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20 Reviews on “Pixie Nail Spa - Tiong Bahru Plaza”

  • yiqing soon
    9 months ago

    was served by May, and she is very detailed, excellent service. A team of friendly staff with no hard sell 🙂

  • Shirlene Lim Peck Lin
    10 months ago

    Have been a long time customer with pixie nail spa at Chinatown Point and Plaza Sing. My experience had been good thus far till I visited the Tiong Bahru branch for an express mani. They recorded my appt time wrongly and suggested I was late. I am quite sure of my timing as I would not have been available at the time they had recorded.The manicurist could not paint properly and suggested that it was due to me removing my hand before it dried. She repainted and I did not remove my hand but the polish was still bad. When one manicurist alerted another about it, the other simply turned away to pretend she did not hear. It was really atrocious. I was so mad, I paid and left. And the nail polish on two of my fingers fell off that same evening. Will definitely not visit the branch again.

  • joyce wong
    10 months ago

    I bought several packages with Pixie Nail Spa. Firstly, they do not remind customer that the packages can’t be used 10 days before festive celebration upon booking of appointment. I paid extra charges to get my nails done 1 day after the cut off date. I travelled overseas for 2 weeks after that. During the trip, one of the fingernails teared quite deeply into the flesh as the gel was very thinly applied and I had to spend more money to repair the nail. When I came back to SG to soak off, the manicurist refused to soak off the nail which had a tear, citing the reason that it was not done by them. She wanted to charge me to soak off that nail. How ridiculous is that! The manicurist even told me that it’s ok for me to complain to the head office for not soaking off that nail. I’m utterly disappointed with the attitude and the service of Pixie Nail Spa.

  • xuannon yam
    11 months ago

    If there is a choice for negative stars I would give all their outlets -10 stars.

    I would advise anybody who purchase package with them to make sure what ever is agreed upon is written out properly on your invoice to avoid any dispute.

    Because they can just dishonoured whatever has been agreed upon.

    Will never ever want to sign any package with them again. Also, they told me I had to put a deposit of $50 just to book a slot 10 days before LNY. This is appalling n ridiculous nv heard of such things. And the deposit has to be paid in cash.
    Else it will not be refunded..

  • Caron Chan
    1 year ago

    Loved the helpful staff who did my nails, and available pretty nail colour palettes. Am thankful that no one used any hard-sell techniques on me.

    It would be perfect if they offered a drink to their customers, like they used to.

  • Tincy Chan
    1 year ago

    One of the most hard selling branches. I’ve never been so annoyed. During the pedicure treatment, I was suggested for more than 5 add-on and I had to keep rejecting. Till the end I could not take it and just added one item to keep her mouth shut. Also gave unprofessional advice to pedi and skin health. NOT recommended to this branch at all.

  • Maria Alemany
    1 year ago

    Avoid this place! Worst service I’ve ever had in Singapore… plus, they charge 10$ for 90% of the colours.

  • Norain Abdullah
    1 year ago

    Take the promo price $49.90 but end up paying $109. Really not worth it. First and the last come to this shop. Hard selling. Force to take package. Hurt all my finger while doing the cuticle and trim finger nail. Colour not lasting although i top for gel effect. Bad experience here. Waste of money.

  • YP
    1 year ago

    The ladies are friendly but my index finger got cut while trimming my cuticle. Bleeded quite abit. No compensation offered. Very hard selling. Bought fav vouchers but ended up paying additional $106 for all sorts of top up. Wanted to make payment and go off but staff kept pushing many different type of packages. Now I’m scared to return for my 2nd session.

  • R B
    1 year ago

    Super poor.. Highly disappointed. They make you top up for the sea salt scrub but they use alot of it for each other. I booked 2 sessions using fave and every single time they gave me a hard time to return for soak off when the place was empty and they are just doing for each other. They are there waxing each others legs, doing nails. They made me wait and take a long time to attend to you.

  • Serene Kwok
    1 year ago

    Not value worth. I was ok to pay $39 for classic non gel pedi. Staff focused on adding more services…add $ for salt, fungal treatment, certain nail color. $20 to remove leftover gel on my 2 toes reduced to $10. Was asked to top up $10 for quick dry n reduced to $5.

  • kit kat
    1 year ago

    hard sell you like crazy, extremely pushy and aggressive. i walked in feeling very excited to pamper myself but left the shop feeling extremely disappointed and annoyed. insisted on selling a package, cornered me and refused to accept my payment for one time visit. extremely unprofessional when i said no and assuming i don’t speak their language and talking about the situation in front of me. very disappointing visit and attitude changed immediately when they don’t get a package signed. in the end never even put cuticle oil which for the price paid is not justified at all. i would rather happily visit nail salons in bugis which do a way better job for much less.

  • Maureen Ung
    2 years ago

    Hard sale alert! The girls kept pushing me for all sorts of additional treatments that I clearly didn’t want. They had attitude when I asked for massage chair to be turned on. I really don’t feel the service was customer centric at all. Very uncomfortable experience.

  • Karin Marlies
    2 years ago

    Beware: they charge DOUBLE the price during CNY “period”. $33 for express manicure (instead of $15). Make sure you ask what the price is before they start, their official price list doesn’t seem to matter.

  • U Ellen D
    2 years ago

    Friendly, great job.

    No pain and good outcome.

    Thanks Laura.

  • Bobby Ng
    2 years ago

    Very hard selling, lots of add on during the session, at the end price are way more higher than other better ones. Art design not impressive with the $$ paid for. If you are going there first time with fave voucher, remember to ask how much those add on cost, if you are looking for art design, I dont recommend this shop, 美容吧 at Bugis is cheaper and with better design.

  • Patricia WINPENNY
    2 years ago

    Laura’s foot massages, pedicures, and manicures are excellent. She advised me on a fungal treatment that really worked.

  • Ellie Hewitt
    2 years ago

    Absolute rip off. Tried to charge me $78 for a gel express pedicure and $20 for removal. When I said no to this they said they could do $15 removal and $58 express pedicure. Still absurdly expensive given an express pedicure is listed on the price list for $18. This is $40 extra just for gel which is totally unreasonable. Then when I picked my colour they told me it would be $10 extra for the colour I chose. This I also said no to and made them show me all colours that weren’t extra which seemed to be totally random. I selected a colour and the colour they actually painted was again different. This pedicure better last me for 10 weeks to even begin to be worth the price.

  • Benria Mae Manahan
    2 years ago

    The store utself was very pleasing in the eyes. I was attended by Nikki and May. Both of them were very friendly and nice. I had a great experience. ?

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