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  • Rachel Koh
    9 months ago

    Came here for a pedicure on the 28th March. The next day one of my toenail turned a little red and was a bit painful. I didn’t think much of it but made sure to keep the area dry and clean. Following day it got worse. It was swollen, red and so painful that I couldn’t walk properly. Emailed the company asking for help, they asked if I wore covered shoe after that pedicure session. I replied yes, but that should not have been a problem as their staff saw me wearing covered shoe even before the session, and should have mentioned something if it was not advisable.

    No reply from them afterwards.

    I even paid extra ($59 in total!) For a Deluxe version pedicure, how ironic! I have done pedicure at much cheaper places and never got any infection before. I looked up my symptoms and it’s a bacterial infection. I had to buy antibacterial cream to apply continously for a few days before it recovered. Still no reply from the company so far. Disappointed with their level of concern for customers once they have paid and left.


  • Amanda Wong
    9 months ago

    Went there at about 8pm and asked them to remove Gel extensions for me – they were already packing up and closing. Initially I felt bad. But nope. After she did the removal, she just ask me “you want to do express mani? If not we don’t buffer and smoothen your nails and it will be left rough” I said no need, but after the entire thing, my nails were uneven.. not even cut evenly, and I asked if she could cut it evenly..

    She looked at me and said “do express mani lor! Then we cut”

    Just wow. I just told her it’s okay. U can cut the nails myself. She after that still try to ask me to buy package…… after the service I received? No thanks.

  • creative reuse 4education
    10 months ago

    Very disappointing to purchase membership, paid a lot and told can not use package 4 days after cny without 36$ surcharge.. was extremely unhelpful when I scheduled the appointment 4 days ahead in person and no one gave this information when I scheduled the appointment … never contribute to this company again

  • Lesli Lim
    10 months ago

    Do not go to this outlet! They are rude and made their customer wait for 40 minutes at a time when it wasn’t even busy, and there was even someone washing the foot tub who then disappeared for a long while. An hour appointment became 2 hours, and they are not even apologetic. In fact, they were rude throughout. All they know is hard sell, and never follow it up with good service. They do not even acknowledge your request for certain staff to work on your nails when they know your preference.When you try asking for refund, they do not even consider that, and in fact try to sell you more! This is disappointing for a long term customer like me, for they no longer know how to do their basic job right. Do not even bother with this place as there are better places out there.

  • Emmanuel
    11 months ago

    They truly deserve a 0 star, highly doubt that the management actually cares about his/her customers. They did not inform me that i was unable to use my package because the festive seasons are coming.

    The last straw was that i am given add on stuffs without informing me first and then told me that there are extra charges at the end of the service.

    Scam is an extremely strong word but feel free to experience it yourself. Highly unrecommended??

  • Fawn Teng
    1 year ago

    Clearly they have a discrimination policy for Fave clients. I called them to book a same day appointment. When I arrived, the whole hall is free, no clients at all. Yet they refused me saying there is a 3 day in advance booking policy required. Awful. Won’t return. They are so blatant about it. Don’t go publishing your offers on Fave. Abhorrent.

  • Jeevani Karunaratne
    1 year ago

    Great service

    Branches island wide

  • Jenny Huang
    1 year ago

    If you can’t sell the product, then do things perfunctorily! Too commercialized! Won’t be back!

    卖不出产品,就敷衍做事! 太商业化了!不会再来!

  • Mindy Chua
    1 year ago

    Extremely rude staffs. FIRSTLY, demanding for IC for fave buyers is ridiculous. Management should change their policy. Two staffs, one who was the team leader(I know as I happened to ask another staff) and another tall girl. As soon as we stepped in and said hello, both just ignore us. The shop was EMPTY. We werent told that we have to purchase the voucher before coming when we made the appointment and the team leader just rudely told me off and I cannot do the nails. We just kept quiet while they made us wait and stand there. Eventually she let is in while the tall girl said in front of us “THEY NEVER BUY U STILL LET THEM DO”. Management should not ignore customer reviews just because you already have many regular customers paying for ur services. Do something to salvage your already tarnished reputation.

  • Chinmei Lin
    1 year ago

    Visited Tanjong Pagar outlet today and totally disappointed.

    I am a loyal customer in this outlet and have been here for years to experience the service going from bad to worst. The nail technician was very unfriendly. Lectured me to combine another treatment which I said no. Instructed me to put down my legs. Threw the nail kits in the basket in a rude way. She looked really unhappy to do her job, which I think she shouldn’t do that as someone who is dedicating herself to provide service?

    I will try other outlets and just finish up my package and no more renewal after this. Pixie spa owner should train the staffs on how to conduct service better if they don’t want to lose customers. Really unprofessional. I prefer old spa technicians.

  • Rachel Ng
    1 year ago

    I m a member for more than 3years and signed multiple packages over the year but the services really deteriorated since the starting of the year. The staff were either replaced or left. The pedicurist who did my nail on 2 separate occasions was quite rough and cut my skin. I will try out other outlets with what’s left on my remaining packages

  • Cheryl Tan
    2 years ago

    Showed the manicurist Catherine a picture of what I wanted but ended up the design is totally different (and ugly). She appeared impatient when I asked why it’s different and she insisted she had confirmed the design with me. Quite different from the other manicurist in the same outlet. Well… I suppose next time have to avoid her then

  • Lee ShuZhen
    2 years ago

    Great service and attentive to details. Excellent level of hygiene.

  • Tay Kailin
    2 years ago

    Very annoying they keep upsell you . Feels like harassment . Suppose to be a relaxing pedicure session but ended up felt SUPER stressed out . Couldn’t enjoy and left feeling like an idiot FOR Paying so many different things and buying things you didn’t want to but felt coerced to!!!

    Still have 8 sessions , but they still ask u to buy additional sea salt , after that ask you to add strengthening, add on fungus treatment $388 ?!!???? If not then do $188 , $128……

    Then ask u to buy additional treatment this and that….. omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really left a very bad impression.

    I have signed a few packages with them but didn’t make any complaint . But really getting from bad to worse .

  • Jacqueline Chan
    2 years ago

    I’m a regular customer but service standards recently have really fallen. I just spent close to two hours getting a standard soak off and nail gel mani – the lady spent half an hour finding my records, needed guidance on getting the nail shape symmetrical, forgot to apply the vitamin gel so had to undo her work, applied the wrong colors until I pointed it out, couldn’t get the painting right and one finger looked especially bulbous and needed a redo, and forgot to apply the nail oil at the end (but I’ve completely given up at this point and have left).

  • Khadi Haramain
    2 years ago

    They are nice to you but there is a catch. The niceness is to coax you into buying a package. Even if you have an existing packages with 4 treatments left, they will tell you oh you ONLY have 4 sessions left how about you pay $200 and buy 4 more sessions. I will free for you this and that. I like to have a peace of mind and RELAX in a salon not worry and get stressed out like every 10 mins constantly saying no and it’s okay I don’t need it now. I have one more session to finish the package and I doubt I will go. Even if I go, I will say no 100 times if I have to and walk out. It’s a shame, cos their service is good but the hard selling drives away customers.

  • Amy Ng
    2 years ago

    Scary first time experience with Pixie nail salon at Marina Square. Went there with my daughter to let her experience a manicure session.

    At first we received a warm welcome from 1-2 therapist. Thereafter, they started showing great concern that my nails have fungus, infection then offer to help me treat with $$$ package.

    Next I heard another therapist mentioned the same thing to my daughter!!! And I was told to increase the $ to let my daughter use OPI as she is still young. Then add this and that and the story goes on…..

    so I thought nvm , from a $38, $68 kind of service, it was increase to $300 . First and last time. Coz I myself agreed to all their “great” suggestion. (My bad).

    While waiting for my nails to dry, I was approached by two therapist with a calculator – they pressed and pressed and offered me a $1300 package . So I rejected nicely. While at the counter , they reduce the package to $800 then $500 and finally asked me to just top up another $288 to hold a package. All these up to the point of me stepping out of the door with my daughter. They are “amazing”. Unbelievable.

    Pushy , scary and thanks for such a “wonderful” experience pixie nail. 🙂

  • Serene Ser
    2 years ago

    Not bad nail treatments but prepare to sign plans.

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