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  • Moon Ho
    10 months ago

    Extremely bad service. Manicurist was super couldn’t be bothered, painted nails but didn’t check and walked away. Ended up I had bubbles on the nails and her other colleagues had to clean up her mess. Said manicurist didn’t wear a name tag, but had dense fake lashes. Very shoddy job overall.

    Today was my second visit, ahead of CNY. I had a good experience last month at this place as a walk-in, but was serviced by another person.

    Will not be back. Too much of a hassle to have to repeatedly insist that they repaint the nails that were well done.

  • Charmaine Neo
    1 year ago

    Amazing service and friendly staff! Very thankful for Christine’s help :> Will definitely recommend to my friends!

  • lala _
    1 year ago

    Senior staff being borderline abusive to junior staffs. Asking juniors to wipe here and there “since nothing to do”. Denied juniors from having walk in customers. Called juniors lazy.

  • Aditi
    1 year ago

    I got my nail extensions and a gel mani done here for the first time, after a friend recommended it. Paid $130 for the extensions and $226 total, so it was not cheap, and I was expecting quality work for this price. I also got nail art done by Esther, and she was quite good. That is what almost makes this sadder – I would have happily returned to her despite the high prices if the nail extensions had been done better and / or if they had offered to fix it straight away. However, one of my nail extensions came out within 10 days. I immediately contacted them as I expected that they would take responsibility and offer for me to come down and get it fixed. However I have been met with defensive customer service and lots of accusations that it is “probably (my) fault” and my “nail condition”, along with a lack of ownership. Furthermore, when my mum called to speak with the salon on my behalf about going down to get it fixed, the manager (Christine) was incredibly rude to her. When questioned about why they are refusing to fix the nail when other (cheaper) salons always do, she replied that their “salon policy is different”. She went on to state that “they cannot be responsible if it was due to (my) nail condition or length” even though they did not voice this at all when doing the extensions and their technician said it should last 2-3 weeks. When she was asked about that, she had no reply. The best part is that when she ran out of excuses, she began accusing my mum of screaming at her, when my mum’s tone had been calm and neutral for the entire call. This sort of gaslighting needs to be called out. It isn’t lost on me that as non-Chinese customers, there is an element of racism in these interactions and accusations. Is this sort of bad service reserved for certain customers? I am absolutely appalled and never have I encountered such poor service from a salon before, and it is even more shocking when this salon charges premium rates and markets itself as a top of the line salon.

    For $226, I would expect good service and my extensions to last at least 2-3 weeks (which is what my technician said they would, btw). At least offer to fix it if there is an issue. But being rude and yelling, trying to blame me for your poor quality work…. all of this means I will not be returning and highly advise others to also avoid.

    If neighbourhood nail salons which charge half the price are willing to fix when things go wrong, you would expect a place like this to. I am not sure if their bad service is for everyone, but there is simply no place for such rude service in this saturated market. I hope they re-evaluate their attitude.

  • Corina Mo
    1 year ago

    Horrible experience. Bad with acrylic nail extension. Were bulky and badly shaped. Paid a lot of money for them to be ugly and fell after 10 days. So bad. Never coming back. Inexperienced with acrylic extension.

  • Clarice Keng
    1 year ago

    great service! first time getting a manicure here, staff are very nice and friendly ? will definitely recommend!! ?

  • j lee
    1 year ago

    quality service with friendly and polite staff!! this is my 2nd time using their service and my nails always look good ☺️ on top of that, their prices are affordable as well!

  • rachel green
    1 year ago

    staff are very friendly and patient! also did a really good job on my nails! thank you!! 🙂

  • meien gui
    1 year ago

    Was a walk in customer for gel manicure services. Would commend the salon for its service recovery. A lady was appointed to help me with my nails but when I asked for “squoval” nails, apparently she did not understand and filed my nails to rounds instead. This was not something I wanted so I was quite upset. The service recovery was immediate. While I could no longer get my squoval nails to the desired length, another staff was able to rectify the situation quickly. I am overall satisfied though the situation could have been entirely avoided if it was made known to me that the initial service staff was a Vietnamese with limited English and Chinese speaking abilities and not as what her badge reflected that “I (she) can’t speak” – she started conversing with me once I sat down to find out what nail shape I wanted??? Alternate arrangements could have also been made for customers to communicate their requests to this lady who is obviously up to task but lack the necessary communication skills. Anw the other staff taught me to put in a request for “square nails with rounded corners” for a my squoval nails in future!?

  • Chloe N
    1 year ago

    Love my pre-wedding photoshoot nails! Will come back for my wedding nails. Patient and meticulous

  • Nurul Ayuni Nordin
    2 years ago

    Salon was very aesthetically pretty, and even though my friends and I were late, they remained polite, nice and accommodating! Prices were also rather affordable and similar to market rate. Really appreciate their service and will definitely patronize again in the future.

  • Wei Xin Goh
    2 years ago

    Got my nails done a while ago and I’m super happy that it turns out damn pretty!!! Love how professional the staff that did my nails is as she literally replicated the picture I showed her 🙂 She will also recommended slight change in colour to suit my skintone better. A wonderful experience overall!!!

  • Qi Qi Kwek
    2 years ago

    I got my nails done at The Nail Status a few weeks ago and they turned out beautiful! I am extremely thankful for the amazing service provided and appreciate the cleanliness as well as the professionalism the staff there displayed. The nail techs made sure to replicate the nail design I chose as best as they could and was attentive to every little detail which i am grateful for. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there!

  • annabelle liu
    2 years ago

    I got extensions and a gel manicure done at TNS and they did an amazing job with my nails. I showed my nail tech a photo of the design I had in mind and she replicated it exactly! She was extremely patient and did a great job! I also did a underarm IPL and the process was quick and painless! Overall a great experience and I would definitely return for their services!

  • N Solongo
    2 years ago

    Good service

  • Rachel Kim
    2 years ago

    Fast service, cheap price for students


  • LIN
    2 years ago

    Recommended by my friend and decided to give it a try. Nice colour!

  • dionis chong
    2 years ago

    super sweet and cheerful staff , will definitely come back again

  • Alynna Lim
    2 years ago

    My favourite place to go for mani pedi fix 🙂 Esther is skillful, gentle and very amiable. Always enjoy my session there!

  • Awsx
    2 years ago

    Friendly staff and amazing service! Nails were done really professionally and it came out very neat and pretty. I was very satisfied with the end result as well. Been coming here since last year and I would highly recommend!

  • Nicole
    2 years ago

    good service with friendly staff, high recommended!!

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