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  • Hui Yi Eng
    8 months ago

    Bad experience. Bought 2 fave vouchers for pedi and mani but required only classic polish (instead of gel) which is below the cost of gel services. Staff are inflexible to do classic when I do not mind forsaking the higher value for gel. Staff persisted for me to do gel and asked me to cancel the fave vouchers (as I cannot buy 2 separate ones). Staff said they would only charge me the cost on fave. In the midst of pedi, staff asked me to top up $38 more with dead skin foot scrub and said these are not included under fave. Eventually the amount is more than that for alacarte non-fave deal and I still had to do a gel service which is not what I want. Upon clarification, staff said they just based services on what was bought via fave. Since staff asked me to cancel the fave deal, shouldn’t it be upon their customer service to find out what their customer really require? Unable to cancel one of the vouchers on fave as fave does not allow 2 cancellations on same day. Staff simply brushed me off by saying they could not do anything to it as it is between fave and me. Felt like stepped on board a pirate ship. Due to their services, no wonder the shop seems less crowded compared to many other shops.

  • Shing Wong
    8 months ago

    Service is not bad but too much hard selling. Alot of extra charges for add ons. Proceed with awareness

  • Tart T
    9 months ago

    Although they took a bit long to get to me, good fast service

  • Poh Yvonne
    9 months ago

    Saw their promotion $98 for gel Medi normal pedi. Went in, took out my shoe. Have not even sit down they start their pushing sales. Hard selling makes people turn off. Immediately I tell them it’s ok, and I walk out.

    Think before you enter. Beware!

  • Kananana N
    10 months ago

    I was get my nail and pedi done by 2 staff. The one did my pedi was explaining wrong information about surcharge of soak-off before CNY. Also, her work was messy. It was hurting when she was scraping my cuticle and the gel pedi comes off less than 1.5 weeks (which never happened to me before).

    I tried this place because I’m pregnant and the shop is closer than the other shop. But other place does their job more decent with a lot cheaper price.

    The staff MUST know their products and the right information for their customers.
    Very disappointed with their service in general.

    Only good point was the lady who served for my mani. Her job was decent, friendly and polite (Though it took slightly longer)

  • Alan Wing Wton Tan
    1 year ago

    Excellent service by experienced staff.

  • manwei choo
    1 year ago

    I had a great pedicure today from Rainny.I always have a good experience and staff very friendly.

  • Catherine Lim
    1 year ago

    Rainy- very good service and treat customer very good

    Celine- very good service and treat customer very good

  • Moon Lim
    1 year ago

    Good feeling, Good service…

  • S X
    1 year ago

    Had a very pleasant experience today at your outlet! This cute staff named Rainy has been very kind, friendly and professional. I highly recommend this nail spa.

  • Kiranjit Kaur
    1 year ago

    Excellent customer service.

    The staff are friendly, hospitable, skillful, and polite, especially Remy and Celene.

    Very cozy, clean and comfortable environment.

  • Saku Devi
    1 year ago

    Signed up a package as service was good.

    Subsequent visits, they would keep telling you to top up for dry skin treatment, fast dry top coat & seriously many other add ons. They are only nice and take the time to do the mani & pedic properly for those who bought top ups. They wld stop painting you nails midway n rush off to attend the phone or a walk in customer.

    I just want to faster finish my pacakge and never return again.

  • Pam Kong
    1 year ago

    My worst ever nail parlour experience. I felt as if I walked into a rip off parlour. I went to finish my friend’s package since she has relocated.

    Within 15 mins, I was offered 3 different prices when I asked how much to top up where I declined the first top up price since it is high despite an existing package. 70% of the colours require top up of min. $10. Next I was asked whether I would like to top up for dry heels treatment. Then another one treatment for the hand to be top up.

    At this juncture, I was rather irriated with all top up offers. I told them curtly that I do not wish to top up anything and can they left me rest.

    Based on my assessment after the session, their techiques were not impressive. They do not seal the polish or gel at the tips.

    I sympathised those seniors who walked in without knowing what is the market price. An elderly man using his daughter’s package will need to pay extra for men’s service which include the chair massaging and not offered to the ladies in the room. Double standard service which is unfounded. Fortunately, I am done with my service as I cannot bear to witness how much the male customer needs to pay later.

    There are still more sessions left with this salon and truly hope the rest of the branches are more professional to offer a relaxing session.

    To the management, this is a passe sales technique. Loyal customers go for value and not be ripped off every time when we are there. We will sign up if we get good service and not left bitter after each session. Can’t wait to finish the package in another branch and fingers crossed of not getting annoying service.

  • Janelle Vlog
    1 year ago

    I booked an appointment for 3pm today and I was 5 minutes late. they told me to wait until 6pm. They said they called me but I didn’t pick up but I didn’t see any missed calls. Is it that I bought the package last time so you didn’t care about me. Poor customer service and quite expensive. I bought the package and had to use it up. I don’t feel comfortable because they sell too much. I find it too annoying to do nails here . i will use finish the package and never come back here again . singapore so much nails shop cheap and better than this .

  • Jacia Tan
    2 years ago

    Super expensive and not worth it at all. Paid $200+ for classic gel mani & pedi (Basic colour).
    Staff will keep asking if you would like to add on services and damm pushy to buying packages. Would not recommend this place at all!

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