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11 Reviews on “Aesop Tangs Facial”

  • Melvin John
    2 years ago

    Customer service need to be improve.

  • Meng Foo Choo
    2 years ago

    The brutal floor finish brings out the refine class of products.
    Perhaps the attention to customer and the reviews should garner better results with ways to solve the outstanding problems.

  • Eunice Hannah Lim
    3 years ago

    Love the staff and service at the store. Very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They have a facial treatment room that is highly popular as well.

  • Paige Phoon
    3 years ago

    Had been visited a few branches of “Ee-sup” with more friendlier staff, even facial treatment at its very first salon at Holland Village. Nevertheless, the encounter at Tang’s was the worst experience of all. One of the female staff was not too attentive to the customer’s need when inquiry made to the perfume selections nor bother to explain further. And the pronunciation on “Ee-sup” was rather unfamiliar to me, partly because in other branches, it has always been A-sop which seems perfectly normal to me that way. All in all this was not a good shopping experience with such an attitude staff with lack of customer service manner. Enough to say, I still had my perfume purchased but I would rather visit other branches than this one. Sincerely.

  • 山崎知行
    3 years ago

    Clerk’s attitude and consumption knowledge is not good, gift wrapping is also miscellaneous, and if you buy six you usually get a cotton tote shopper bag, this is a Tang Plaza paper bag, and a guided tax refund customer service Then, it is a lie that EP holders such as expatriates cannot receive a tax refund unless the immigration date stamp in Singapore is in the passport.
    Then, it is absolutely better to buy it at ION, Vivo City or Jurong East, where the clerk is kind and will give you a shopper bag and do the tax refund process at the store.

    店員の態度や消費知識がイマイチな上、ギフト包装も雑、6本買えば普通はコットンのトート型ショッパーバッグをくれるのに、ここはTang Plazaの紙袋、しかも案内されたTax Refund手続きのカスタマーサービスでは、シンガポールの入国日付印がパスポートにないとダメ、すなわち駐在員などEPホルダーはTax Refundを受けられない、と嘘をいう。
    ならば、店員が親切でちゃんとショッパーバッグをくれる、そして店舗でTax Refund手続きしてくれる、IONやVivo CityやJurong Eastで買った方が絶対に良い。

  • Jonathan Lin
    3 years ago

    Great service from the staff at this branch

  • Chris Talakouras
    3 years ago

    Great stuff

  • Mark Spencer
    4 years ago

    good cosmetic product, specially there is the huge variety for body related

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