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  • KT
    9 months ago

    Their $58 promo is a BAIT AND SWITCH SCAM!!!

    I enquired and was informed there was a $58 promotion for their “MOST POPULAR Korean Eyelash Extension”, hence decided to try this place for the first time. Upon arrival their branch manager let me feel the lashes, and it was HORRIBLE, HARD AND PLASTICKY. No one in 10 years has used this material for lash extensions. You are basically hard-sold into upgrading to their NORMAL lashes.

    I do agree that their lash technician is very skilled, however I went in thinking I would be paying $58 + removal fee, but ended up paying nearly $170. They also tell you that you will get a discount for next time if you leave a google review for them, hence their high number of reviews online flooding out all the ones warning you about the scam.

  • Henda Schreuder
    12 months ago

    Lovely experience & professional service, I can highly recommend Skinn Lash

  • Marilyn Sim
    12 months ago

    Sandra is very professional and attentive. Very happy with my eyelash extension done. Very natural looking and lasting. Place is clean and comfortable.

  • Chin Boon Tan
    12 months ago

    First experience with Skinnlash. Comfortable & nice beauty therapist Ms Sandra who provides professional advice on eyebrow embroidery & eyelash extension.

    Highly recommended.

  • Lílian tayllon
    12 months ago

    First time with Skinnlash. Very experienced beauty therapist who provides professional advice on eyebrow embroidery.

    Very satisfied with the service.

    Highly recommended ??

  • Wee Evin
    12 months ago

    Had a great experience with Sandra .

  • Elaine Ng
    12 months ago

    I satisfied with services provided by the consultant.

  • Stephanie Yong SY
    12 months ago

    Had a good experience with Michelle and she did a good job.

  • dj caringal
    12 months ago

    great service, nice staff thank you

  • Annie Liu
    12 months ago

    Eyelash extension experience is good and therapist explain very clear

  • Erica Yeo
    12 months ago

    Very comfortable place with friendly staff! No hard selling of packages at all and they are all very skilful. Highly recommended.

  • Jamie Tee
    1 year ago

    my first time doing a lash lift and the service was really good! everyone was really warm and the beds were comfortable too!

  • Geraldine chan
    1 year ago

    Had lash lift done by Michelle. Michelle was very patient and professional, happy with results.

  • Katrina Yip
    1 year ago

    Each time Michelle does my eyelash lift, my eyelashes look amazing! She is so gentle and I can fall asleep, and the eyelash lift lasts for months! Sandra also gave me a complimentary eyebrow sculpture that is so lovely that I’m coming back for eyebrow embroidery! Thank you for such great service!

  • Joanne Son
    1 year ago


    Like everyone else, I chose Skinn because of all the raving reviews here. However, my experience not only did not meet the expectations and standards of these reviews, but it turned out to be one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had at a beauty company.

    I purchased the Lash Extension deal on Fave unknowing that is is a marketing TRAP. The deal only gets you the basic “default” lashes, which, according to the manager, Emily (Velocity@Novena), is “hard and painful to wear when blinking”. Upon touching the sample of these default lashes, they were true to be extremely hard and felt like plastic. There was no way these were being glued to my eyelashes. Whether it was a failed marketing tactic, she highly discouraged me to go with these default lashes telling me how painful and uncomfortable it will be for my eyes if I chose them and continued to hard-sell for the more “quality”, natural, lashes which is a min. of $40 top-up. I felt like I was given a choice between forking the $40 to upgrade or getting hard plastic lashes glued to your eyes, neither of which I wanted. The manager continued to be extremely impatient when I was trying to decide what to do and kept telling me I needed to choose either between the $40.70 or $72.80 top-up and begin the service as her girl was waiting. When I expressed my discomfort at the whole situation, Emily, the manager, said that everyone who buys this deal from Fave “GUARANTEE knows” they are getting these plastic lashes, which I find to be a blatant lie as I cannot imagine any girl wanting cheap plastic lashes that are claimed to be “painful”. When I questioned how other customers would know what type of lashes they are getting, she replied “Don’t know. They just know ma”. I asked if I could take some time to think about the decision and touch the other sample eyelashes in their booklets. I was told that half of the samples weren’t available. When the manager realized that I was not interested in adding the top-up to the purchase, she recommended that I just get the hard lashes and pay to remove them later if I don’t like them or get a refund from Fave since she claimed that Fave has a 100% refund policy. When I asked her to show me this Fave guarantee as I have never requested for a refund, she said she never used Fave once in her life so she doesn’t know how “but of coz can la”. After contacting Fave while in the store, they asked for the manager’s full name to submit the incident. Emily refused to give me a surname and told me I was not allowed to take any pictures of their lash samples. It is clear that Skinn could care less for their customers. I ended up walking away without the service in disgust at the company and experience having wasted all this time and would legitimately be afraid to do any service with them even if it was for free due to their lack of care for their customers. Currently waiting for the refund to be approved by Fave, but more than the money loss, I am shocked by this type of service.

  • Katherine Siew
    1 year ago

    Kylie is very friendly and patient. ?

  • Stephy Leong
    1 year ago

    Michelle is very gentle as well, the whole experience is painless. She is very friendly and patient.

  • Li Ming Ong
    1 year ago

    First time customer at skinn and did japanese lash lift and tinting. The whole treatment session was very relaxing and environment was clean with nice acoustic music. My lashes look lifted and curled. The first timer pricing for lash lift and tinting is 68+38 which I found reasonable. With 6 sessions package kept at the same price, I signed up with freebies of lash serum as well as eyelash curler. Looking forward to having beautiful eyelashes and brows in future.

  • Stephanie Charles
    1 year ago

    Did a lash lift and tint with Kylie and couldn’t be more pleased. My right lashes have always been more stubborn but Kylie was very patient in ensuring both sides were even. Also appreciate Emily’s warmth and professionalism in explaining the treatments without pushing for procedures that wouldn’t address my concerns. A very comfortable experience! Thanks girls ?

  • Joelle Lee
    1 year ago

    Michelle is superb. Patience and with good skills. Very satisfied

  • Cindy Phyu
    1 year ago

    No hard selling. Great service by Fion

  • Yves Lauren
    1 year ago

    Lash lift done by Fion. Can see the difference after the lift. Nicely done!

  • Claire Sun
    1 year ago

    Very nice service, the eye lash lift effect can see instant effect, very chill env and friendly staff as well, recommend to come!!

  • DogmeAt t
    1 year ago

    Really nice and super gentle (Michelle was my therapist)

  • Audrey Yee
    1 year ago

    Been a customer with Skinn Lash for about a year now, it’s always been a comfortable and professional experience with Kylie. She gives good recommendations on suitable styles and goes the extra mile to ensure the lash session is comfortable such as offering water and mints when my throat is too dry. Thank you Kylie!

  • Vivian Ong
    1 year ago

    Thanks Kylie for the skilled lash extension service. Very fast and comfortable and lasting pretty lash.

    Thank you!

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