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31 Reviews on “TARABLISS Facial Spa”

  • VC
    7 months ago

    Recently did the new Pilate face and neck treatment at Tara bliss. They use essential oil for this treatment.

    Benefits: this helps to increase blood circulation similar to tcm cupping without bruises. This yield a v shape face and eliminate the hump near the neck.

    Effectiveness: starting must increase the frequency of the treatment to see faster result.

    Environment: clean and aromatic

  • Jessica Precilia
    1 year ago

    Tried their Magic Lift & Glow treatment or Non-Surgical Facelift.
    This powerful lifting treatment tightens the skin & enhance the definition of your V-shaped facial contours.
    75 minutes felt so soon because I really enjoyed every single steps of treatment so much!

  • goh sharen
    1 year ago

    So happy after my Magic Lift & Glow treatment. Can see immediate result after one session. My skin looks more radiant, bright & plumped up after the treatment. The room ambience was very relaxing. Staffs are friendly. Good location, easy to find.

  • Angelina Pradana
    1 year ago

    Love the room, very spacious and very nice ambience. The staffs are friendly. I like the entire facial session, it is very detailed and I can feel my skin clean and fresh after it! The most relaxing facial, highly recommended!

  • Pearlie Ng
    1 year ago

    I did the aquabomb facial & I have to say that it was really good for my dry skin. Thankful that the facial included extraction which I really needed. But what was the beat is the staff. They were really friendly & kind. They made the whole experience really comfortable. All in an, highly recommended!

  • Wen Xuan
    1 year ago

    my face used to be so dehydrated and full of pimples but after doing the facial treatment at tara bliss, my face has cleared up! they provide great service too, i highly recommend!

  • Nicole Lum
    2 years ago

    Did the Clear Aquabomb Facial Treatment and this is one of the best facials I have ever experienced. I was very impressed by the NASA technology used for my skin analysis. Beautician was highly professional and skilful with the extraction and cleansing of my face. I enjoyed the Cold Penetration of Customised Serum tool (machine) and of course the TARA Signature Shoulder Massage :”
    Highly recommended!

  • Adrian Yeap
    2 years ago

    Did The Face Gym Facial Treatment in Tarabliss and had a great holistic experience, was allowed to pick essential oil of my choice and started with skin analysis using IOMA machine which gave me better understanding on my current skin condition. Therefore the facial treatment was tailored according to my skin’s needs. I’ve noticed visible even skin tone and smoothened fine lines after the session! Amazed with the team’s professionalism in delivering 5 stars service and step by step detailed explanation by the therapists on the procedures and products used.

  • Linda Tang
    2 years ago

    Loved my customized facial experience – the technique of their facial massage was top notch and i’d love to come back to experience that again! I like how they analyze your skin first and personlize the treatment to a T and how zen the room felt. A great hour of me time and self love!

  • Ernz Lim
    2 years ago

    Had a great holistic experience, it’s the first time a facial place actually allows me to choose a scent I like to be used during my facial. Also the mask with tactile-like crystals placed on my face during masking time is definitely a first for me too. Though there’s quite some wait before I commenced my facial, the facial gave me a holistic wellness experience that I’ve not experience elsewhere, definitely a good differentiator.

  • Kelly Tan
    2 years ago

    Loved the facial so so much! It made my skin a lot smoother and it feels so refreshing. My skin also became more glowy after the facial treatment.

  • Gizelle Gail Dizon
    2 years ago

    Warmly welcomed by thoughtful Elissa❤️they have friendly staffs. The place is cozy with luxurious lounge.

    I enjoyed my 90 min “Glow & Radiant Facial“ by my very professional and well trained therapist Evelyn. The treatment includes double cleansing and scrubbing, had shoulder and head massage too?. My favorite is the Intraceutical Oxygen Facial” (uses oxygen+pressure to deliver hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and vitamins). They applied hydro jelly mask that suits my sensitive and acne prone skin. Had the most painless extraction as well. I love the “Rose Quartz Mask” feels so luxurious which aids to better absorption and hydration and makes my skin calm.

    In just 1 session, my skin is rejuvenated, firmer, less visible pores and glowing! So far no new breakouts as well! Amazing! Thank you Tarabliss ❤️? Super happy with the results?

  • josephine chong
    2 years ago

    Like the convenient location and of cos the expertise of the beauty consultant. My whole facial spa experience was a relaxing and pleasant one. 😉

  • Katherine Aiko
    2 years ago

    Cosy and comfortable environment. Staff are very friendly and attentive. My beautician has always been doing a great job and paying full attention on my skin. She will give me advises on how to maintain my skin.
    The main reason why I like Tarabliss is how I can always see the result instantly after one session.
    Thanks to the wonderful team at Tarabliss!

  • Roanna Tan
    2 years ago

    Did a facial treatment at TaraBliss and it was bliss! The rose quartz face mask instant cooled and calmed my skin and I left the place with my skin glowing and radiant!

  • Nicole Lee
    2 years ago

    Prepped my face for the new year with a facial treatment at Tara Bliss last week! The therapist started with an IOMA machine that identified my skin’s dehydration, which helped the therapist tailor the facial treatment for me.

    It was my first time trying their unique amethyst mask. It has calming properties and helps with anxiety as it is weighted. My skin feels more moisturised and bouncy after the treatment!

  • Angel Tamara
    2 years ago

    Great service & super friendly staff.
    Good ambience and cleanliness is 5/5.
    Couldn’t be more satisfied with the result after doing Blue Light Treatment at Tarabliss. The most notable result is that my skin has become much more hydrated. Treatment was so relaxing. It calmed the redness on my skin.

  • rachaelwong
    2 years ago

    Visited Tarabliss recently for a facial treatment. Beauticians were gentle and explain every step of the treatment to me. Tested my hydration levels using the IOMA machine and learnt quite a bit on what may be more suitable for my skin. Overall, the treatment was pleasant and relaxing. Did 3 masks in total and it has improved the hydration levels of my skin making it more supple and radiant.

  • Yuping Ng
    2 years ago

    Enjoyed the whole experience that was so relaxing. Love that the extraction is pain free and my skin felt so much clearer and moisturised after the session! Redness from my acne greatly reduced and it made my skin look more radiant. ??????

  • BelandBray Karen L.
    2 years ago

    I visited @tarablissspa that day for a much needed treat! ⁣

    A stone’s throw from the Bugis MRT Station (opposite Hotel Intercontinental), I was there to try out their signature Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial treatment. My attentive aesthetician assessed my skin condition, which she graded generally ok except for some pores blockage.

    She proceeded with a detailed cleansing and light scrubbing, then a firm massage on the neck and shoulders, exactly on all the knots I needed! From her assessment, she applied the Purifying Actived Charcoal Hydrojelly Mask on me to withdraw impurities on my skin. ⁣

    The next that followed on top of the hydrojelly mask was a full-faced rose quartz weighted mask! Super cool!

    The finale of the treatment was the keynote Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion – where I was assessed and generously treated with Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Serum. ⁣

    See the instant glow in my before/after! I felt so refreshed and my skin really felt very quenched and moisturised! No downtime at all, nobody could tell extractions were done on my face, and I looked just as rejuvenated as if the day had started, even though I left the spa getting dark! ⁣

    Thank you @tarablissspa for the lovely pampering session! ?⁣

  • Cassandra Lee
    2 years ago

    Went for a facial treatment by Tarabliss! The treatment consists of cleansing and extraction. Next, I did the intra rejuvenate treatment. It is thorough and my skin feels so clean after!

    Next, it’s the Pure Himalayan White Tea Hydrojelly mask! It contains pure hydrating algae, nourishing actives and electrolyte technology.

    Lastly, the Rose Quartz is used. It helps to eliminate congestion and reduces inflammation. Love how hydrated my skin is after the whole session!

  • Eileen Poo
    2 years ago

    Had a relaxing time!

  • Clarice Wong
    2 years ago

    The place is really clean upon entering, good ambience and staff were really friendly.

    Skin was visibly much more hydrated after the session and extraction process was not painful at all. Massage felt good though could have been longer as a personal preference.

    The rose quartz mask was something new – I actually enjoyed the pressure of its weight on my face, helped me to relax.

    Thank you Tara Bliss!

  • clarisse tan
    2 years ago

    The place is conveniently near to Bugis MRT. Clean and good atmosphere once entered.

    I love the session as it’s very relaxing, the beautician explain in detail on what is she going to do.. i can see minimise in pore as well as my skin lifted up.

    Btw I had 90mins Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial Treatment which include Hydrojelly mask and Rose Quartz mask.

  • Swati Arora
    2 years ago

    The place was very comfortable and staff was friendly. I found the treatment to be very nourishing. The extraction process took a lot of time because I had few clogged pores. On the day of facial I had few red bumps because of it but next day was when I skin actually was glowing and I could the effects of the treatment. The best part of this treatment was infusing the serum into skin for some extra hydration. I felt relaxed after the facial and shoulder massage.

  • Amber Deux
    2 years ago

    Went to TaraBliss to try out their Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion Treatment.

    My esthetician Felicia gave me a very relaxing experience throughout the whole session and I must say, it feels much better than my normal facial session.

    Felicia starts off with the cleansing, exfoliation & extraction, followed by face & shoulder massage. The massage is really good ??, her pressure is firm making my tensed shoulders relax & I nearly fell asleep.

    It’s masking time! They applied Intensive Aftercare Hydrojelly Mask & Rose Quartz Mask that helps to improves blood circulation, eliminates congestion & reduces inflammation.

    The best is at the end, Felicia used a device that made use of hyperbaric pressure to infuse oxygen & Intraceuticals Clarity Serum and spray them into my skin. She is very generous with the usage of serum & slowly moves the device across my face ensuring that every part absorbed the serum.

    After the whole session, my skin has an immediate glow and radiance. Also, it does help to firm and lift my skin slightly. I walked out of their spa feeling good ?.

  • Michelle Lim
    2 years ago

    Went for a 90 mins rejuvenation & revitalising Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion Treatment at @Tarablissspa. My facial therapist Kelly was indeed knowledgeable & skilled. Love the way she massaged my face, head & shoulder ?‍♀️ during the treatment. She even advised me on how to take care of my skin after the facial. ? Thumbs up!

    The whole Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion Treatment Package comprises of :

    1.Cleanse, Scrub, Wash
    Removal of makeup, white-blackheads, oil clogs & even milia for my case *Not many facial therapist able to do the removal of milia so was really impressed with Kelly.

    2.Mix & Match Hydrojelly Mask
    Hydrojelly Mask is mix & match according to individual skin condition. For me, due to often exposure to sun & aircon, my skin became dull & uneven tone. Kelly used rose scented hydrojelly mask that helps to hydrate & promote glow to my skin.

    3.Rose Quartz Mask –
    The Rose Quartz crystal Stone mask has this calming effects to promote deep inner healing & feelings of peace. It helps to soothe my mood & relieve my stress tension the moment it was placed on my face.

    4. Intraceuticals Oxygen infusion facial
    With the advantage of Intraceuticals Oxygen machine, it Infused the serum that allowed the oxygen & hyperbaric pressure to deliver hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, peptides and vitamins to the skin. It helps to better absorb of the nutrients, improve blood circulation, intense hydration, increased firmness & give off a luminous skin!

    The result was amazing! Natural dazzling & Korean glass-skin after the treatment. Super satisfied with the result!

  • YuniQue Yuni
    2 years ago

    Place is decent and treatment room very spacious, the therapist is experience and explained everything clearly.. had relaxing moment there..

  • Jana Yar
    2 years ago

    had amazing experience in tarabliss. amazingly taken care of and top notch products. will come again

  • Scar Ash
    3 years ago

    Relaxing ambience and great service! Did Rose Quartz and Esthemax for hydration. My face was glowing and I could feel the difference in complexion after the facial mask.

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