facial was indeed only worth what I paid for. Had the worst extraction session which left my nose bruised and dry. Be really careful of what you are asked to sign.

  • Sandra Lee
    3 years ago

    I used to suffer from hyperpigmentation, but after a few sessions I can see that the small dark marks are fading off. Very happy with the results and glad that the treatment works. But sometimes their schedule can be really packed need to book appt at least 2-3 weeks advance then you will be able to get a slot

  • Angela See
    3 years ago

    I was surprised by how effective the fat freezing treatment was. It really works! I will recommend to my friends and family!

  • Yiu Seng
    3 years ago

    I was here for vacation and needed to book an appointment before heading to an event. To be honest, it was more difficult than I expected to get an appointment, but it was right before the holiday, so that’s the way it goes. The appointment itself went well. I like their signature facial, it’s way better / less painful than the other aeshetics centers I’ve been to. My attendant was a little chatty though. However, there might have been a language barrier and that’s to be expected. Really enjoyed, would come again!

  • Jared Leow
    3 years ago

    Geo Aesthetics is a one-stop aesthethic clinic that offers various treatments including underarm whitening, pigment removal, acne scar removal and fat removal amongst other treatments. Their comprehensive services and professional staff go the extra mile to ensure that you look and feel good

  • Nicole Pei
    3 years ago

    I found their advertisement on facebook and I booked an appointment online. at first i thought there will be hidden charges for their facial because $28 is quite cheap but was surprised that it is really the net price. I enjoyed the facial, it was relaxing and my face was pretty clean after the treatment. i just wish they are open during weekends also.

  • Ban
    3 years ago

    My Fiancé went for a $28 trial and experienced extreme hard selling which she refused for a good 20 minutes whilst being kept in a room, the other one star reviews are true. Although she did pay for two more sessions I was ticked off by the other details she provided me with. What ticked me off was that the way they chose to hard sell was through attacking her self esteem and pressuring her by making remarks such as “you’re not pretty enough”, “society doesn’t like ugly girls” and also “If you don’t treat this now your boyfriend won’t love you anymore”.
    I find this an absolutely disgusting way of hard selling. Preying on customers insecurities to get some sales. Save your money and go elsewhere or do something else with it.

    Want someplace to help lower your self esteem and make you feel insecure while you swipe your card to pay? You’ve found the right clinic.

    Read more low rating reviews. Sometimes you’ll find more truth than some bogus high rating reviews.

  • Dhalia Yip
    3 years ago

    Geo aesthetics has been my go-to place whenever i feel the need to have my quarterly or sometimes, monthly facial cleaning. Their prices are quite affordable and so far, i have not encountered any issues with their services. I’m giving them 4/5 because i really wish they open during weekends, or during saturdays at least

  • Yep Siew Hui
    3 years ago

    tried their $28 facial last weekend. at first, considering it’s price point, I thought it will not be good. surprisingly, it was one of the best facial treatments i’ve tried so far. the facility was clean and their staff was also very kind and funny. i just wish there will be more parking space as I had a bit of a hard time parking.

  • Darren Yew
    3 years ago

    my wife is a regular customer at geo aesthetics. she took me with her one time to try their $28 signature facial and i was super surprised at how effective it was. i just wish there were men attendants as i find it a bit weird, speaking on behalf of the other guys and husbands out there. but overall, i loved the experience!

  • hazel mei
    3 years ago

    Went for a facial trial for $28.

    Throughout the whole process (pre-session, during session and post session) they emphasized many times that they were a “medical clinic” which is definitely a mis-sell because I did not see a single doctor there, just beauticians. so beware if you think you’re paying premium for a real medical clinic.

    The facial session lasted 30 minutes but it felt longer because the sales person kept talking to me non-stop while the beautician did her thing. i responded politely throughout but i thought it should be common sense that people go for facials to relax not to socialize.

    The treatment itself was below average. their sales tactic was to use a machine to take a pre and post closed-up photo of my skin. However during the session all they did was remove my makeup, cleanse my face, use a “ultrasound device” to roll over my face, slapped on a mask and cleansed it again. the supposed “lymphatic facial massage” was a joke. she just very gently kneaded my face for 30 seconds – 1 minute (i could barely feel it) and called it a massage.

    After the treatment was the sales bit which is always expected in a beauty salon (not a medical clinic though). she started by telling me the good stuff about their treatment etc but during the sales push i realized that they are actually the same company as Dore Aesthetics. A simple google search will pull up bad stuff about that company so i suspect they changed their name because of it. so beware again.

    Lastly she showed me the price and it was $380 per session. and she casually said “let’s just take 20 sessions first and it’ll come up to $7,600.” i laughed in my head. and she shoved the ipad to me with the e-invoice of the trial plus 20 x $380 sessions on it and signaled me to sign it. then i said no and she went out to “ask for management approval” and went back and forth twice. Within 5 mins the price was reduced to $190 per session. I’m pretty sure i could have reduced the price to $50 per session if i sat there and allowed her to keep going. she kept hard selling me but i looked her in the eye and told her firmly not to because in my head i was already turned off. it was only then that she stopped and allowed me to pay for my trial of $28.

    So if you’re thinking of going, don’t. Save the $28 and have sushi with it instead.

  • Holly L
    3 years ago

    Sgd28 dark Eye Circle Treatment Trial

    1. I went there for a trial a few days ago.
    2. Wish I had read the reviews here before going. When I stroll through the reviews, I notice it’s very polarised. 5-6months ago: 4-5star reviews. After that, it drop to 1 star. Looks really fishy.
    3. And yes, when I went there, things are like what other 1* reviewers said. Super hard sell. Consultant keep chatting to me when another girl was doing my facial until I told her I would like to relax and ask her to talk to me after the facial. And I don’t see any doctors there, just beauticians.
    4. Treatment: the “high tech” solution offered is merely using ultrasonic device to massage your surrounding eye area for better absorption. Results: fr my before and after photo, yes, my skin tone has brightened up a little and less fine wrinkles. But that just mean my skin was hydrated. I get that from other facials or home face mask (the expensive ones, like SKII)
    5.Pricing : sgd190 per session, just to do your eye area. Proposed package started fr sgd7200, then keep dropping the price. Who would pay such stupid amount of money just for a eye facial?
    6. Geo Aesthetic and Dore Aesthetic belongs to the same boss. The staff told me. Even the form filled in is with Dore Aesthetic.
    7. Save your money.

  • Mav P
    3 years ago

    I came to this clinic today to try out the treatment promotion. When i was waiting for my turn in the waiting area, a customer stomped out angrily out of the clinic while a sales consultant was pestering after him by saying “SIR, i need your signature! Don’t go! I really need your signature!” So i didn’t bother that much UNTIL i experienced it for myself. During my treatment, the sales consultant kept talking to me throughout the treatment. Like hey. Comeon… I just want to relax and here you are chatting heavily… After the treatment, the consultant kept me in the room for a good 20- 30 minutes trying to hard sell me to sign the package even though my condition is not that bad but she kept saying “your condition is very bad, you need treatment immediately” I felt so pressured by her actions but she didn’t seem to care. Obviously she wanted commission after i signed the package. When i made up my mind and just left the room, she CONTINUED to pester me to sign the package! NOW i have a clear idea why the customer stomped out of the clinic earlier on! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, the negative reviews for this clinic seem to be TRUE! If you don’t believe it, do head down and try it at your OWN RISK. This clinic claims that they are number 1 clinic in Singapore. Sure, it’s more like “number 1 scammer in Singapore”

  • Princess 18
    3 years ago

    Waste time n waste trip, didn’t even states must be 21 n above

  • Nakh
    3 years ago

    I will NOT recommend this to anyone who is looking for professional, transparent and reliable treatment for any issues they have.

    I chanced upon Dore/Geo Aesthetics when I was looking for treatment for my undereyes. They claimed they provided non-invasive laser treatment that would help to reduce dark circles, and I was called to come in for a free trial.

    When I reached the clinic, I was impressed that they occupied such a large floor, and looked so professional. DO NOT FALL INTO THAT TRAP. I was brought to a consultation room, where they proceeded to hard-sell me treatment for my dark circles, suggesting fillers.

    The first problem: their consultants are taught to capitalise on people’s insecurities. I was told I would look more beautiful with the treatment. No joke but they even said they have customers who get treatment so that their husbands will be more attracted to them, or so they will get promotions at work. Basically, instead of scientifically explaining the procedure, they tried to sell me treatments by using emotions. Their consultants are not even certified professionals!

    The second problem: prices that aren’t fixed. They said if I sign up for the package now, I would get perks, and if i came back another time, I wouldn’t have them. Considering they had already me feel bad about myself, I was actually buying into the marketing. When I said I found $1200 too expensive, the consultants price for the treatment dropped to $600. Being quite naive, I felt a lot of pressure to say yes, and I did. This should not be how important decisions are made for ethical beauty clinics!

    The third problem: lack of information. I realised in the time between the treatment that was to happen an hour after I said yes, I suddenly realised “omg, I agreed to injections without a proper medical consultation, with no information on what exactly would be done to, how it would impact me etc”, and they had already deducted money from my card. I started frantically Googling, and I realised that different fillers have different price points. The consultant did not even tell me what brand of fillers would be used on me! Instead, they just brought me to another room, where I was told to sign a form waiving any risks the treatment would have (including going blind). Should this not have been told to me before they asked me for money?! So many red flags, but it was hard to say NO once you’ve paid, and everything is being rushed.

    The fourth problem: lack of transparency. Once I stepped into the “real” certified professionals room (with the consultant at my toes), I requested for a US certified filler. The lady doing the procedure just stared at me, and said that for what I paid, I would be getting a Korean filler. I was shocked. I said that was not communicated to me. She asked if I still wanted to carry on, I proceeded to ask if it was safe, and when they reassured me, I muttered a hesitant “okay”. The professional then did my fillers, the consultant took photos, and they whisked me away asking me to come back next week. I felt LIED to. That the discount wasn’t REAL. It was just a cheaper filler on the market, that’s why they could transfer those cost savings to customers.

    My eyes were swollen for a few days. I didn’t like my look. I googled extensively on tear trough treatment, and I realised — these kinds of treatments on your face, any fillers, should never be done this way. It should be done with proper consultation. You shouldn’t have SALESPEOPLE giving you information, you should have proper qualified professionals, whose documents and work you’ve seen before.

    It has been a few months since, and my under-eyes occasionally still swell up. I’m so mad at myself for buying into this scam. It’s your BODY, your FACE. I’m not sure what other treatments they have, but on their fillers, they really, really are running a business focused on selling, not on informed choices. Consultants are NOT qualified but paid by COMMISSION. Even if they aren’t hard-selling, they aren’t being honest. Truly a sham, unethical business. Never again.

  • Elaine Q
    3 years ago

    I booked an appointment with them for their $28 signature facial promo. Throughout my facial, I felt really uncomfortable because the consultant sits it and kept talking to me even when I have mask on? It was my first facial experience and I thought it should be a very comfortable experience but it turned out otherwise.

    What really stressed me was that they kept me in a room and tried to hard sell me to sign up the package for a good 20-25minutes. I kept insisting that I’m a student and I can’t afford paying that much. The consultant then went on and tell me that I should really sign up for the package given my acne condition etc. The most interesting thing is that she gave me massive discounts as a way to persuade me to sign up for the package each time as she exits and re-enter the room for about 3 times because she said she had to discuss with her manager.

    I was also shocked that they are associated or rather under the same umbrella as Dore Aesthetics that was involved in a lawsuit in December 2018 when I was there.

    Regardless, the consultant is still very professional and good in explaining to me about my skin conditions. The staff there are also very polite and nice just that I think they have a quota to hit so they tried to hard sell their package to me. The clinic is also very accessible and located near to the MRT station.

  • Ric Yeap
    3 years ago

    Beware, the 28 dollar treatment (eye area treatment) actually led to deeper and additional fine lines under my eyes 1 day right after my treatment (yes, overnight). Botched treatment! It is almost like sudden aging. Those lines seem permanent and not going away. Of course Geo kept saying that it was my own skin condition and that I already have fine lines prior to that, that things will get better. At one point after pressing and questioning Geo about the side effects (after my treatment), they finally mentioned that in the past some customers also faced my situation, but ‘recovered’ anyway.
    2 months have passed and I have not recovered. Feeling sad and disturbed by the overnight change but will continue to monitor my situation and update the rest. Too bad I am so unlucky.
    and last, they hard sell using reciprocation techniques right after the free trial even after my attempts to say no.

    (I’m giving 2 stars because most people would think a 1 star comment is trolling)

    you guys should also google “straitstime negative reviews of skincare clinic spark threat of legal action” to read more about their past.

  • Phyu Hnin
    3 years ago

    Service is bad. They sms me wrong appointment time and made me wait around 3 month. Then they didn’t take the responsibility for it. And still ask me to wait 1 more month.

  • Sasha Fong
    3 years ago

    It is amazing that this clinic has customers of more than 2 years considering it was only established for less than 6 months??

    Furthermore the address seems to be of another clinic, the infamous Dore. Drop by and verify yourself…

  • Willem Put
    3 years ago

    I actually cannot say anything about their treatment as I had no opportunity to try it out. Im on a Dependent Pass and when I booked the appontment their colleague forgot to mention that I need to take my husband’s EP (or my husband) with me. It all became clear once I was there, complete waste of time. This is not a good customer service guys.

  • Mel L
    3 years ago

    Poor service, expensive with no improvement to skin at the end.

  • Arabelle Tan
    3 years ago

    This place is NOT recommended AT ALL! They require your IC for verification purposes. I went all the way to the place and they INSISTED on having my IC. I definitely REFUSED to as they are definitely stealing personal information just by doing a simple facial for you. This is ridiculous!

    Why would any place in SINGAPORE require your IC? Even when I go to see a normal doctor, they DO NOT require my IC. All they ask for is phone number the least. That’s all.

    I wasted HALF AN HOUR just by going all the way to Geo Aesthetics (Tanjong Pagar) and having to come all the way back to Tampines. This is wasted time! It is NOT really about the time or money that I spent, but more of their BASIC PRINCIPLES!!

    Be frank with me, who would need a BASIC facial when they require your IC? All your personal details are there! IT IS OK IF THEY DID NOT KEEP PASTERING AND INSISTING ON IC! But they continued to paster and insist on IC!!


  • William Loh
    3 years ago

    The outlet location is easy to find and very accessible to Tanjong Pagar MRT.

  • Chelsea Koh
    3 years ago

    My first time coming here for their signature facial, I was impressed by the instant improvement on my skin tone. I got noticeably whiter.

  • Jasmine W
    3 years ago

    Went to try their signature facial, result was good! I can see my pores are smaller and my face is not as oily as it used to be

  • Melissa L
    3 years ago

    I signed up for their free trial facial, it was a very good deal for a free treatment. I won’t mind paying during the next visit.

  • Jalye Ja
    3 years ago

    Softer, clearer face after 1 session of their signature facial. It was worth trying the free trial.

  • Alice Malt
    4 years ago

    Scam business : beware!

  • Jane Toh
    4 years ago

    Staff here are very accommodating and friendly.

  • Yong Quan
    4 years ago

    Outlet is very packed in the afternoon. Need around 10 mins for my turn. Luckily the treatment was worth it.

  • Bou Tika
    4 years ago

    Great facial here. Fast results!

  • Kith Smith
    4 years ago

    My acne scars are less visible after the 3rd treatment session, the scar marks are lighter and the scar hole is no longer that deep like it used to be. Very happy with the results, did not regret my choice!

  • Susan Lee
    4 years ago

    Hard to find this place. 10 min walk from MRT. It would be better if they have a direction map on their website. Staff is friendly though.

  • Dawn Loh
    4 years ago

    The centre is just few minutes walk to Tanjong Pagar MRT. Very convenient location. The service was great, I will definitely recommend my friend.

  • Burrell Parker
    4 years ago

    Outlet look very beautiful and huge. Staff here are amiable and nice.

  • Cristine Teh
    4 years ago

    I have been a 9 month customer of Geo Aesthetics. I purchased package for freckles removal on my cheeks. I had this conditions since I was young, most probably due to prolonged suntanning and lack of sunblock.

    Geo aesthetics was able to help me advise and treat the stubborn condition with laser. I could already see fantastic and unbelievable results on the 5th month.

    The staff here are extremely friendly and professional too. The doctor is very patient and merticulous during the treatment too. I hope they can provide more slots for customers to book more flexibly. It would be best if they can open on sundays.

  • Candice Wang
    4 years ago

    Treatment price is reasonable & their staff is very professional. Keep up the excellent service

  • Yu Ping Leong
    4 years ago

    I could see that my face is fairer now and I couldn’t use my current foundation as the shade is darker. Results are really visible as mention in their website. Looking forward to my next session~

  • Ruppert Chan
    4 years ago

    Great treatments. Solved my issues. Will recommend it to you, trust me.

  • Ting Wen Lim
    4 years ago

    Outlet is very packed in the weekend, they should make sure that they control the influx of customers during weekends. Other than that overall the experience was great!

  • Cheryl Ru
    4 years ago

    The location is not easy to find. You have to walk 10 minute from mrt staion. The security guard on the ground floor is rude. The staff at the clinic is better.. the treatments are good

  • Isabelle Ng
    4 years ago

    My experience with Geo Aesthetics at Tanjong Pagar has been amazing. Their facial treatments really improve my face conditions and also helped to lighten my pigmentations a lot. I also find that after their facial treatments, I do not grow pimples and acne anymore. I use their products too. The price are all acceptable.

    The staff here are exceptionally friendly and polite too. I remembered there was once when it was raining heavily when I was about to leave, they even gave me a free umbrella so that I do not get drenched. This was very memorable to me.

    Overall, Geo Aesthetics is a very professional aesthetic clinic. I love coming here to improve my appearance and also to enjoy their services. I highly recommend this place to you. Feel free to come here for any treatments if you have a chance.

  • Franciscan Koh
    4 years ago

    The centre look very classy and nice! The treatment provided is very good, their hydration mask is very moisturizing

  • Yu Fang
    4 years ago

    I can see that the pigmented skin areas were lighten after treatment. Recommended my friends to try it immediately!

  • Pooja Sharma
    4 years ago

    Try their face whitening treatment, my skin tone look brighter and complexion is so much better after that.

  • Suresh Sanu
    4 years ago

    Bought a good supply of crystal tomato from them. Service is good. I will come back again.

  • Selena Goh
    4 years ago

    Hair removal treament is fast and painless. Ever since I signed up with them I no longer need to shave my underarm. No need to be bother by the hair, carefree now

  • Jesscia Ng
    4 years ago

    I have been to many clinics. But this is the best I have been to so far. I am a customer here for their facial treatments. Everytime after I finish my facial session with them, I will find my skin free of acne, pigmentations, dark spots, etc. That is the reason why I always come back for maintenance. The consultants here are courteous and polite too.

  • Misha L
    4 years ago

    I like the refreshments that they are providing especially the biscuit. Staff are well trained and very courtesy.

  • Nur Hidayah
    4 years ago

    The place is very convenient and easy to find. Their large pore reduction treatment is very worth the money cause it consists of a lot of steps.

  • Kumar S
    4 years ago

    Overall treatment is great. It could be better if the waiting time is for the treatment is faster. Waited around 15 mins for my treatment to start…

  • Shelly Tun
    4 years ago

    I purchased a package from here last month. I can’t even book an appointment with them on my 3rd session. They are always full and packed. The queue is always so long. They should do something about it. Besides that, the results of the treatment are obvious. If it is not for the results, I will not continue..

  • Ivan Lew
    4 years ago

    Today is my 5th session here at Geo Aesthetics. I still have 5 more session to go. But I can already see so much results on my face. My fine lines are almost treated and smoothened now. The price is reasonable and service is definitely superb. I might be purchasing another package on fat freezing from them when this package is finished.

  • Denise Seah
    4 years ago

    Crowd is too bad on Saturday. Treatment experience was good though. Results could be seen and I’m satisfied. But I really hope the management can do something about their overwhelming booking, especially on a Saturday. Thank you.

  • Aaron Tan
    4 years ago

    I tried their fat removal treatment, right after the treatment I can see my tummy fats have been reduced by quite abit. Didn’t expected to see such immediate results. Good!

  • Florence Tan
    4 years ago

    My second time being here at Geo Aesthetics. I came here to treat my acne scars on my face. They told me that they could lighten and remove my acne scars. I didn’t believe at first. But after 2 sessions, I am really amazed at how much improvements they have created for me. I will definitely come back and finish up my treatments. Recommend!

  • Dinson Lim
    4 years ago

    My facial treatments were done in a rush. It ended 10 minute earlier. Might due to my lateness. But the therapist is still friendly and professional. They are all nice to me still.

  • Jasmine Hung
    4 years ago

    I am a customer of this clinic. This place is not the usual beauty salon you will see. You will be spoilt with many choices and solutions of treatments that can help you to look better and prettier. Highly recommended.

  • Sendy Lau
    4 years ago

    I purchased a fat freezing package from GEO AESTHETICS a few months ago. I wanted to slim down and look better. It was when I heard from my sister that Geo Aesthetics has treatments to remove fats and slim down using cold freezing. During the procedure, I must say that it was quite painful due to the coldness. But after a while I got numb to it. The results were very obvious about 2 weeks after. I could really see a big difference in the treated area before and after. Really good job Geo Aesthetics!

  • William Chen
    4 years ago

    Just finished my treatment session with Geo Aesthetics at 8:15pm. Appointment delayed for 15 minutes because previous customer was late. Treatment is effective. Results are visible. I hope they can find a way to prevent delays of other appointments.

  • Ugar Garcia
    4 years ago

    Treatment outcome is visible. Need 3-5 sessions to start seeing results. They serve nice food and snacks after the treatments. Service is very good and professional!

  • Jane Than
    4 years ago

    Here are the observations I have made:

    – Very comfortable environment and service.

    – Professional staff and treatments.

    – Price reasonable.

    I would recommend people to visit.

  • Charlotte Koh
    4 years ago

    Went for their treatment and the aestheticians recommended me to buy their crystal tomato whitening supplements. Once I start consuming it everyday, I can see that my skin complexion has brighter up. Love this supplement <3

  • Jon Yee Soo
    4 years ago

    I have been served by Selina at Geo Aesthetics. She is a nice and friendly consultant. She always think of my concerns first. The other therapists here are also good and polite. I love coming here everytime.

  • Starry stan
    4 years ago

    Fat removal treatment is ok it’s not pain one. Able to see my tummy has flatten slightly. The specialist say will get to see further improvement after 2-3 weeks time. Hopefully it works.

  • Dominic Foo
    4 years ago

    Finished my acne session here. Results are good. I do not have any more outbreak now. The procedures were quite comfortable and fast. The staff are professional and skilled. I will recommend to my friend.

  • Yoyo Hu
    4 years ago

    Customer service is fantastic here. Staff are friendly and polite. I enjoy coming here every time. Queue is very long every day. Have to wait for a while some times. Besides that, it is highly recommended.

  • Lucifer Tong
    4 years ago

    I have been here for several months. I really love their services and attitude. This is one of the best clinics I have been to. The only bad thing is that the appointment is hard to book. You have to sometimes wait weeks before you can even get an appointment. Other than that, everything is well managed.

  • Paige Wang
    4 years ago

    Their specialist is very knowledgeable about the treatments and products. Able to advise me on the suitable treatment based on my.skin conditions. They only recommend what is suitable for my skin conditions and didn’t try to hardsell. Honest and professional

  • Doreen Ting
    4 years ago

    Best clinic in the CBD area. Very convenient if you are working in this area. I always go for a quick face laser or facial during my lunch or after my work. There might be some queue during this time. Very nice place.

  • Craig Tim
    4 years ago

    I have been in Singapore for 3 year and have never gone to any aesthetic clinic before. Found this great place on Google and decided to try. Things are really good here. I bought 2 packages from the staff at Geo Aesthetics. Results and outcome are obvious. You people should really come and try it!

  • shermaine Lau
    4 years ago

    The specialist is very good able to explain clearly and in details on my current skin conditions and what is required to hydrate my skin. The whole treatment process is very comfortable. I can see that after the treatment my face is hydrated, glowing and my pores are tighten up.

  • Danver Loh
    4 years ago

    I have been here for 4 months to try their cryolipolysis treatment to remove my fatty area. I really saw myself changed after the 3 sessions. The results were really good as compared to diet and exercise. I will definitely continue with them for my last 3 sessions…

  • Esther Yang
    4 years ago

    Bought the face slimming package here. Have been a customer here for 9 months. I see that the results of this treatment is really very good and obvious. My face really did become slimmer after every session with Geo Aesthetics. But the bad things is that I have to maintain the sessions with then to achieve results.

  • Christine Gin
    4 years ago

    I recommend Geo Aesthetics at SBF center. It’s near my office and that’s why I first visit this clinic. They have plenty of solutions to improve your looks and perfect your body. I saw great results in only the 2nd time coming here. I am Very happy with the outcome!

  • Xenon Zhu
    4 years ago

    Sandra has been taking care of me at Geo Aesthetics for 2 months. She is very friendly and pleasant to me. Sometimes, even if I am late and delayed other appointments, she will still maintain a smile to me. I like the atmosphere here.

  • Wincy Teh
    4 years ago

    This is my first review in Google. I would like to compliment Geo Aesthetics for providing me with a first class service and tip top treatments. The facial treatment offered by Geo Aesthetics are really miraculous as they treated most of my skin conditions instantly. I will definitely come back again.

  • Tanya Gun
    4 years ago

    I don’t really write reviews a lot. But I have to say here that Geo Aesthetics has helped me on my skin conditions and somehow changed my life. I really thank the staff at Geo Aesthetics for improving my appearance and made me feel more confident now. Thank you!

  • Maggy Phua
    4 years ago

    I was recommended to Geo Aesthetics by a friend of mine. I did not regret coming. The doctor has been very patient with my skin problems. The staff are extremely nice to me. They have superb customer service and attitude. Highly recommended!

  • Felice Wan
    4 years ago

    Hard to book appointment. Have to wait very long before I can even get a slot. They can improve on this. I like their treatments. Results are good. Decor are nice. Staff are friendly and service is good.

  • Charles Lin
    4 years ago

    I had the most pleasant and comfortable facial treatment here at Geo aesthetics. The consultants were pretty nice to me, even though they kept changing the person in charge. They served me cold drinks and food after the treatment. I have never experience such a nice service in other clinics before.

  • Kenny Yeo
    4 years ago

    The decor and atmosphere is welcoming here. The staff are warm and friendly. The treatments are showing results on my face and body too. I will definitely continue to buy more packages here after mine finishes. Highly recommended!

  • Joo Kang
    4 years ago

    I came here for the first time. I am already impressed with their services. The doctor is nice and friendly. Everyone here is nice to me in fact. I enjoy the session with them and am able to see results after reaching home. This is the best clinic I have been too.

  • Tiffany Wee
    4 years ago

    I have been visiting Geo Aesthetics since 2018. The therapists have been extraordinary in their services and treatments. They always receive me with a big smile and treat me just like their best friend. This is what I would call great customer service. Keep it up!

  • Chloe Tang
    4 years ago

    Did their dark eye circles treatment. My eyes look brighter and more energetic now. Their treatments are very effective here. Great and personalized service from Selina the consultant here. I enjoy coming here and will definitely come back 6 months later.

  • Derrick Tee
    4 years ago

    Saw a lot of good reviews here. Decided to come and try to see if they are true.

    Yes, this place is really good with their service and how they treat their customers. The price of their treatments are reasonable. But parking is too little on a weekday afternoon. They must have been occupied by the office workers.

    The rest is excellent.

  • Cassie Tang
    4 years ago

    I have been a long customer of Geo Aesthetics on the same year it was opened. Initially, this place looked like a fresh clinic which I did not have much trust in. But after coming here for uncountable sessions of treatments, I now understand why this place is so successful and so many customers are coming here. It is because of their very good service and effective treatments. I’m happy to be one of their old and regular customers. I will definitely recommend people here if I have the chance.

  • Lucy Ting
    4 years ago

    I have been a loyal customer of Geo Aesthetics for 2 years. I first heard about this wonderful place from my close friend. She was here for her acne treatment and she recommended me here too. I had bad skin last time and pimples were growing every other day. After seeing the doctor here and undergoing their acne treatment, my skin became smooth again. I was so happy. Now, I’m maintaining my skin complexion with their facial treatment. Their facial treatment not only controlled my acne but also helped me maintain a clear and bright skin. If I have a chance, I will certainly recommend Geo Aesthetics to my friends!

  • Yilin Lin
    4 years ago

    I always visit Geo Aesthetics to do my hair removal treatments. Their laser hair removal treatment is fast and effective. It is definitely better waxing or shaving. I love coming here because of the quiet environment and soft music in the background. Great place to come for hair removal!

  • Joe Vince
    4 years ago

    A nice place to do facial treatments. I have been in Singapore for 2 years and I always come here every month for my routine facial. One of the best service and treatments you can find around Singapore. Thumbs up!

  • Tula Boon
    4 years ago

    One of the best clinics I have been to. My favorite consultant is Grace. She is very friendly and nice to me. Not only is she professional, she really knows her stuff and was able to advise me on the solutions. I will definitely recommend to my friends.

  • Tifanny Shen
    4 years ago

    Geo Aesthetics is the best clinic I have visited so far. They have extraordinary customer service and high end treatments. I always leave my face to them as I trust them as a reliable service provider. I have already recommended 2 of my friends here. They are all happy with my recommendations.

  • Jess Kweng
    4 years ago

    I’m a customer in Geo Aesthetics for their fat freezing treatments. I wish to let you all know that the treatments here to slim down are really effective. I could see very good results in just 2 sessions. The procedure takes about 1 hour and there is not much downtime. I could carry on with my daily activities after treatments. After about 2 weeks, the results will really start to show. I really am grateful to Geo Aesthetics by helping me slim down without exercise and diet as I’m a busy person. Thank you Geo Aesthetics.

  • yeo hui
    4 years ago

    Visited this salon on the 17th of January. On the next day of 18th of January, I woke up after a full sleep of more than 9 hours, and with this I faced the mirror and have to unfortunately conclude that the result really doesn’t last. The effect could not even last for 2 days and this is very sad.

    Anyway, this is one of the more hard selling beauty salons that I have ever gone. The price is also not that affordable considering that this is just a beauty salons and NOT dermatologist clinic. The consultant (a slim lady of around 168 cm with black stiletto heel) told me that the price of 3800 SGD was already on huge discount and it was quite unbelievable. I told her that this was a little pricey for me as I am a full time student without any income. Her reply was ‘一分钱一分货’. If really in this case like what she claimed to be, then might as well I just consult a dermatologist when both are charging me at around the same price. This salon company did hard selling because they only wanted you to buy their package on impulse based on the immediate (not even a short term) result when you just came out from that treatment room. They would not let you wait till the next day to observe and do a real prove to everybody because they knew the result would not be as good as what it may seem after the first 24 hour have passed by.

    I rejected her and told her that I am only prepared to pay for the 28 SGD trail, numerous times but she just pressed on the paper slip and insisted me to sign on the package immediately. She also raised her voice several times in order to commit to her hard selling techniques. I told her that this was not needed but she turned on to another round of hard selling, SEDUCED ME and told me that she is ” SAVING MY FACE” but no. SHE IS JUST TRYING TO SAVE HER JOB AND COMMISSION. What she is trying to do in this step is to USE ME AS A SUBSTITUTE AND EXCUSE to sound sincere and caring which SHE THOUGHT will ultimately lead me to sign the package. I told her that I would not sign the package despite whatever way she is using to convince me then and why wouldn’t she just let me go but waste her time to persuade me if this is the case?. You guess what she has replied? She said, : ‘ No ! I am not wasting my time on you, because this is ”MY JOB”, ITS MY WORKING TIME NOW.’ That was a joke and sounded so contradicting to what she had mentioned earlier. She may not have even realized. Just previously, she claimed that she was doing this to save my face but in the next few sentences she seemed to UNKNOWINGLY ADMITTED that she is doing this only as a part of her regular job scope, that is to pressure those customers that doesn’t seem to have any hope of buying the SGD 3800 package.
    Continuation to the story
    The Lady: “I have a teenage customer in her 20s (accompanied by her mother) that has whole lot of acne growing on her face. After the treatment she see promising results and convinced her mother to buy that few thousand dollar package for her in order for her to look better and confident, which the mother agreed”
    Me: But my mother has not invested in beauty salons for her whole life and she continues to live healthily and confidently in her 50s.
    The Lady: ‘ 那是别人,你不要管别人’ translation to be ‘That is your mom not you, don’t care about her and you should concentrate on yourself’

    HEY! how can my mother be called 别人 ‘other people business’ more than your proclaimed teenage girl whom I have totally no connection with and does not even know whether she existed in the first place?!. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO ADVISED ME NOT TO COMPARE MYSELF WITH OTHERS BUT YOU ARE IN FACT ALSO FALLING INTO THE FALLACY YOURSELF by comparing me with your proclaimed customer.

    Also, after the treatment, this consultant went on to telling me that you have to look good because by looking good you can earn more money. But hey! This lady please wake up. If you really wanted to earn more money I suggest that she QUIT HER JOB AND BEGIN INVESTING. She obviously does not understand.

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